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Empress of the Lunar Empire
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Species: (Human or Demon)


Wealth Status:


Appearance: (This includes height, weight and any scars)


Likes: (at least 3)

Dislikes: (at least 3)

Fears: (at least 2)







Favorites: (optional)



Empress of the Lunar Empire
Empire Establishment Information (For Emperors/Empresses Only)
This guide is here for those who are going to become the leader of their nation. Leaders of the nation are able to shape it however it suits them, as long as it is culture based in Asia (Eastern, Western, Middle East, Northern, Southern and Southeastern).

Empire: *Note: based on the culture you choose, the language may effect the names of places, but you may name it as you wish*

Nation’s Capital:

Culture based from: *To ensure the diversity of each nation, once a country/culture has been selected, it cannot be selected by another participant.*



Ruler (Emperor/Empress):

Nation’s Flag: *insert picture of flag symbol here*

Nation’s Exports: *this includes food and commodities* *Note: each nation also has a set of three medicines that can cure ailments and can be used to barter with other countries as they do not have these cures* (Ex. Moon-medicine, Sun medicine..etc.)

Import Requests: *what does your nation require, that you do not have*

Nation’s Info and Background:

Nation's Economical Status:

Nation's State of Affairs:


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Empress of the Lunar Empire
(The Lunar Empire)
Nation: Mungug

Nation’s Capital: Byeol (Star)

Culture based from: Ancient Korea (Goryeo/ Joseon)

Climate: Temperate (Hot summers, cold winters)

Landscape: Mostly forest and a few Mountains; the largest mountain is named, Dalsan (Moon Mountain). Mountains mostly separates the country from the others, with Dalsan protecting the capital city of Byeol.

Ruler: Kyungri Eun; Empress

Nation’s Exports: Rice, root and leaf vegetables, silver, sapphire, perfumed oils, silk, fine jewelry, fine china, saké, and Dal-type medicine (poison antidote, cold/flu cure, pneumonia cure).

Import Requests: Gold, exotic spices, diamonds, oranges, livestock, horses, cotton, coffee and new technology

Nation’s Info and Background: Hundreds of years ago, after the Great Celestial War, the four most powerful nations were formed. Mungug resides in the west and is the 2nd largest of the four nations and are the wealthiest. Although their military lack in terms of strength and numbers, they make up for it with great strategies; often using the mountains to their defensive advantage. Mungug is a mostly secluded country, but they are also very welcoming in terms of travelers/foreigners (as long as one has a permit to enter). Often, leaders travel here in commoner’s clothing to observe or visit the Empress for tea as she holds no ill-will towards the other lands and its leaders.
There are some people who wish to cause a rebellion within this empire as they desire to start a war with the other nations and take their resources; claiming the Empress is too soft-hearted. However due to the massacre of the Eun clan during the last war, in which they only spared Kyungri, the young Empress has taken a peaceful approach with the other 3 nations…unless action is deemed necessary.

Nation's Economical Status: Prosperous; steady economy.

Nation's State of Affairs: A bit of civilian unrest as they worry about the country's security regarding the open policy of allowing in travelers and foreigners. They also ponder about who will marry Kyungri to secure the Eun bloodline.

Allies: Earth and Sky Empires

Enemies: Fire Empire (not really an enemy, but the Moon Empire is wary of them)


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cUsToM TitLe
Name: Kaze no Susanoo

Titles/Ranks: Emperor of Sora no Kuni (Nation of the Sky)

Nicknames: Susanoo-Heika*/Kaze-sama/Emperor of the Wind/Saiai no Shison*

Age: Twenty-eight

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Occupation: Emperor

Wealth Status: Wealthy

Nation: Sora no Kuni

Appearance: Like most of the people of Sora no Kuni, Susanoo is lightly tan, lithe and leanly built and tall. He has an angular face, sharp electric blue eyes that like the sky vary in hue, and white hair that grows wild and loose.
Susanoo stands at a commanding height of 6'4", and weighs in at 190 lbs.

