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Fantasy V.A.G.E. ( A 1x1 VillainxHero Rp)


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The peace was disturbed with one massive explosion shattering windows and scattering across the street. Gasps and screams echoed in the night as both innocent people and undercover agents scrambled,

“What the hell was that!?” One of the agents yelled.

“Don’t tell me Wolf found his way inside!” another yelled.


“Contact Agent James and get a status report!” another shouted.

“Guardian Six! This is Guardian four! Status report! Guardian Six!”

The voice coming from the radio could be heard, however, the radio was currently on the body of an agent who was currently laying in a pool of his own blood. The sound of battle echoed in the hallways as the target code named, Wolf, was taking out another agent by shoving his dagger into his gut, summoned some strange snake chain, wrapped it around his neck, and it pulled him towards the ceiling. The man kept his dagger in the agents gut while he was being pulled upwards gutting the man like a pig and left him hanging as he continued his advanced.

He kicked the door down and saw his target, cowering by his desk, “You,” the “Wolf” says as memories of THAT DAY replayed in his mind. This man was older now but still had the same fear in his eyes, A coward who allowed hundreds of people die so he could keep his position, “Today is the day.” The old man came out of his hiding spot and held a gun towards the “wolf”.

“B-back! Or I’ll shoot!” He commands shaky breath. The “Wolf” didn’t flinch, instead he swung his arms to the side and a green chain appeared out of no where and smacked his hands causing him to drop the gun. When the old man tried to grab his gun from the floor that’s when the ‘wolf’ quickly rushed him, grabbing him by the neck and bashing the back of his head against the glass, The mayor struggled for a moment and while doing so the ‘Wolf’ pushed a little button hidden in his mask “I’ve waited so long to do this.” He says looking into the old man’s eyes, his real voice coming through instead of the voice changer the ‘wolf’s eyes full of rage, “to give you exactly what you and your crew deserve.”
“B-but I didn’t do anything! Please!” the old man begged but the ‘Wolf’ wasn’t having it.

“And that’s the issue, Mayor.” The ‘Wolf’ says, “You didn’t do anything…and millions of people died because of it.” There was a moment of realization in the Mayors eyes but the one code named ‘Wolf’ didn’t give him a chance to respond. He stabbed his dagger into his chest, twisted it, and ripped it downwards leaving a twelve inch gash from his chest to his stomach, “They may forgive you,” he says as the life began to leave the mayors eyes, “But I never will…”

He suddenly heard a voice coming from behind him, when he looked he saw a women, a little singed from the explosion but otherwise seemed fine, “well, well, well,” he says after turning his voice changer back on and he turned to full attention to her, “and here I thought all the agents inside where dealt with.” He eyed the agent from head to toe and whistled, “and you’re hot too? Geez, you must be popular in V.A.G.E.” The agent couldn’t see it but he held a smirk on his masked face.

So much was going on in her head. How could this happen? Why did this happen? He was the Mayor. The one person that ran this forsaken city despite how it was ran so poorly. Granted some of the things he did she didn't approve of, but she was one person. Doubtful she'd be able to change anything about it. Though, now he was at risk and while the building was exploding and basically going up in flames, she ran into the danger. James was the first to be called in as she was one of the top few agents in V.A.G.E to come into contact with the "Wolf" is so they called him. A man who went around killing specific individuals in the night. He was doing vigilante work and James did not like that one bit. There was a right and wrong way to do these things, and he chose wrong.

While her radio was blaring, she ignored it with ease as she infiltrated the office of the once current mayor with the culprit standing right above him. The room was slowly smelling of metal and while it was unpleasant, she had to keep her focus "You son of a bitch." She said aloud, eyes locked on the masked man in front of her while he used his voice changer to mask that identity of his. Smart guy However, what had left his lips had caused her blood to boil "As if that is something you should worry about, Wolf. I'm about to put you down like the mutt that you are. You're not leaving this room." James ran forward and easily grabbed the mayor's desk to flip it with such ease. Being part of V.A.G.E meant you were superhuman to some degree. While not entirely invincible like Superman, they were surely more durable than the average human.

James would not back down, she would fight till her last dying breath. This man she had been trying to track down since he popped up causing chaos the way he was. He needed to be stopped and she intended for it to be now rather than later. While her radio continued to go off, she could hear her team calling for medics, who was retreating, who was coming for reinforcements. This man was hers, she wasn't going to let anyone else take the kill from her. Not this time.

She rushed in flipping the desk declaring she wasn’t going to allow him to leave the room. He snapped his fingers and a dark spot appeared and a chain shot out from it catching the desk mid air and pulling it out of the way giving him a clear view of the female agent rushing him, “You want to do this here?” he questioned in fake shock as he nimbly dodged her lefts and rights, “In front of the mayor?” he blocked her next attack and tightly gripped onto her forearms and spun her around so her back was against his chest and he wrapped his arms around her, “I didn’t know you were that kind of women, agent.” She could practically hear the smugness despite the voice changer.

She managed to escape with a headbutt and a swift kick where he was sent back. As soon as he got his balanced back he snapped his finger and multiple black-spots appeared around the room, “I love a woman who could kick my ass.” With a snap of his finger multiple chains suddenly shot out of the dark spots and towards the female agent.

He was taunting her and never seemed to let up. It was clear he knew what he was doing because it was working as he got under her skin. Leaning her head forward, she whipped her head back full force which lead to her release. Turning around quickly, she got into position to attack noticing that this guy had more up his sleeve than she had thought. Using his powers for evil. Of course. He would've been a great agent with his skill. She could hear the sounds of chains clinging around her, which confirmed she could be definitely fucked in this situation if she wasn't quick enough. There were two options she could take, going backward or going forward.

She chose forward.

Throwing herself forward, she knew this would help her get in the way of him and that exit. "I'm going to do more than just kick your ass." She prepared to attack, flames coming from her fists as she continued to throw them. Left, right, up down, and in any other direction combo she could come up with. James would mix it up, using her legs as well to at least do some damage to the guy if she even could. "I've been tracking you for weeks. I'm not going to let you get away with this shit you've been doing!"

He had to admit, he was impressed. Not only did she not flinch in the face of overwhelmingly number of chains threatening to ensnare her but she actually charged forward expertly dodging them and quickly closing the distance between them. What was surprising was the fire coming from her fist as she threw combo after combo aiming to incapacitate him with each attack being enhanced by her fire ability. He had to admit, he has a high pain tolerance but each punch or kick she managed to land did sting. He even found himself on the defensive a couple of times she landed a clean hit on him. However, he did have one advantage of this agent…

She was angry.

Just need to push a few more button He thought to himself blocking and counter attacking when ever he saw an opening. She made a comment about tracking him for a week and he couldn’t help himself, “If you wanted to get to know me so badly,” he says as he ducks a kick and touches the floor and snaps. Multiple Dark spots suddenly appeared, “All you have to do was ask.” And several chains flew out wrapping around both her legs, her arm, and one around her waist. He confidently approached her and runs his hand on her cheek and down her to her chin as he got uncomfortably close to her, “Since I know you’ve been waiting for so long I’ll make sure I don’t disappoint yo-.” He didn’t realize it until he felt her fist dig deep into his gut that one of her hands were free.

The punch felt like he was on ground zero of an explosion and was sent flying through the door, through a wall of another office and rolled to a stop. He immediately clutched his gut and groaned trying to get some air back in his lungs, “Fuck, too much…too much button pushing.” He said to himself as he struggled to get to his feet and put air in his lungs.

James' mind worked like clockwork with the ticking echoing within her mind. As she suspected, he was just as durable as just about anyone in the agency which meant an increase in beating technique. It seemed to be working as he counter attacked, blocked, and more but eventually she had to miss as he ducked and was suddenly ensnared. Blue hues stared him down, her breath a bit rugged from the consistent attacks from before. What a joke. James thought, feeling his hand running down her face which made her try to pull away to the best of her ability. Though it was more or less turning her head away to avoid his touch. Lucky for her and unfortunately for him, he left a hand of hers free as she pulled it back and full force tossed it right into his gut that sent him flying bullseye through the door and through a wall.

In the process of all that, she had been freed and immediately she took a mental note as she walked through the doorway and started to make her way through the cloud of dust. Her shoes crunching the pieces of sheetrock underneath her feet "You talk way too much for a Vigilante. Aren't they usually quiet?" She asked, emerging from the smoke with flames licking off her hands "I told you I was going to take you down. Tonight. This ends here. You've caused enough damage." Something didn't feel right to her as she found herself staring down at her opponent struggling to get up. There's no way. How come he missed one of my arms? Is he limited in his chains? Those eyes of hers had narrowed as she stormed forward and grabbed him with both hands, clenching his clothes as hard as she possibly could and pulling him up only to slam him on top of the desk Is he going easy on me? That can't be it. There were so many things that could be going on here and she had yet to confirm either one. "I'm done playing your silly little games!"

He managed to get to his feet, although not fully standing straight, by the time the agent had caught up to him in the other office. Declaring this all ended tonight. Tonight he thought to himself, No, this doesn’t end tonight, I’ve waited too long and there are still twelve names He slowly raised his head and met the blue hues of the female agent hell bent on taking him out. He let out a small chuckle when she said she was done playing with him, “Sorry to hear that sweetheart,” he says as he slowly raises his hands in a universal sign of someone’s surrender, “I, for one, enjoyed our time together but I suppose all good things must come to an end.” The last bit of his sentence sounded a bit ominous for someone who was surrendering.

Suddenly a near by radio came to life with the voices of the agents stationed outside, “Agent Carter! Agent James! come in! what the hell is going on inside!”

“There are chains!” Another yelled.

“Hundreds of them!”

He smirked.

Almost on cue several chains burst through the building from every direction not only threatening to ensnare the agent in front of him but tear her apart if she wasn’t careful. Once again he was impressed at her speed dodging expertly and being quick on her feet. However, the chains kept coming tearing apart walls, furniture, and even tearing apart the ceiling in large chunks. He couldn’t help but notice the determined look on her pretty little face to survive this onslaught but also a look of confusion. No doubt they had reports on him and they were more than likely wrong.

One chain managed to land a hit on her although only just, leaving a nice cut on her cheek but more importantly it slowed her down a little and that was the opening he needed. He rushed towards her disguising his movements as the onslaught of chains continued. He suddenly appeared right behind her just as she dodged a chain, “Boo.” He says and before she could react a chain wrapped around her waist and sling shot her towards the wall. This wall didn’t break thus making the impact that much more painful. Just like before some more chains appeared capturing both her arms and legs this time.

All she could do was watch as he slowly walked towards her, pulling out the same bloody knife he used to gut the mayor and the people on her team who didn’t die from the explosion trap he set. All the while more and more chains destroyed the building around them. There was no joke, no sarcastic remark as he approached her but she could feel his murderous intent.

She was so focused... Too focused on her target. When he put his arms up, she felt that relief to some degree but it left as soon as it came. Chaos was ensuing and her theory could have been dead wrong about this guy and his limitations. Chains immediately penetrated the walls and anything in their path and she immediately jumped back, focusing more so on staying alive rather than dying. "So you can do more than the eye can see? Nice damn trick." James called out as she jumped back to avoid another barrage of chains whipping by. Unfortunately she had gotten nicked by one of them and she could feel the warm thin trail of blood going down her cheek. When she looked back where her opponent had been, he was gone. Where did he go? Suddenly his voice came from behind and just as she turned with her elbow prepared to attack, she was caught by a chain that sent her straight into a wall.

Unfortunately for her it was a wall that was rock solid and did not crumble beneath the sheer force. The oxygen in her lungs had been knocked out as she collapsed to the ground, coughing before the chains had bound her once again. Despite being more durable, the pain was still no different to her than to the average human. When she had tried to move she could feel pain within her body, aching with any movement she had. I have to keep going. I refuse to go down When her blue eyes lifted towards her enemy she caught sight of the bloodied blade as he came toward her. “That’s it? Going for the cheap kill? Fight me with your hands, coward!” James’ words were soaked in venom “Letting your own power do your dirty work? Can't kill me like you did the mayor!?” He would probably take his time with her, slice her up little by little…What a sick fuck. She could hear the sounds of destruction around her, and the only thing she could hope was that her men got out of there.

The radio kept going off, her name being thrown in every so often. Those Fucks don’t know when to trust in me. Do they really think I’ll let this guy take me down so easily? “What is your end goal, huh? Take us down? Take all the officials down? Take over the world?”

She was a lot braver than her men and he admired that. Despite being restrained and finding herself in a situation that did not favor her she still was throwing out insults like they were going out of style. All the while trying to rip out of the chains that were currently keeping her pinned against the wall like a portrait. Even when he pulled out the knife she was still flinging insults at him, calling him a coward, why he lets his power fight for him, why he can’t seem to kill her like the mayor. And he had to admit that last one hurt.

