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Futuristic Valorous Order: Iscariots of Solarian | Lore



Vanity Exousia
The lore is subject to change at any moment until the opening of the roleplay, so please read and be aware that changes may occur in the upcoming week or two. It should also be noted that the lore is currently incomplete. BUH!
Valorous Order: Iscariots of Solarian
Valorous Order: Iscariots of Solarion takes place in Valeria, a world which is run by three major political parties that formed a peace coalition in order to reunite its sectioned factions. In exchange for Valeria's pledge of unwavering loyalty towards Empyria, currently the dominant empire of the Milky Way galaxy, the planet would receive additional resources and military aid. However, there is one persistent peril that continues to loom over Valeria: a group of individuals known as the Anarcharon Syndicate.

The Anarcharon Syndicate threatens the peace and solidarity of the planet by mutating and enhancing the abilities of its inhabitant creatures, ultimately allowing them to wreak havoc upon anything that stands in its way. To rid of the threat, Empyria and the Euclidian Guidance—Valeria's government title—placed a bounty upon their heads. This bounty would be accepted by a professional Empyrian mercenary group dubbed "the Iscariots of Solarion", who had been sent to Valeria with the promise of compensation upon completing the task.

Throughout this story-driven roleplay, the players will have control over the characters from the Iscariots of Solarion, as well as their mechs, which are collectively termed "Ascalons".
Iscariots of Solarian (Main Theme)
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Battle of Aekyron
Blue Stahli
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Royal Blood
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Vanity Exousia
Year zero of the Valerian Cycle marked the pinnacle of Valerian history as its inhabitants’ rejoiced in their King’s death, as well as the beginning of a properly-established democratic civilization. Approximately 2,250 years prior to the current date, the prince of Valeria threatened the very existence of the planet under the influence of an unknown malice.

Whether due to greed, trepidation, or a sickly sense of corruption, his reasons for global destruction remained undisclosed. It did not take long for chaos to dominate the world: civilians became slaves, laboring away until their days were no more; boycotts and strikes were met with scorching flames that would incinerate the bodies of those who dared to resist the tyrannical iron first; and villagers ran amok, wreaking havoc upon friends and foe alike, destroying everything in their path in fear for their lives. The horrors of a dystopian fantasy came to life.

As if on cue, heeding the civilians’ call for help, a pair of ethereal paragons dubbed “the Godslayers” came to their rescue. Like true heroes, they had eradicated the foul soul, instilling the idea that justice would always prevail over the forces of evil. News of the prince’s defeat quickly spread, stirring up feelings of great joviality as Valerians would celebrate the end of an oppressive era, yet would fall upon deaf ears when word traveled to the king.

Ignorance and denial spurred into unbridled rage as wrath seeped into the monarch’s body and coursed through his veins. He swore to plague his enemies with a death worse than that of his beloved, fallen son, and thus, with his innate abilities as a “Worldbreaker”, the ruler declared war against the saviors. With his incarce, he would demolish those that he once considered his kin, summoning the most vile eldritch creatures from the deepest depths of Hell to lay destruction upon their path. The Valerians, having decided that they wanted not a repeat of the past, came up with a plan to rid of the king once and for all.

Within the course of a month, the citizens had finally done it: they had put the overlord to rest. By slipping paralytics into his meals, the king would gradually lose function of his limbs until he assumed a slow, ‘natural’ death. His body now lain to waste, the people of Valeria cheered once more. However, it seems their calls for celebration had come too soon, as the grotesque sounds of torn flesh and crushed skulls made their way into their homeworld. The unhinged beasts had appeared on their doorstep after failing to find the Godslayers, yearning to quench their thirst for blood.
Valeria is mainly divided into three continents, two of which have become overrun by rampant beasts that have been mechanically modified and magically enhanced with the Anarcharon’s latest technologies. Talismans adorn their necks while various weapons and contraptions are installed into their flesh and bone. In an attempt to counteract the monsters’ offenses, Valerian military tactics have adjusted from their use of outdated magitech and knights to metal armaments, field artillery, and strategic planning.

Compared to other worlds, Valerian technology is quite advanced due to its expansive amount of computational inventions. However, as developed as their technology may be, they stand no chance against the barbarian brutes, which is where one of Empyria’s paramilitary forces, the Order of Eden, comes in. The Order of Eden is the main force that has been corralling the creatures into a high walled enclosure, prohibiting their escape and destruction upon the mainland with physical prowess and military might. For this reason, Empyria’s physical presence in Valeria is quite strong. In fact, another influential Empyrian unit has been seen itinerating the area—a Collbrande, to be more specific—though it is uncertain whether he has come to Valeria under the order of Siegfried or by his own accord.
The Iron Frontier is a militarized threshold in which the primary continent is separated from the other two landmasses. It was first introduced and built around 700 years ago when Valeria was forced to corner its population to the nearest cities due to the monstrosities. It has since been upgraded and hardened by metallic materials. It is considered by the Valerians as the most dangerous region in the world, and is often called the "Edge of the Apocalypse".
The capital is a glamorous, boisterous city with a plethora of domes and skyscrapers that overlook the general population, meticulously decorated with media architecture, sky ramps, and translucent walls. Out of all Valerian regions, the capital is considered the most technologically advanced city with a majority of its habitants being successful researchers and idealists. However, due to the monsters that dare interrupt the vivacious atmosphere, the researchers are currently working on securing a proper information database to ensure no valuable knowledge is lost, while Valerian military forces do their part to defend their land from the invasive beasts with the assistance of the Order of Eden and the Iscariots of Solarian, who all work ceaselessly to exterminate the mutated monstrosities.

