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Realistic or Modern Witch Apprentice~CS

Neo Alice

Mahō Shōjo

  • (Image of your character)

    Full Name:

    (Min. 18, Max. 26)



    (In centimeters)

    Weight: (In Kilograms)

    Likes: (At least 3)

    Dislikes: (At least 2)

    Witch Staff: (Pick one of the available staffs)

    MP: 200 (The maximum amount of magical energy your character’s vile sack can storage. Each staff owner in reality has 100 MP but with a boost of +100 because of their connection with their staff.)

Witch Staffs
The Owl Staff:

The Raven Staff:

The Eagle Staff:

The Bat Staff:

The Cat Staff:

The Fox Staff:

The Queen Bee Staff:

The Butterfly Staff: Neo Alice Neo Alice

The Moth Staff:

Each spell draws an amount of magic from the caster depending on the size of the magical circle drawn. If you run out of MP entirely you’ll faint until you have rested enough.

In order to regain MP you must rest, this means avoid casting spells outside of battle. You’ll gain 10 MP in each post you don’t cast magic until you cast again.

In order to keep track of MP during battles and while resting you must add a spoiler in the end of your post with the proper math applied in each case.

Ex: If you cast a small circle spell:

MP: 200-5= 195

In the middle of battles you can’t properly rest and as such even if you don’t cast magic you won’t be able to restore MP either.


Matt l ttaM

Junior Member

  • Full Name: Ander Revelise

    Age: 21

    Gender: Male

    Sexuality: Straight

    Height: 187.96 cm

    Weight: 81 kg

    Likes: The smell in the air before it rains, taking time for himself every once in a while to focus his thoughts, and practicing magic with his mentor.

    Dislikes: Fire magic (It's way too hot), His Charm spell (It's embarrassing)

    Witch Staff: The Fox Staff

    MP: 200


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