He stood in front her of, his masked hues looking into her determined blues as she listed off what his goals could be but he didn’t move nor give away any hint if she was close or not. He ignored the destruction around them only stared at her. He placed his knife against her throat hard enough to draw blood, “all it would take is one motion,” he says to her moving his free hand from left to right, “and you will meet your entire unit in what ever lie you believe in.” He pressed the knife a little harder as if he was about to do it but stopped, “But! unlike your unit, you don’t deserve to be gutted like a pig.” Even with the destruction still going on he was still acting nonchalant about the whole thing.

Like before, he got close to her but instead of his hand he placed the dull side of his knife against her cheek. When she turned to look away he grabbed a fist full of her hair and forced her to look at him, “You see Agent…” he paused as he didn’t know her name.

“Guardian six! Agent James! Come in!” the radio blurted out.

“Liliana respond!” a familiar voice to her called out soon after, it was Carter’s voice.

He couldn’t help but chuckle, “Liliana James?” he questioned and chuckled again, “sounds like a lot of people are worried about you,” he slowly dragged his knife from her cheek to her chin, “I am not the type who wants to rule this hellscape we call earth or do I care about taking down V.A.G.E I’m actually a fan of what you do.” He says and adds, “as for my end goal, well, I can’t exactly tell you that can I?” with a fist full of her hair he pushed her head back into the wall causing her to become dizzy and her vision to become blurry. He closed the distance between them once again, “but since you entertained me so much I will give you a hint.”

He leaned close to her ear and she could feel his breath causing her to realize he took off his mask. With one simple turn of her head she could see the face of the killer but she was too dazed to even do something so simple, “April 17; Island City Incident” Before he broke the distance between them he put his mask on and stepped back looking at the agent. He was about to say something when all of a sudden a deep voice could be heard coming from down the hall.

“Liliana!” it was Carter, “There’s wolf! Get him!” and a sudden hail of bullets began firing at his direction. He shielded himself before looking at the agent and said, “see you later, beautiful.” And began to take off but not before leaving behind a special present. As the agents got close 4 flash bombs with their pins pulled out rolled towards the agents and with a bright light and a very loud “POP” Liliana and the rescue unit where blinded.

“Shit!” Carter says as soon as he can see, “You! Take a few men and go after Wolf!” and a series of men began running down the hallway where Wolf ran, “You ok Liliana?” Carter was like a mentor to her when she first started in V.A.G.E and always stayed professional with her. Only calling her by name when he was worried about her and needed her to know he was serious about something.

Even when death was knocking at the door, she did not back down as she felt the bloodied blade press up against her delicate skin. He was right, all he needed was one swipe and she’d bleed out in a matter of seconds. The other agents wouldn’t get to her in time even if they were running full speed. What caught her off guard was that he pulled away, claiming she didn’t need to be gutted like a pig Good to know he has some class I suppose. James thought to herself before the radio went off once again. You dumb mother fu- As soon as her name left the man’s lips, she glared at him. How dare he say her name. He didn’t deserve to have that name of hers roll off his tongue.

While attempting to pull her head away from his knife, she listened to his words and was only met with her head being slammed against the (probably) concrete wall, causing her head to spin. As a matter of fact she felt the crashing wave of unconsciousness coming to claim her but of course she fought that to the best of her abilities. While her head had been forcibly turned away from her opponent, she could feel the man’s hot breath brushing against her ear. He’s risking it all huh? All it could take is for me to turn my head? Ah what am I even thinking, I can barely see with the darkness in this room. The only light we have is right through the window. Even if I did look at him I wouldn't be able to make his features out. All he gave her was a date and a location. Those were her hints and nothing more.

The chains still seemed to still hold onto her and all she could hear was the sounds of gunfire. Whatever came next she couldn’t take in as she eventually was released and collapsed to the ground. The flashbang did not help as it exploded and nearly blinded her as she closed her eyes. Her ears had been ringing from that flashbang and she could just barely hear her mentor calling out to her as he approached and began to pull her into his arms. “I-I’m fine Carter. I refused to let him get away…And that son of a bitch still got away…” We will meet again and next time I'll be prepared to take you down. This is the only time you're getting me. Her blue hues closed and her head rested against his shoulder “Not..Next time…” James muttered as she eventually succumbed to the blissful sleep.

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Sun had been peeking through the blinds within her room and those blue hues slowly opened as she heard some birds outside her window. Morning is already here, huh? James thought to herself as she turned her head towards her alarm clock which displayed 7:30am. It's still early too... I need to get up because if I don't I'm going to be late for work. Grabbing her phone that rested on the same night stand, her finger had unlocked the screen and she noticed she missed about 20 messages and got about 12 missed calls. Blinking for a few moments, her eyebrows furrowed in confusion as she looked at the date instead. "IT'S BEEN THREE DAYS?!" Dropping her phone back onto the surface she fully sat up and looked around her room. What happened? What did she remember? As she wracked her brain trying to figure out what in the hell happened, it finally hit her. Three days ago she fought Wolf, the building coming down on itself with all of his chains. The mayor was dead and he gave her information to which she was then saved afterwards. Her hands had ran through her long locks and she pulled herself from bed.

Lilianna picked up her phone once again and immediately called her mentor "Yeah, I'm still alive. I think I was asleep for a full three days. Hopefully you guys didn't think I dropped dead anywhere. I'm coming in today and don't try to stop me. I got shit to do especially after what happened." Before she could hear his protests she hung up. Now did she really take that much damage to knock her out for three days? Then again she did get her head smacked against the wall more than once... Brain damage perhaps. After all, the brain was still the brain and one of the most sensitive things in the body. A growl of frustration left her lips and she gathered her clothes and showered because lets face it, it was needed after being out cold for three days.

Running down the street, the loose pieces of her outfit had gracefully flailed in the wind behind her. Now most people would think running in heels was absolutely insane, but to Lilianna this was nothing but child's play. One day you're gonna have to run in heels and you gotta do it without breaking a heel and scraping some knees. It was one of her trainings she had done on absolute purpose to make her more viable in situations that were last minute in events such as dinner parties and more. Eventually she came up to the large building that was labeled V.A.G.E. And in smaller words underneath had stated "Vanguard Alliance for Global Enforcement". She took a moment to catch her breath before finally heading inside with her card ready to get through security. They had to be more on the safe side rather than the risky side.

Heels clicked on the tiled floor as she walked down one of the halls of her floor, noticing that many of the agents had been staring and whispering. A huff made its way out and she opened her mouth "You know if you want to talk about what happened, you can talk aloud and not like little children whispering gossip in elementary school." James walked immediately into her office after pulling the glass door open. Now her office had barely any privacy and in fact the wall that the door had been attached to was all glass. If anyone needed her they could always see her, though not that she cared too much. Taking her seat, she opened her computer and then reached into her desk to pull out some files. However she paused for a moment as she stared at the files sitting in the drawer "April 17." the day that Wolf had told her. A hand was brought up to her chin and she basically cupped it at this point in thought. April 17th... Island City Incident...I need more information on that. I don't think I was involved with that situation at the time... There was plenty that happened that day and she was going to have to get to the bottom of it if she expected to find out what this guy was after.

She resumed going through files and pulling out a blank report page to fill out what happened three nights ago, knowing very well her boss was going to need a report asap. So she began to fill it out, enjoying the peace and quiet in her office before a sudden knock made her look up and notice her friend waving through the glass. Oh how wonderful... She thought as she gave a warm smile and waved her in. Before one word could even leave her mouth the girl immediately was taken over by full emotion as she grabbed her hands and squeezed them while locking their eyes. It was clear that she was missed by one of her best friends in this place.

"Are you okay!? Oh my goodness I heard what happened between the Mayor, you, the agents, everything. It was crazy! The agency was worried sick about you, but since we got you dropped off at home after the hospital Carter took your keys to keep the apartment locked and checked up on you. I tried to text and call you but he eventually told me to stop so I could let you rest." A pout dropped upon her lips "But I'm happy you're okay! Welcome back home to the agency and everything!"

Well I'm glad Carter was the one in charge of my well being and not Jeannie here. I wouldn't have known what would happen if she tried to take care of my place. The only things that came to mind was her burning down her kitchen or trying to jump on her bed to wake her up. Her eyes shifted to the person standing behind her and noticed he was definitely a new face. With a raise of her eyebrow, she then looked at Jeannie "...Jeannie."

"Yes James? What can I do for you? Need some water? I can get that!"

If James could facepalm right about now, she would "...Jeannie. I don't need water. Are you going to explain to me who our new friend is right here?" Her head nodded towards the man who was standing behind her.

Looking over her shoulder, Jeannie gasped and released her besties hands as she rushed over to his side and patted the man's shoulder "Oh this is the new guy! They were doing the whole hiring thing while you were gone. Carter already got him taken care of and now he's all yours! I was instructed to bring him here, to one of the best agents in the place!"

A sigh escaped her lips and she shook her head before placing the pen down and rose from her seat "Jeannie, stop trying to inflate my ego. That's the last thing I need after what happened." Her blue hues shifted to the man and nodded in greeting before coming around her desk and leaning against it "Surely Jeannie talked your ears off on the way here if she was your guide." Glancing at Jeannie, she gestured towards the door "I'll talk to you later Jeannie, if I need your help I'll give you a call. Also... Don't let me see that blonde guy ever again. A wet paper bag could do better." A laugh escaped Jeannie's mouth as she quickly skedaddled out of the room. Crossing her arms, she gave the man a apologetic look "Sorry about her. She can be a little much. I'm Lillianna James. You can call me whatever in the office. Out on the field I prefer James. What's your name?"
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The blaring alarm cut through the silence of Declan's room, its repetitive, irritating tone echoing off the walls. He groggily silenced it, sitting up in bed and stretching, feeling the lingering effects of overusing his Chain spell. While he'd never had trouble summoning up to fifty chains before, pushing himself to conjure a hundred had taken its toll. Fortunately, he had three days before starting his new job at V.A.G.E, allowing time for his wounds to heal.

As he rose, the soreness in his arms had mostly dissipated, and the sharp pains in his palms were subsiding. Even the discomfort from the punch to his gut had lessened, allowing him to breathe without feeling any pain. He tiredly shambled out of his room, switching on the TV absentmindedly while he prepared breakfast. The news droned in the background, reporting on the recent attack at the mayor's office. Declan rolled his eyes. "Still harping on about that, huh?"

The reporter's voice accompanied footage of the explosion, then shifted to footage from inside the building during his fight with the female agent. "V.A.G.E, however, failed to save the mayor, and the entire unit was confirmed KIA with the exception of Agent Liliana James," the reporter announced, displaying Liliana's image on screen. Declan studied her picture thoughtfully as he sipped his coffee. Could she become a problem? "Well, even if she does," he mused, "I beat her once; I could do it again."

After breakfast and a shower, he dressed in his formal attire and left his apartment, helmet in hand and a small backpack slung over his shoulder. He descended the stairs, entered the parking lot, and mounted his motorcycle, taking a moment to put on his gloves and helmet before revving the engine and speeding away.

Arriving at V.A.G.E headquarters, he found a parking spot quickly. He stowed his gear and made his way inside, spinning his keys around his finger. The interior didn't disappoint, with polished white tiles and a grand oval desk manned by receptionists. Beyond lay a security checkpoint for the "important" personnel, where Declan flashed his badge to gain entry.

"Wait," a sudden voice halted him in his tracks. Declan turned to see a blond man approaching, clad in a dark suit with the top buttons undone and sporting round glasses with blue tint. Snatching Declan's badge, he inspected it disdainfully. "What's this fake shit?" he sneered, waving the badge dismissively. "You, a V.A.G.E agent? Ha! Don't make me laugh."

Declan and the blond locked eyes, tension crackling between them. "What, you wanna start something?" the blond taunted.

"Dixin!" a booming voice interrupted, startling both Declan and the man called Dixin. A tall, dark-skinned man appeared and snatched the badge from Dixin's grasp, scrutinizing it briefly. "Let him through; we were expecting him."

Dixin's jaw hung open in disbelief as the security guards returned Declan's belongings. "Follow me, Haper," the dark-skinned man instructed. "I'll show you to your office." Declan and the man walked into an elevator as he began giving him a quick run down of his duties, “for now you’ll be partnering up with one of our best agents,” he says and sighs, “although, she was supposed to be on medical leave for another four days but she’s stubborn as a mule, you’ll see what I mean.”

As soon as the elevator door opened and the two males stepped out the man began looking around as if looking for someone, “Ah Jeannie.” He called over a petite brunette and was chatting with another agent up until her name was called.

“Agent Carter!” she cheerfully says as she walked towards them and salutes, “What can I do for you, Sir!”

“First of all, you don’t need to salute, we’re not military.” He says with a sigh giving Declan the impression they had this talk before, “Second this is Declan Harper, I want you to take him to James’ office he’ll be working with her to-.”

“Oh my god Lil is here!” Jeannie says with both surprise and shock, “I thought she wasn’t coming in until some time next week!”

“That was the plan,” he sighs, “but she decided to cut it short so she’s in her office as we speak.”

“I’ll be sure to see her right away!” Jeannie says and began to leave.


“Huh? Yeah?”

“You’re forgetting someone.” He says and points to Declan who was still standing next to him.

