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The Super Smash Brotherhood (All Fandoms, books, video games, cartoons, tv, movies, etc.)



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Ever wondered how all your favorite characters would act if they were to meet up? How would they bounce off each other? Would they like each other to begin with? What if this was always possible? Sure there have been crossovers in the past, but not to this scale.

Some world ending...nah...UNIVERSE ending villains have started attacking the multiverse. When I say Universe ending villains imagine Doomsday fused with Thanos....and add a sprinkle of Galactus in there too! Did I mention there's a legion of what can only be described as final bosses banding together to attack every world in existence? One big bad, a universe's heroes can usually handle! But not an entire team of them! This forced portals to open up in any dimension imaginable in an attempt to counteract this phenomenon. Portals that would allow the various heroes, heroines, and even other villains of the multiverse to band together against this common enemy. The only problem is...how many heroes would want to join the Smash Brotherhood? Hopefully every one of them because these bad guys aren't messing around!
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