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"the senator and the jedi"
1x1 between ulvmor & invaderspotty

context warnings for those who'd like to read along:
star wars politics, star wars curse words, violence, assassination/attempted assassination,
romance (non-explicit / fade-to-black), maybe angst and definitely fluff, there may be a shirtless ben solo at some point.

────── ⋆⁺。˚⋆˙‧₊☽ ◯ ☾₊‧˙⋆˚。⁺⋆ ──────

"what if chancellor palpatine was stopped at the end of the clone wars...?"

this is a timeline alteration au reylo roleplay where ben solo follows his
grandmother's footsteps to become senator of naboo. after having attempts on
his life, the jedi council decided that rey would be appointed as the bodyguard for the senator...
19 BBY - 5 ABY
  • Anakin helped Mace Windu take down Chancellor Palpatine after Anakin found out that the man was the Sith Lord that they were searching for
    • Anakin was granted the role of Master on the Council for his help​
    • Ahsoka Tano came back to join the Jedi Order once the hypocritical views began to leave the order​
  • Padme gave birth to Luke and Leia and she raised them on Naboo
    • Luke began to show strong sense of the force and was taken to be raised in the temple starting at the age of five with his father. Obi-wan Kenobi became the boy's master, just as he was for his father​
    • Leia, though having connection with the force, stayed with her mother and learned the ways of politics​
  • Yoda died when the twins were 22 years old, and Windu some time before then, leaving the council to be mostly led by Obi-wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker. From there, the two made some changes in the way the Order worked that ultimately helped the Order's overall moral​
  • Leia met a scoundrel, Han Solo, while on a diplomatic mission and in time married him and gave birth to their son Ben Solo​
6ABY - 34 ABY
  • Ben grew up with his mother and grandmother on Naboo, taking great interest in following his grandmother as senator of Naboo​
  • Young Rey was found at a very young age on Jakku, she was brought to the temple to be trained as a jedi. Once she was old enough to be taken on as a padawan Luke Skywalker became her master​
  • Ben became Senator of Naboo and Snoke (leader of the "First Order") began to have a growing interest in the boy and his way of shifting the senate with his words. (As well as his strongly force-sensitive lineage.) Impressed, Snoke asked Hux and allies on the senate to twist Solo to their side.
    • Hux, envious with the attention Solo gets from Snoke as he wishes to move up in the ranks of the "First Order", sends assassins to take out the senator​
  • Ben manages to escape the first attack with the thanks to his under trained force abilities. Leia, being a concerned mother, reaches out to her twin brother about getting a trained Jedi knight as a bodyguard... which ends up to be the freshly knighted, Rey.​
────── ⋆⁺。˚⋆˙‧₊☽ ◯ ☾₊‧˙⋆˚。⁺⋆ ──────
ben solo | m | senator of naboo | ulvmor
rey | f | jedi | invaderspotty
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Ben Solo
────── ⋆⁺。˚⋆˙‧₊☽ ◯ ☾₊‧˙⋆˚。⁺⋆ ──────
  • Born 5 ABY
  • Grandson of Jedi Master Anakin Skywalker & Senator Padme Amidala
  • Son of Senator Leia Skywalker & “Entrepreneur” Han Solo
  • Senator of Naboo
    • Mentored by his mother and grandmother in politics
  • Force-Sensitive
    • Limited training gained through family visits from Anakin and Luke, just enough to control his abilities and not get into trouble by acting on his emotions
  • Underdeveloped force-bond with the Jedi, Rey
  • Likes calligraphy and reading in his spare time—which is quite shorthanded
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Rey (from no where)
  • Abandoned by her (unknown) parents on Jakku at the age of five.
  • Discovered by the Jedi around age eight.
  • Apprenticed by Luke Skywalker.
    • Combat is more her strong suit than the Force.
    • Shares the same type of close bond with him that Anakin & Obi-Wan had as master/apprentice.
  • Fascinated by the Skywalker "story/legacy"
    • Closer to Anakin & Obi-Wan than the average Jedi would be due to association with Luke.
  • Personality-wise
    • Still sensitive about the topic of her parents.
    • Feisty/hot-headed at times but kind.
    • Despite being recently knighted, she still feels unsure about her abilities at times. She isn't cocky about her role as a Jedi, at least unless she's being mocked about it.
    • Of course, as one from Jakku (even for only a few years), she enjoys fixing things and bonds with Anakin over their somewhat similar-ish pasts.
  • Barely acquainted with Padme, Leia, & Ben.
She wasn't too big a fan of politics, but that was probably because she didn't understand half of it. So maybe that's why she was always so unsure about politicians, there were only two exceptions and it was only through association. She didn't dislike politicians, but she hadn't been around them enough. She had been through this talk numerous times with her master, about how it was far more productive to expand her knowledge on everything than focus on perfecting a single thing.

