1. RhydianMorris

    Fandom  Pandora's Awakening

    Hello all, I am looking to put together a small RP based on the Avatar movie. I have recently been studying Na'vi and Pandoran biology and have become rather interested in it. If you have any interest in this please reply to this thread. I am hoping to lead an RP through some of the more...
  2. Bitti-Bot-0718

    Futuristic  Sci-fi romances???

    I have a variety of sci-fi characters and I would love to use them in romantic space adventure rps. I have xenos, cyborgs and an android mostly but we can talk specifics over later! I'm fine with f/f, m/m and f/m
  3. Bitti-Bot-0718

    Futuristic  Sci-Fi Romance? Mxm, mxf, fxf friendly!!

    So I have these three (kinda five actually) characters I've been working on for this sci-fi thing I've been wanting to launch. It involves a program in space run by cyborg siblings. Each one is in charge of a certain part of the ship. They are the Doctor, the Security, and the Nurse. The Doctor...
  4. Sigfried

    Multiple Settings  Vanadyr Code

    In a long distant Future, the Spirit of Earth has turned against the Parasite feasting on it, infesting the Human Race and itself with an unexplainable Virus. In their tries to control it, the Humans have destroyed their planet. Green live is scarce these days, and most of it has now turned...
  5. CelestiaEmber

    Fantasy  On the Hunt for RP Partners

    Hello Everyone! As the title suggests, I'm in search of some RP partners! I find myself clicking the notifications tab multiple times in a minute-waiting for someone to reply. I'm sad to say many of my RP partners have fallen quiet. So I come to YOU! Before we begin, here's some information...
  6. Bitti-Bot-0718

    Futuristic  Sci-Fi Noir Anyone?

    I have a character that I want to make into a futuristic detective with nothing to lose. She's small but mighty cyborg and could use a partner, rival and/or love interest. This can be a regular person in her time, an alien, a person from the past, an android, anthro-mutant, or even another...
  7. Bitti-Bot-0718

    Futuristic  Watts up?

    *awkward wave* Hi, does anyone wanna do an rp with robots, aliens or A.I.'s? I've got some really neat ideas, message me and we can talk some over. : ] Thanks for reading!!
  8. AngelCloud

    Fandom  Sisters of the Force. A Bridge Between Jedi And Seperatist/Sith

    Ok I have an idea and it's a little unorthodox. Ok so I'm thinking that my character is the sister to Asajj Ventress and currently the only nightsister twilek on Darthomir. She's also the only nightsister to become a Padawan yet despite this, she and Asajj still get along quite well. To the...
  9. Ethan Hart

    Fandom  Possible Ben 10 rp?

    I'm wondering if anyone would be interested in a Ben 10 rp that takes place after Omniverse. My idea so far is that Ben falls in a fight to save the Earth, but before doing so, he contacts Azmuth and tells him it's time. Ben had been creating an elite team at the Plumbers Academy and had...
  10. Japanime

    Fandom  Dragon Ball: The End of the Beginning CS

    Name: Race: Gender: Age: Occupation: Appearance: Personality: Power Level: Techniques:
  11. ctrinity866

    Futuristic  🌠Space Bound🌠

    It's many years from present day, and scientists have finally done it. They have finally found extraterrestrial life and a habitable planet. A group of people, scientists and astronauts alike, are sent on a mission to this planet to see if humans could possibly live there, or find a way to...
  12. deathbenotproud

    Multiple Settings  *•.¸♡ ₣₳ⱠⱠ ł₦ ⱠØVɆ ₣ØⱤ ₮ⱧɆ ₦ł₲Ⱨ₮ ♡¸.•*

    Ayo! I'm Vint, a 21 y/o female (though i'm fine playing characters of any gender and identity.), I've been roleplaying for about 10 years or so. Semi literate preferred (2-3 paragraphs). I prefer my writing partners be 18+. Doubling is cool but I only get into it if the plot really calls for it...
  13. Agent23

    Fandom  Star wars-Force Wars

    Multiverse theory is an amazing thing and is the root of this star wars universe. Set in the clone wars time period in a galaxy far far away that had an entirely different history than we know and several missing key players. The rule of two was never set up fpr the order of the Sith and their...