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Other What happened to hosted projects?


I have a really bad memory and sense of time, but I vaguely recall some time a few site versions back when the majority of the roleplays I was in were hosted projects, and that the updates between then and now have upped the difficulty of starting one to the point where there's few enough to fit on the home page. This was maybe two years ago, (I'm probably way wrong don't laugh) but now that it's at the forefront of my mind, I kind of want to know what's up with them. Did they take up too much space, were they too hard to moderate, etc, and will they be available again anytime soon?


Fairy Queen
The ease of creating hosted projects back then was completely by accident, as the forum software they were trying out caused it to happen. Hosted projects were never meant to be easy to obtain, simply because they took more site resources to maintain. And that isn't worth it if you're not positive that there's no other way to get your RP to work using the regular system, which is way easier on the site.

That's how I remember it going, anyway


Dannigan's Lady
More or less what Lego said, except that it was a deliberate thing on our part at first. Unfortunately, the addon powering it caused a number of headaches and we just left it behind when we left that software version. Now, we don't have an addon and they're basically mini-subforums, so everything involving them has to be done manually by admins, which is why we've put such limits on it. Basically the ones we have now, were hosted projects even before that software/addon, or were allowed to retain hosted project status when we started cleaning up after we switched back to the current software.

We currently have no plans to reopen applications for hosted projects, but it is on the list for down the road sometime, and there will most likely be an announcement if and when we do reopen it.

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