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Realistic/Modern — &. peach's partner search


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name peach
age 17
gender female

rp genre romcom and/or drama [shoujo/josei]
rp style literate; 2-3 posts a week, not mobile friendly
*note: i enjoy mainly lighthearted role plays!​

face claims mainly realistic, asian [all parts of asia]
ooc chat pref discord and/or rpn

— play me like a love song.

&. all rpn rules apply
&. in specific, nothing nsfw
&. no ooc drama, please
&. no killing off your characters
&. any issues? communicate! (i don't bite)

...use correct grammar and spelling, and have substance in your posts (i.e. something my character can react to [when applicable], or isn't one sentence long). if i'm not happy with the quality and length of your posts, i'll let you know.​

...engage in the ooc chat (i.e. help brainstorm & add to the conversation or plot)​

...notify me if you are dropping, if you're able to​

within this thread, i'll post rp ideas of mine, and whether i'm still looking for partners for that specific idea or not. note: rp ideas may be reopened or recycled at any time!

also, if it wasn't clear, the rp ideas in this thread are open to anyone interested [but please don't post in this thread!]

my mailbox is also always open for you to message me if you're interested in a certain plot, or even to propose new rp ideas!​

y'all don't have to obviously but idk you guys are rly fun, active (or maybe not??) & nice writers —
base cred : diaphanous
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fabulous *:・゚✧
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— plot.
when muse a and muse b crossed paths in college, there was no stopping the chaos that followed. though they initially didn’t leave much of an impression on each other, it was when they discovered they were in the same department that things started to change.

it all started when the two were paired for a team project. muse b, being known for his harsh demeanor, badgered muse a with sharp criticism and critique over their work. what followed were months of rivalry and mutual hatred, with muse a working hard to discredit muse b’s opinions of their skills.

however, passion—even when stemming from hatred—shows itself in peculiar ways, and the closeness the two shared throughout the year eventually developed into something more. before they knew it, they were holding hands and making out after class.

though the newly defined relationship was supposed to settle the rivalry between the two, the distance between them only grew further. they had different expectations and views on everything, so the romance only worsened their relationship. misunderstandings and dissimilarities eventually split the two apart, leaving wounds on both of their hearts.

fast forward three years later, when the now-graduates finally landed their dream jobs and went on their ways. they hadn’t spoken to each other much after the breakup, and probably didn’t intend to. as such, the revelation that they would both be working at the same organization, in the same team, was not about to go down well.

— summary.
tl;dr it’s about two people who hate each other very much, turned that passion into love, and wound up hurting each other regardless. now that they’re meeting again after three years, they have the opportunity to take a second shot at their relationship.

though i already have an idea of why muse b could have driven a rift between the two (his personality, lol), there’s still so much to explore in that aspect. i’d love to hear your ideas about what caused them to fall apart on muse a’s end (i.e. what did he/she do?). i’d also love to brainstorm more about the misunderstandings and/or dissimilarities that broke the two up. i can also see a mini revenge plot happening (eheh), and i'd love to discuss that! and ofc, you know, all the other lovely plot details.
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