Personality: Calm, Quiet, Absent minded, Idealistic, Charming, Pacifist, Open-minded

Likes: Being alone, and being able to listen to his own thoughts.
His country prospering.
Avoiding conflict/Solving problems without violence.

Dislikes: Irrational people that are quick to get angry.
Close minded people.
Closed off spaces.

Fears: Susanoo's greatest fear is being captured and held in a closed-off place in which he can't escape.
He also is afraid of being enclosed in a binding contract or something of that sort.

Mannerisms: Susanoo will sometimes forget stuff, or do things without knowing why. He has ADHD which almost makes him unable to stay still. Many people that interact with him sometimes feel he is often times distant.

Backstory: Born to the previous rulers of Sora no Kuni, Susanoo's mother died giving birth. Due to this unfortunate tragedy, he was raised by godmother, and taught the proper ettiquetes ans such of a Emperor. In his 23rd birthday, Susanoos father contracted a strange illness which he soon died from. This immediately put Susanoo in the position of Emperor, after a brief state of political unrest.
At his coronation he became the youngest Emperor in Sora no Kuni

Powers/abilities: Weather manipulation, Flight, and increased speed and masterful agility

Skills/talents: Really good with two swords, really good diplomat

Items: Two katanas called, Arashi, and Odayaka

Favorites: (optional)



Empress of the Lunar Empire
Excellent, welcome aboard!

So, the Empires of Moon and Sky are currently taken now, while the Sun and Earth Empires are currently looking for leaders!

I will post my character info as soon as I get home, but thank you and welcome to the Shinsekai (New World)!

Also, as a new Emperor, don't forget to fill out your nation's sheet as well for more details, such as alliances and etc!


cUsToM TitLe
I'm trying to hash out the nations info and stuff like that, but when I'm done I'll post


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Четвертые независимые гренадеры
(Fourth Independent Grenadiers)

Nation’s Capital

The Grenadiers own a few small villages, the largest, Kakodny Rubanoush, could be considered a capital.

Culture based from

The Russian Empire


The areas that the band does own are mainly tundra, and can be necessarily warm during the summer.


The villages owned by Ivon are normally a snowy grassland, with the exception of a few hilled areas here and there.


Komandir Ivon Poskeny

Nation’s Exports

Manpower and furs are main exports as the warband can only scrounge up cash from their lords and the fair amount of poached animals they kill.

Import Requests

Food and metal, the Grenadiers are notoriously poor, as most currency is used to buy weapons and armor, and by default the Warband is not a real country thus making it hard for them to mine and farm.

Nation’s Info and Background


The Grenadiers are a warband, with a number of about one hundred, they own about four villages.

The Fourth are notoriously brutal Shock Troops who specialise in defense and close quarters combat, the common unit is issued a ceremonial bearded axe, his coloured uniform, consisting of an iron chestplate, a greatcoat, trousers, gloves, boots and socks, and a padded helm.

Most units utilize cheap primitive grenades, which are more likely to explode in your hand than anything but tear asunder enemy strongpoints. The units are heavily defensive and disciplined, but are weak against ranged units, horse archers and most forms of pikemen.

The Fourth are a strictly magic prohibiting army, the Third had originally tried the idea, but were suprised at the amount of friendly casualties that exhibited when Pyromancers and other types of magic-users joined the fray.


The First Lancers were established in the year 1289, and grew to become a large army, both in notoriety and population, Ivon's then great grandfather, Vladimir Poskeny had amassed a following of twelve villages and a keep. All of the Poskeny family has been a predecessor of it's own warbands and Ivon's Grenadiers are the second newest, the Fifth Grenadiers whereabouts are currently unknown and it is thought that they were massacred.

Since the Fourth's conception it has fallen on hard times, Ivon is not the greatest at handling debt's and has racked up quite a few, causing the slow downfall of the Fourth.

Nation's Economic Status

The Fourth has little to no economic sway in the New World because they are so small, their current funds consisting of 10 heads of cattle thirty slaves, and meager amount of gold(?).

Current National Affairs

Ivon has started to get anxious at the constant arms race here in the New World, and other warbands have been continually approaching his territory, that and his slaves have been getting more and more restless, altogether the Fourth is getting unstable.