“Oh!” she says with a sheepish chuckle, “Of course! Follow me newbie, I’ll introduce you to my best friend!” Declan followed the one known as Jeannie walking around rows of desks and agents working of different cases. It wasn’t until he reached a glass office that he was stopped in his tracks.

Of all the agents in the whole building, he was partnering up with her! Flashes of their fight replayed in his mind as the two friends interacted. His mind being released from such a memory when he heard Jeannie leave and Liliana asking for his name.

Well, time to get into character…

“I’m, uh, I’m Declan Harper,” he introduced himself and reached to shake her hand only to drop his bag, “Oh, oops.” He says as he bends to get his bag only to knock over a pencil holder from her desk, “Shit,” he says in a panic, “I’m uh, a transfer from, crap, a transfer from Atlas to assist!” as he put her pencil holder back on her desk he was struggling to keep his paper work from falling out of his grip, “I mean, It’s a pleasure Liliana…err…James….”

While this was going on, unbeknownst to Declan, Jeannie was still around peeking through the glass wall and held a paper with the words, he’s kinda cute. Written on the paper and giving her a thumbs up.
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James was just about to meet him half way with the handshake before his bag had dropped and then he knocked down a pencil holder from a part of her desk. There was some pity that was building up inside her for the guy and instead of saying something, she grabbed the papers from him delicately and moved towards the couch by the window with a glass coffee table in front of it. Gently she placed the papers down and looked back at Declan "Welcome to this branch then, Mr Harper." A smile was offered to him and looking beyond the young man, she noticed Jeannie with a paper stating that the guy was cute. "I really wish that this agency would invest in some blinds for my glass wall." Walking by him, she tapped the glass and gestured for Jeannie to skedaddle and watching the girl rush off, James shook her head. There was never stopping her best friend from trying to plant little seeds in her mind with any guy that's cute. He may be cute, Jeannie, but you have very bad tastes when it comes to personalities. Don't get the Agent wrong, she loved her friend to the moon and back but man her decisions were just very questionable sometimes.

"You're more than welcome to have a seat on the couch and organize your things if you'd like. Like I said, you can call me whatever you prefer. I don't mind. No need to be so nervous." Though she really wouldn't be surprised that she may give off an aura of intimidation. "So you came from Atlas huh... Quite a way, but worth it. Surely you've heard about what happened three days ago." Her gaze dropped slightly as she walked over to one of her windows, her back to him as she looked at the city with crossed arms. "We were too late in saving the Mayor of this place and we've lost a lot of men that night. Something I'm not proud to say." If only she could go back in time and stop that from happening, even if it meant her own life would be taken instead. That blue-eyed gaze lowered even more but refused to turn around at the moment. They deserved at least a moment of silence for their bravery that night. Between the explosions, chains, and the main culprit: Wolf. Nails dug into her arms but she quickly released as she faced Declan once more.

"Since you're going to be under my wing, you'll be learning just about anything I do. If you have questions, feel free to ask and if you already know some things just let me know. I wouldn't want to teach or show you something that you already know. I find that to be a waste of time." Lilianna said with a wave of her hand. Had she had more time to prepare, she would've. This is really going to bother me till I get this straightened out. Moving back to her desk, she leaned down to open another drawer and pulled out a binder. It had plenty of pages in it but not enough to be a full on book yet. She placed it on the desk and stared at the cover for a moment Since I'll have him here, I suppose I'll have to rope him into my investigation on this Wolf guy. Blue hues returned to Declan and gave him a moment to come up with any questions, comments, concerns. Anything to that nature before they began. Was she being too much? Talking too much? Oh well now the woman was just feeling a bit on edge now. Poor guy was already nervous as it was, she didn't want to add to that!​

“U-uh, oh! Thanks!” Declan says as she takes his papers and places them on the table giving him use of his two arms to prevent anything else from falling. He couldn’t help but be pleased with himself. He wasn’t a award winning actor but he would be lying if he didn’t think he nailed his performance of the ‘clumsy new guy’ and fooling the same agent that he fought just three days ago. His gaze followed her as she walked by, “Ah, t-thank you Liliana, err, James? boss?” he questioned. He blinked when he saw that same brunette from earlier holding some sort of paper but being shooed off by Liliana, “What was that all about?” he questioned.

He took her offer to sit on the couch near the table she put his papers, “Ah, thank you…” he paused for a moment, “Liliana…” he says. He began organizing his paperwork as she spoke, “Yes,” he says before looking back at the female agent, “they were talking about it this morning still, They said you were the only survivor of your team.” He paused for a moment adds, “And that’s a little worrisome…” There was a short pause, and his eyes slightly widen, “I-I mean, I’m not trying to say since I am on your team I’m afraid for my life, I’m just saying it’s crazy you were the only survivor.” He let out a nervous chuckle before clearing his throat and looking back at his paperwork.

There was a small moment of silence both in honor for the men he killed unbeknownst to her and the awkward statement he just made. That’s when she asked if he had any questions pertaining to the case and he perked up slightly, “Oh! Umm, I was going to ask you the same thing!” he adds, “Atlas agents have been hunting this guy for months since his first killings in the city.” He let out a sigh, “If only we noticed his activities slowed down we might have been able to realize he came to the city and possibly saved your men and the mayor.”

There was a small pause before he shakes his head, “Perhaps we should compare notes, maybe you found out something we missed and vice versa.” He says as he holds up his stack of unorganized papers, “I might have to organize this first, but you’ll find I take very detail notes.” He says sounding proud of himself before returning back to organizing his papers, “Oh, wait this goes here…and this was the first page right? shit why didn’t I number these pages.”
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She didn't want to be the only one to live among her own team. That was the last thing she could have ever wanted. Yeah, it's one thousand percent fishy as she lived while everyone else died. That alone can cause eyebrows to raise and put a negative light on her. The agents here were just like her, more durable. But the person they were dealing with was someone similar to themselves. Those chains easily did a number on them. I watched them with my own eyes. One even got my cheek that night... "To answer you regarding myself being here...I would've rather died while my team lived...Or Died with my team. It's a heavy burden to carry knowing that others died while you get to live on. While we aren't the military going to war...We have our own battles we need to get through too. War or not." Picking up the binder, she approached him and took a seat next to him while he went through his papers to organize. Poor guy was just all over the place, but no matter. Surely he'd remember what he written down, regardless if it was in order or not right? Blue hues shifted towards his hands and the documents on the table while he sorted before her lips parted to speak once more.

"I started to research as soon as I got put onto the case. Obviously we know that he's targeting government officials and those who are on the top of the chain." One leg had crossed over the other while she flipped through some pages in her binder. "It's one of the reasons we increased security with important people." There were more notes that had to be added to her binder, especially from that night... "Recently I've gathered intel on some of his abilities. He can bring out chains from the darkness and seemingly almost infinitely. Not only was he able to restrain me, but destroy an entire building with said-chains." James' hands clenched onto the binder "The only way I got out was because of Carter. I no doubt suffered from a concussion with the amount of force I took to my head. While we are durable, our heads are still more sensitive." Closing the binder she handed it to him instead to take a look while she began to carefully look through the messy papers, reading over anything that could be of use to her.

A thought had popped into her head and she once again spoke "Mr Harper, do you have any information on the Island City Incident? I just came in today so I have yet to start my investigation but it would be nice to have a head start on it." James admired his handwriting, it was very neat and easy to read. Though she wouldn't say that to his face that's for sure. But one could admire a good writer and his handwriting "It's a side project I'm going to work on and of course what would be a better time to start that than with you here? Two minds better than one is what I've heard." Turning her head to face him, that warm smile fell upon her lips once again. Quite honestly, this could have been the best timing to get a new partner under her wing. After all she'd have more assistance and all the while she could help him out with anything he may not know.​

Declan listened to Liliana as she gave her report holding in a smirk as she explained his magic, his durability, and how he managed to concuss her, “unlimited?” he questioned, “sounds like he got stronger, before we were confident he was only able to summon ten chains at a time.” He pinched the bridge of his nose, “but if he’s able to do that AND use those chains to destroy a building than it’s going to take more than numbers to protect his targets.” He faked being worried inside he felt a sense of excitement. He did indeed get stronger, and it was thanks to Liliana. He’ll be sure to thank her in his own special way.

Declan felt slightly tense when he felt the seat beside him was suddenly occupied by her as she held a binder with information of her own. He didn’t really pay any attention to what she was saying since she was basically telling him things he already knew about himself. What he was paying attention to, however, was the attractiveness of this female agent. He did tease her three days ago to rile her up and seeing as it was hard to properly judge someone’s looks while fighting them it looks like he did get the ‘hot agent’ part right. You sure know how to pick your enemies, Declan he thought to himself.

He didn’t realize he was silently staring at Liliana until he found himself staring into her blue hues, “Huh? Oh! Right! Uhh…” he quickly scrambled through his paperwork, as much as he wanted to pretend it was part of his act, it very much wasn’t, “Island City incident was caused by terrorists who misused the powerplant and ended up destroying the entire island when they were fighting against SkyEyez Army.” He paused for a moment and added, “at least that was the official report, there are rumors that it was actually destroyed by SkyEyez themselves to get rid of the terrorists.” He shrugged his shoulders to dismiss it, a gesture that hurt him to do, “but those rumors are told by those who have it out for SkyEyez and their hammer and nail way of taking out threats.”

Declan crossed his arms across his chest and leaned back in his seat, “for someone who is hunting Wolf, it’s kinda strange you are also looking into a seven year old incident.” He locked eyes with hers once again, “are you looking into SkyEyez as well?” He knew exactly why she was asking this question and for the first time there was a hint of worry in his tone, “cause if you are you better be careful, they don’t have their colorful reputation for nothing, Liliana, if you find something they don’t want you to find…well…” he turned his attention back to his scattered papers, “I’ll just leave it at that.”
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He wasn't wrong, it was going to take more than just numbers to protect the people. What else could they possibly do other than put the people in hiding? The only people able to fight back were people like her...With unique powers and strong enough bodies. I'm going to have to see what training we have available and what we can do to improve on it... Things can head down south relatively quickly, especially now that the mayor is gone. This was another matter she would probably have to talk to Carter about to get it situated. Refraining from letting a sigh escape her lips, she brought herself back to the present as she waited for his reply about the Incident. To her, it seemed like he short circuited before he came back to the world and immediately scrambled through his notes. This guy was smart, but he also seemed a bit disorganized... James could only hope this was due to his nerves being on the higher side and worrying if he'd make a first bad impression. Recalling the times when she had first joined V.A.G.E. there were times where her nerves got the best of her so there was a big benefit of the doubt for him at the moment. Giving him that time to collect himself and show his true colors.

While Mr Harper began to explain the situation with Island City, gears were slowly spinning like clockwork. Terrorists misused the powerplant while fighting against the SkyEyez Army? That was only according to the report and there were rumors going around as well. There was so much she didn't know about this case and that was a bad thing in her eyes. Every word that left this man's lips only made more questions pop up rather than answer the ones she already had. "Mr Harper, it is my job to figure out what is going on and who is involved. It's just the life of a V.A.G.E. Agent." Placing the page back onto the table that was in her grasp, her body turned slightly to have a better look at her new partner "The fact that you say such things only brings my curiosity more into the light, despite curiosity killing the cat as we know." Lilianna's hands laced above her knee while she continued "If what you say is true, between the incident and who was involved... Then something tells me that SkyEyez is more involved than we think they are. Considering you're warning me about a potential threat."

The corner of her lip had been tugged just slightly and he could probably catch that smirk before it quickly disappeared if he looked close enough "Even with their colorful reputation, if they're doing things they shouldn't be, while also causing a huge event that ruined an entire island... Something has to be done. As an agent you could probably agree to that." Now she wasn't some super hacker who could find their way into their computers or something to that extent, so something like that wouldn't ever happen. But she did have to be careful on who she asked because if there wasn't enough trust...It could lead her to her grave without any answers. "Please, do tell me everything you know. It'll help build the puzzle that was created." Her eyes shifted towards the binder and a gesture with her head followed "Those are my reports, my notes, even some clippings of news papers in there about Wolf. We know he's dangerous, is definitely like us agents with abilities, and we know he's assassinating any high ranking officials... However I say "any" very loosely. There's still plenty alive which haven't been targeted. Which could lead to one thing:" Lilianna brought her finger up "His targets are in a list of specific individuals. Though that was probably already figured out, if not...well then there's another piece."

