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Hello, my name is Goliath!
I have been roleplaying for about 10 years but am brand new to this site.
Gender: Male
Pronouns: He/Him/His
Favorite Genre: Romance with a fantasy, action, or medieval twist
My hobbies include watching anime, drawing digital art, and reading manga/manhwa
I joined this site to find some cool people to roleplay with.
Hope we can be friends!
Hello, my name is Goliath!
I have been roleplaying for about 10 years but am brand new to this site.
Gender: Male
Pronouns: He/Him/His
Favorite Genre: Romance with a fantasy, action, or medieval twist
My hobbies include watching anime, drawing digital art, and reading manga/manhwa
I joined this site to find some cool people to roleplay with.
Hope we can be friends!
Nice to meet you! I’d love to get to know you!

Shatter Shard

The Foolish Hypocrite of Irony
Heyo, Shatter here.

I love fiction, fantasy in a general sense, seeing (or reading) whole new worlds I can immerse myself into. I mostly go with stories that does not have any heavy elements in it, such as psychological drama or horror. I don't have a lot of experience with roleplaying, but I am willing to accept some pointers.


Internet Funny Man
I have no idea how to do this so if I did this wrong, my apologies. Anywho, hello everyone, I'm Yato. To be completely honest, I don't know what to put here.

The type of RP I like to participate in are usually ones based off a piece of media. This being a Video Game, Anime, Comic, TV Show, etc. Whatever piques my interest, I might roleplay, depending on it. I'm more linear on how I roleplay, but I usually am consistantly literate. I'm not really into One on Ones, as a group of Three to Six is more interesting for me. That doesn't necessarily mean I won't participate in One on Ones. With that out of the way, I suppose I can now get into the personal things to an extent.

Okay time to be done with the formalities for now, sorry. Some things about me are as followed: I'm a real dunce at times. I'm not kidding either. I try to be the ha ha funny man, usually to lighten up a tense mood. I can easily get mad or irritated, but try not to. I usually am into Video Games and Anime more than other things. Some Video Games franchises I like to roleplay are Persona, Pokemon, Fire Emblem, and a few other JRPGs.

Was this too long? yeah this was way too long. I'm gonna end it here. Well, see ya.


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Hello! Lovely to meet you all. My name is Andei and I've been writing on and off for many years, but have been looking to get back into it recently. Looking forward to making stories with you!


Hit Me!
Hello I'm new here so if this is the wrong place for this sorry.
I love RPing I normally RP on DA or Amino but having hard time getting RPs going there lately so thought I'd try this site out.
I don't do group RPs I do 1 on 1 only.
My replies aren't super long I know that's a issue for people so if you want someone who does like 5 sentences pre reply look elsewhere.

Some of my fave series are
Sonic the Hedgehog
Mega Man(BN SF Classic/Archie and X are the main ones I know)
Transformers Animated
Dragon Ball
Ben 10

It depends on the RP but I like to use Next Gen OCs in RPs which if you don't know what that is basically the kids of the characters like in DB Gohan and Goten technically count as Next gen.


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hiya! my name is sennyas but you can call me sen if you'd like! i've been roleplaying for a long while now and most places i've been aren't as fun anymore so i've decided to try here ! i hope i get to make a lot of new friends and roleplay partners here !!

mostly i do fandom roleplays but occasionally i am good with a good oc x oc here and there. the fandom i am mostly into now in demon slayers and fingers crossed i meet a roleplay buddy

have a good day or night!


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Hello All, Looking forward to getting to know everyone. So me in a nutshell. I have around thirty years of role-playing experience with about a decade of play by post specifically. I mostly enjoy the narrative storytelling games such as Mage, Vampire, Star wars EotE or WEG, Shadowrun. I also enjoy world building systems such as Fate, Dungeon World, PbtA. Other systems that I have ample experience with would be Dungeons and Dragons (Started at Advanced edition) Starfinder/Pathfinder, Rifts and the Palladium megaverse. Dresden Files.

I have a little experience with rules free co-operative story telling and I am hoping to delve into that more while I am here. I prefer a more mature game usually with darker more Gothy aesthetic. I am generally most comfortable in the three to five paragraphs per post range and while I don't mind the inevitable one liner, I hate games that are just strictly that unless it is on a real time chat system where larger paragraphs are more difficult. I am also a huge fan of exposition.