The band uses the Fire Empire as their main ally, this only being because they have a sworn contract.

(May change if someone takes the Fire Empire.)


Any current enemies of the Fire Empire are considered their enemies, Ivon does have a few common enemies in other warbands.​

(Felt like i should post my nation before my leader, hope that's alright.)​
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Empress of the Lunar Empire

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Четвертые независимые гренадеры
(Fourth Independent Grenadiers)

Nation’s Capital

The Grenadiers own a few small villages, the largest, Kakodny Rubanoush, could be considered a capital.

Culture based from

The Russian Empire


The areas that the band does own are mainly tundra, and can be necessarily warm during the summer


The villages owned by Ivon are normally a snowy grassland, with the exception of a few hilled areas here and there.


Komandir Ivon Poskeny

Nation’s Exports

Manpower and furs are main exports as the warband can only scrounge up cash from their lords and the fair amount of poached animals they kill.

Import Requests

Food and metal, the Grenadiers are notoriously poor, as most currency is used to buy weapons and armor, and by default the Warband is not a real country thus making it hard for them to mine and farm.

Nation’s Info and Background


The band uses the Fire Empire as their main ally, this only being because they have a sworn contract.

(May change if someone takes the Fire Empire.)


Any current enemies of the Fire Empire are considered their enemies, Ivon does have a few common enemies in other warbands.​

(Felt like i should post my nation before my leader, hope that's alright.)​
This is well arranged and it's fine that you post this before your leader. Great work, so far! Can't wait to see what else you come up with. ?


Empress of the Lunar Empire
Kyungri Eun

Name: Kyungri Eun

Titles/Ranks: Empress of Mungug (Nation of the Moon)

Nicknames: Kyungri-pyeha, Hwanghu-pyeha

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Occupation: Empress

Wealth Status: Affluent

Nation: Mungug

Appearance: Kyungri has a willowy figure, light grey eyes and silky raven black hair, darker than ink. As most people residing in the Lunar Nation are wealthy, they do not work in the sun as peasants do, hence their porcelain white skin. She is 5’3” and weighs 112 lbs, with a blue crescent moon symbol on the back of her neck.

Personality: Compassionate, eloquent, sophisticated, tactful, moody, superficial and easily bored.

Likes: Her pet wolf named, Seungri, reading, drinking soju or tea, sweets, playing the flute, sneaking out in commoner’s clothing to enjoy the civilian life, the idea of falling in love and art.

Dislikes: War, the suffering and mistreatment of others, being manipulated, lack of manners, rudeness and impatience

Fears: Her people revolting against her, riding horseback, insects

Mannerisms: Kyungri often spends her time lounging on the patio, reading scrolls of her favorite classic stories, or drinking soju or tea to unwind. Easily bored, the young Empress may discreetly escape her castle life to enjoy an evening in the city.

Backstory: During the last war, which occurred 3 years ago in 1419 A.C, a group of assassins managed to sneak into the Emperor’s and his 5 sons’ military tents and ruthlessly murdered them. With the only males able to carry on the family name all deceased, the Council decided to overlook the laws requiring a male descendant of the Moon Goddess to rule and selected the 14 year old princess instead, as she has the blood of the Goddess in her veins. Shortly after her father and brothers’ deaths, the newly-widowed Empress died of a broken heart. This makes Kyungri the only true-born Eun and descendant of the Moon Goddess, although her father’s other wives and concubines are still alive with their family name; forbidden to re-marry and produce heirs.

Powers/abilities: Water manipulation, ice manipulation, water purification

Skills/talents: Archery, plays the flute and gayageum, knows how to cook well despite being of noble birth and is tactful with diplomacy

Items: A silver bow and arrow set with intricate designs carved into the bow and arrow-heads. Kyungri also keeps a similarly designed dagger hidden on herself, just in case.
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Empress of the Lunar Empire

Additional categories have been added to the Nation Sheet above: "Nation's Economical Status" and "Nation's State of Affairs".

This should help to get the ball rolling in terms of keeping things interesting for the RP.


