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Story The World of Qest


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"200 years ago, the trees were discovered... That is the day the world ended"
Hello, thanks for checking out the thread.
Qest is a new project of mine that I am working on. In short, it is a Sci-fi/post apocalyptic/fantasy furry story. Set in a world destroyed and overrun by nature, separated by those who live within and outside the walls of the New World Empire. There is magic, monsters, and adventure.
Being posted on Fictionpress until I find a better alternative.

Looking to both get people interested in it as well as look for a bit of critique on it. If you like it, you can expect the next chapter to be out next week.
Thank you for your interest.


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The latest chapter is up!
Rakkan and Casper finally meet. Cho continues his preparations to hunt the Artist Amalgamate, and a fight is brewing in the town of Tracks for all to see.

Rakkan is my favorite character, needless to say.

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