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โ› Ain't nobody bringing us... โœ
Welcome to my search thread. My name is Dizzy, but you can just call me Diz (or anything else!). I'm a female (but feel free to use any pronouns) and am in the age range of 13-15.


- Please be at least semi-literate. One-liners are fine, but please only use them if you cannot form a longer response.
- Please have at least a semblance of proper grammar. Use proper spelling and punctuation, at least.
- If the roleplay gets gory, keep it to a minimum. I can handle gore, but it isn't exactly my thing.
- Please don't ghost the roleplay. If you're going to leave for days at a time, please inform me. I'll extend the same courtesy to you.
- I'm perfectly fine with roleplaying through Discord. Just tell me if you want to use it, and I'll meet you there!
- If I by any chance leave the roleplay suddenly, please tell me. I hate when I end up forgetting about a roleplay.

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I have a lot of things I roleplay, but for now, I'll just list my main fandoms, who I roleplay from said fandom, and pairings from said fandom! You can feel free to message me about any other fandom, character, or pairing not listed. Also, know I am completely open to OC x Canon. I can play both roles.

Voltron: Legendary Defenders:
Characters - Keith Kogane | Lance McClain | Takashi Shirogane | Katy Holt | Tsuyoshi Garret | Allura | Lotor

Pairings - Klance [ Keith x Lance ] | Lotura [ Lotor x Allura ] | Hunay [ Hunk x Shay ] | Shance [ Shiro x Lance ] | Pallura [ Pidge x Allura ]

Boku No Hero Academia:
Characters - Bakugou Katsuki | Todoroki Shouto | Izuka Midoriya | Kirishima Eijirou | Uraraka Ochaco | Mina Ashido | Momo Yaoyorozu | Denki Kaminari | Shinso Hitoshi | Itsuka Kendo | Neito Monoma | Shoto Aizawa | Hizahi Yamada | Hawks | Dabi | Himiko Toga

Pairings - Kiribaku [ Kirishima x Bakugou ] | Tododeku [ Todoroki x Izuku ] | Bakudeku [ Bakugou x Deku ] | Momojirou [ Momo x Jirou ] | Kamishin [ Denki Kaminari x Shinso Hitoshi ] | Izuocha [ Izuku x Ochaco ] | Kamijirou [ Denki x Jirou ] | Kirimina [ Kirishima x Mina ] | Kenmono [ Itsuka x Neito ] | Erasermic [ Shoto x Hizashi ] | Hot Wings [ Dabi x Hawks ]

South Park:
Characters - Stan Marsh | Kyle Broflovski | Kenny McCormick | Butters Stotch | Craig Tucker | Tweek Tweak | Token Black | Clyde Donovan | Jimmy Valmer | Wendy Testaurger | Bebe Stevens | Damien Black | Pip Pirrup

Pairings - Creek [ Craig x Tweek ] | Style [ Stan x Kyle ] | Tyde [ Token x Clyde ] | Bunny [ Butters x Kenny ] | Stenny [ Stan x Kenny ] | Staig [ Stan x Craig ] | Bendy [ Bebe x Wendy ] | Dip [ Damien x Pip ] | Jyle [ Jimmy x Kyle ]

Miraculous Ladybug:

Characters - Marinette Dupain-Cheng | Adriene Agreste | | Alya Cesaire | Nino Lahiffe | Luka Couffaine | Nathaniel Kurtzberg | Marc Anciel | Chloe Bourgeois

Pairings - Adrienette [ Adriene x Marinette ] | Marcaniel [ Marc x Nathaniel ] | Alynette [ Alya x Marinette ] | Adriono [ Nino x Adriene ] | Chlolya [ Chloe x Alya ]

( I know I only listed four fandoms, but as stated before, I'm open to suggestions! )

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Now, onto the most important things- plots. I got all of these from Tumblr, and the links to the pages I got them from are, of course, included!

Celebrity Status ( Owner ) ;
Muse A is a high-profile celebrity with a reputation in the media for being a player. In reality, fame is rather dull to them. Theyโ€™re just happy to do what they love and the perks are a bonus. Muse B, however, is a young musician that recently got their big break and moved out to California. Naive to the ways of the cut-throat business, Muse B is nothing less than eager to please. When Muse A and Muse B meet each other by chance in the hall of recording studio, Muse B decides to take the unwitting Muse A under their wingโ€“planning to make them their next victim. Muse A is simply happy to have made a friend. However, the more time they spend together, the closer they grow and soon become practically inseparable. As Muse Bโ€™s fame grows, their manager begins requesting more extreme measures to ensure their success; endorsing products on ridiculous commercials, changing their songs to be more mainstream, etc. Eventually, Muse B tells them that Muse A is bad for their image and to cut them loose. When Muse A catches wind of this, theyโ€™re outraged, having taken Muse B as someone who wouldnโ€™t give in to the pressures of the public and the media. When Muse A confronts Muse B about this, Muse B is left with a difficult choice: keeping their friendship and possible budding relationship with Muse A, or jeopardizing their success.

If I Stay ( Owner ) ;
Muse A was in an accident and falls into a coma. Suddenly stuck in an out of body experience they find themselves face to face with Muse B, the only other person in the entire hospital who can see them. Turns out Muse B has been in a coma for four months and is just as shocked to suddenly be seen as well. Muse B shows Muse A the ropes and for two people in comas they really shouldnโ€™t be having this much fun around the hospital. Muse A is broken up over their relatives at their bedside but Muse B doesnโ€™t seem to ever have any visitors. Muse A starts to wonder more and more about Muse B but Muse B doesnโ€™t like to talk about themselves. Itโ€™s doomed from the start but the pair quickly fall in love. While Muse Aโ€™s condition is improving, Muse B takes a turn for the worst. Muse B urges Muse A to keep fighting because they have a chance to wake up and stay alive and theyโ€™ll be damned if they let Muse A waste their life on them.

Drive ( Owner ) ;
Muse A is a new student at Muse Bโ€™s high school. Both are seniors and Muse A is rather reluctant to make an effort to participate in school activities because theyโ€™ll be gone next year for college anyway. Muse B is class president, team captain, and an officer for three different clubs. Because of their outstanding social standing in school, Muse B is tasked with showing Muse A around school. Over the next few months, Muse A and Muse B grow closer and have become best friends. They spend virtually all of their time together, from school to studying to hanging out at each otherโ€™s house on the weekends. Now Muse A thinks of Muse B as home, but they each got accepted into schools on opposite sides of the country.

( Feel free to give me suggestions for plots! I'd love to hear 'em! )

If you'd like to roleplay, just drop me a message (and so I know people read all this, can you tell me your favorite movie, possibly?)



Storm of Eternal Rage
If I Stay is intriguing though I do have an idea for BNHA (specifically using Himiko, Momo, and an OC of mine).



Mischief Managed

I'm interested in a My Hero Academia RP. Let me know if you're up for a Todorok x Midoriya let me know!

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