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  • Yeehaw buckerroo! When is your next Rodeo???
    Be sure to let all of us know next time you have one!
    Good luck Cowboy!
    School,Band, or Rp? Hmmm, lets just throw University recruiters trying to recruit me. I hate being smart sometimes >.
    For all of the RP's which I'm involved within, I've been gone for the week because I've had to make an extremely light bonsai run to Florida
    Bwahahaha; I have decided to grace you with my magnificent presence before anyone else! Feel honored, mortal! :3
    "Oh, the pain in your eyes. My regrets have never known such sorrow. Oh, the shame that you hide. Resolutions are the same tomorrow."
    "Oh, the pain in your eyes My regrets have never known such sorrow Oh, the shame that you hide Resolutions are the same tomorrow"
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