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  • Luffy’s mom who I called Roslin was best known for her apple pies she had an apple orchard. The house smelled like cinnamon
    Ohhhh I have a head canon Luffy’s mom is the last survivor of the void century to avoid the truth of Imu being discovered the Gorosei had her killed she died trying to protect Bebe Luffy which is why Dragon left Luffy in his Garp’s hands. Roslin maybe the reason for Dragon to form the revolutionaries to avenge her
    Oneeeeeeeeeee pieeeeeeeeeeceee rpppp pleeeeaseeeeeseee

    Craving a plot with Dragon and the mystery of who his wife was.
    I want to do a second run of Final Fantasy 15 and Wild Arms 2 but eh my patience is low. One super boss in WA II is unfair his abilities are difficult that only three are worth investing in through the game. All the effort you put in beating him you get a crappy reward for all the trouble. Eh the sheriff star is the only reward worth getting in the 1st Wild Arms and the 2nd game.

    The sheriff star not only boosts all stats by 100 points, gives immunity to all status ailments and boosts hp and force gauge.
    I have this evil idea of the Celestials and WG plotting a neo Marie Jois by ‘cleaning’ up a country because they have their eye on its natural oil resources. My marine oc finds out the truth he gets silenced before he could give intel to the revolutionaries..
    Part 9: The gunmen used rounds that are made of sea prism stone materials it weakens Roslyn. making her susceptible to CP9 and their weapons. But Roslyn is too stubborn to give up when her baby is in danger. She dies protecting Luffy. Her assassination is maybe the reason Dragon leaves the marines and forms the revolutionaries.
    Part 8: More Dragon and Roslyn head canons. This is a thought on the tragic day Rosalyn dies. It’s just a normal day when bombs go off setting her apple trees on fire. She survives getting shot multiple times running inside to save baby Luffy. Her haki is what kept her going using the last of her life force and conqueror’s haki to kill CP9 agents and the gun men. Can you imagine the horror Dragon comes home to the apple trees charred his son is the only survivor? 😭
    This isn’t a head canon for Dragon and Roslyn it’s for Shanks and an rp.

    Part 7 of my hyper fixation: Shanks knows more than he lets on with the World Goverment’s corruption. He’s aware of an insidious trade going that I came up with. He stops the trade ring from happening. No one who knows his reputation is stupid to fight him or his crew. He basically is a hero of this plot.
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