Literature Thoughts on Harry Potter?

I think it’s a fun series, my teacher had us read it in middle school where we’d make paper wands and fun stuff like that so that really upped my thoughts on the series as the whole since the teacher who had us read it was always the fun one! This is not book related, but some of the games are fun (even if the cutscenes are hilariously bad at times). That aside within that same class we even did the usual Hogwarts house quiz I’m a Gryffindor which didn’t really surprise me
Considering Harry Potter is the book series that got me into reading, I think very highly of it. Including JK Rowling for creating this book series that frankly changed my life. I hated reading, to the point I’d fail the tests for the most pathetically simple books. When I read the first book, that was the end to that. I suddenly loved reading, and couldn’t stop. I owe it all to HP and JKR for that. I grew up with the movies, the actors and bonded with my mom through the midnight showings of the movies and midnight book sales. I’m a Hufflepuff, and a proud one!
I used to praise HP like a religion, using the deathly hollows as holy texts. But since that was many years ago, I have calmed down, and now I'm neutral about it. I'm just "eh, it's good I suppose" I still occasionally reread the books too.

Also, I'm a chaos Slytherin
i think it's alright! overrated, but i like certain aspects of it. i can't stand JKR though.
When I was born, Harry Potter was really famous. The six movies were out but the two parts of movie seven werent. I recently watched it, and now it's never coming out of my mind. At first, I liked Harry. Now, it's absolutely Ronald or Neville. I was interested in Harry Potter that I read the first book and started growing my writing talent right away. I'm the writer I am now because of it, and I'm a Hufflepuff goofball.
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