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  • officer, that's not mine! >>>>>>>>

    sorry its just the facts also this song makes me think of cal idk why
    yeah i may not have a hoco date but i'm in ib classes doing the bare minimum and passing with all As so whos really winning at life here??
    i just realized u can edit someones text when ur replying to them omg

    idk if ita a glitch cuz im on mobile but if u didnt say balls and i reply with thats gay 1.) yes you did and 2.) there's proof

    gaslight gatekeep girlboss 2/3 im doing p good
    Its pretty easy to debunk, actually. You just need to check the "last edited" date on the original post.
    i'm asleep so any replies i missed will be responded to in the morning !! i also have band practice after school so replies will be slow until i can get on reliable wifi :[[
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