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Fandom 1x1 RP with Copper


“Hey Nate. How’s life?”
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It was yet another day in the Mud Kingdom. Another... boring day. King Caiman sat in front of his bedroom window, his head resting atop his talons as he looked down at the MudWings down below, running errands and whatever else they had planned for the day. He let out a huff and furrowed his brows in frustration. He was tired of being pent up in this palace all day. Maybe a good ol' walk could cure his boredom.

"Good morning, King Caiman!" the guard posted at his bedroom door greeted with a bright smile. "Had a good rest?" Caiman grunted, not bothering to look the guard in the eye. "Yes. It was fine." The guard watched as the king slowly made his way down the hall, a hint of curiosity in his eyes. "Uhm.. Your Majesty? Would you like me to assist you in.. erm.. taking you wherever you're going?"
Before Caiman turned the corner, he looked back at the guard and gave a firm shake of his head. "No. I'll be fine. I don't need you breathing down my back all of the time." He flicked his tail at the guard before quickly disappearing down the hall.

The wonderful smell of roasted meat and other delicacies wafted throughout the castle and Caiman would be lying if he said it didn't make him a little hungry. Caiman peeked his head into the banquet room, eyeing the dishes sitting on the long table. "Ah! Morning, my King," a voice greeted. Interrupted from his thoughts, Caiman snapped his head towards the voice, immediately recognizing his cook. "Hello Stoat. I must say, you and the other cooks have outdone yourselves with breakfast." Stoat bowed, thankful for the compliment. He was slightly smaller and much skinnier than an average MudWing, so he wasn't very useful when it came to close combat. Though, his amazing cooking skills made up for it. "Thank you, Sir!"
Caiman quickly swiped a juicy piece of cow leg before darting out of the kitchen. "You should stay and-" Stoat paused, gazing around the now empty banquet room. "Uh... King Caiman?"

The morning sun was still fighting it's way through the dreary clouds which blotted it out, causing the environment to look quite gloomy. Hopefully it wouldn't rain today.
Caiman sat atop a grassy hill, tearing into the cow leg which he'd grabbed earlier, while watching the river lap up against the muddy bank down below.
Otter Yawned as he stretched out and looked outside, it was a rather dreary day but that wouldn't stop Otter from smiling. from sunrise to sunset, the small mudwings face always wore a cheerful smile. His sibling never really understood why but it probably was because the Mudwing had never killed or seen someone killed. he never went to battle because he was rather weak (still stronger than most tribes but still).

As he ventured out into the village, he greeted a few familiar faces, said hi to some new ones, and eventually made it to his usual spot. As he sat down with his front talons in the water he looked up and saw another new face, he looked a bit older, his scales were darker, and he carried a smell that was unfamiliar to the mudwing "Hello!" he called out to him waving his talon excitedly and bounding over to him "Im otter!!! I haven't seen you around yet." he said with a chuckle "who are you?"
Caiman jumped at the voice, looking around to see where it had come from, before peering down below. Oh. It was another MudWing.
He raised an eyebrow at them. What does he mean he never seen me around? I'm the King for dragon's sake! Caiman cleared his throat before answering the, quite frankly, ridiculous question. "Hello. My name is Caiman." He huffed, taking another bite out of the cow leg.
"hmm... doesn't sound familiar but hey it's a large kingdom!" he said moving and sitting down next to him "so where do you live? I live down by the barracks with my siblings," he said with a wide smile "they keep saying I'm 'not big enough to go with them' but I'm one of the oldest" he said opening up very easily "Have you been in battle? I hear it's bad but I think I can handle it" Otter continued, it would take three iron clamps to shut him up. But the mudwing was clearly very dragonet-like so his innocence shown through
Caiman's ears lay flat against his head as he grumbled something underneath his breath. This dragon sure can talk someone's ears off...
His gaze remained on the river down below as he spoke. "I live up in the castle." He continued, squinting his eyes. The scars on his eye became more visible as he did so. "I've been in plenty of battles. Mostly major ones." Caiman took another big chomp of the cow leg, licking the bone clean before tossing it down into the water down below, watching as it was washed away by the current.
The smaller mudwing seemed to light up like a torch as he looked at him with admeration "Wow!!! How is it? I hear its scary but I really wanna see it for myself" he said looking proud his dragonet-like innocence blinding him from the fact that war was terrible, he was never allowed to see the wounded when they returned since he would be sent to do meaningless chores just to shield him from seeing the blood, broken wings, and burnt/frozen corpses. "One of these days I'm gonna kill the icewing that hurt my sister" he growled a little as his claws sunk into the ground. His sister was the oldest of the group, her name was Hippo and she had been in a bottle where an icewing had torn off her wings and blinded her, she luckily survived and Otter spent most of his time caring for her
Caiman turned his head slightly towards the MudWing, brow raised. "I don't think you want to be apart of a bloodbath." His voice lowered as he added, "That's all it really is." He never particularly liked war. Personally, he'd never thought war was really necessary. Instead of sending innocent lives out to fight for you because you can't get what you want, why not just talk it out.. like adults? Then again, the other queens were horrible to talk to. Staying as far away from them as possible was what he preferred.
"Anyways, about your sister, I hope she's doing alright."
"She is!!!" he said with a wide smile looking prideful "one of us are always by her side!" he said his tail swaying "and I'll do anything if it means getting that icewing" he snarled with a mean voice
(sorryyyy for the asbsence! was backed up on art i owed and really had to get those done, which ended up with me being really drained afterwards lol)

Caiman smiled slightly. He admired that the dragon cared so deeply for his sister. If only his own family cared for him like that..
He stood. "I'd best get going now. I'm sure my guards are.. probably wondering where I'm at right now," he chuckled. "It was nice talking to you." His smile dropped as he turned and began to walk off.

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