Pushing herself off from the couch, she moved to her desk and snatched the report she was filling out before Declan and Jeannie had come in "I have plenty of theories running through my head, and as of right now I don't have the right pieces to confirm one hundred percent which one is the right theory." That gaze glanced over the paper "You find it weird how I lived out of my whole squad. You also believe it's strange how I also am looking into something else along with Wolf." Her head lifted, though she had still been looking towards the wall behind her desk which had books and cupboards. "Why is that you find many things strange? Isn't it normal for us to look into things no matter how long ago they were? Find connections, hints, anything that could lead us to victory?" The brunette's head turned to look over her shoulder, though her gaze seemed to be towards the ground "Or perhaps you know something that you're afraid to tell me about either Wolf or the Incident. Was there an encounter? Blackmail?" James turned fully towards him once again and waited for his reply. While yes she did ask him many questions, but that was her job. That's why she was one of the top despite her failure to take down the one person who caused the chaos.​
He was impressed, even though he warned her about the reputation SkyEyez had with dealing with people like her she still wanted to investigate them. She wasn’t on Wolf's case as long as he claimed to be but she gathered every detail and organized it trying to fit the mystery of Wolf's identity. Boy, she’s going to be pissed when she finds out the truth about her ‘nervous newbie’ partner. For a brief moment, he couldn’t help but watch her as she shared information, her theories, and a declaration to do her job regardless of SkyEyez. During that time it wasn’t Liliana sitting in that chair anymore, she reminds me of…he blinked, wiping out the memory of someone he lost so long ago and turned his gaze to one of his papers, get ahold of yourself, she’s gone, get over it.

He looked at Liliana when she began to question him. He let out a chuckle as he waved his hand dismissively, “it’s nothing like that,” he paused for a moment before he continued, “You are right though, it is our job to pull at every string to accomplish our job.” He gives her a smile as he adds, “I guess I want to cautious, especially since it involves some shady people.” He looked through some papers and sighs, “but beside the official reports I am afraid I can’t tell you anything else, not because I don’t want to but because I already told you everything I know." He sighs, "everything else locked behind red tape that even high Atlas agents couldn't read but if we are careful we can probably…”

There was a sudden knock on Liliana’s door and seconds later Carter walked in. He looked at Declan before turning his attention to Liliana, “I take it you two are getting along?” He questioned before saying, “good, get your gear ready, you are going on Patrol duty for the rest of your ‘medical leave’ since you want to return so early.” Before Liliana could argue Carter raised a hand to stop her, “Isaac and Jeannie will continue the investigation into Wolf and you will be notified if anything new pops up. Until then, show the rookie around the city.”

With his orders finalized he turned and walked out of the office just as Jeannie and Issac walked in. Isaac is a tall blonde with short hair and glasses. He looked at Liliana and rubs the back of his beck, "sorry Lil, I tried telling him this was your case but...well you know how he gets."

James watched as he nonchalantly waved his hand and responded fairly immediately. Good to know he didn't have to think about that one, cause she would've caught on fairly quickly if he did. Another good thing about Mr Harper is that he was on the same page as her which had also been another green flag in her eyes. Good, she didn't have to worry about kicking him outta the office faster than security can gather him. "Can never be too cautious I suppose." With a gentle shrug she nodded gently in approval cause what he had said afterwards... He was right. Everything was locked behind red tape, always was when there were secrets to hide. If only she had someone who could hack without being traced or being targeted for their insubordination. Her gaze shifted towards the door as she heard a knock and spotted Carter walking in and looking between the two "Yes, we're just going over some things right now." It didn't take long for her relaxed mood to begin flaring up into annoyance, her eyebrows came close as she stared her mentor down. As soon as her mouth opened, he stopped her and it took every fiber in her being to not speak over him.

He left without another word and all that she could do was grit her teeth as her mentor was replaced with Jeannie and Isaac. Isaac was another one of her friends who was wonderfully nice to the core, and respected a lot about what she did and how she did things. Very rarely would he cross lines that were set down by her unless it called for it. "It's not your fault, Isaac. He just doesn't realize I enjoy my job enough to keep pushing through. It's very clear." The agent sucked her teeth and shook her head in a more disapproving way. "He's forcing me to do work I got pulled out of ages ago. Guess back to the bottom of the bucket." Looking towards Declan she nodded "C'mon, I suppose we're taking a stroll today instead of being in the stuffy office the entire time." Walking up to Isaac, she placed a hand on his shoulder and gently pressed down on it to get him to tilt and lean down slightly so she could whisper into his ear "Don't let Jeannie see or hear about this, try to get information on the Island City Incident. Anything that we have. I have a possible lead that could get us closer to capturing Wolf." She then looked at him and a smile tugged her lips "If you're unable to, then that's fine too. I'll talk to you soon." Patting the shoulder she grabbed, she moved towards Jeannie.

"And you, don't mess up my office like last time. I don't need you thinking I have some secret boyfriend okay? Organizing that took me ages to do." James said sternly.

With a nervous laugh, Jeannie rubbed the back of her head "Alright alright! I know I made a mess but this time I won't do that. Pinky promise!" The girl held her pinky up with a smile and James rolled her eyes and linked their pinkies.

"I'll make sure Isaac keeps you in check since he'll be with you." Giving her a pat on her head, her attention turned back to Declan "We'll be going now." With that said she walked out of her office and left the door open for him. Now, she wasn't walking very quickly but she was walking more gracefully as parts of her dress flowed behind her. It didn't take long for them to reach outside, and while it was a wonderful morning... Patrol duty was really not her favorite I guess it works out...I can get some fresh air since I've been indoors for three days. Lilliana began to walk down the sidewalk and away from the V.A.G.E. Building "Well, Mr Harper, since we're outside and in the open we're not able to talk about the investigations. However we can get to know each other a little bit more. Would you care to go first?" James glanced quickly at him before looking back ahead to watch where she was going, her heels gently clicking on the sidewalk.

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Declan walked past Liliana as they made their way out of the office only to stop when he noticed she wasn’t walking out with him just yet. Instead, she was holding onto the male agent known as Isaac and whispering something in his ear. He didn’t know just how close she was with him but judging by the slight shade difference on his face as she whispered in his ear something told him he wanted to be closer but looking at Liliana, she was clueless. As soon as she was done whispering sweet nothings into his ear Isaac gripped her hand that was on his shoulder and gave it a little squeeze, probably reassuring her with some corny line like, “I’ll do what I can.” Or whatever it is that reliable people like him always say when doing a secret favor.

He watched her interaction with Jeannie, hearing something about a ‘secret boyfriend’ and she sheepishly offered her a pinky promise. This made him raise an eyebrow, What the hell kind of place is V.A.G.E? it seemed more like a high school than a professional agency where the best of the best work together to stop villains and other crimes. As much as Liliana portrayed as a professional agent she also gave into her childish antics by returning the pinky promise to her friend Jeannie.

After saying her goodbyes to her friends they continued their walk but not before Declan heard a brief interaction with Jeannie.

“did you do it?”

“Do what?”

“Ask her out you idiot!”

“Oh crap! I forgot!”

“How could you forget! We were practicing it for twenty minutes! Why do you think we walked to her office! I swear, Isaac you-“ the rest of the conversation was cut off as the door closed to Liliana’s office.

Once the two agents were outside Liliana or Agent James, as she likes to be called while out in public asked if there was anything he wanted to do. To be frank, there wasn’t, he was here three days ago so anything that was worth checking out he already went and did it but he couldn’t exactly tell her that now could he, “Hmm…well, it’s far too early for a karaoke bar isn’t it.” He says playfully before adding, “Actually, seeing as I am the newbie here, why don’t you take me to where you like to go.” He adds, “I’m sure even you, the best agent in V.A.G.E have places you like to unwind after a day of looking at paperwork and fighting criminals, Right?” He paused for a brief moment and adds, “By the way…what’s this about a “secret boyfriend”?”
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Another one of her smiles tugged the corners of her lips as he mentioned a Karaoke bar. As fun as many thought that it was, Lilliana didn't find it as fun. She was more on the quiet side and would much rather sit at a quiet bar and drink some wine. "Well to answer your first question, I like to unwind at home with wine and a nice hot bath. That's usually how I'd like to spend my time after work. But of course not everyone is going to enjoy something like that." Quiet. That's what James enjoyed the most. With Jeannie being the cheery one of the agents and filling her day with noise, it was nice to just have silence. "But if you really want to go somewhere that you can unwind this morning, the best place would be one of my secret spots. Though don't get any ideas, Mr Harper. Don't chicken out either." A small laugh escaped her lips as she continued to walk forward, though slightly faster now that she knew their destination.

"Jeannie likes to snoop around my desk and my computer to see if I'm seeing anyone. Which -to be frank- I'm not." If anything it was more of an annoyance to deal with since she felt like she was in high school again. The last place she wanted to be reminded of if she was entirely honest "She's always trying to hook me up with cute guys but they always seem to have the worst of personalities. I've told her a wet paper bag could do better. I could understand that she's trying to look out for me and help me get out there, but that's just not my goal. I'm always focused on work, I don't believe I really have the capacity to make room for a partner yet. Especially with the case I'm on... There's just no time to waste, you know?" Her pace had slowed to a stop as it seemed that she stopped right in front of a dark alley way "This way, Mr Harper. Don't get lost." She teased as she began to walk down it with no fear, if anything she was confident as she strolled right into the darkness. There was little that scared her, which was why she's able to face danger so easily. There was nothing that could make her fold as quick as a folding chair... At least not yet.

The deeper they had gone into the alley way, the more that small signs of shops began to appear. Most people wouldn't walk down a dark alley and assume there was anything good through it and the only things that would be back here is strays or trash. Yeah, maybe at first there was when they first entered. But it was clearing up and part of the wall had become a large pane window. Meaning they had made it to their destination. Twisting herself slightly to look over at Mr Harper, she spoke "This is the one place that I enjoy in town the most. It's...The definition of relaxation if you're not home." Pushing the door open, she walked inside and held the door for him for just a moment before letting her eyes gaze upon the small Cafe. While it was dim and with barely any light coming through, it still was peaceful as there was only one pair in the place and of course one worker who was cleaning up the countertop. When he had looked up, he gave Lilliana a warm smile and waved to her.

"Good to see you again, Miss James. Here for the usual?" He asked. His chocolate brown eyes watching her with that slick back hair that had been tied into a bun. Definitely the definition of a cafe-running man.

"Of course Edison, what do you take me for? I'm not a woman who likes to change up my favorite." A laugh escaped both of their mouths and she waved Declan to come sit with her at one of the tables closer to the bar and she took her seat "Oh, Edison?" She asked softly, keeping her voice low since of course this was a quiet place. "Get anything that Mr Harper would like as well."

Edison nodded "Considering you're referring to him by his last name, I'm assuming he's one of your colleagues?" he began to prepare her drink.

"Yes, he just came in today. Guess you could say he's almost fresh out of the box."
Lilliana looked at Declan with a teasing look before leaning back in her chair and closing her eyes for a moment while crossing her arms. I really should've stayed home and not push myself out here... It's really hard to force myself awake despite being asleep for three days... Sometimes she was a rebel against her mentor, but it's not like he was wrong...She could've used the rest to recover but something told her that there was no time for rest. James could hear Declan talking to Edison for a moment but then before she knew it, she heard the sound of her cup being placed onto the table and those blue hues opened to look down at her cup and noticed also what Declan gotten. Edison was so efficient and she loved that even though there was no rush. If there was one at all quite honestly. "Since you got to ask me some questions before, I suppose it's my turn now." Taking a gentle sip of her coffee, she placed the cup back down and stared at him for a moment before resting her elbows on the table and lacing her fingers together while leaning slightly forward and placing her chin atop said-fingers. "Were you forcefully transferred? Did you volunteer to get transferred here? Not many people like to be sent here since Atlas is one of the bigger cities and has more to do. While yes, we are a big city, we're still not as big. Maybe your agency spotted we may need some extra hands on board?"

He looked at Liliana as she explained how she would unwind with a bath and wine commenting that not everyone would enjoy that, I don’t know, I’m sure there are people who wouldn’t mind seeing you in a bath He thought to himself. However, it was what she said next that peaked his interest and even more so as she challenged him to not be scared as she walked into a alley way. For a moment he wondered where she was talking him but he followed her anyway.

As they walked through the alley way she explained the ‘secret boyfriend’ comment she made to Jeannie and Declan couldn’t help but chuckle, “gotta appreciate a friend whose always trying to get you laid, I guess.” He says amused even if she didn’t find it amusing at all.

They round a corner and all of a sudden saw a small sign sitting near a door and followed Liliana as she walked though the door. He was stunned someone would have a café here in a alley way. Not only was in a alley but it was deep into a twisted alley way. This seemed like the type of place that would hide people like him, secret assassins, murders, and the like but Liliana walked in like she has been here a hundred times, probably has too.

The inside was cozy too as he followed Liliana in and sat beside her. The two greeted each other before shifting the attention on him, “excuse my forgetful partner, she seems to have forgotten that I’ve been working just as long as she has.” He teased back.

Edisone chuckled at the brief interaction before returning his attention to the male agent, “And what would you like Mr. Harper?” Edison asks as soon as he was done taking Liliana’s order.

“Please, Declan is fine,” Declan says before adding, “and I’ll take whatever the house special is.”

“House Special coming right up.” Edison says as he writes down his order and takes off to complete the order. Declan tapped his fingers against the counter, not impatiently, but as something to give his hands something to do while he took in the hidden café that Liliana took him too.

It was cozy and silent. The music was calming and was set to the perfect volume that negated any awkward silence between the only two customers at the time. For a moment he considered making this spot his number one spot as well. All the other cafés were always packed or playing music at full blast making it feel like he was at a club and not a café. This place hit the vibe just right.

