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    Fandom “look at her -- i would die for her. i would kill for her. either way -- what bliss.” - 1x1 Interest Check

    Speaking of playing multiple characters, how about an 8x8 Danganronpa RP? We'll both put in 8 OCs and just see what happens between them!
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    Multiple Settings Roleplay Search

    What about realistic fantasy? I've been wanting to play a fairy or a pixie or something in a f/f relationship with a businesswoman. Small enough to fit in the palm of her hand, and crafty enough to squirm her way into her heart!
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    Fandom Anime Fandom Trash Time

    Death Note, but the person with the note is just using it to cover up their own murders. "Sir, you can see on the security camera footage that he came at me with a gun, so I had to stab him in self defense." But then it just starts to happen a lot. Like a lot a lot. I wonder what would happen next~
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    Fantasy New RP Idea

    Send me a message and let's set something up~
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    Fantasy  New RP Idea

    Short and sweet: our characters get stuck in a loop where every morning we wake up in the bodies of two people we don't know, and we have to solve some sort of life problem for them. Could be done with just one of us waking up in the new body with the other player playing someone who knows the...
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    Fantasy  Lez be creative!! (FxF, MxM)

    I have nothing but time for a few days, so if you have some interesting RP you wanna do, message me with your plan and let's try to make it work! Myself? I have a m/m RP idea set in Bioshock where my character is, like, awesome, and your character can be too! But I wanna hear your ideas! I...
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    Fantasy Barbarian Meets Princess (fxf)

    Send me a message and let's make something cute!
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    Fantasy  Barbarian Meets Princess (fxf)

    Where one woman is big and strong and tough and solves problems with her muscles and the other is nice and dainty and likes to talk things out or use her brains. The two meet in one way or another and have to live together for a while. Maybe the 'princess' is the only survivor of a plane crash...
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    Fandom Back and craving several different fandoms, looking for literate roleplay partner/s!!

    Detroit: Become Human but it follows someone who everyone /thinks/ is a robot but is actually a human who underwent brainwashing or something in order to act like a robot. Then you'd just have to deal with the lack of a status chip (I see no reason why an LED couldn't be implanted in a...
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    Multiple Settings my lovely search.

    Yandere, you say? I could go for a nice yandere... or play as a nice yandere, either way.
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    Fantasy Random Characters, Random Plot, Random Fun?

    Then grab some d6s and send a message and we can get started!
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    Fantasy  Random Characters, Random Plot, Random Fun?

    Once again, I'm looking for someone who's willing to go through the process of using a certain random character creator to make brand new OCs that we can use to RP with! Complete with past trauma and ultimate goals! As well as a few rolls to make a setting, and surely we can come up with a plot...
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    Fandom ══╝★ Roleplay Request!! Riseing of the Shield Hero!

    Wait, season 2 is out??
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    Multiple Settings Searching for new RP partners!

    I mean just a cute princess/princess RP is always fun~
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    Multiple Settings Looking For Longtime Roleplay Partners~! (Always Open)

    A horror MxM plot? I have a Bioshock plot I've been wanting to do if you're up for that~