"You're nervous." A voice beside her spoke.

Rey blinked, her brown eyes shooting to the side as they exited the ramp of small freighter, having just landed inside Naboo's royal palace in Theed. Beside her, Luke Skywalker directed the pair as they were met with a small squadron of Naboo's security.

"I might be." She replied, almost bothered at having that fact pointed out so blatantly.

"This is my nephew, this is all family." He reminded.

Not technically my family.

She was close to the Skywalker family, but of course, it was mostly Master Skywalker. The younger one. She always enjoyed talking with Master Anakin though, he was a riot at times. He and his son were so thankfully similar, making it easy to trust both of them. Both were great masters.

"Master, I've never met your nephew and I've never been to Naboo. I'm excited, this is one of my first assignments on my own, but this is someone's life we're talking about. Not only that, but someone from your family."

Luke slowed and looked at her almost cheekily.

"And that's exactly why you're the person I trust most to do this."

Being assigned as a bodyguard was not her idea of a glorious Jedi assignment, but it was incredibly important. The Senator had an attempt on his life, and understandably, everyone was worried. The Order and the Senate had believed it would be a good idea to have a Jedi accompany and protect him, just as a pair of Jedi once did for a long-ago Queen.

She adored Padme, she had only conversed with her a handful of times but the former Queen and Senator was as kid and genuine as they came. And seeing Luke and Leia with her, she envied them at times. Because who could ask for a better mother than her? This family had so much that she wished she had, but she didn't find any bitterness in it. She found a home within it, they weren't her family but she felt comfortable around a lot of them.

And Naboo, as soon as they had entered the atmosphere Rey had found herself incomplete awe. The planet was more beautiful than she had heard, and as the ship approached Theed she admired the architecture. It was all brilliantly gorgeous and well-crafted. She wouldn't have minded growing up in Naboo. Or anywhere else than Jakku for that matter.

No, Master Anakin has said enough about Tatooine to deter me from it.

It didn't take long for them to approach the throne room, where they were supposed to meet with the Queen and Senator. Their cloaks trailed behind the both of them, and she felt her lightsaber click at her side with each step. Rey's hair was done up into three buns, which she liked best. It was just what she usually did. How someone like Padme could handle so many hairstyles was beyond her.

Two of the security personnel in front of them pushed the large door open, allowing them inside and Rey -- already impressed with the inside decor and build of the palace halls -- was blown away by the grace of the throne room. Her eyes scanned all over, her lips parting as she found herself surprised yet again. She could get used to being on Naboo.

"Presenting Jedi Master Luke Skywalker, and Jedi Knight Rey Niima."

Ahead, she observed the Queen who was draped in a gown of vibrant shades of red and white. Her hair was hidden underneath an elaborate headdress and distinct makeup disguised her young face. Both her and Luke gave a respectful bow. To the left of the Queen, stood who she had to assume was the Senator. A tall, broad character which dark hair. She felt her chest tighten, eyes widen as she stared at him, and an unfamiliar feeling shivered through her and she felt the world mute around her for a moment.

Standing up straight, she realized that she couldn't break her stare. This was him?
Despite understanding both his mother and grandmother's decision to hire a Jedi to guard him so long as these assassination attempts remained, Ben was still not very happy with the idea of someone having to practically babysit him. He had previously tried to assure the women that raised him that he would be alright without a Jedi bodyguard. He was able to get away from from the previous attack at the senate building on Coruscant with his own force abilities, after all, regardless of how little he was in touch with them. Ultimately, the senator had to cut ties with his stubbornness and give in to his mother's "request" of having a Jedi bodyguard. That didn't mean he was happy with the idea or changing his feelings on it anytime soon.

