TV & Film your fav childhood cartoon

Tom and Jerry (me and my grandpa would watch all the time), Dexters Laboratory, and Scooby Doo!
My brother would get home from school before me and would hog the tv.. I hated cartoons at first but a few weeks in I started liking Masters of the Universe and later on a series that was kindof like Voltron. I sadly gave up on Reading Rainbow since it was on at the same time as Masters of the Universe.

The cartoon I hated most was She-ra because the storylines would not hold up. If they would have changed the storyline; it would have been good but the storyline alway reflected whatever toys they was selling that week.
Pup named Scooby Doo was my show! Something about the characters and bright colors just gelled with me.

It's also funny to see how bad the animation was, which I didn't notice as a kid.
Super why. And i know this doesn’t really count as a cartoon, but whenever i came back to school, i would plop in my grandparents kitchen for some good ol odd squad. I was so excited when the movie came out lol
Sonic Underground. I LOVED it so freaking much when I was younger (Still technically a teen, so not fully out of childhood) And I memorize the theme perfectly

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