My all time favorite genre is Urban Fantasy and love games that run those tropes. I also enjoy High Fantasy, Sci-fi and the other standard fare.


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Hi all!

I'm making my way back into the forum rp scene after a long break. I've played on multiple formats, from pen and paper/tabletop, to forums, to discord and mmorpg.

I like to at least short para, but stories that draw out multiple paragraphs and novellas are my first love. I like detailed plots, flawed characters, and delving into the light and dark of psychology and the grey zones between 'good' and 'evil.' Bonus points when its hard to tell who the good and bad guys are, based on the point of view of a scene.

I decided to give rp nation a try because it looked easy to navigate, with a wide range of genres and stories to write. I want to cast a fairly wide net and juggle 2-3 stories at any given time. I also write for a living rl. I plan to post at least once a day once I have some active stories on my plate.


Hey, I'm Kasmi!

Very new to the RP scene. Ive been apart of a few groups, none that lasted very long, and I've roleplayed in DND a bit. But otherwise, I don't really have any experience. XD

I'm a fantasy writer, so I assume fantasy RPs is what I'll be interested in. I've been writing for about 8 years, so while I don't have experience creating a story with others, I do have experience getting my thoughts and ideas down.


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Hi all- my name is Talathel - feel free to call me Thel, Tala or even Jade! I’ll answer to all three honestly. I’ve been doing rp stuff for about 9 years now, and mainly focus on a wide variety of animal based rps as well as fantasy based. My main hobbies are ballet, reading, singing, and biology/animal science! My career interest is going into Conservation Medicine and hopefully working abroad in South Africa or Nepal. I’ve done volunteer work in Nepal at the Kathmandu Central Zoo which has been my favorite adventure ever. I have many pets but my one that lives with me in my apartment is Calypso, my tiny kitty who is my very life. She’s a tabby cat and super cute- she is a hyper ball of energy and can also be a lap cat too. She loves chasing her tail, going on walks, and being crazy.


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Uhhhh Hello hellooo!! I'm the Jester!! Or the puppeteer!!! Whatever you wanna go with!!!
I'm very new here smsmsm-

I go by any pronouns!! I am on the autism spectrum and!! Im trying this out to help me out with being social

I am on the Autism spectrum so sorry if I may have trouble communicating!! Or ramble on too much or whatever!! I like making ocs and the fandoms im in are currently:

Bendy and the ink machine
Hallow Knight

I think I roleplayed since,, mid 2010's?? Idk but when miiverse was created- I'm usually good on 1 on 1, especially with friends but im also good with group rps!! Uhhh I guess thats it?? Oh!! I tend to be lit/semi lit and I usually write one longgggg paragraph which can be seperate to 2-3 or 4!! Also im kinda a slow typer so pbtthhh- I tend to mirror my partners!!

Sjsksm hopefully i did this right-


monosyllabic is kind of an ironic word, is it not?
Hello! My name is Sarah, and I'm new to this site, but not to roleplaying. I've been roleplaying for somewhere around four years now. I'm a big fan of historical (specifically medieval and Victorian), fantasy, and science fiction roleplays, but I'm down for just about anything.

Anyway, I'm excited to be here!
I just realized I've never written on this page. Oops! Oh well. So um hi I'm Fuzz I guess ,not my real name obviously. I first started rping not to long ago it started when I got invited to play DnD at a friend house then I wanted to do an online rp that was decent and that led me here. I love fantasy and mythical rps and some good hero vs villains occationly. I'm terrible at spelling stuff. And um yeah I think that's it! Hope everyone has a great day or night!
Hey there!! We’re actually a DID system, but I’ve been stuck front for a few days, so you’ll hear a lot of me hehe. We’re new here, do we don’t really know how this works, but eventually I hope we all get the hang of it!! Discord isn’t working for wifi reasons, so I’ll be usin’ this instead!! My name is 2D (I’m writin this) and I’m looking to rp with people, whether its me and an oc, or me and someone else!! Uh uh I’m not the brightest, so I’m stoppin now. Yeh. Sorry ya had to read this JXKSKK—

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