Music Whats your favorite song?

I don't have a single favourite. Naming one would do a disservice to the others, and naming all of them would take me until midnight of the next day. xD
Tim Be Told - Me To You. I have another one too, but this one here is a song I found more recently that holds a very special place in my heart ❤️

(the other song holds just as special of a place though)

i have so many favorite songs it's unreal, but if i really had to choose my all time favorite itd be between QUOTE UNQUOTE / TRAVOLTA by MR. BUNGLE, WATCH AS I PERFORM MY OWN TRACHEOTOMY by TALKSHOW BOY, and CREEP U by BLACK DRESSES... and a lot of other songs, but then this would be long as hell. other all time faves are LITERALLY EVERY SONG BY LEMON DEMON, 2 by MOM (THE BAND), 1994 by SLUTEVER, LEPER FRIEND by DOG FASHION DISCO (actually, like, their entire discog), ADAM and SARAH by ALEX G, and a lot, lot more.

ive had PINK RADIATION by DEATH VALLEY GIRLS on loop a lot, though. also TRANSFORM and LYIN' AWAKE by STEAM POWERED GIRAFFE. all are very good songs!
I quickly gain interest in songs just to get bored of them from looping too much, but I always find my way back to Turn The Lights Off by Tally Hall
at the moment it's jaded by spiritbox! i love them, they're sooo good.
Currently? Touch Tabk by Quinnie.

Overall? Literally anything by Hozier 💀
It's been my fav song for so many years now, but Dream by Imagine Dragons

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