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Fantasy Werewolf pack


The White Willow
In the large mansion like complex with courtyards, gardens, and other high end facilities, the young Alpha looks out of a large balcony that faces away the complex and into large grass field that extends to the forest, she leans against the guardrail her long silver hair softly sways with the wind and her bright green eyes scan the forest line with coordinated precision. It is a warm summer night and the forest is silent, the only noise is the rustling of forest leaves as they sway in the wind. A half moon shines bright in the sky lighting the complex and forest with a cold light. The young woman takes a deep breath before turning back into her room and closing the door.

(Who ever joins may continue in the morning,every one lives in the complex and have their own rooms and pretty much everything is provided in the Complex Cars, food ( we can hunt also), training rooms, obstacles courses.)
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