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𝓫𝓪𝓭 𝓫𝓸𝔂 ( A Horror Inspired Role play )

It’s too easy, bad boy down.

In 1999, a series of five killings took place. The five killings might have been completely different, if not for the "calling card" that the killer left at each crime scene. A playing card would be left at each scene, in an obvious location, that had "You're next. " written on it in the victim's blood. Very few clues were found at each crime scene, and eventually, the case went cold. But, in the month of September 2002, the cold-blooded killer starts their ways again. A group of rowdy teenagers stumbles upon a dead body, along with a playing card that says, "You're Next"
Will they all be able to make it out of this game alive?

It's short and simple, you have to make your own characters ! If this roleplay doesn't work out then we always make a new one !
This roleplay is going to be played on Discord.
This is also a literate roleplay, so if you are interested, then go ahead and click this link!
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