“How are you liking the city, Declan?” Edison asked as he expertly started making Lilian’s drink whiling looking at the male agent.

“So far it’s going good,” Declan answered. He had to be careful with his story. He was in the city three days ago as Wolf but had to pretend he just arrived today, “I know it isn’t as big as Atlas but I’m not going to pretend I wouldn’t have gotten lost if it wasn’t for them providing an escort.” He says with a sheepish smile.

The conversation shifted a couple of times while Liliana was off in her own world. He learned he inherited this Café from his father and his father’s father, the struggles of owning a café in a alley way, and other family stuff before he gave Liliana her drink, “I’ll be just a minute.” He told Declan as he gathered the ingredients to create his drink.

Declan’s attention was shifted to Liliana as she began to speak telling him it was her turn to ask him a question, “Sure, shoot.” He says turning to face her. He watched as she sipped her drink before adjusting her sitting position never breaking eye contact with him as she did so. He expected more questions about his “investigation” into Wolf, maybe a question about the Island City Incident. She did say they can’t talk about their investigation in public but seeing as she knew this man and they are in a café with only the two of them he thought she would tale advantage of the situation. However, he was wrong and instead asked why he was transferred.

“Well, I will admit, being transferred wasn’t on my Bingo card.” He says with a shrug, “But it was either being transferred or someone else gets transferred and takes over the Wolf case.” He paused for a moment as Edison put down a small class in front of him.

“Smoked Vanilla Mocha,” he says, “House Special.” Declan nods and takes a dip of his drink.

“Whew.” He says as his face twists, “Jesus, you can taste the Smoked vanilla.” He puts the drink down and looks back at Liliana, “anyway, my boss and Carter did talk about my transfer, but he didn’t seem to finalize it until after the attack at the Mayor’s Building.” He allowed Liliana to digest the information he gave her as he took another drink, this time it wasn’t as powerful, “I guess it’s my turn again,” he says as he thinks for a moment, “I’ll hit you with another easy one,” he says before asking, “How did you find this place? Not every day a women would traverse through a dank ally way, No offense Edison.”

“None taken,” Eidson says with a smile.
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Lilliana watched as her partner's face seemed to change fairly quickly with the drink but he seemed to bite the bullet on it. Pretty funny to see that. The agent thought while he continued to answer her, however her facial expression seemed to have changed. So the reason why he was fully transferred was after they failed to stop Wolf... They believed that the agency here couldn't work this by themselves. These people are unbelievable, do they not know what he's like? They have documents, they have reports... On top of that my report is going to go right into that file too. He's dangerous and I know he got to the Mayor... But dammit we didn't know what else he could do, what else he had his hands on... Her jaw seemed to tighten, but she tried to not let too much of her mixed emotions come spilling out in front of both Edison and Declan. Luckily he changed the subject rather quickly and it was definitely a good idea considering she was about to lose her cool if any more was said about the situation. Maybe it was best to keep away from that for the time being. "You're right, no sane woman would walk down a dark alley to find the quietest shop in town that serves good quality drinks and food."

Her gaze had shifted slightly, looking at something else other than his eyes. How about his hair? Looked soft, much like hers would look. Had a little bit of a messy look to it but yet still looked decently good. No gel all natural. Not bad. Could put a seal of approval on that one "The only way I had found this place was I was chasing a criminal through here. He expected me to get lost and as I was running by, I made a mental note to come here one day. Since then, I've been coming here. Not as dramatic I suppose." James shrugged gently and picked up her coffee, taking a gentle sip as to not burn her tongue. "Edison and I became friends, and I've been a regular since. Being one of those few who keep this place running. Sometimes I like to give him a little more than he assumes he'd get." This place deserved more people to visit, but if that were the case then this place wouldn't be as comfortable and relaxing as it was now. The cafe was to be cherished and enjoyed much like a fine wine. "I guess it's my turn now." Since he just got to the city, she could ask him if there was anything he wanted to do here.

"Well Mr Harper, since you're going to be here for quite some time... We both know that this case isn't going to end anytime soon, what do you look to get out of this once the case is complete? Going to stay with the agency here or plan to go back to Atlas?" A little bit of small talk never hurt anyone. After all, they did talk enough about the case back in the office. James leaned back in her chair with the cup in her hand, taking another gentle sip from her drink. No doubt the time here he's going to increase his skills...Especially with Carter being the trainer. That's how I was able to get as strong as I am now. But not strong enough to defeat Wolf, clearly that man has had more training than I. Or perhaps I think he's just stronger because of the chains. I did manhandle him and toss him almost like a ragdoll before he restrained me. Despite thinking this, it seemed that a sparkle twinkled in her eye and a small smile tugged the corners of her lips Wait till we meet again, Wolf. I'm going to counter your moves and you're not going to know what hit you. Those blue eyes landed on Declan's face once again, giving him her attention. One leg had crossed over the other.

Her mind was ticking like a time bomb, planning strategically and debating on her next course of action. One of those actions required testing out Declan, seeing what he had to offer to the team. Now that she thought about it, she wondered what abilities he could have if he was much like her. Most people in V.A.G.E. Had similar abilities and that's what made them...Well...V.A.G.E. "I'm going to cheat a little bit here. Do you have any abilities, Declan?" The first time she used his actual name, though she wanted to see if he'd be caught off guard with this. After all...He was Mr Harper to her.​

A small chuckle escaped his throat when he heard Liliana practically refer to herself ‘not a sane woman’ and he shrugs his shoulders, “Hey, your words, not mine.” He says with a slight smirk. As Declan cocked an eyebrow as she told him the story of how she found this Café. He took another drink, made a slight face as the taste of smoked Vanilla overwhelmed the flavor of the drink again, and says, “whew, ok, so let me get this straight.” He was looking at her before switching his gaze to Edison and back to her, “you found this place after chasing a criminal?” He couldn’t help but chuckle at how absurd that story was, “I must say, not many people think about ‘oh I should visit this place’ while they are putting their life on the line chasing a criminal.” He says obviously amused by the short story of her discovery. He watched Edison’s face light up when she mentioned how close they got, obviously glad he left a impression on her and even let out a amused chuckle when she said he pays him more than she should.

“I try to tell her she doesn’t have to, but Liliana always insists.” Edison says adding his two cents to the story.

“Well, sir,” Declan says as he raises a glass to him, “with drinks like this, I don’t blame her.” He says before taking a drink. Once again, the smoked vanilla flavor was overwhelming, but he was getting used to it. Instead of his face twisting by the flavor only his eyebrow forward a bit, “But damn, this drink is strong as hell. His attention was grabbed as Liliana took her turn and asked her question about what his plans were after the capture of wolf. He felt a little amused she would even ask that question to him but he hid his amusement well, “After the case,” he repeated as he placed his hand on his chin, “I don’t know, if I leave a good enough impression maybe Carter will beg for me to stay in V.A.G.E.” he joked, “but in all seriousness, once this is all over I’ll be able to return to a normal life, what ever normal is in this line of work.”

Declan watched Lilian as she adjusted her sitting position once again and asked another question, using his first name at the end of her question. It did catch him off guard when he heard her use his first name but he shook his head slightly and gives her a small smile as he says, “shame on you, that’s not how the game works.” He joked showing he was feeling a little more comfortable around her now, “but if you have to know I have the ability to-.” Suddenly the bell sitting above the door rang as the door opened and in walked two males. Edison, being the café owner was the first to greet them only for Declan to notice his face went from a welcoming café owner to a worried one. When Declan turned around he saw the two males were holding guns and pointing them in their direction.

“Empty that cash register and those pockets.” One of the males said as he got closer to the small group, pressing the gun to Declan’s head, “don’t do anything stupid and you’ll leave without a hole in your skull.” The other male flanked Liliana keeping his gun pointed at her, “empty your pockets sweetheart, I don’t want to hurt that pretty little face of yours.” Declan sighed and raised his hands, but he didn’t look afraid, more annoyed if anything.

“Seriously?” he says, “a café?”

“Shut up!” the male says as he presses the gun hard against his skull making him lean to the side, “I said empty your pockets.” Declan let out a sigh as he reached into his pocket and pulled out his wallet, however, Liliana noticed when he pulled out his wallet his middle finger was fully extended which was a awkward way to grab a wallet from his pocket and tapped it twice before holding it up.

Declan wasn’t sure if they taught something like this in V.A.G.E but in atlas secret signals were taught to silently plan during situations where verbal planning wasn’t a option, just like situations like this, “Good boy,” the man says as he grabs his wallet.

“this women has the mouth on her,” the other males says with a smirk after hearing her insults towards him, “Maybe someone should teach her how to use-.” Before the male could finish his sentence Declan sprung into action. To Liliana, one moment he was sitting in his chair and the next he was behind the male grabbing the wrist that held the gun and flipped him to his back keeping a grip on the hand and twists it so it dropped the gun. And finally, to add insult to injury, he threw one punch cracking the bridge of the man’s nose and knocking him unconscious.

He turned to see if Liliana needed help but noticed she had handled her own situation and gives her a grin, “You good?” he asks before adding, “oh, to answer your question, my ability is to increase my speed which is why I was able to get behind this guy.” He says point to the guy currently unconscious.
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Lilliana's smile had disappeared as she heard the bell to the cafe open. When she had tilted slightly to look at who walked in, it was two men waltzed on in with guns You've got to be kidding me. Then again this cafe is out of the way from prying eyes and would make for an easy target. Slowly she placed her drink back down and closed her eyes for a moment "You sure are quite blind for being a thief. Does this dress look like it would have any pockets? The only thing you're getting from me moron, is eye candy." Opening her eyes once more, she looked at Declan and noticed his expression Glad he feels the same way. When he retrieved his wallet from his pocket, immediately there was communication going on without not a single word You waste no time Declan. Glad to have you on the team. "If you were more than just petty thieves looking to get a good buck, surely your pockets would be much fuller...Oh but what am I kidding? You guys don't have brains. That's why you always get caught because of your stupid mistakes." Despite spewing nonsense, her eyes were still locked onto Declan and the gun that was pointed at his head If I lunge I don't have time to save him before the trigger is pulled...Could say the same for me in this instance. If he lunges I'm shot too. It was a matter of patience, a game if you will.

James noticed that Declan had suddenly vanished and heard some noises behind her and almost as if a flick of a switch she already on the other Thief, her flaming hand making contact with his wrist as his skin seemed to sear from the sheer heat and drop the gun instead of her knocking it out of his grip. While her right hand detained his right wrist, her left hook came in and knocked him to the ground followed with a swift kick to the head. Even in heels, this shit hurt. Crouching down she felt his pulse and was glad she didn't hit him too hard to probably do more than just knock the guy out. Rising up to her full height, Lilliana looked over her shoulder at Declan with a nod to indicate she was perfectly okay. Normal Mundane humans were the least of her problems. Not like they can take her on in hand-to-hand combat. "Increase your speed, hmm?" Tilting slightly to take a look at the other unconscious man, there was an approving nod coming from her. "Not bad, Mr Harper. Glad to know what my partner is capable of when we're on the field." Reaching over to her coffee, she took it and seemingly downed it almost without issue. Though there was no doubt she may have burned her tongue a little bit in the process.

"I'd take your drink to go at this point. We gotta drop these morons off at the station." Reaching into her sleeve, a sound of a band could be heard as it snapped against her skin and she pulled out a very thin wallet, showing that she was definitely a minimalist when working as an Agent. Less bulk from a wallet, the better. In fact, this wallet just looked like two small sheets of metal with a band to hold her wallet and cash in place. She pulled out 40 dollars and showed Edison before placing it on the table with her cup before going back into her sleeve and putting her wallet back in place. "Glad we didn't trash the place for you Edison so all you got is cups and money." Giving him a wink, she then leaned down and picked up one man with ease, slinging him over her shoulder. From another person's perspective she looked frail and delicate, while in reality she was very strong due to her enhanced nature and could do most things many could not "You have a good day. I'll be back tomorrow." Waving with one hand she began to move towards the door to head out and skedaddle. From here the station was...Left and then a right and then another left. Stations love to be on corners of streets so it made it easy.

"We have a decent way to walk. Time to get our workout in." As soon as they departed, she casually walked down the street still holding the unconscious man and if anyone gave her looks, she just came up with "He drank too much." despite it being morning. Happy hour was anytime of course! They really sent an agent that had enhanced speed. That could have any advantage no matter how it's looked at. Declan could probably easily handle Wolf had they come into contact with each other. She thought while continuing to walk. Eventually her mouth opened and she spoke "I'm starting to realize why they transferred you if you haven't noticed it already. Your ability makes it easier to get to your targets. Which means for Wolf then you'd be able to capture him without issue because you'd be on him before he blinks. On top of that you can protect your personnel in shorter time than I would be able to if I was farther." Carter knew about this whole ordeal too. He probably didn't tell her because he knew very well she'd get mad... Not like he was wrong though. James had pride and sometimes that pride had to be hurt and she had to suck it up and take what she could. Improve herself to become better... That's all she ever did was push and push and push. Between school and exams, training for this job and working her way up the ladder.

