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  • Bakugo and Kirishima meet at a cafe to talk about their future goals after graduating from UA. As they are leaving Kirishima proposes leaving Bakugo stunned.
    I see Bakugo and Kirishima having a life together getting married and Katsuki acting like a hero and a house husband. Despite, how Bakugo is in general he’s very loyal to Kirishima. Bakugo owns a shelf crammed with cook books and his own recipe books. He tends to call out Kirishima for eating processed stuff.
    Now I have a Bakugo x Kirishima head canon that he shows he cares by cooking meals for Kirishima.
    A wholesome head canon for Dragon is Roslin and him go through baby names. They can’t decide on names for their unborn baby.

    Roslin: If it’s a girl how does Sheena sound? Hm, trying to decide on names for our future child is a lot harder than I thought.
    Dragon: Luffy.
    Roslin: Hm?
    Dragon: Sheena is the perfect name for our daughter, I just thought of naming our baby, Luffy. If this baby is a boy. *rubs her pregnant belly*
    Roslin: Monkey D Luffy has a ring to it. *leans into Dragon* Our baby will do great things, bet..
    Another Roslin head canon: her cooking skills are terrible she’s offended that Dragon lies to her then being honest with her, and rolling her eyes. “ You're eating that with a straight face and lie about it? I don’t want to torture your tastebuds with my shit cooking..” She’s too stubborn to give up learning that is until mastered the art of cooking she makes a piece of art with every dish. I head canon her apple pies are Dragon’s personal favorite not something he always gets all the time. He requests it a lot though.
    Roslin head canon: She follows a celestial to where the slaves are forced to work with no breaks they are tortured. Seeing that is what makes her want to leave Marie Jois. She’s deeply in love with Dragon by then.
    Monkey D Dragon x Roslin (his wife) head canon: Dragon tells her to get off his ship go home she refuses to budge stares at him defiantly they stare at each other no one knows what they’re saying or what Dragon does they both are wearing serious looks on their faces. Roslin has a frown on her face she smacks her forehead sighing loudly.

    Roslin: You still don’t get it, jeez. I want to be with you, my parents are forcing to me to marry my cousin. I’m different than other celestials, I don’t believe I’m better than everyone just ‘cause I’m a descendent of a World Noble. I despise their phony smiles, their phony life style, the perfect manicured lawns. It’s all a damn lie. I know better. Ever.. since I met you, Dragon, you shattered my world, I.. thank you. Thank you for showing me that there’s still people who out there who are humble who aren’t better than anyone.. that you and I share the same ideals. Dragon.. I want you.. I don’t want to marry him. I WANT YOU! ONLY you! they’re forcing an arranged marriage to pay a debt. Can you imagine how that feels that they treat me, their only daughter like I’m property not a human with her own autonomy and feelings her own opinions. Ever since we crossed paths.. since we met. I want you I don’t know how to make it clear that you are the only one I see a future with.. I’d rathe die than marry him. I know a celestial and a marine getting together is taboo I don’t care. I want you.. if it means denouncing myself as a Celestial Dragon then I don’t care.

    She had wore civilian clothes underneath her suit as her final act of rebellion, Roslin tore it off to reveal to prove of her love for Dragon. She cuts her hair to free herself of being a Celestial Dragon, Roslin throws the suit and the bubble helmet over Dragon’s ship as it floats in the sea. I see Roslin running her hands over Dragon’s chest. She’s tenacious
    A head canon I have is Dragon’s wife didn’t subscribe to the celestial dragon ideals she did things like refuse to let the slaves do things like shop for her or carry her things. She helps the slaves in which the CDs don’t like that.

    I have a not so head canon that CDs supremacist beliefs are to keep it with their kind. Roslin ( Dragon’s wife) was promised to her cousin to settle a payment. Before the arrangement she met and fell in love with Dragon did everything she can to get with him. The night before her supposed wedding she stowed away on his ship.

    She’s been with and married to Dragon ever since. Roslin was gathering apples to bake a pie as a dessert for Dragon coming home that day from a long mission.

    Unfortunately at the moment her trees were bombed setting them on fire. The marines had made their move.. she was shot multiple times. The fatal injury was done by her cousin stabbing her. She used the last of her Haki to protect baby Luffy. She’s dying while thinking of dragon regretting she won’t see or say goodbye to him.

    “ Good night, my sweet boy..”
    Luffy’s mom who I called Roslin was best known for her apple pies she had an apple orchard. The house smelled like cinnamon
    Ohhhh I have a head canon Luffy’s mom is the last survivor of the void century to avoid the truth of Imu being discovered the Gorosei had her killed she died trying to protect Bebe Luffy which is why Dragon left Luffy in his Garp’s hands. Roslin maybe the reason for Dragon to form the revolutionaries to avenge her
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