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  1. Dreamer


    Dreamer let out a quiet sigh as he turned over in bed. It was a cold fall morning and he dreaded leaving the warmness of the bed. The blue eyed boy let his eyes slowly slide open before he lowly moved the blankets away from his body. Slowly he let his feet touch his tile floor, he quickly pulled them back feeling the chill from under them. After a short time he let them drop again and stood. His body popped in every place it could as he did which was normal.

    Dream stretched as he looked around his room. His eyes soon landed on the dogs that were curled in the corner of the room. " Morning boys." He said with a grin and the dogs un curled themselves and got to their feet. Dreamer rubbed his bare stomach as he looked around the room once more. He than walked over to the cage by the wall. " Hi there Sunny." Dreamer said pouring some food into the small animals food. " I need to get you a new friend." The animals sister had just died a few weeks before and Dreamer knew he was lonely.

    The dark haired male left the cage. Walking over he slowly unlocked the door and pulled it open trying to be as silent as he could. Surely his father would be sleeping still and Dreamer tried his best not to wake him up. Max and Monster darted out the bedroom door and down the steps faster than the male could even leave his door way. He chuckled and followed them down.

    Once he was in the kitchen he saw that he mother and younger siblings were seated at the table. Dreamer noticed that his mother had a black eyes and slightly red jaw line. " Mom what happened?"

    " Nothing sweetie." Dreamer knew it wasn't nothing. His father was abusive and often beat his mother in drunken haze. The male didn't say anything more he just sat down at the table.

    * Time Skip*

    Dreamer had left the house after his father had started to yell at him for nothing. He sighed as he walled up the street his long sleeve shirt flowing with the wind. Dreamer felt as if he would get blown away if the wind picked up much more. The male pulled out his pack or cigarettes and searched his pockets for his lighter, after a short time it was found and he lit the smoke up. He could really use a joint right now, but he had smoked his last one the night before.

    The skinny male crossed the park and found himself in the nicer part of the city. He sighed as he looked longingly at the houses that were near by. He knew a few people for school that lived in the houses, but none of them would ever even look his way. Most of the guys Dreamer found extremely attractive, but like said before they didn't even know he was alive.

    The male sighed as he noticed a car pull up next to him.

    (( Sorry I rushed at the end. You guy would be the person in the car.))

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  2. Josiah stepped out of the expensive limousine whilst laughing lightly. "Oh Kingston, you really know some jokes, don't you!~" He laughed, wiping away the little tears in his eyes before patting down the hoodie he was wearing. For a rich person he sure didn't dress fancy, old jeans and shoes. He never really bothered to be all snobby like other people that lived around the area. "Oh, sorry to be a pain in the back side, but could you possibly get the shopping bags from the back, Kingston?" He asked one of his servants politely resulting in the servant nodding and heading to the back of the vehicle.

    "Thank you so much!~" Josiah smiled and stepped towards the gates when he spotted a male not far away from it. "Hm?... Kingston! Is this man a visitor?" He called as Kingston walked behind Josiah with expensive shopping bags hung in his arms. "No, Josey, sorry. Would you like me to make him evacuate the residence?" Josiah shook his head and instead advanced towards the male, slightly scared but still with a warm smile.

    "Uhm, sir? I'm Josiah, the owner of this mansion and it would seem you are trespassing on my property. Sorry for any inconvenience I'm causing, you see, Kingston here gets rather mad when it comes to uninvited visitors! Well anyways... You look lonely, and you're smoking... That's not good for your lungs, let me get that for you" He said with little laughs in between before carefully taking the cigarette and handing it to Kingston. "Dispose of this please." Josiah requested with a warm smile yet again, he was one for meeting new people. Josiah was rarely ever mean, it was almost unheard of and he'd never cussed once in his entire life.

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  3. Dreamer


    (( He is just so damn adorable =) ))

    Dreamer let his blue eyes wonder to the male who had stepped out of the limousine. His first thought was that the guy was rather hot. He didn't look like someone that would live in the area. Then the male began to speak, asking Dreamer to move away from the large gate he was standing near. Dream's eyes went to his feet which were planted firmly on the side walk.

    " I don't know who the hell you think you are, but I'm on the side walk. Which belongs to the city I can do what I please." Dreamer wasn't a mean person, but he was irritated with the other male. The skinny male rolled his eyes as the other said something about him smoking, but as he went to take a drag the male took the smoke from his hand. " Who the hell do you think you are?" He snapped glaring at the other.

    Dreamer didn't want to deal with this guy but he felt like bothering him a little. Maybe being a bit of a flirt. " So pretty boy." He let the words roll off his tongue. " What are you gonna do if I don't move." Dreamer said stepping closer to the other male. " Have your little , or should I say big friend carry me off?" Dream said glancing at the large man standing not far away.

