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    Other Confused

    Just made a post with more detail. It will be my last post for a while cause you guys make me nervous. So there 🐾
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    Fantasy  Disney or movie role play

    I role play as Bolt the dog from Disney’s Bolt! White tail all parts of me is white. In can take anywhere in Penny’s house or in a whole different movie all together I’m fine with anything as long as who ever role plays with me likes me for being unique. Hoping the weather setting can be rainy!
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    Nickname the person above you

    Purple Palmer
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    Realistic or Modern Come with me, to a place full of wonder.<3

    So it seems you just speak emoji?
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    Other Confused

    I don’t know how to bump anything
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    Other Confused

    I’m just staying low and not going to post anything
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    Other Confused

    Thanks talking potato
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    Other Confused

    Thing is I’ve found one person but that’s it. And I just don’t see how in the heck all these other people get hundreds of people replying. But I get nothing. Makes me feel like I’m just sitting in a desert watching tumbleweeds roll by. It’s lonely. I hope I get better luck
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    Other Confused

    Alright, I guess I’ll just keep waiting, just makes me lonely when I see all these other posts getting hundreds of thousands of comments and I can’t even get one.
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    Other  Confused

    I’ve made a post about two days ago but nobody replies to them and then I see all these recent posts which are flooded with comments but then if I make a post it’s just over looked. I feel this site just doesn’t have a person to click with me.
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    Fantasy looking for long term partner

    I’m willing to role play with you
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    Not many people seem to want to talk with me 🥺 hope people have better luck!
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    Hi kitty!! I’ll eat your noodles!
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    Other Post Fun Facts About Yourself

    I have a bolt tattoo 🐶🐾
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    Fandom  Disney or movie role play?

    Anyone like to play with my Bolt self or do a pet role play?? 🐾💙🐶 Anyone like to role play Disney or a movie role play?