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Fandom A humble search for a partner in a Harry potter rp!


Just a silly little guy that's very awfully bored
Roleplay Availability
Roleplay Type(s)
Right of the bat, I have no experience with coding, so don't expect anything fancy like that from me please.
You can call me Atlas, I'm 21 and am looking for a Harry Potter rp.
For the basic details, I'm looking for mxm mainly but i can be convinced to do mxf.
I'm up for any era, either golden trio era, marauders, or new Gen, anything is good! A big important thing though, I'm looking to bend canon, please.
I prefer for you to be 18+ since it's simply more comfortable(but there may be exceptions)((NOTHING UNDER 16 THOUGH PLEASE))
I'm looking for certain pairings, those being slytherin x gryffindor, slytherin x hufflepuff, hufflepuff x ravenclaw, or gryffindor x ravenclaw. I have an oc for each house so I'm willing to play any side of these.
I love enemies to lovers tropes! As well maybe a purebloodxmuggle pairing, that'd be cute.
PLEASE use realistic faceclaims! Please!
I am ghost friendly, but try to tell me if you aren't interested anymore! But I understand that can be stressful and difficult to do (:
I have multiple ideas for a rp and am excited to share!
If you're interested, here are more details:
I don't want to follow the exact canon timeliness and, for example, have the war disturb our rp. What I'm trying to say is, we can bend a few rules. In past rps I've done, for example: letting our ocs wear casual clothing through the day and not always the robes, letting them have their own individual rooms, letting them have more than one pet, letting them be animagi, and create our own secret passages to get through the castle. That's what I mean by bending rules.
I have roleplayed on this site before but I can't for the life of me remember the password of my past account, so I'm here now!
I see that many people love to really get into the rp, and I'd love to give that a try! For example, sending songs that may remind us of our oc or the other's oc, or pictures of esch character's aesthetic, or something that my/your oc would definetely do/say/wear and just share it with each other.
Im mostly up to do these rps in year 6, maybe even 7 so that our character'sages range from 16-18 mlre or less.
I'm usually active every day for quite a bit, so expect a few responses from me here and there!
Also, if you get bored of our rp but turns out we're match our writing styles really well, just tell me and we can absolutely start something new up!
Also please help with ideas, ive done rps where im the only one planing, and i get really bored. So please, be enthusiastic about the rp and get hyped for it!
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