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Fandom A myriad of ideas (Includes Harry Potter, vampires, and Pokémon)

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(Note: I haven't had time to work in everything yet. The title would change over time as more ideas get added. Currently, this post is in beta stage and contains two Harry Potter prompts)

Ah, welcome. I'm glad that I've managed to catch your eye, Stranger. I hope you're doing well.

First, allow me to introduce myself. I'll keep this simple enough.

1- My pronouns are He/Him

2- I'm a sucker for detailed replies, and usually write quite a lot. Please, please don't one-liners (or at most, a few lines). I'd lose interest immediately.

3- My RPs tend to have some amount of dark elements in them (there are a few exceptions).

4- I highly prefer making Character Sheets before starting an RP (unless it's based on a fandom).

5- I can post multiple times a week, however, I make sure to let people know if I get swamped with work IRL.

6- I only write in 3rd person, past tense.

7- I don't mind doubling. I kind of like it, actually.

So much for myself. And now, let's get through the stuff you need to know before messaging-


1- As hinted above, be literate. Proper spelling/grammar is expected. Also, post a decent amount of paragraphs if you can (but in general, it's quality over quantity).

2- No-ghost zone here. If you ever get disinterested down the line, please have the courtesy to let me know. Obviously, real-life comes first, but dumping your partners intentionally is something I frown upon.

3- As mentioned in the above intro, I can post multiple times a week, but I don't expect the same from you. Just don't go weeks/months without any response.

4- Please make sure that your characters are fully human.

5-Play your character realistically, whoever it might be.

6- Not sure how to say this without coming off rude, but I'm a guy. All the RPs, however dark, would include the main characters being in a romantic involvement. So I'd only write with a woman (Cisgender/biological). Please respect that.

Still here? Awesome.

Let's get crackin' then


Harry Potter

1-Racing against time

Harry X Hermione

Plot: In their sixth year at Hogwarts, the disunity among the Trio has left them in a fix. Because of Lavender Brown, Ron's scarcely paying attention to others, and Harry's distraught over his feelings for Ginny. What'd happen when two best friends are thrown together closer than ever before?

A lot, it seems. No sooner had they reached Hogsmeade than Harry realizes something's up. Hermione's behaving a little... strangely. Her eyes seemed to be glazed over, almost as if she were possessed. It's not long after (on a full-moon night) that they find her on top of the Astronomy Tower, deprived of her senses and screaming laughter. Everything's not as it seems as Harry buries the hatchet with Ron and races against time in order to save the brunette from the clutches of Lord Voldemort, who seems to be using her in order to get at him.

2- Unrequited love

Pairing: Draco X Hermione (a year after the war)

Plot: One of the most prominent pure-blood families in the wizarding world has fallen into disrepute. After the war, no one really cares about the Malfoys anymore. Shunned & rejected by the rest of his kind, Draco struggles with his feelings for Hermione Granger. He sets himself a daring goal: to gain the affection of the witch using artificial means.

Which is why he coerces the girl into drinking a glass of water (dolloped with Amortentia) one Christmas eve. It seems to be the perfect present he could've ever asked for...

Miscellaneous (I haven't really chalked out plots for these. Up for brainstorming!)

1- Harry X Cho

2- Draco X Ginny

3- Ron X Hermione


1- Fate

Pairing: Vampire X Human

In a futuristic world, the world's governed by vampires who've forced humans into subservience. They're treated like Chattel slaves, tasked with continually serving the blood-sucking fiends. It's a lifetime of compliance or death.

A group of people (including YC) try to organize a resistance against their rule, and bring down the government. Unfortunately, she gets caught by one of the Royal vampires (MC), who doesn't seem keen content with an apology. In the end, though, MC has a change of heart, deciding to help her in resisting the autocratic regime.

2- Enchanted

Pairing: OC X OC

A family of six (including the children and their parents) moves into a ruined mansion way up in the williwags, only to notice strange things happening around them. Nothing grotesque, really. Just reflections behaving in ways they shouldn't, neighbours who seem a little too friendly, black cats that lurk around the premises, and a mysterious girl who seems to know a lot more than she's letting on. Until that day when their youngest child, Amelia, goes missing while playing in the nearby woods. The incident occurs within a few days of their arrival.

She wasn't found, oh no. Unless you count the peculiar doll that their father finds while scrummaging in the cellar. With jet-black hair and a peculiar smile, she's the spitting image of Amelia Brown...

It's up to eighteen-year-old Aiden Carter to team up with the strange girl and save his sister from a terrible fate.[/SPOILER]



Ash X Misty

Plot: Eighteen-year-old Ash Ketchum has just returned to his hometown after winning a League. Spurned on by nostalgia, he's particularly eager to meet his old friends. Brock's one of the toughest gym leaders in Kanto, whereas Misty's recovering from an abusive relationship with her ex-boyfriend. Everything seems to be going quite well (Ash doesn't want to set off on another journey so quickly). Until the young woman gets kidnapped by Team Rocket, and is subjected to sadistic torture.


1- Ash X May

2- Ash X Serena

3- Ash X Dawn
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hello! i just wanted to let you know that i am, indeed interesting in both of the horror plots that are listed above.

- ‘ :: about me ~
• i’m a pretty quick responder, depending on how busy i am at work but i usually reply every other day, or even multiple times in one day.
• i go with she/her pronouns, and really nothing more.
• i’d say; i’ve been role-playing for about over four years, so i do have experience! with that. . . i do tend to write lengthy paragraphs, (2-4).
• i never ghost! i’m the type of person to tell a person whether i’ll be a late responder or not.
• i do make characters sheets a lot, and if i’m not using a face-claim i tend to make it more lengthy.

- ‘ :: expectations ~
• kidding!- i don’t expect anything from anyone besides a heads up if your not going to respond for a couple of days.

and besides that! yeah, i hope this is good enough because honestly this sounds like fun. between the two horror plots i think i’d choose “fate”, and i’d love to plan and get some more explanation about that! in concluding, that’s about all.

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