The morning that he was to meet his uncle and his new bodyguard, whom Ben had learned was Luke's own former padawan, the senator entered the throne room of Theed's palace to take up his place near the elected queen's side. "Good morning, Senator Solo," the queen greeted him with a polite smile- at least as much of a smile as she was allowed to give with her having to appear professional. Ben turned, the decorative midnight cloak swaying at his sides as he did so, as he stood to the left of the throne.

He looked to her and offered a tight-lipped smile on his own face. "Greetings, your highness." He all bit grumbled.

"You seem thrilled," the queen mused as she watched the senator bow to her, nodding slowly in acknowledgement.

"I am, it's not everyday that I have a Jedi assigned as a bodyguard," a sigh left Ben as he looked back towards the stairs that he had walked up not even five minutes ago. He straightened himself and brushed a hand against the fabric of the tunic of black and blue that he wore. In the corner of his eye, he saw the queen nod slowly before responding.

"I know it's not your ideal, but if it's to help keep you safe from these attacks, then it's necessary. Your mother and grandmother are intelligent women after all."
He knew that, he knew that very well. There was a reason he chose to follow their footsteps in becoming senator rather than go off to join the Jedi Order with his grandfather and uncle, or join his father on his "travels". His mother and grandmother were the brightest and most intelligent people he knew and from a young age, he wanted to be just like them.

The two conversed quietly for a while longer, at least until the announcer introduced Luke as Ben became aware of his uncle's presence. His eyes met the familiarity of his uncle first, He looked as he typically did. His hair done the same and his beard neatly trimmed with the typical jedi robes. His dark eyes didn't stay on his uncle long, however, as they found their way to the girl beside him. A girl. Why didn't he know that his uncle's former padawan was a girl? Surely Luke had mentioned her before? He's never seen her on Luke's visits to see him and the women of their family. He blinked lightly as he took her in, she was tall... taller than his mother and grandmother for certain. She had a sun-kissed complexion and eyes that were at first glance a brighter brown than his own dark ones. Though the moment he met her gaze, her eyes had widened and she stopped. He completely understood why. He felt that there was a shock and a tug on an invisible string upon eye contact with the girl.

It terrified him.

He continued to stare at the girl for a moment before quickly straightened himself as to redirect his focus to his uncle. He offered the man a tight smile, still somewhat disoriented by the new feeling he just experienced, "Greetings, uncle." He said in the smoothest tone he could muster despite his tightened chest. He stepped up to the Jedi, moving to offer the man a hug in greeting as to appear as normal as possible around the man. Especially where he knew that he had the ability to sense his emotions. Hopefully the longer he acted normal, the longer he had the chance to get them under control. He looked to Luke when he did pull back from the quick hug, "I tried to tell my mother that it was unnecessary but you know her." He mumbled lightly before quickly adding, "Thank you, though, for offering the support." He looked to the jedi next to his uncle, taking her in now that he is able to get a closer look at her. "This must be your former padawan that you mentioned?" He held a hand out to Rey expectantly with a polite smile, "I'm Senator Solo, though you may simply call me Ben. Whichever you're more comfortable with, of course, given we will be spending time together with you as my bodyguard," he mused, his attitude surrounding the situation shifting since seeing the girl. He wished to find out what it was causing this spark between them and if that meant him accepting her as a guard, so be it.
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It was hard not to scold herself internally, trying not to assume that the Senator had taken significant note of her stare. But surely it was normal enough, she was simply gazing upon the man that she was meant to protect. But there was something else, but she tried to mask the feeling, brushing it off as nothing but nerves. Senator Solo was just an extension of the Skywalker family, she was apprenticed by his uncle and friendly with his grandfather. She had to admit though, she wasn't too familiar with the Senator's parents themselves, which is probably what was catching her off guard.

This is childish.
She had one objective, to protect the Senator. Rey had been on several missions before, many of them by herself. Luke trusted her, and she trusted in herself. What could possibly happen that she couldn't handle?

As they finally approached the Senator and Queen, she allowed her eyes to drift back onto him. As he hugged her former master, she felt relief wash through her as it dissipated a certain sense of formality and one of more comfortability. Luke seemed completely relaxed, so she would as well. There was nothing to feel odd about. Still, it was hard to relax.

