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Ylva Sveadotter


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  • Name: Ylva Sveadotter
    Old call-sign: Varghona (she-wolf)
    Hometown: Stockholm, Sweden
    Age: 27
    Sex: Female
    Height: 1,74
    Weight: restricted data
    Hair color: ash-blonde
    Eyes: grey
    Let me link this picture: Nova's Day Off by itaXita on DeviantArt Add glasses like people in labs tend to wear them (like these: Picture link), then you're close to what I have in mind.

    Ylva Sveadotter - born in Stockholm, Sweden, grown up in its northern suburbs while the world around her changed forever. Daughter of a soldier and an accounting clerk, she grew up mostly in her mother's and the neighbor's care, as war demanded her father to be elsewhere; apart from that, the war kept its distance for the most part of her childhood. After school, she decided to walk the middle path between military and research, studying military science at the Stockholm Defence University. Previous experience as a cargo pilot and her scientific knowledge opened the door to the local Logan project, which intended to combine Zentraedi tech with the recent model. After finishing with minor, yet at least applicable results, she switched gear - perhaps seeing the small impact that her work would have short-term. A run through the usual training programs followed to support her theoretical background with practical experience. Skill and unusual scientific knowledge allowed participation in th ASC Special training, finishing the training of the Science Officer - for now.

    Reports describe her as a disciplined teamplayer, thoughtful analyst and decent pilot. Her scientific knowledge covers the fundamentals of biology and chemnistry, with particular interest in the wastelands. Further studies indicate strong interest in both Zentraedian life and the cloning process, but were abandoned in favor of practical work within the military. Thus far Ylva has proven to take both scientific and usual tasks equally seriously. An unusual amount of night shifts might indicate a strong personal drive, but should be kept in mind by commanding officers.

    Ylva finds herself on the thinner, athletic end of the spectrum. The rather colorless appearance of grey eyes, blonde hair and relatively pale, if not sunburnt skin is usually accompanied by brighter colors whenever the dress regulations allow; the ever-present safety glasses offer adequate eye protection both on the gun range and in the labs.

    Personal interests include reading with a preference for science fiction, Savate training since the beginning of her university years, and generally most activities that involve good company around her. Both cargo flights northwards and sailing trips are sparse these days, but appreciated; shorter periods of free time are often spent close to open water.

    Choice of dice: Yellow the Third, at your service.

    Marine Technical Officer O.C.C.
    Rank: UEEF 0-2 Lieutenant Junior Grade
    Alignment: Principled
    lvl: 8

    S.D.C.: 51
    HP: 60
    9/9 AP
    1/1 Bonus Action Point
    2 Diamonds of Fate (Chapter Six: All Hands on Deck)
    Special Aptitude: High Perception and solid gut instincts; +4 to perception (see conversation)

    Perception: +6 (+9 with awareness)
    +1 vs psionics/insanity
    60% trust/intimidate
    +4 HtH damage (+5 damage with kicks)
    +14% vs coma/death
    +4 vs magic/poison
    Crit strike on nat 18 or higher and from behind
    Knockout on nat 20

    6 attacks
    +10 dodge
    +10 parry (+13 with knives)
    +3 initiative
    +1 roll with impact
    +1 roll with punch
    +2 disarm

    +7 strike, in addition:
    +1 strike with kicks
    +1 strike with weapon systems
    +1 to holds
    +1 to locks
    +4 Rifle/Energy Rifle
    +3 Energy Pistol, Handguns, Knives, Knives (thrown)

    In the Logan:

    9 attacks (more at 9,12,15)
    +15 dodge (+21 auto-dodge (jet))
    +3 auto-dodge (jet)
    +11 parry (+13 with knives)
    +7 initiative
    +2 roll with impact
    add +3 roll with impact/survive while crashing/flying
    +4 roll with punch
    +3 disarm

    +10 strike, in addition:
    +1 strike with kicks
    +1 strike with weapon systems
    +1 to holds
    +1 to locks
    +4 Rifle/Energy Rifle
    +3 Energy Pistol, Handguns, Knives, Knives (thrown)

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Three Thousand Club
Character changes:
- Level-up from 6 to 8
- 1 additional diamond of fate: ADDED
- new rank + credits

So: What do we have here:
1) hp rolls (link incoming, think it was 11 hp in total). Here we go:
Silanon Silanon Silanon Silanon Ylva gains 11 Hit Points

2) Add new HtH/Mecha bonuses
For HtH: Savate
7th - Critical Strike on a Natural Roll of 18 or higher, +1 to Parry, +1 to Dodge.
8th - +1 Attack per Round, +1 to Holds, +1 to Locks.

Nothing from MECT (new stuff next level)


3) Update skills x2 (once per level)
no bonuses for wp proficiencies (new stuff at lvl 9)
bonuses ADDED

4) two new occ skill slots (7th and 8th level)

5) add two attribute points per the rules (1 per level)
lvl 7: PE: 21->22, +2%vs coma/death, +1 vs magic/poison ADDED
lvl 8: IQ: 23->24. +1% on all skills ADDED

6) Replenish action points
now at 5+8/2=9 AP, replenished.

Done - unless I missed something.

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