Disciple of Flame

Name: Havel Maewha

Titles/Ranks: Ronin, Vagrant, Wanderer.

Nicknames: Gaijin (or any synonym for foreigner in any language)

Age: 37

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Occupation: None

Wealth Status: Scraping by

Nation: None (Will update when Japanese like nation comes to bear.)

Havel is very similar to the attached images with only minor differences. He has a beard but it isn't quite as full. His loose yukata is torn in several places from his skirmishes. The sleeves have been torn off because they were so damaged, there was practically no point in keeping them. It really completed the vagrant look.

As can be assumed, many scars decorate his skin. They range from burns to fatally deep sword cuts to things that appear to be animal bites.

Havel is a foreigner in this land. He was mostly raised there but has maintained his english accent from when he was a child and his piercing blue eyes send waves of ice into anyone who stares for too long. So he does not have asian characterstics but western ones (i.e. Strong jawline, almond eye shape, blue eyes, less pronounced cheek bones, etc.)

His kimono is a very faded grey and he tends to keep his hair loose until combat happens. Then he ties it up ( messy, unruly hair style reaching a little past his shoulders)

Havel is not a man of many words. Even when he was a child, he never spoke much. This, by no means, makes him unsociable or a recluse from society. Quite the opposite actually. Havel enjoys small groups and exchanging stories with other ronin or travelers. He strongly dislikes crowds and is by no means quiet about the things that bother him.

Despite this, Havel is still rather quiet overall. Preferring to observe and react accordingly rather than try to talk his way out of situations. A man of action rather words.

That being said, Havel is the farthest thing from innocent you can get without being evil. Killing is like second nature to this man. Being trained in the art of war and even being thrust into battlefields at the tender age of 8, has turned him into a ice cold killer.

His memories from his time as a samurai plague his mind and the atrocities he committed in the name of his lord are a constant presence in his mind. Something that always reminds him that he is anything but innocent. That he has the blood of innocents and guilty alike on his hands.

Havel is not innocent and doesn't pretend to be but this vagrant knows he is far from evil as well. He has felt true evil. He has slain it with his blades and has even served it. Havel is rather patient and is capable of kindness. Trust is not something he has trouble giving and is always the first to give his respect to others.

Despite his choices, he still has a small sense of justice and a strange sense of honor. It used to be much greater but years of killing and battle have caused his morals to become terribly askew.

Likes: Respectful individuals, the little things in life, small talk with fellow wanderers

Dislikes: People with high status, cruelty or injustice, nosy people, crowds or high population cities.

Fears: Falling into Oni-Ito Ryu style forever, Lira, being unable to handle the demons of his past.

Mannerisms: As a true vagrant, Havel merely drifts from place to place. Living off of the land and doing odd jobs for average citizens to make enough cash to scrape by. It's anything but a comfortable lifestyle but one he finds appropriate considering his past.

Havel was originally the son of two wealthy English parents who were traveling the world to enjoy the sights. Simple enough until their boat reached a land that was incredibly intolerant of foreigners. So much so, that their ship was ransacked and his parents murdered before his eyes at the age of 5. The young Havel would have joined them in the afterlife if it had not been for a young village girl, barely a woman herself, that took pity on blue-eyed foreign child and decided to stand up for his life.

She was beaten for her outcry but they eventually left it alone, killing a child seemed distasteful to the bandits. A mere two years passed but in that short time, Havel learned the language of the country and came to think of this girl as the older sister he never had. She worked hard by herself to keep them fed and clothed. Life was by no means easy and this young, responsible woman could never replace his parents but it was the only person he had.

Alas, this was in a feudal era and what was a land of warring nations without a war? The village Havel stayed at was caught in the crossfire between two smaller lords and there were no survivors other than Havel himself and that was attributed to dumb luck. The 7 year old child had picked up a sword far too big for him from a fallen warrior. He held it aloft with trembling arms in a desperate, defiant, pathetic attempt to protect his fatally wounded foster sister.