When Rey became the object of everyone's attention, she stepped towards them and nodded with a gentle smile. Her eyes met the Senator's, and she extended her hand with ease, shaking his own. As soon as their hands met she almost worried they were stuck together, and a subtle but notable electric feeling shivered down her spine. The warmth of his large hand leaked into her own rather quickly, and almost too quickly did she take her hand back.

"It is a pleasure to meet you, Senator." She forced another smile, feeling completely unsettled...not uncomfortable, just...off-balance. Beside her, she could feel Luke's eyes on her, though she ignored them. Instead, she took in the sight of the Senator, scanning his face and observing his features.

Had he not been so welcoming upfront, he might've seemed much more intimidating. He looked the type to be very looming and frightening when angry, and for a moment she felt a flash of a connection pull her to him.

Was he--?
He's force sensitive.

How had Master Skywalker failed to inform her of that? If that was the case, why did he need her?

He never trained.
The logic clicked in her mind, and she realized with utter relief that that was probably the explanation for the weird feelings she was experiencing. She was just stumbling upon another force user, and until now she just hadn't been able to identify that feeling. Rey had never met someone force sensitive who wasn't a trained Jedi. It was curious that -- with his family line -- that he had taken the political route. But then again, so had his mother.

Her smile grew more genuine as she finally relaxed a bit.

"Rey," Her head turned as Luke spoke. "Ben was set to attend a Senate hearing tomorrow, however, he obviously isn't going back to Coruscant."

Luke's eyes flickered to his nephew as he clasped his hands behind his back.

"You two will remain here on Naboo." Her master turned his attention fully to Ben. "Your grandmother has offered a private residence of hers for you to use as a sanctuary for the time being. I know you don't like this, but it is very temporary. I will be handling the investigation on this matter, and I'm sure I can get to the bottom of it quickly."

Rey glanced at Ben, gauging whatever his reaction was and trying to collect her own thoughts. Luke had already told her about all of this, and she wasn't too fond about the idea of hiding and waiting. That truly did feel like a job for local security. But, that wasn't her decision to make.

"Don't worry, I can't imagine any threat getting past me." She promised with slight amusement.

She could sense that the other was just as thrilled as she was about their situation. And while that comforted her some, it didn't settle her mind about the pull she felt.

The Queen stepped forward towards the two Jedi.

"I think the situation is more serious than the Senator would care to admit, this bill that he is supporting is trying to prevent more disputes between worlds."

Rey swallowed, aware of the galactic conflict that was rising. She hadn't been alive during the Clone Wars, she had only heard the stories of the corruption and how the entire Jedi Order had been at risk of extinction due to a Sith Lord that was now gone. But decades later, it seemed as though a new threat was rising, but the Order didn't appear to know what. All she had been told was that something was growing, and she had to be ready. She knew there were things that her former master, and others in the council weren't telling her. Or most Jedi for that matter.

"I feel very reassured to know that you will be with him." The Queen regarded Rey with gentle respect. "Now though, we need to begin making preparations for your departure, Senator." She mused to Ben.

"And you two may need some time to talk the situation over."
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Being up closer to the young jedi, the senator was able to grasp that there were specks of gold and green within her light brown eyes... which were staring right back into his own. His own eyes flickered away from hers as he felt the electric current almost burst from their hands as they touched. He watched as she quickly pulled her hand away, his eyes remaining on his own for a moment. Curious. He quickly cleared his throat and lowered his hand to his side, doing his best to completely ignore the new, odd feeling between them for the time being. He straightened his spine as he looked back to the girl and nodded, forcing a professional smile across his lips. "It's a pleasure to meet you as well," he replied, studying the girl as she seemed to do the same.

He wondered what the girl thought of whatever this was. She seemed as startled as he was, so he doubted that she actually knew. He didn't dare to bring light of the situation to his uncle. He wanted to figure this out on his own with only one other person... which was obviously this girl. Rey. He tore his attention away from the girl as his uncle spoke, listening to him as he spoke to the jedi that stood before him. He blinked at the information that had previously been withheld from himself and was brought into the light by his uncle. He turned his body to face Luke now, frowning with the slightest furrow of his brows. "I thought the agreement was that I could return to Coruscant when I was assigned a bodyguard?" He all but snapped at his uncle.