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  4. Josiah frowned. "Sorry, but as far as I know I'm doing you good by removing that cigarette." He replied with, keeping his voice soft and calm. He tilted his head slightly at the rude comment back, this man obviously had no manners! "Oh really? Well then, I guess I'll just leave you to your own devices then. But I do have something that may get you to move?" Josiah turned to Kingston and held his hand out for his wallet but as soon as he turned back around he saw that the male had stepped closer to him. "Sir if you must be so close..." He mumbled, feeling a little intimidated by the taller man. "Uhm... No sir, I wont do anything really..."

    ((Sorry, short post... I haz writers block))

  5. Dreamer


    Dreamer gave the lightest of smiles to the smaller male. " I don't give damn if you think you were doin' good." The male said pulling out his pack of smokes and placing one between his lips, before taking out his lighter and lighting it up. The male closed his blue eyes and took a long drag blowing it out his nose. " These things will be the death of me, but I could really care less." He mumbled taking a step toward the shorter male. " What's you name? I don't recall ever seeing you at school."

    Dreamer felt his phone going off from his back pocket, but he didn't mind to check who it was. He was sure it was his mother begging him to come home. Or telling him that his father had beaten her again . He din't want to hear it he was done with their shit.

  6. Josiah Clarke

    Josiah coughed lightly and waved away the smoke. "My name is Josiah Clarke, you wouldn't have seen me around because I rarely go out and I don't attend school" He smiled and looked back over at Kingston who was holding out $750 in his hand. ((Or pounds, I don't know which you want me to use)) Josiah took the money and held it out to the taller male. "Here, will this get you away? If not, keep it anyway" He smiled warmly before stepping back. "You know what, you seem like someone who likes a bit of coffee! How would you like to have some coffee with me?" He offered, trying to stay polite and generous towards the smoker that had no intentions of leaving.

  7. Dreamer


    Dreamer took another drag off his cigarette before dropping his eyes to the males extended hand. The dark haired male wished nothing more than to take the money, but he didn't. " Who do you think I am?" Dreamer was almost offended by the male offering him money. " I don't won't your money." Dreamer let his eyes fall to his feet. He tattered old shoes falling apart. He couldn't get over the fact that the younger, well smaller male was being so nice. He was being a complete ass hole.

    Dreamer pulled his phone from his back pocket and flipped it open seeing that he had four missed calls and three text messages from his mom. His eyes went sad as he read them over, but he didn't say or do anything. He just slipped his phone back into his pocket. " Sure I guess."

  8. Josiah Clarke

    Josiah smiled widely but still pushed the money into the male's hand, he turned to look at Kingston and set out instructions for him. "Great! Kingston! Get the driver to take everything of ours out and park it before you come back inside to make coffee!" He turned back to the other male and tilted his head slightly to the side. "You know, you haven't told me you're name, what is it? By the way, you can call me Josey 'cause you're so kind to me!~"

  9. Dreamer


    Dreamer shook his head.
    " I'll have the coffee, I don't see the point in having a servant do it. Why don't you give him a break." Dreamer said looking at the large man with soft eyes. The male took another drag before putting the smoke out and placing the butt into the pack or cigarettes. " I'm Dreamer, people. My mom told me she named me that because she had dreams about me long before she had me." Dreamer had the voice of an angle when he wasn't trying to be a jerk. It was soft and sweet and warm. His blue eyes looked over the male again. " How old are you Josey?"

  10. "Well I need a servant because I'm not very strong and I don't really know how to make coffee, I know so far that coffee comes in cup form and tastes really bitter. I don't know much so Kingston does it for me!~" Josey giggled, looking over to his servant that was already carrying out his orders. "My age?17" He smiled, looking up at Dreamer with a bright smile. For some reason Josiah was always happy around people, even with people he didn't really like, nut he was never happy around dogs, that was a big no.

  11. Dreamer


    Dreamer gave a frown.
    " I'll make the coffee." He found it off that the younger didn't even know how to make coffee, he also found it say. Dreamer knew how to cook, clean, fight, and fuck shit up at the age of five. He gave a nod to the younger. " I'm eighteen." Dreamer looked around waiting for them to lead the way into the huge "house".

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  12. "Hm? Don't worry about Kingston he's fine! He wont mind, Kingston makes coffee for me every day" Josiah said, looking over his shoulder at Kingston who was silently continuing his instructions. "Well... This is my home, it's very big and expensive so don't break anything~" He gave a bright smile before pulling out his keys from his pocket and unlocking the large door, pushing all his weight against it but not opening it the slightest.

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