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Vampiric Soul tells the story of you, a recently-converted Vampire, in the dark underworld. Hidden from humanity's sight, Vampires ruled under the night sky, feasting over hapless humans unfortunate enough to fall to their grasps. You awoke in this world dazed, a broken shell of your former self, and assaulted by an unsatiable hunger. Your Master, the one who had converted you, brought you your very first human victim. And with that, you had descended into this madness.

To join, simply vote for the option you liked the most.

Quest Log will be updated as soon as I feel that enough vote had taken place. Or, alternatively, after a week.

General Rules
  • General RPNation rules apply.
  • Everyone is free to vote.
  • Majority vote will be taken. In case of same number of vote, I will arbitrarily chose the one I liked more.
  • I can add more rules in the future if I feel like it.
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You opened your eyes.

Your body was lying on a comfortable bed. The room was in a state of total darkness, but your eyes see just fine. There was no need for light -in fact, the windows had been closed shut, the curtains drawn as tight as possible. The digital clock on your left stated that it was midnight, but you wouldn't take any chance. There was no way you would risk exposure to sunlight.

You were, after all, a Vampire.

Flood of broken memories rapidly assailed your mind, forming a jumbled recollection of yesternight's event. You came home late due to overtime, and risked taking a shortcut through a dark passage. The false safety of modern age lulled you to lower your guard, and the creature of the night struck immediately; the one whom you would call your Master pinned you down and helped themselves with your blood. At that moment, your life was forfeited.

You moved hour hand, touching the bite mark left on your neck. Being a [Second], the bite didn't kill you but instead changed you into their kind. Your body convulsed upon transformation, a foreign hunger rushing through your entire body, begging you to eat. To consume. To devour. To kill another human being. To pierce through their flesh and drain their entire soul.

Your Master -as if knowing it would happen, with a mocking smile on their face, threw an unconscious woman on your feet. The woman was clearly still alive, and that fact drove you to the edge of reason. There was nothing that can stop the hunger. Moral? Conscience? Sin?

At that moment, nothing else matter but the hunger.

Your elongated fang bit through her neck. Your master, watching the entire time, laughed out loud.

Your final shred of humanity had disappeared.

You opened your eyes once more. You were still standing in the center of your small apartment as if on a trance. After what happened yesternight, you had went home and slept through the entire day. Whether it was the effect of transforming into a Vampire or the mental fatigue of consuming a human being, nobody knows.

Suddenly, your phone rang. You fumbled around with the electronic device like an idiot, before finally regaining enough mental faculty to operate it and looked at incoming call. A sense of foreboding descended upon you. It was an unknown number, but could it possibly be...your Master?

What would you do?
[1] Accept the call
[2] Ignore the call
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Choice: [1] Accept the Call

Your finger trembled, hovering above the [Receive Call] icon. There was an indescribable feeling that forced you to accept the call, even when your entire instinct screamed otherwise. A slight push confirmed the action, and soon you found your phone's speaker pressed on your ear.

There was no need for introduction. The voice was soothing, yet you sensed the underlying bloodlust hidden under the beautiful facade. It was clearly the person from last night. The one who had converted you into a creature of the night. Your Master.

"You can't run. You can't hide. You are connected to us. To me. You are now, forever, mine."

His voice awakened more of your memory. The human you had fed the night before didn't even give a twitch at the end. Whatever life they had, you had sucked them dry. For a moment, you sat there in the shocking revelation. Years of popular culture had embedded a rule onto your mind, a rule that a Vampire would turn human into another of their kind after feeding. Your Master clearly made you one, but why did your bite failed to produce such result?

"That woman from last night. She died, you know."

As if reading your conflicted mind, your Master suddenly replied your silence. There was a tinge of satisfaction in his voice. Most likely other Vampires he had turned, like you, had had that same question.

Reality started to sink in ever so slowly. You had killed someone. You had lost to your hunger and devoured a human so voraciously such that her life had ended. At this point, you know that there was no turning back.

A few seconds of silence passed, and then your Master spoke once again.

"Tonight the moon shines so brightly. Come to me right now. I'll show you how to feed. I'll answer your questions of what you had become. But remember,"

He gave you a small pause. You couldn't tell why, but you was so sure that on the other end of the receiver, he was smiling.

"You are no longer a human. There is only one place where you can belong, and that is us. Now, what is your answer?"

Hesitation once again crept inside your mind. Your Master's voice had an alluring sense to it, subtly forcing you to obey his command. Was it an after-effect of the turning? Nevertheless, you felt that you still could refuse at this point. Somewhere, deep in your heart, there was a drive to preserve every last ounce of humanity that you still had. If you still had any to begin with...

Nevertheless, you couldn't keep silent forever. After taking a long, deep breath, you finally answered.

Would you
Accept his offer and go out to meet him
[2] Refuse his offer and stay inside
[3] Refuse his offer but still go out somewhere else