His uncle continued right as he was expressing his clear irritations with the difference, causing the man to bite his tongue enough to listen with a narrow to his eyes. "Uncle," he clenched his jaw as Luke continued, bringing in Padme and how she was clearly behind it by offering one of her properties to them. He wasn't happy. Not one bit. "I need to be at the hearing tomorrow, uncle, I can't just sit back on one of grandmother's properties and do nothing," he complained with a voice that grew in it's heatedness. He jaw tightened more as Luke promised that he would make haste of his own investigation on Corusaunt over the matter, silencing himself as he tried to think of a way around the matter. What words would convince Luke to let them go back to the Senate?

The senator blinked as the girl spoke, his exterior softening ever so slightly at her promise that held a light of amusement in it. He arched a brow with a flick at the corner of his lips, refusing to upright smile at her as he was upset but found himself mildly amused by her ability to practically joke in such a serious conversation. As quickly as he softened for the girl with the curious connection between them, he moved right back to the impatient senator that was just arguing with his uncle.

Ben opened his mouth to shoot some remark that he made it out safe on his own previously and that he now had a bodyguard for additional safety, but trailed off as the queen spoke. He pursed his lips into a thin line as he watched her, nodding slowly as he knew the seriousness. "I am aware of the severity, your highness, but I don't see what hiding will do to help that bill get into motion." He said, controlling the irritation in his voice in respect for the queen he served with. With that said, he eased, mainly because the queen moved on with or without his complaint.

As the queen spoke to Rey, he peered towards the girl. At least with all of this, it gave them time to actively investigate the connection between them. Hopefully within the confines of his force abilities remaining unknown. He'd rather not have everyone learn that he was force sensitive as he had no idea on how that would help him as a senator. His gaze flickered back towards the queen and he nodded slowly with an exhale that expressed to anyone in the throne room that the senator had given up his fight. "Yes, your highness," he spoke respectfully, giving her a slight bow before moving to overlook the said preparations.

He took a couple steps before pausing and peeking back at the girl that would be accompanying him during the stay, "Let's get two birds with one stone, shall we?" He prompted in invitation for her to join him while he took care of his packing.
In a sense, Rey felt bad for the Senator. If she was ripped away from her duties over something like this, she'd be irritable as well. Still, it didn't seem like she could do much to help him. The young Jedi wasn't hear to vouch for him to turn things in his favor -- she had a job to do, and so did he.

She didn't miss the glances he spared her, the inquisitive observation he continued to do, and she was conflicted in whether it made her feel small or not. Not that she thought being a Jedi meant she was better than anyone at all, but she definitely did not feel inclined to be judged by a Senator. Thankfully, it didn't seem like he was judging her with anything except curiosity.

It was a relief honestly.

But she knew she was about to see a more private side to him, being stuck closely to him for who knows how long would give her a rather interesting perspective.

He either would or wouldn't be an asshole, and so far it seemed like the later.

When the Senator's attention centered on her, she turned and blinked at him. He was very tall, almost menacingly tall. But his expression was softer, and she found herself tracing the delicate designs of his attire. Naboo really was a remarkable home for fashion, she had seen as much from Padme. It seemed that taste ran in the family.

"Of course, Senator." She nodded, keeping her head up as she gestured for him to lead.

She gave a subtle bow to the Queen, giving her an assuring look before she glanced at Luke. He stepped towards her, gripping her shoulders and smiling in his own reassurance.

"Feel free to contact me or the council for anything you need. And let me know if this one--" He gestured with a thumb to Ben. "Gives you too much trouble."

Rey couldn't help but snicker, shaking her head as her eyes flickered from her master to the Senator, trying to share her amusement with him. By the looks of him, she wanted to suspect that her and Ben would get along. This mission would be easy-peasy, wouldn't it? What could happen?

"I'm sure we'll be fine, master."

And with that, she returned to Ben's side, matching his pace as the pair went to depart from the throne room. It was hard not to get distracted by the architecture and art lining the walls. Blinking to herself, as the doors shut behind them she slowly peered up at Ben. She couldn't sense his thoughts but she could slightly sense his emotions. He wasn't happy about his situation, and again, she didn't blame him. But she wasn't so bad to be around! Not usually.

Her mind returned to the fact that rolled around every time she looked at him.