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Vanity Exousia
Ascalons, formally known as Advanced Mechanized Assault Walkers, are high-performance mechas designed and manufactured by the Empyrian Empire to combat grotesque beasts of the universe with efficiency. They are usually equipped with the latest lethal armaments introduced by the manufacturers of the mecha. There are many types of Ascalons with different purposes, though they are all entirely created to slaughter behemoths and alien hiveminds. There is a collection of Ascalons known as Imperator Ascalons, which are more powerful assault walkers armed with planet-destroyer weaponry.
The first generation of Ascalons were constructed after the First Great War, to rid of the power difference between the nobility and commoners in the military. And so, first generation Ascalons are entirely defensive mechas equipped with plasma and/or energy shields along with a single artillery cannon as its main weapon, loaded with armor-piercing ammunition. Their purpose is to hold the objective while maintaining long range between the pilot and the enemy. First generation Ascalons cannot equip the following: Energy Wings, Auxiliary Wings (Aerodynamic Shields), and thrusters.
  • [Empyria] First Great War: Before the creation of Ascalons, the Empyrian Empire was invaded by their first greatest foe, the Elderian Dominion. The war took place on Empyrian soil and lasted for over 4 years, in which the defender concluded with a victory. As a result of the nobility having more powerful blood than the commoners, Ascalons were created to strengthen the military so the empire would not have to rely on the nobles to fight the next future wars.
Second generations were intended for offensive warfare, and thus have the available frame to equip thrusters and close-quarters combat blades. The 2nd generation is considered to be superior compared to its predecessor, but due to the lack of large plasma batteries required to maintain shields for a long period, the first generation still triumphs in the battle of defense. Instead, the 2nd generations are far more mobile, giving them the edge in aggressive combat. Ascalons that fall under this generation cannot install all types of wings.
The golden standard for most Ascalon pilots. The 3rd generation exceeds in both maneuverability and defensibility, but with the downside of being less customizable due to a standardized frame that is only capable of standard armaments and batteries. Its primary purpose is to be the vanguard on the battlefield, maintaining a good rate of survivability. Unfortunately, the 3rd generation Ascalons are capable of glide but not aerodynamic flight.
Unlike the other generations, the fourth is the pinnacle of mechas that was introduced with the series of Imperator Ascalons, though the difference between the two types is still enormous. The fourth generation holds the only frame that can utilize auxiliaries that enables controlled flight, with similar qualities to that of the 3rd generation. However, the 4th generation Ascalons are highly expensive for production and cannot be afforded by most independent pilots, rented only to imperial pilots. These Ascalons are powered by the Azazel Drive and Vicarius Energy, which enables the mecha to have a decent operation time. There is no equipment that these frames cannot handle, except for the exclusive Imperator Armaments.
  • [Empyria] Azazel Drive: The main power source for 4th gen Ascalons. Crafted with magical materials found in the Great Mountain of Agartha in the mainland of Empyria, and completed with the presence of Vicarius Energy as its centerpiece. Because of their magical nature, a normal engineer will not know how to fix or craft one, unless they have a decent familiarity with incarce-related magic.
  • [Empyria] Vicarius Energy: The name of the prominent energy that powers the entirety of Empyria's homeworld, Agartha. Unrelated to Valeria. But due to their loyalty, Valeria is given a small portion of it to power their underground cities.
  • [Empyria] The Great Mountain of Agartha: An enormous mountain located in Agartha that is heavily guarded by Empyrian officials, but also acts as a common tourist location for its citizen. The center of the grand terrain bares a massive hole into the core of the planet, profusely releasing an endless amount of Vicarius Energy for its inhabitants to collect and use to power all sorts of important things, including weapons and houses.
The first of its series and the main prototype for the other Imperator Ascalons that were introduced afterwards. It is renowned as the greatest Ascalon to have ever been created, with the production value of almost 75 trillion crowns. The Lucifer is currently owned by Empyria's most influential nobility, House Bismarck. It has no active pilots.
The second of its series, representing wrath of the seven deadly sins. Its primary purpose is to decimate the frontlines eviscerate the enemy's defense with its main weapon, known as the Spear of Longinus. The Satan is currently owned by the Order of Eden and has Raidriar Asher as its pilot.
The third of its series, representing avarice/greed. It is currently owned by the Fentris Clandestine League and has no active pilots.

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