Little did he know, he stood fast against the feudal lord who would train him in the future. A lord that was looking for a disciple to pass his style on to. The disciple required a prerequisite and it was to look death, destruction, and despair in the eye and declare that you were going to take a piece of it with you to hell. The lord expected to find this disciple eventually if he continued raging wars across the country but certainly not in a 7 year old boy and certainly not a foreign child.

It took a lot of luck and moxie but Havel's defiance is what ultimately caused him to be the sole survivor of the crossfire.

The feudal lord took Havel to his domain and introduced him to a similar child that was two years older. A girl with golden eyes filled with hate and ashen hair. It appeared as though she had met a similar fate. The two were thrust into their first battlefield a year later as a test of who was worthy enough to become the disciple of the lord. Yet, to the Demon lord's surprise, both children survives the battle. The sickening, pleased grin that twisted th man's face was a true sight to behold.

Years passed, the kids fighting battle after battle against every kingdom or nation that stood against their lord and the two children became teenagers. Forged into adults before their time through the fires of war. Being of similar age and opposite genders, along with adrenaline fueled battle frenzy, a relationship between these two rose from the fires. What was initially curiosity became something more. There was no real emotion. Not at first. Just raw, unfiltered need.

As they became more battle-hardened, the feudal lord began to finally impart his techniques on the two young ones. It didnt take much for the two easily susceptible teens to get swept up in the evil urges of the Oni Ittö-Ryū. For a time, they flourished on the battlefield. They painted the hills and valleys red with the lifeblood of their lord's enemies. Their relationship developed from need to violent obsession with each other. They would sometimes arrive to meet with their feudal lord more injured by each other in their violent carnal satiation than the actual battles.

As time went on, it was clear that Havel was the better combatant of the two but the golden eyed girl, Lira, truly embraced the demonic teachings while Havel tried to push back every once in awhile. Not wanting to be completely dominated by these urges. A difficult task with someone like her in his bed every night.

There came a time the smoke of a battle had just finished and a enemy lord's family was brought before Havel and Lira. Their master ordered them to slaughter them to prevent a second uprising and the task would have been simple enough.....if the two children had been older. The older brother was shielding his younger sister with tears flooding his eyes and hatred in his heart. They couldnt have been older than 6 and 4 respectively. The same defiant look Havel had once given his own master. The same situation except he was now the one holding the blade that spelled the children's deaths. Lira dispatched the enemy lord and his wife and it was up to Havel to eliminate the children. For once, his mind had been cleared from the blood-fueled haze the demonic sword style caused and he saw things clearly.

Havel's feudal lord roared at him to end it and his body went through the movements instinctively. First, the brother and then the four year sister. Her cries over her brother's murder were cut short with one quick stroke. Rain poured down on the battlefield then, washing the blood off of Havel's body. His eyes snapped to the victorious lord and he did not hesitate. The ronin's blade whipped out like lightning only to come in contact with his master's own weapon.

He had been expecting this.

"I always knew you were going to be the true inheritor of the Oni Ittö-Ryū. Come son..."

"Make me proud."

A deadly, demonic dance ensued between master and student for an unknown amount of time before the student overcame the master.

In his final dying breath, blood gurgling in his throat, Havel's master smiled and gave Havel his sword. "You are the successor of my art. You are everything I could have wanted. Now go and spread ruin on the world." Lira, horrified over her master's death and envious of Havel being chosen over her flew into a crazed rage and yet another duel began. The soldiers looked on in confusion until Lira was felled. Havel's sword having been broken by the duel and having finished Lira off with her own blade. It was as if in that moment before her death, she understood why Havel was chosen.

"He...may have....chosen you. But don't you ever forget...."




Those words have haunted the ronin to the present day. Seven years as a wandering ronin is a very long time for one to think about the atrocities they committed while under the influence of a style he now despises. A style that has literally taken everything from him, over and over and over again.

Relationships: None (as of now. Will probably have encountered other PCs due to his drifter status. Lemme know if anyone has any ideas)

Powers/abilities: No "powers" so to speak that he has discovered.

Needless to say, Havel is a swordsman with little equal. His raw talent with bow and blade is what allowed him to survive the earlier stages of his life. A talent that was brought out to its fullest potential through combat and the personal training of his lord at the time.

