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Multiple Settings ✵Looking for everyone!✵ (A little bit of everything)

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Action, Adventure, AU, Cyberpunk, Dystopian, LGTBQ Friendly, Romance, Star Wars, Super Powers


Dark Emperor of Destruction

I am Sunflower I live in the midwest and I love writing. I do it all the time so why not get to write even more with other people!! I have many other platforms for rping if any are easier for you. (Email, Discord, uh...I dunno, etc.)

A few things that I expect from you are
  • No godmoding
  • At least one paragraph. I understand if an rp gets dry but try talking to me about making up Ideas
  • No one liners! I am ok with having just 1 paragraph but a paragraph is more than 2 lines. I generally write 2-3 paragraphs.

Now on to all the fandoms I rp with. Most of the fandoms I just like to use the universe and not the characters but I am willing to double up. ( I don’t have a lot of cannon of characters under my belt but I am willing to try someone out if I feel comfortable with it)
I am also cool with coming up with an au for any of these
Also! Don’t be afraid to ask about canon characters! There may be a chance that I have rped them before or I am willing to try!
(The order these are in is most to least)

  • Mass Effect
    • -I love this game and I am currently finishing the third game
    • -You could be Shepard but if not I would be Shepard
    • -I am ok with just using the races and universe though

  • Lord of the Rings
    • -I just started reading the books and I’ve seen all the movies and I love them so much??
    • -I don’t know if I have any canon characters down yet but I’d be willing to try
    • -Otherwise, all the ocs are great!

  • Starwars
    • -I would really enjoy someone willing to be Kylo and let me be an oc. Of course, we would be doubling
    • -I am also ok with just using all ocs and having the Cannon characters in the background
    • -I have an au for this and a starter if you want to see it

  • Avengers
    • -I have a few ocs and I would like to use them but again we would be doubling
    • -I have a few ships that I can list if you would like

  • Star Trek
    • -I only use this as a universe so ocs only unless you really want to be a canon character
    • -I’ve seen the new movies and next gen

I have so many future, sci-fi, space, dystopian, cyberpunk type ideas. Like so many and I also so willing to hear anything that you might have.

Also I love medieval plots too so I have a few of those. Like fantasy type stuff

If there is ANYTHING that you wanna do that I have not mentioned above, hit me up. I’m always open to new ideas and plots

Things I like
I love having crazy drama, like love triangles, cheating, unrequited love. Anything like that. I also really like making things dark, sad, and stuff. I like making the characters suffer.

I enjoy having more than just one character each so we can create a more open world. I love creating contrasting personalities and just weird dynamics.

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