"Anyways, glad these guys made themselves known. Would make it look like to the agency we didn't just sit in a cafe for about 30 minutes or so." Lilliana teased while she glanced at Declan, making the last left towards the station.​
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Declan let out a sigh, back to the last names huh he thought to himself as she just used his name not two minutes before, was that some weird test? God, V.A.G.E. agents are weird he thought as he zip tied the unconscious criminal, “and I see why they say you are one of their best agents,” he says as he picks up the man and puts him on a chair, “Not everyday someone combines their ability to fight and use fire, it’s either one of the other at least from my experience.” This wasn’t the first time he saw her do this, he had a bigger sample of her abilities during their fight at the mayors office. However, he was still impressed she had such control of her fire ability. He made a mental note to keep track of her training and any new techniques she learned. The last thing he needed was to be surprised when he was masked up and taking out another person from his list.

Declan’s glaze went to his drink when Liliana told him to get his drink to go since they needed to drop off the morons they just took out. He had an internal struggle as if he wasn’t sure if he should take the drink or just leave it behind. While he had this debate heard Edison suddenly say, “it’s ok if you want to leave it behind Mr. Harper,” he noticed he had a smirk on his face, “not many people can finish the house special, especially newly transferred rookies.” The two locked eyes for a moment, Declan trying to get a read on this man while Edison just smiled at him. Was this guy challenging him? To finish his house special of all things? He wasn’t going to fall for it, He was the Wolf! The man that put V.A.G.E on the back foot! The man who single handedly took out a unit and went head to head with their best agent! There was no way this ‘barista’ was challenging him to some so…beneath him!

“Give me that damn cup,” Declan says taking the cup from Edison’s hand and took the biggest drink he has taken so far. Once again, the smoked Vanilla overwhelmed him as his face twisted and contorted and he felt his body lock up feeling like the flavor was not only assaulting his taste buds but also his entire body. Edison couldn’t help but laugh and clap his hands as Declan, through heavy breaths, put down the empty cup and smirked at him, “there, finished.” He felt his stomach rumble clearly not liking the liquid he just ingested, “ugh, yeah, let’s go.” He says as he picks up his goon and follows her out, his stomach still rumbling.

He walked behind Liliana as the alleyway was a little to thin for them to walk side by side but once again was surprised. When they say don’t judge a book by its cover wasn’t joking, This chick was far from the ‘help me carry these boxes cause I’m a women’ vibe he thought she was. She carried a man twice her side with no issue at all and once again find himself checking her out. He blinked when she suddenly spoke telling him why she believes he was transferred. It was because of his ability to go fast, “it sure does help but,” he paused as he adjusted his grip, “I’m not as strong so my speed means nothing if he could easily overpower me.” He says as they exited the alleyway and he picked up his speed to walk beside her, “but that’s what you are for! With us chasing him down he has no chance!” god this happy go lucky charade was exhausting but he had to stick close to this women she was by far his biggest threat so far.

He let out a chuckle and grinned at her, “who would have thought the best agent at V.A.G.E knew all the best places to slack off.” He joked, “but hey, maybe I can get some brownie points for Carter by taking these guys in right along side his best one, right?”
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An eyebrow raised and she glanced at him for a brief moment because she found it quite odd that despite his speed, he wasn't strong enough... He literally just took down a mundane with no issue... Then again he was still quicker. But what if Wolf didn't know that? If he believed that a man with speed as an ability was a problem, I could easily overwhelm him into thinking that in combination of our powers we can corner him and take him down. Though she kept that to herself. "Even if that may be true with us hunting him down, it's best to keep your status on the strength on the down low. He needs to fear you, fear us. Knowing that we're going to be waiting for him. So if you're worried about strength, you can always ask him to train you. He's the same man who helped me grow into what I am now with my own style and twist to things." James approached the station and continued to speak "Flattery will get you plenty of places Mr Harper, but with me you're gonna have to try a little bit more harder to get my brownie points." Lilliana joked while a small laugh left her lips and she pushed open the door.

"As for those brownie points...I wouldn't be too sure about them. I'm willing to bet that Carter will say that I did the work and you watched. He's a bit biased if you couldn't tell just yet." Walking up to one of the many benches, she put the guy down on it and turned towards an officer who approached. "We got you a pair of hooligans who tried to rob a cafe. No casualties. Easy cleanup. No need for investigation aside from our reports. Just fax them over to me as you already have my information and I'll fill them out by tonight. Same with my partner here."

The officer nodded as he glanced at the man on the bench and the other who was knocked out on James' partner. "Seems nothing too extreme but that guy may need his nose fixed...No matter. We trust you, thank you for keeping this place safe. As you said, I do have your information so I'll be sending out that report for both you and your partner." He was caught off guard when she pulled out the weapons from wherever she had them and he took them with surprise on his face "Wha-"

"Those are the weapons they used. Simple things. I used my gloves to pick them up so my prints wouldn't be on there. But yours might." James teased with a laugh and the officer laughed nervously "Oh it's okay, there's cameras all over this place. They'll see that I gave them to you like this. Don't worry." Patting his shoulder she caught sight of other officers coming out and securing the two passed out criminals and do what they do best. "We'll be back if we catch anything else out there." With that said, she looked back at her partner with a nod and then walked towards the doors to head outside "You'll learn very quickly that I have a close bond with these officers. While at first glance they look ordinary...But by no means are they ordinary. I trained them myself when there was a lack of instructors. So you can gather they're much like me in a sense." In her heart while she was around the same age or even younger than some, she still felt like she raised them on the field to become great officers for the mundane. They were her not so biological children.

Stepping back into the sunny morning, she looked from the stairs down at the others pedestrians who walked by on their phone, rushing to a taxi, etc. This was the city life, the life that she worked so hard to be around and protect. "Since our cafe time was disturbed, we could always just head to the park, make sure no kids are smoking weed or something behind some bushes." Man, just hearing that come out of her mouth almost made her visibly cringe. Patrol was the worst, it was just as bad as a parking officer to slap tickets on cars if they were parked in a spot beyond their time. "I'm kidding. What are you interested in?"

Declan watched the interaction with the officers giving them the body he was carrying. She told him that those officers where trained by her and when he looked he did notice a certain professionalism about them that he didn’t see in the other officers, man, even the people she trains have a certain air about them He thought to himself as they walked out of the building. Declan looked at her for a moment as she suggested to go to the park since their café time was cut short, “you know what, why not? Might as well check out this park since the one at Atlas was nothing too special.” He says before adding, "and we don't want those legs of yours getting weak because we spend most of our time at a alley way Café." jokingly.

The rest of the patrol was a little uneventful as two V.A.G.E agents decided to take their patrol to the city park. He didn’t expect much from the city park mostly because Atlas had one of the largest city parks in the world, but it was mostly grass fields and trees with winding paths hardly what he would call a park. When he thought of parks those things are involved but also a skate park and a large toy sets for children which are the things Atlas didn’t have. However, as they walked to the city park he couldn’t help but be impressed. Sure, it had large grass fields and trees just like Atlas, but it was more alive with large toys and a medium size skate park across the street from the toys. There was even a small group of people playing football on one of the grass fields, which is not allowed at Atlas. The two agents walked into the park as they kept their eyes open to see if they could catch anyone causing trouble.

They were by the entrance of the park when Liliana saw a child by themselves sobbing. When Liliana tried to approach the child to see what was wrong the child took one look at her and started crying louder. The sudden shift caught both the agents by surprise and Declan sheepishly took Liliana’s spot, “let me try,” he says before kneeling down and placing his hand on the child’s head, “hey, are you lost?” the child sniffled a couple times before slowly nodding telling him she lost her mommy somewhere, “well, me and my partner here,” he says turning towards Liliana, “we are V.A.G.E agents which means we’ll try to help you look for her.” The kid slowly nods his head while Declan got to his feet, “alright, kiddo, what does your mom look like? We’ll stay with you until we find them.” The child stood by Declan as they continued walking looking around for any sight of her.

During their trek they walked by a field where a group of men were playing football. The agents ignored them but as they were passing by some of the players started calling out to Lilliana, “Damn baby what do those legs do?” one of them called receiving an echo of laughter from his friends, “I bet that dress would look a lot better off you and beside my bed!” Another one says also receiving some laughter and high fives from his friends. Liliana ignored those men as they continued walking through the path but there was only so much she could take and he could see the veins on her forehead thicken with each cat call which made him chuckle however, his amusement was gone once they started throwing insults at him during their cat calls, “ditch the skinny dork and come join us instead.”

Once that situation was over they returned to looking for the child’s mother. Liliana did catch some teens hiding in some bushes smoking weed and she gave them a lecture while he and the lost child watched, “she’s kinda scary…” the child whispered but Declan just chuckles, “yeah she is, but she’s a big softy.” He playfully puts a finger to his lips, “but don’t tell her I said that ok?” He gives the child a playful wink and the child giggles. After walking deeper into the park there was another child, but this child was looking up to try to get something from the tree. Declan volunteered to help since the last Child Liliana tried to help she made the child cry more. However, he wish he didn’t as later he discovered it was a cat, “oh…shit…” he says before slowly reaching up towards the cat, “here kitty kitty.” He says nervously, “here you…ball of fur and death.” He reached up for the cat and the next thing he knew the cat jumped out of the tree, onto his face, and began to scratch at him. At first Declan was struggling against the cat while the child held onto Liliana watching as an adult fighting against the smallest cat. It took too long for Declan to finally get control of the cat and hand it back to the smiling child who ran off as soon as she got her cat, and he sighs as he slowly rubs his face where the cat attacked him.

As the sun began to set the two agents and the child found themselves near the entrance of the park once again but no sign of the child’s parents. At this point the child was standing beside Liliana looking upset, “what do you think, Liliana.” Declan asks as he looks at the child and his partner, “should we get back to the office and try searching her profile?”
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Lilliana was glad he did not address her very shitty joke and instead carried on with the park idea. Thank goodness for that. I don't think I could endure any more small talk for right now. I need a break. Usually she'd talk about work majority of the time and focus on that, but of course being on patrol with someone meant talking more than just work since they were out in public. The pair went onward towards the park and immediately she felt relief when getting there, the park wasn't as big as Atlas' park, however it still was nice here with the trees, flowers, and more. It gave the people things to do when they didn't want to drive out of town to find something else. James' blue eyes scanned the park while they walked and she took in the gentle breeze I would kill to lay in the grass right about now and fall asleep to the sounds of this place. It's not too loud but there is enough noise to almost be soothing...Almost. Thought the agent before she heard a child crying not too far from the entrance that they had walked through. With a worried expression on her face, she approached the child and leaned down with her hands on her knees "Hey there lit-" Suddenly the child sobbed louder and Lilliana was caught off guard and immediately she slightly backed up before looking at Declan. Did I do something wrong? Did I not look worried enough? What could have possibly made this child cry even more!?

Declan took it like a champ as he got down and started to speak with the child. Of course she immediately grew a liking to her partner as her cries slowly died down. I guess you could say he's good with children. What a relief, I don't think I would've been able to handle it if the child continued to get worse... Looking down at her own hands, she wondered if her approach was too much? Did she not get down like Declan did to be at eye level with the child? Maybe it was the heels? Looking towards her shoes, she didn't see anything wrong and wondered if maybe it was just her face... Could my face be that scary? Now she was feeling a bit worried that perhaps she wasn't quite fit to help children if they got lost. Before she could get lost in her mind, she looked back at the pair as they agreed to help find her mommy. The trio then began to walk through the park, looking around for the mother as well as any trouble that could arise. What kind of mother would leave their child here unattended? Or perhaps the child ran somewhere...But how could we know for certain? There are no cameras here... Lilliana pursed her lips in thought about the whole situation.

They began to pass by a group of men playing football, and of course there was nothing wrong with them till she began to hear them cat calling her. While at first, yes she could take some cat calling, but now it was getting out of hand as they walked over the line that she would draw What disgusting pigs. Treating a woman with such disrespect. If Declan were to look, he could see the annoyance growing on her face and...Was...Was that a vein popping out of her forehead? Then they decided it would be a good idea to throw insults at her partner. Now while he was new to V.A.G.E. she refused to have some disgusting men talk shit about him, especially when they knew nothing. When Lilliana turned, she spotted the football being tossed towards them and she caught it, however her hand began to heat up and the leather slowly began to sear before a flame came from the ball before she tossed it back full speed ahead "How about you go back to the slop in which you came from you disgusting pigs! How dare you speak to a woman like that! No wonder you can't reel someone out of your league!" Once they noticed that she was not someone to mess with, they immediately stopped but they also had a fire to deal with.

With a huff, she straightened her dress and continued to walk forward, finding her mood being sour at the moment. Eventually she began to walk ahead of Declan and the child but there was nothing she could do but need a moment without her partner by her side so she could calm down. It took a few minutes but eventually she roped herself together before picking up the scent of weed and immediately she went into the direction and found some kids doing exactly what she predicted "You know, smoking in this park with children isn't good for you or them." That's when she began to lecture them, telling them they should smoke elsewhere or at home and away from children. Hell, maybe at night when no one was here. Eventually those kids went off and she put her hands on her hips with a shake of her head. What has this world come to... Then she turned towards Declan and reunited with him while they continued to find any other anomalies in the area.