An ability that wasn't to be trifled with became a force to be feared. If "The Gaijin" was on the battlefield, it meant a demon was present amongst men. A trail of blood and death was the only thing ever left in The Gaijin's wake.

The reason for this is because despite being mostly self-taught, Havel was taught by his master. A style know as the Oni Ittö-Ryū. The Demonic One-sword style.

Rather than literally becoming a demon, Havel was trained to enter a trance that has him fight like the demons of old. He sees every living being as nothing more than something to cut. He begins to hallucinate and these hallucinations take the form of lines. Glowing red lines that must be followed with his sword. People cease to be people and merely become numbers. Bob, Davis, Terry and Louis become 1, 2, 3, and 4. Mere numbers that need to be counted and his sword is the pencil.

When Havel enters this state, his eyes become terribly bloodshot. So much so, that his sclera becomes engulfed in red. The combination of red and ice blue is what makes him appear like a demon.

After having left his master's employ, Havel wandered as a ronin for approximately 7 years and perfected his original self taught style. Something he named after his master's style, despite everything. The Tsuki No Ittö-Ryū or Lunar One-Sword style. He enters a trance-like state of complete tranquility where his mind becomes silent and serene as a moonlit lake on a still, windless night. His senses become heightened to razor's edge and his perception of time even slows to some degree. It's as if everything becomes still for a single breath which allows Havel to land the decisive blow.

Weaknesses: Despite being on the intellectual side, Havel is actually illiterate. While this doesn't seem like much of a weakness, it becomes quite the barrier to understanding....almost everything. It all looks like chicken scrawl to him. Markings that make no sense at all.

The Oni Itö-Ryū is more than just a trance. Its so powerful that it has a passive effect on Havel. If he were to ever become irritated, annoyed, frustrated, or any similar emotion (anger, envy, etc.) He would feel the urge to cut down whatever it was causing his stress. He would have to crack his sword arm's wrist to relieve the pressure that builds up. Almost as if he was a cracking a whip. It is always a subconscious urge to give himself into the demonic style. To disconnect and succumb to those urges.

The Tsuki No Ittö-Ryū can end any fight in one decisive strike but that is all it is. A self taught style with a one hit wonder attack. It also requires a staggering amount of concentration and requires Havel to be in the proper state of mind to even reach the starting line. Despite being his own created style, Havel is twice as likely to fall back into his Demonic Single Sword style when his back is against the wall then use the final attack his own style.

If and when Havel uses The Oni Ittö-Ryū, it takes a tremendous amount of willpower to return back to his original state. Willpower and time. The Oni Ittö-Ryū makes one lose their sense of self and become a mindless being of slaughter that lives for nothing more than carnage and bloody satisfaction. This can manifest in many different ways. If the user were to have a lover it could even come out as maniacal possesiveness or sexual rage.

Two 4 and a half foot katanas. His main weapon is the one that belonged to his master. The second one is the one belonging to late demonic lover. Oni Ittö-Ryū is engraved at the hilt of his master's blade and at the bottom of Lira's is the engraving of two letters.





*insert something funny here*

Jeong-ho Eun

Titles/Ranks: Demon of the Lunar Flames, General of the Mungug Army

Nicknames: Jeong

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Species: Human-Demon Hybrid

Occupation: Prince, General, Warrior, Brother

Wealth Status: Affluent

Nation: Mungug

Appearance: Jeong has a mesomorph build that accentuates his musculature and battle scars. He is 5 feet and 9 inches and weighs 132 pounds. He has dark gray hair on the right of his head and white hair on the left. His eyes are a sickly orange, an effect from being possessed by a demon. His left arm is a darker shade than most, another effect of being possessed. He is littered with scars on his chest, arms, and back. The most notable is the scar along his right cheek where an assassin jammed a knife into his head, killing him.

Personality: Decisive, Courageous, Honorable, Earnest, Loyal, Patient, Cheerful, and Youthful

Likes: Training, Kimchi, Military Tactics, His Family, Long walks under the moonlight, and maintaining his garden.

