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Fandom 2X2 Fandom roleplay


Hit Me!
Hey, I’m f21 looking for someone to do a double OCxcanon roleplay with me i normally write about a paragraph or 2 and try to match my partner.
the fandoms I do and who i would like to be shipped with ( the ones with * are the ones i really want to do)
*Outer Banks - Rafe Cameron
* Gossip Girl - Carter Baizen
*Brooklyn Nine-Nine - Jake
* Charmed (the original) - Chris Halliwell
Shameless (US) - Carl Gallagher
13 Reasons Why - Montgomery
The Vampire Diaries- I want to be shipped with Kai or Stefan
The Originals- Any of the Originals
Teen Wolf - Theo
Magcon - Jack Gilinsky
Ohama Boys - Sk8
We can also do celebrities if you’re interested you can like this post or message my discord oliviaskyrp#1269

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