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Hi y’all!,

I’m currently nineteen and returning to the world of RP after a long break. I’m admittedly a bit nervous and worried that I may have become a bit rusty. That being said the only way to become a better writer is through practice and I’m eager to get started writing.
Welcome back!
Hey everyone! ✨🦇
You can call me Phoenix, or some abbreviation of that (eg Nix) if you prefer, I've also been known to go by Dusk.
I've been rping for 7ish years now, and my love for it had never filtered away. I love collaborating on ideas both original and cannon divergence of the different media I enjoy.
Most comfortable with 1x1 as many parties can sometimes be overwhelming but I'm not opposed to groups!

I prefer to be heavy on the details, description and narrative world building being things I love to write and to see, yet I'm not opposed to the 'character name: *action*' format at all!

I love to rp media such as:
-House md
-Killjoys (& other MCR related content)
-The Witcher
-Stranger Things
And more!!

And I also enjoy things based off movies that can be turned into plots such as
-The Lost Boys
-The Crow
just to name a very small few

I'm also big on OC content such as ocs within a fandom world, completely original works, and canon characters with OCs

Right now, I currently have huge brain rot for Frank Castle and Matt Murdock, as that is thriving off special interests of mine, just to give you an insight to my brain.

I look forward to hearing from any of you, role-playing or discussion wise! If you'd like a comprehensive list of all the fandoms I enjoy to role-play and the ships within those, just say the word!

Happy creating ✨🦇
Hello! Hoping to find some rp partners ^^
Pronouns: she/her
RP Fandoms:

Harry Potter
Star wars

Most comfortable with 1x1!

I enjoy playing Loki, Bucky, Draco Malfoy, and Tom Riddle Jr

Have played Hannibal in the past.

Prefer Canon x Canon
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Hiya, Lychee here! (She/They)

I've been roleplaying on and off for 10 years, mainly via Tumblr and Discord. My main muses are literature/musical based; Fantine from Les Miserables (both book and musical influenced), and Meg Giry from Andrew Lloyd Webber's Love Never Dies, although I do write for Phantom of the Opera too.

I am 25+ and would prefer to interact with users, at minimum, 21+. I would love to connect with same-universe characters, but I also enjoy interacting with OCs and characters from other media too! I consider myself highly literate and therefore enjoy multi-para threads. The only thing I ask is that writing partners are equally literate and attempt to match length in replies!

I don't do one liners or short para replies.

I am excited to see who I meet and what stories we develop!

Lychee out!
Hello! My name is Taylor and I am 23 years old! I have been roleplaying for about 10 years and have roleplayed across many different sites and have written many interesting plots during the years. I mostly roleplay from different fandoms and can write upwards to about 8 paragraphs!! I am a mother to 9 birds, a lot of them being rescued and aside from that I work part time and I am a college student working on a psychology degree! It's nice to meet you all!
I've been here awhile but haven't used the site in a long time so I thought I'd start anew. The name's Yami, I'm 16 and suffer from BPD. I spend most of my time gaming, watching anime, or working on producing content for a co-owned youtube channel. I haven't done roleplay in quite a while but would like to get back into it. Nice to meet you!
well hi, I go by cherrie. ive been roleplaying for 10+ years, im talking I go way back to the polyvore days. im mostly a slice of life / romance role-player so I know im not everyones cup of tea but im excited to get back into roleplaying after taking a few years off!
well hi, I go by cherrie. ive been roleplaying for 10+ years, im talking I go way back to the polyvore days. im mostly a slice of life / romance role-player so I know im not everyones cup of tea but im excited to get back into roleplaying after taking a few years off!
Welcome back!
Wow uh this is extremely new to me I’ve never tried forums like this before but Hello! My name is Sae! I’m someone who roleplays from time to time, mostly with close friends. I’m looking to branch out a little so I thought this would be a good opportunity!

I do any kind of roleplay, from one line to heavy paragraphs. I mostly roleplay with my own characters but I do roleplay as canon characters too (as accurately as I can lol).

Pretty much came to this site because TOTK broke my heart and I’m looking for some soft rp because all characters in the game deserves to rest 😭
Hello all, I am very new to both RP and using sites like these, so I ask kindly that you all bear with me should any questions arise! I hope to meet new people here, and I also am looking forward to crafting very interesting worlds/scenarios with those who would be kind enough to have me along!
Sup, I'm kipo and I'm a laid-back, spontaneous and lazy rper.

I like anime and manga rps and enjoy long running campaigns.

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