Dislikes: Politics, Mistreatment of the lower class, Anything to do with demons, underhanded tactics, and Death.

Fears: Losing himself to his demonic side, Dying again, and losing all that he holds dear.

Mannerisms: Not one to anger, Jeong-ho spends his time training both his physical and mental capacities. He deals with much stress, trying to fight the demon inside. Many times he can be found tending to his gardens, or just spending time alone walking at night.

Backstory: The son of the former empress and emperor, Jeong-ho was born for greatness. A fine young man growing up, he had the qualities for a good leader, a good fighter, and a good emperor. He would learn combat techniques, military tactics, diplomacy, and horseback riding all at a young age. He would also show an affinity towards fire magic and moonlight. This affinity earned him the nickname of Demon of the Lunar Flames.

During the last war, Jeong-ho was murdered in his sleep alongside his brothers and father. He would soon be resurrected by a necromancer who would bind a demon to his body. Realizing the actions of said necromancer, Jeong fought back, relinquishing total control of his body back to him. The demon still fights back for control. However, demonic features such as his left arm and his eyes. Such things led him to be ostracized and hated as he searched for a way home.

Relationships: Kyungri Eun (sister)

Powers/abilities: Corrupted Demonic Flame Manipulation, Lunar Healing (wounds heal under moonlight)

: Military Tactics, Expert Swordsmanship, Diplomacy, Horseback Riding, and Martial Arts

: A simple katana with intricate carvings, A Woldo (a polearm with a crescent moon shaped blade), A necklace with a cross given to him by his mother.


Angel Sapphire

Fuck my life.
Name: Elsiha Mainyu

Titles/Ranks: Leader of the Chakavarti

Nicknames: The killer with a thousand names, Elsi.

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Occupation: Mercenary

Wealth Status: Scarce

Nation: Unaffiliated

Appearance: 5'2", 40 lbs. She wears a full-body suit that is almost black in color. It is made from iron mesh that is exclusively available to the Chakavarti. Her features are unknown under her hood but to those close enough, she can be seen with lines upon lines of tattoos that covered her face and body elegantly. She is thin, and moves with a snap everytime.

Personality: Silent, Very Straightforward, Precise, Hates anyone outside of her group, but is almost mother-like to the Chakavarti despite her young age.

Likes: Money, War, her people.

Dislikes: Humans, breaking contracts, not following plans, traitors

Fears: One on one confrontations, being captured and betrayed, religious groups.

Mannerisms: She has a habit of always pulling her hood down when talking to anyone she is not close to, looking sideways before making a kill, and spitting if she dislikes the conversation.

Backstory: Elsiha Mainyu was born into the Chakavarti, a group of wandering assassins that work as mercenaries for whatever nation pays the most. She breathed in the art of killing fast, and killing efficiently. She was made for the job. She found out that she rather liked the smell of blood and flesh. She killed her first human when she was 8.
When she became 18, as per the custom of the tribe, she was engraved with the ceremonial mark of Sin. She was tattooed with the mark of every murder committed by the Chakavarti. Every line in one life, every stroke is a curse. Over a thousand strokes were made on her body. She screamed in agony, but she was being marked with the 'Brand of Cain'. She was to carry all the evil, as only a vessel pure in death can hold the world's evil.
Now, as the leader of the tribe, she became powerful. She still wishes well, but on that night, she burned her emotions like the flames that licked her body.

Relationships: The tribe is her family.

Powers/abilities: She can amplify any poison to its greatest effect.

-Dagger throwing
-Pinpoint accuracy
-High intelligence
-Tactical skill

-Daggers (Small, smaller than a Swiss Army Knife, each laced with a potent poison, ranging from Racin to Wolfsbane to Puffer fish poison.)
-A small sword (Fashioned from the Japanese Ninjato, the blade is about a foot long, while scabbard is a foot and a half.)
- An arm-equipped bow, and small arrows. (Basically a gauntlet with a bow attached.)
-A small utility bag.(Full of poisons and antidotes and rations.)
-Ceremonial knife (Made from an donkey's Hind Bone.)

Favorites: Sweets.

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