Recruitment Wanted: 1x1 Roleplay Partner(s)

Discussion in 'Site Archive' started by Behind The Mask, Aug 20, 2013.

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  1. Behind The Mask

    Behind The Mask Two Thousand Club

    (Title say it all)
    So yeah I'm looking for more people to do 1x1 rps. I've actually been thinking of doing a 3 person rp too so if that sounds interesting...
    I do not I have specific ideas or plots in mind but I have no trouble coming up with them quickly either ^-^
    I'm willing to do yaoi rps (actually have been wanting to do one lately) and I'm usually okay with any sort of character pairing.

    Anyways if your interested pm me or comment below (actually just comment below- makes it easier for me)
  2. Penelope Zsasz

    Penelope Zsasz New Member

    Hey! I'm in. I'm looking for some 1x1 roleplays.
  3. Behind The Mask

    Behind The Mask Two Thousand Club

    I would've replied sooner but I didn't get an alert! Anyways just pm me, and we can come up with some ideas :)
  4. I'd also be interested if you wanted someone else too ^.^
  5. Behind The Mask

    Behind The Mask Two Thousand Club

    Sure! Just pm me ^^
  6. Izzzy

    Izzzy Witchcraft

    I would be interested in a 3 people rp or a 1x1. I am also cool with doing a yaoi rp ^_^
  7. <3Overlordofhearts<3

    <3Overlordofhearts<3 One Thousand Club

    I would love to do a yaoi RP with you. :)
  8. Behind The Mask

    Behind The Mask Two Thousand Club

    @YukiUchiha Well we would need a 3rd person to do a 3 person rp but if you would rather start right away then I'd be fine just doing a 1x1 :D
    @<3Overlordofhearts<3 YAY just pm me and we can come up with a plot and stuff ^^
  9. LittleDreamerOfSorts

    LittleDreamerOfSorts The Girl in Yellow

    I am willing to join your 3 person rp.
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  10. Izzzy

    Izzzy Witchcraft

    @Behind The Mask Im cool with starting a 1x1. Just pm me so we can discuss details?
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    Or now we could do a 3 people rp if youd like that better.

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