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    Other  DeviantArt Inquiry

    Welp, I have been considering joining DeviantArt, but I don't really know anything about the website. What sorts of things can you do with DeviantArt? What can you design? Can you create your own personal works from scratch?
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    Fandom  Naruto Plots & Prompts

    Hi there! First, I ask that my partners be at least TWENTY-ONE in age, as I myself am over twenty-one. I am currently on Season 2, Episode 70 of Naruto Shippuden. Here is what you can expect from me as a roleplayer / writer and what I expect from my partners: Please be active. Don't be...
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    Fandom 🤍 Fandom (oc x canon + doubling) Search 🤍 updated 4/13/22 added Tokyo Revengers

    I would be glad to write a Demon Slayer or One Piece fandom with you if those are still open?
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    Other Introduce Yourself!

    I am looking forward to my time here and hopefully meeting many wonderful, like-minded-roleplayers out there!