Then there was a child who was looking up at the tree and trying, when Declan took initiative James made sure to keep the child that they rescued by her side but she made sure not to make eye contact to avoid making the child cry once again. Watching him try to get what was up on the tree, she noticed it was a cat, however... The situation escalated as the cat immedately went on the offense and started to scratch at him and of course he was struggling a bit. A simple cat could take this man down...Or perhaps he didn't want to hurt the cat...After are we are stronger than the average human... I wouldn't blame him but he shouldn't endure those scratches like that. He came back down and the situation was resolved. Her eyes scanned his face and looked at the scratches he took "We'll patch you up later when we get back..." Before the trio knew it, the sun was setting and it was damn near time to get back to the agency and a small sigh left her lips. "We can head back to the office, send a notice out to the night crew at the station and then...Well..." The agent looked down at the child "We can't exactly take her home with one of us so I suppose we can have her stay in my office. I'll stay with her and if no one comes in overnight I'll just stay with her till the morning. I wouldn't want her staying in an actual station for the whole night. That's not comfortable."

After all, she had a comfy couch...She just had to get a blanket and that's it since there was already pillows on it. Surely the child was hungry too We forgot to feed the child a proper meal and only gave her snacks along the way from the vendors... A hand lifted to her face as she found herself growing just mildly irritated. I guess my mood is still sour from earlier on top of my concussion... "We need to get her a proper meal too. Not just the snacks we got her along the way." Looking down at the child, she decided to get down to her knees instead of bending down to talk with her "Declan will take you back to the agency, I'll get you some food and a drink and we can have dinner together alright? My treat. Plus you wont get to be with scary ol' me for a while." Giving the child a warm smile, she patted her head and gently pushed her towards Declan "Take her back, there should be blank papers in my office for the printer she can draw on. I have crayons somewhere in there. If I don't, just ask Jeannie if she's still there."

With that said, she darted off to get some food. Now while she didn't know what the child liked, she couldnt go wrong with some chinese food right? Especially just the plain chicken with some fried rice. Oh damn... She didn't even ask Declan what he liked either... Well time to pick the more popular foods and he could choose from there "I'm such a mess...Maybe I should've taken medical leave...But I just can't, not at a time like this." Lilliana thought aloud as she finally got to her favorite chinese spot and ordered some chinese. Of course it did take her some time due to having to wait for it to be prepared and then travelling back (While stopping for a small blanket somewhere along the way) to the agency. Once arrived, she stood in the elevator, smelling up the place and making her own stomach growl Maybe I just haven't eaten enough myself... Once she was on her floor, she stepped off and headed to her office where she could see a few people still working (but not much) and two people in her office from the glass wall. When she got to the door she knocked gently and stepped in "Food's here." Lifting both bags of goodies. Most of it was food, but there was some drinks in the bags between water and juice for them. James moved to the coffee table and began to slowly unpack on the open space "You can pick anything you'd like."
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At first, Declan was pretty confident they would find the little girls’ parents but as the day went on and they found themselves back at the entrance with not even a hint of the girls’ parents being around that confidence quickly vanished. The little girl was standing beside Liliana holding her hand and looked up at her when she sighed and spook about what they should do once they got back to the office. The little girl’s head lowered a bit, and she began to softly sob, Declan was about to try and comfort her, but this time Liliana beat him to the punch and this time it went a lot smoother as the little girl looked at her and nods, “Ok.” She sniffed before walking to Declan’s side. Declan couldn’t help but smile at his partner as she began telling him where he could find everything for the little girl to entertain herself while she went out to get food. However, before he could tease her Liliana ran off to get some food for them.

“Well, you ready?” Declan asked the little girl, she nodded before taking his hand and they began walking out of the park and towards the V.A.G.E building. The walk back to the V.A.G.E building wasn’t long but the walk around the park seemed to have worn her out, “here, climb on.” He told her as he gets in front of her and kneels down letting her climb on his shoulders, “hold on tight.” He tells her as he raises up back to his feet keeping a good grip on her ankles so she wouldn’t fall. She let out a little ‘whoa’ and accidentally pulled his hair to keep her up right but as soon as she got her balance she threw her arms up, “whoa I’m so high up!” she laughed.

Declan carried her the rest of the way to the building, receiving looks from night staffers and V.A.G.E agents alike as the child was still sitting on his shoulders only taking her down when they reached the elevator but held her hand as they stepped in. When they reached the floor Declan was surprised by the amount of people that where there even more so when he saw Jeannie was among them, “Oh! Hey Declan!” he greeted before spotting the little girl and bends down, “aww and who is this little cutie?”

“Tiff.” The little girl said shyly as she hid behind Declan’s leg. Declan placed his hand on top of her head and let out a chuckle.

“Liliana,” he paused, “Agent James told me she has crayons in her office and that you might know where to find them?” Jeannie gave him a smile and led the way to Liliana’s office. Once there, Declan led Tiff to the couch where she sat and was given some sheets of paper and crayons, “I know I don’t hold any seniority around here but is there any way you can let the others and maybe the police precinct know that we found…”

“Of course!” Jeannie suddenly says not letting him finish what he was going to say, “we’ve delt with lost kids before, no worries!” Declan sighed and pulled up a chair and sat by the table watching Tiff as she drew. It was almost an hour when Liliana finally returned to the office with some food in hand and a blanket. Declan helped her with the food putting everything in a line so it was easily accessible before handing out the plastic plates to her and tiff, “You guys go ahead and pick first, you two girls look hungry.” And almost on cue both their stomachs rumbled and Tiff's cheeks turned a slightly darker shade of red, “well, ladies first.” he says with a grin.
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Lilliana was glad that Declan helped her unpack, showing the row of food as well as juice, water, and soda to choose from and enjoy. The blanket that she bought had been placed on the other side of the couch on the arm rest to prevent dirty hands from getting into it while they ate. Once everything was available and open for grabs, James grabbed a set of chop sticks and broke them apart while her partner gave them first dibs. He's very thoughtful. He reminds me of Isaac. We do need more men like both of them. They make V.A.G.E. more diverse in personalities. Keeping this thought to herself, her eyes gazed over at the little girl "Alright, what would you like?" Using the chopsticks in hand, she began to prepared the girl's plate with the food that she desired and of course the girl seemed to be having fun as she giggled and kept pointing at things. This girl is not going to eat this much. There's no way. She's so tiny... Her left overs are going to wind up going in the trash. "Before we pick some more, lets eat what we have and see how we feel. Then we can go for seconds okay?" Patting her head gently, she grabbed her own food and set up her plate fairly neatly.

"I'll pull up her file after I get some of this food in my stomach. We need to see if we can call the parents if their contacts are in there." They sat there for a while, eating, talking, and just overall enjoying dinner together and slowly but surely the office began to clear and at this point there was probably two or three agents out on the floor aside from her and Declan. Of course, can't forget Tiff in all of this. In the middle of their dinner, they shared her name and it was a very cute name for a very cute child. Placing her chopsticks down on her plate, she grabbed a napkin and wiped the corners of her lips "I'll be back. I'm just going on my computer." As the agent got up, she moved to her desk and sat down as she logged into her computer. Pulling up multiple programs and logging in multiple times Always security measures in place. Though annoying when I need something fast. Her eyes gazed over her screen towards the pair Not as if they mind, they're eating and talking. When her gaze shifted back, she finally got the program she was looking for and began to type in Tiff's information between her name, age, and more appearance-related fields.

Lilliana's last name was common, so she didn't think too much about it when Tiff had told her. However when her file popped up, her blue-eyed gaze stared down at every piece of information they have. Between address, phone numbers, birthplace, and more. As scary as it was having information like this, it was needed in today's world. Upon looking deeper into the file, she could be reassured the girl does not have powers but that doesn't mean they can't manifest later on. Her eyes then widened as she caught a familiar name on the screen down by the birthparent's fields: Francis James. My fucking father? Looking back at Tiff and then back at the name, she could barely tell a resemblance. Wait... Turning her gaze to the next name for the mother, the look upon her face had darkened and her fists had tightened. Patricia Tanglewood. That bitch... He married her didn't he? Of course she never went to that wedding because she despised that woman more than anything. At first the agent seemed to be frozen in her seat as her mind raced a million miles a minute before she opened the drawer and pulled out her phone "Excuse me." Getting up from her chair, she walked out of the room as she began to dial a number and walk towards one of the side balconies. This was about to get heated.

If Declan were to go onto her computer, he would see Patricia and Francis James as the parents, but right underneath he would see the section of "Siblings" and right there in black in white...Was Lilliana's name. It was quite an age gap between her and the young child, which meant her father got busy having another child. Occupation was an architect who traveled the world helping other businesses build their Headquarters and more. Patricia's occupation was blank, which meant she was more than likely unemployed or was working under the table to avoid taxes.

Lilliana however, was standing on one of the building's side balconies as she looked to the city and began to wring her father out. "Are you joking me!? You had a child with that horrible woman!?" on the other line, her father sighed knowing very well his oldest had been angry. Especially since she never showed up to the wedding at the time.

"Yes, I did. She's not as bad as you remember her. She takes care of Tiff just fine." He replied.

"Oh really? Then explain to me why I found her all alone with my partner at the park on patrol today, huh!?"
While she held onto her phone with one hand, the other had been balled up in a fist, slamming the side of it into the balcony rail. "All fucking day we searched for her mom and there was nothing. Crying her poor eyes out while her mother abandoned her."

"Really? That doesn't sound like her..."
It was clear he was either he turned a blind eye or he was really that blind to the situation itself. "I'm on a business trip at the moment so it'd be hard to get back in time... Is Tiff okay?"

"Of course she's okay! If it weren't for us, she'd still be out there or worse. I told you so damn long ago this was a bad idea. You shouldn't have married her. Also, thanks for letting me know about having a younger step sibling." A growl of frustration left her lips as her fist had turned into grabbing the rail instead "Regardless, father, I highly doubt your wife is as precious and kind as you think she is when you're around. I'm just glad I didn't spot a bruise or something on Tiffany because if I did... I would be coming after both of you." Her grip had tightened and she could see her hand starting to light up "I suggest getting back here as soon as possible because I will not release her back to that monster woman. You're getting her and if I have to keep her at my house till you get here, I will." Immediately hanging up, the light from her hand dimmed down but still remained. While pulling her hand to her chest, she tried to breathe and calm herself as her nerves seemed to tremble. There was so much anger, frustration, and her only outlet was this job. The breeze went by, locks of her chocolate brown hair began gently flowing in the wind as her gaze looked towards the lit city "This world is cruel. People are so careless, selfish... Leaving a child out by themselves could lead them to the darkness that everyone fears." While talking to no one in particular, this was a way to voice her concerns or thoughts...Was by leaving them in the universe. "I became an agent because I wanted to save everyone from the darkness." The image of wolf had flashed in her mind "Including the darkness that hunts in the night..."

It was a while before Lilliana came back, but she did come back eventually a lot calmer than before. However, there was a hint of something bugging her but would refuse to say a word about it. "Sorry to interrupt your time. Tiff I got in touch with your dad, he'll be coming to pick you up but he said we can have a sleep over since he's coming back from his trip so you're the boss for the night." Looking toward her partner, she continued "I'll tell you more later. More when uh..." James lifted her hand to hide her lips but allow Declan to see "when she is sleeping"​

Declan watched as Liliana filled the little girl’s plate with food until it filled with an unreasonable amount of food before Liliana suggested they finished what was on the plate before they got more. The little girl giggled and grabbed her plate, “Ok!” she beamed as Liliana slid her plate towards her. Tiff pulled apart her chopsticks and began to eat her food. Well, she tried to eat her food. Tiff was struggling to get her food to her mouth without all of it falling back on her plate or losing some to the floor. She puffed her cheeks, obviously annoyed but she kept trying even when Declan suggested maybe to use a fork, “No! Big sister did it, so can I!” she declared before struggling again until finally she got it! She chewed on her food and smiled at both Declan and Liliana obviously proud of herself. Declan looked over at Liliana with a smirk.

“Looks like you’re a big sister.” He joked before taking a bit of his own food. The trio sat down and talked. Tiff told them two adults a little bit about herself, her favorite toys, hobbies, and tv shows before asking them things about themselves as well. It wasn’t until Liliana finished her food that she decided to go to her computer, probably to find Tiff’s information to get ahold of her parents so it was Declan’s job to entertain the child until Liliana can contact them. It wasn’t until she got up and left with phone in had that he grew curious, “is big sister ok?” she asked hugging the blanket she bought for her.

