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  • Back from work for a week. So tired today. Will try and get back to everyone tonight If I haven't already
    Just got to camp glad they fixed the wifi while i was away. Managed to drag my laptop here so i can still reply when im not working. Replies will be slow for the next 6 days so be patient :)
    Been binging RDR2 online this weekend its been great. Hard to believe Monday is return to Mine Camp for a 6 day week :/ 3 weeks off work went so fast.
    AFK till lunch time tomorrow. Taking my Doggo to the beach in the morning and then to the pub with friends for lunch. Pic of my Doggo to brighten up your day! Have a great day all x 20220611_095444.jpg
    Kinda slow replies today. It's chrismas eve and trying to wrap presents and run errands. ^_^
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