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Multiple Settings ✵Looking for everyone!✵ (A little bit of everything)

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Action, Adventure, AU, Cyberpunk, Dystopian, LGTBQ Friendly, Romance, Star Wars, Super Powers


Dark Emperor of Destruction

I am Sunflower I live in the midwest and I love writing. I do it all the time so why not get to write even more with other people!! I have many other platforms for rping if any are easier for you. (Email, Discord, uh...I dunno, etc.)

A few things that I expect from you are
  • No godmoding
  • At least one paragraph. I understand if an rp gets dry but try talking to me about making up Ideas
  • No one liners! I am ok with having just 1 paragraph but a paragraph is more than 2 lines. I generally write 2-3 paragraphs.

Now on to all the fandoms I rp with. Most of the fandoms I just like to use the universe and not the characters but I am willing to double up. ( I don’t have a lot of cannon of characters under my belt but I am willing to try someone out if I feel comfortable with it)
I am also cool with coming up with an au for any of these
Also! Don’t be afraid to ask about canon characters! There may be a chance that I have rped them before or I am willing to try!
(The order these are in is most to least)

  • Mass Effect
    • -I love this game and I am currently finishing the third game
    • -You could be Shepard but if not I would be Shepard
    • -I am ok with just using the races and universe though

  • Lord of the Rings
    • -I just started reading the books and I’ve seen all the movies and I love them so much??
    • -I don’t know if I have any canon characters down yet but I’d be willing to try
    • -Otherwise, all the ocs are great!

  • Starwars
    • -I would really enjoy someone willing to be Kylo and let me be an oc. Of course, we would be doubling
    • -I am also ok with just using all ocs and having the Cannon characters in the background
    • -I have an au for this and a starter if you want to see it

  • Avengers
    • -I have a few ocs and I would like to use them but again we would be doubling
    • -I have a few ships that I can list if you would like

  • Star Trek
    • -I only use this as a universe so ocs only unless you really want to be a canon character
    • -I’ve seen the new movies and next gen

I have so many future, sci-fi, space, dystopian, cyberpunk type ideas. Like so many and I also so willing to hear anything that you might have.

Also I love medieval plots too so I have a few of those. Like fantasy type stuff

If there is ANYTHING that you wanna do that I have not mentioned above, hit me up. I’m always open to new ideas and plots

Things I like
I love having crazy drama, like love triangles, cheating, unrequited love. Anything like that. I also really like making things dark, sad, and stuff. I like making the characters suffer.

I enjoy having more than just one character each so we can create a more open world. I love creating contrasting personalities and just weird dynamics.


Junior Member
Hey! Is this still open? Are you up for cross-overs?
I have a padawan OC. I'd be interested in Star Trek v Star Wars. Or, Avengers v Star Wars.
Let me know if you are interested.


New Member
Hey! I would love to try a Star Wars roleplay with you. I've played Kylo before and wouldn't mind giving him a shot again! If you're interested shoot me a pm and we can discuss details!


Edgelord Roleplayer
Interested in the star wars thing, but I'm only familiar with the Clone wars and rebels. Mostly should be ocs with some Canon characters training them

If that doesn't work out i am a huge mythical creature and fantasy nut. We can plot out an rp for that

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