“Of course,” Declan says as he stands up, “she probably found how to get ahold of your mom and went to make a call.” He says patting her head, “she’ll be right back.” Declan looked back at her computer and grew a little curious and went to her desk. Sure enough, she had Tiff’s profile on screen. He scanned the screen for a moment before a certain name caught his eye. Francis James? he thought to himself before scanning the document and his eyes widen again, holy shit, Tiff is her stepsister? He looked over to Tiff who was humming to herself and kicking her feet, and she’s already calling her big sister not knowing they are related, what the hell are the chances? He was about to stand up and leave her desk, but he stopped himself. He probably wasn’t going to have another chance like this.

He opened up another tab and searched up Francis James. His file popped up but ignored all the basic information. What he was looking for was his connections and business partners. It took him a little bit but there it was. He was expecting a couple of names which he could quickly search, however, that turns out not to be the case as over one hundred names and companies popped up, Fuck me… he thought to himself before pulling out his phone, fuck it, this is a job for Jas he quickly took a picture of the lists of names and companies before putting his phone away and closing the tab hiding any trace of him using her computer to look for people.

Declan got up from her desk and went to join Tiff and noticed she left her broccoli untouched, “Hey Tiff, you haven’t eaten your broccoli yet.” He says as he grabs one with the chopsticks and holds it towards her, “Here.”

“No,” Tiff says with a sheepish smile, “I-I’m good! I’m full.” Declan could tell she was lying and shook his head.

“If you want to grow up big and strong like your big sister,” he starts, “you have to eat your broccoli.” He tried to make her eat it again, but she pulls away again more defiant, “Eat!” Declan says and Tif Dodged; thus, a battle was started! Declan chased Tiff around the office with Broccoli in hand while dodging him. She was a slippery little child always finding a way to avoid him even when he has her cornered, “Gotcha!” Declan yelled as he grabbed her leg and pulled her down, Tiff going down with a little eep Declan held her down and began to tickle her causing her to laugh controllably, “Are you going to eat your veggies?” He says with a grin, like the executioner to his victim.

“Never!” she laughed and Declan continued his torture. Their little exchange was cut short when Liliana came back.

“Big sister!” Tiff screamed before grabbing a pillow and hitting Declan with it. The unexpected attack caught Declan off guard giving Tiff the time to escap and hide behind Liliana’s leg and points.

“He’s trying to make me ear veggies!” she says, “lock him up and throw away the keys!” Declan sighed and sat back on the couch before eating the thing of broccoli himself.

“You win this time, Tiff.” He says before adding, “but next time you will eat your veggies.”


When they returned to the couch Tiff looked at Liliana a little concerned when she mentioned she called her dad, “W-was he upset?” she asked, “last time I called him during a business trip he got angry with me.” However, her concerns where gone the moment she mentioned a sleepover.

It was now nearly midnight, with the three of them being the only ones in the office. Tiff was covered in her blanket sleeping, using Liliana’s legs as a pillow. Declan watched as the little girl was sleeping and Liliana stroking her hair while she did so, “cute ass kid.” Declan said lowly, “seems she’s taken a liking to you.” Declan adds, “Calling you big sister and everything.”
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James raised an eyebrow as she watched Tiff smack Declan with a pillow and dash straight for her, only to hide behind her and point at Declan and explain the situation. Looking between the two, as much as she wanted to keep serious she was unable to as one of her small smiles tugged her lips "Is that so? I mean surely we should lock him up. It sounds like he didn't even ask you nicely." Lilliana teased, placing her hand gently on Tiff's head as she glanced towards Declan while hes at down on the couch and ate the broccoli himself instead. He gave up this battle so he could win the next. He's also being a good role model showing her that broccoli isn't so bad. Quite frankly, broccoli just needed to be prepared differently according to the person's tastes and usually it's a win-win. As the situation died down, the agent moved to the couch and sat down beside her partner and she listened to Tiff carefully. "No, little one. Your father was not upset." She reassured, reaching for one of the water bottles on the table and opening it before downing it almost as if she never had water before. Though that was just her being efficient at drinking and feeling immediate relief. Though many would think she was just being weird. He gets angry at her just for calling? What kind of father is he? He used to enjoy when I called or ran up to him at the door when he got home... Changed for the worst huh?

This angered her, how could he be so cruel to her when all she wants is her dad? The girl was excited to have a sleep over and it didn't take long for her to finally knock out on her lap with the blanket over her. This child trusts us so much... Imagine if someone bad had caught up to her instead? Her gloves had been off, and her delicate hands gently went through her little sister's hair. James' eyes were soft as her mind continued to wonder Tiffany... I'm sorry you had to get such a bad end of the stick... Keep your innocence while it lasts... Enjoy childhood... The sound of Declan's voice had pulled her from her thoughts and she immediately looked over "She's cute because her mother has good looks...But a horrible soul..." She responded softly, before a gentle sigh came from her lips "She is my sister. Step Sister actually... She knows without actually knowing." Looking towards the glass wall directly across, the whole floor was pretty much dark aside from some turned on lights and Exit signs. "I know we shouldn't be speaking around her..." Thinking for a moment, she grabbed a pillow and began to carefully shift around to allow Tiff to lay on the pillow and along the couch rather than on her legs.

The girl stirred but then curled up into the blanket and kept sleeping, which gave Lilli some relief. Gesturing her head towards the glass door, she made her way over and through with Declan shortly following after. Once the door had shut and she could keep an eye on Tiff from the wall, she spoke a little bit louder rather than just whispering. "My father didn't believe that his wife left their little girl in a park alone. I practically ripped him a new one and told him I will not hand her over to her mother and he is expected to come pick Tiffany up. Otherwise she's staying with me till he does." The agent had crossed her arms, leaning more on one leg than the other while shaking her head "She got the worst deck of cards handed to her and I'm glad that we were the ones who found her." A hand tightened on her arm as she continued to fill her partner in "I threatened him. I told him I would go after both of them if I ever spotted a bruise on her." Her eyes had lowered once again, almost as if she was regretful of her choices though she didn't voice that. There were many flaws about her but she always tried to make up for it by getting her anger out in training or drinking her wine on a almost nightly basis. One drink never hurt anyone, in fact it kept her from just throwing everything off her desk with Wolf being a big issue, then protection detail, dealing with the Mayor being murdered... This job was stressful but that's why she was all the same every day during work.

Her lips parted and more words had come out "It's best that she doesn't know that I'm related to her to some degree until she's old enough to understand. I'd rather be around her as someone who'd protect her. Show her that there are kind people out there who will protect people like her...Much like Carter was to me." If it had to come down to it, she'd adopt her and give her the life that she would deserve. Despite it being a situation that would make her life just a little bit harder. "I know we've just met today Declan, but quite honestly this couldn't have been a better planned day. You got to see parts of the city, handle some simple patrol work, reports, and more...You got a little bit of everything in one day. Not many people get that. I'm glad to have you under my wing and hope that our partnership will be one of the best in this place." The woman held out her hand to shake his, as per earlier this morning they never got to do so. "Welcome to V.A.G.E."


Declan raised an eyebrow as she signaled him to walk outside her office with her. He watched as she delicately lifted Tiff’s head and replaced her lap pillow with an actual pillow. Liliana, the tough as nails, takes no nonsense, top agent of V.A.G.E looked almost nervous she was going to wake up such a little child. It was almost amusing watching how relieved she was when Tiff didn’t wake up and continued sleeping. She let out a sigh of relief and led the way out of her office carefully closing the door so as not to wake up the sleeping child. He listened to Liliana speak as she explained how she discovered they are step siblings, how her father married some women Liliana clearly didn’t like, and said she was going to be in charge of Tiff until he picks her up not her mother, also adding how she’ll go after him and her mother if there is any signs of bruises on the child. Declan had to play his part, pretending he didn’t read the file she left on her computer screen, pretending he didn’t know her father was some businessman with high connections, he didn’t know about the mother however, which wasn’t important.

He crossed his arms and gave Liliana a nod when she explained their relationship should be concealed until she was old enough to understand, “Let the child be a child and not complicate things with adult problems.” He says understanding where Liliana was coming from, “Yeah, I can get behind that.” Once again Declain raised an eyebrow as he heard Liliana call him by his first name again. He eyed her hand as she held it out towards him and he takes it with a firm handshake, “the pleasure is all mine, Liliana.” He speaks. The two agents said their goodbyes at nearly 1am. Declan did offer to walk the two girls home, but Liliana said she was going to sleep at the office with Tiff. Declan picked up his backpack and pulled out his helmet and made his way out of the office. Once he knew he was alone he dialed Jas’ number and connected it to his helmet. He heard a click sound and Declan spoke before Jas had a chance to, “I’m sending you a picture of a list of names, do a background check and see if they are connected to any of the 12 names on the list.”

“Well, hi to you too, Wolf.” Jas said from over the headset. Declan rolled his eyes as he sent a quick text with a photo. A couple seconds later Jas says, “Got it, let me do my thing and I’ll get back to you in the morning.” There was a short pause and Declan was about to hang up the phone before Jas spoke up, “How’s V.A.G.E agents?” he asked, “I heard this was a smokin’ hot agent that people say is the top agent.” There as another pause as he adds, “man, the things I would do to her-” Declan hung up the phone and rolled his eyes as he turned on his bike. He put on his gloves, revved his bike, and rode off towards his apartment. He didn’t need his comments about his “partner” he needed him to do his job. The streets were empty because of how late it was, He decided to take some detours when a few addresses were sent to him by Jas, but he did nothing but drive by and check out the building before takeoff, getting home an hour an hour later.

As soon as Declan got home he did his nightly ritual, hung up his motorcycle gear, showered, brushed his teeth, and put on his night attire. Normally the night would end with dinner and some TV before he went off to bed, but it was late, and exhaustion hit him the moment he stepped out of the shower. He laid on his bed and turned off the lights as he closed his eyes Now that I got a understanding what V.A.G.E is, it’s time for the real work to start… He could still see the large explosion, that man standing over him looking down at him, the judge, and the cowards who hid behind that man’s lie, I’m going to find you…”Hero”

The following week was probably the most exciting series of events. The next day when Declan walked into the office Liliana, Carter and a man and women, probably Tiff’s mother and father where in the office picking up Tiff. Liliana and the women were staring daggers at each other while the older man was trying to talk with Liliana, but Carter would speak up. Declan didn’t know Liliana too long but even he knew she was only in the mood for insults and Carter wasn’t going to have that, Tiff, not fully understanding what was going on just stood next to Liliana until it was time to go. Liliana made it a point to give Tiff a small piece of paper with her number on it and Tiff took it happily, “Bye big sister!” she says, “Bye Broccoli man!” The two adults looked at Liliana wondering if she told them she was related while Declan just stood there, not really a fan of the nickname he was just given by a child.

What followed next was a series of patrols and Declan getting information from high officials and sending their names to Jas for connections. A couple of days later, he got a hit. Mark Stevenson. His face immediately popped in his head as the coward who was so quick to throw Declan under the bus when his lively hood was on the line. Not only was this a chance to take this man out but maybe he should let V.A.G.E know he’s coming, he already made them look like fools once, what would happen to them if he did it again? He sent a quick text to Jas and nearly jumped out of his seat when Liliana asked him who he was texting, “Oh, uh, it’s kind of embarrassing.” Declan says, “after work I met this girl and well, since I have Friday off we’re planning a date.” He lied but he kept up his façade. He was going on a date, but it wasn’t a random woman he met in the city.

Declan smirked as he stood on top of the roof near his target building. From way up here they looked like little ants. He already took out the sniper team silently and he saw V.A.G.E roadblocks two blocks out. He imagined the office went crazy when he sent them a calling card that ‘Wolf’ was going for after Mark, a City Attorney and dared them to try and stop him making sure he added ‘cause it worked so well last time’ just to mock them. Sure enough, here they were blocking the building. He was sure there was more inside but that didn’t matter, he wasn’t going to make it a spectacle like last time. The plan was to go inside, kill Mark, and get out. Simple and easy.

He used his chain ability to keep to the rooftops and landed on top of the building, silently taking out roof top team before descending down the building and into the window where he knew his window was. For a second Declan felt like he was in a spy movie as he cut the window and unlocked it from within. He snaked in and silently snuck up behind Marks chair before wrapping one arm around his neck and the other around his mouth so he couldn’t scream, “Hello Mark,” the man struggled but Declan had a firm grip on him. Until he quickly turned him around and punched him causing him to fall over, “I don’t have time for you,” Declan says as he goes over to the downed Mark and grabs him by his shirt and with the other starts to summon his chains, “but before I do,” he began to take off his mas, “you should know who killed you-“

He heard the door suddenly open and a familiar women’s voice yelling at him. Seconds later she was on top of him. Lucky for him he didn’t fully take off his mask or else she would have seen his face. He dropped Mark and held up his hand using some chains to block her attack as he jumped away. Seconds later, two more agents ran into the room and were ordered to take Mark away, fuck he thought to himself. He should of just killed Mark instead of just toying with him, now he has to deal with this chick, “well well well,” Declan says with one hand behind his back readying his chains, “You know we have to stop meeting like this, always in the dark, you in your short skirt, in a office, people will start talking.” She could hear the humor in his voice, “Or maybe you want people to talk? I’m beginning to think you have a crush on me.”

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