Who else knows he's force sensitive?

Rey had never been in this situation before, and given all the details of how closely this Senator was relevant to her...she found herself especially intrigued. Did he even know? She wanted to speak of it so badly, but it wasn't the time nor place. And it wasn't her place either. What did bug her was the subtle line that kept them tied together, she tried not to walk too closely beside him. But she was suspicious, her nerves buzzed with something unfamiliar the closer she got to him. And again, while she couldn't sense his thoughts -- his emotions were stronger than normal. At least from what she could sense.

Opting to distract herself from pondering things for too long, Rey spoke to him instead.

"I'm sorry that things have to be this way, I understand it must be inconvenient for you. But like my master said, hopefully this will blow over quickly so that you can return to things normally. How long have you been a Senator? If I may ask."

Better start learning as much about him as I can.
Still quite unhappy with the idea of not returning to Coruscant, Ben held his fists lightly at his sides as a means to ground himself and control his emotions regarding the fact he felt as if he were being treated like a youngling in this matter. He definitely didn't want to risk things literally shaking, so for while he wasn't alone, he would keep his irritation in check. He offered the young jedi a tug of the corner of his lips a he caught the girl as she appeared to have looked him over. He couldn't necessarily blame her, she was likely used to bland jedi attire and hadn't experienced much Nabooian fashion.

The senator nodded as she agreed to accompany him, waiting for her to join him, which took a moment as he made note that this girl was far more social than he was. Outside of the Senate, obviously. When it came to being a senator, he managed to work through his introverted nature and do what was needed to be done. But outside of work? Well, let's just say Ben was quite fine with just leaving the group behind to be alone without expressing a "goodbye".

As the jedi was approached by his uncle, he couldn't help but shoot a glare at the old man. He folded his arms over his chest and rose a brow with a slight frown on his lips, "Very funny, uncle," he drawled sarcastically. His attention did flicker to meet Rey's, however, as his uncle's words managed to pull a snicker from the young jedi with his comment regarding the senator. The sound caused the man to pause for a moment, not entertaining the thought as to why, before nodding in agreement to the girl's words. They should be just fine.

Ben watched as she moved to join his side, turning to begin the walk towards his room within the large palace. Apart from glancing to the girl beside him now and then, the senator mostly kept his attention ahead of them. It was as though his eyes needed to help him focus on walking and if he were to stray from looking where he was going, he'd get them lost. Which was highly unlikely, but with his mind distracted by the jedi walking beside him and the experience that they shared fresh on his mind... well, there was a higher probability of them getting lost. Not to mention, each time he would look to the girl, he would find himself wanting to stop and watch her raw reactions to the beauty of the palace. In the upmost creep-less way, he probably could simply stand there and watch the girl explore all day. Her awe was just so raw and genuine, something he hadn't felt or paid much attention to since he was a boy entering the palace for the first time.

With a straightening of his spine, he looked away quickly as he noticed the girl's gaze was moving onto him. He swallowed silently, feeling tense and anxious on top of the remaining irritation, hoping that the jedi took no notice to his gaze. She was questioning something, he could practically sense the cogs turning in her mind as she studied him. His dark orbs blinked once before looking to the girl beside him as she spoke, listening to her words finding himself relieved that she didn't call him out on his staring.

"It's not your fault. It's very much like my family to throw curves into my initial plans," he muttered lightly before answering her question, "I was twenty-four when I became senator... so five years." He looked back to her with a slight tilt of his head, "How long have you trained under my uncle? I'm surprised I haven't met you before now." He mused.
She swallowed, immediately doing the math in her head.


It was older than she assumed, if she was being honest. But looking up at him again, the lines on his face and the way he collected himself, it made sense. It slightly made sense that they hadn't met yet, right? Despite any other details, she was a Jedi and he was a Senator. Their paths were naturally unlikely to cross.

It did strike her as odd that she hadn't met Ben yet. She hadn't heard too much about him either, only in passing really. As he commented about his surprise at how their pathes had never crossed, she hesitated.

"I suppose it is surprising we haven't met before." She mused, looking ahead of them as they walked. "I was recently knighted, which I've heard is odd to be knighted at nineteen. But I trained with Master Skywalker for...several years. I think around five."

Rey tried to think, her steps slowing a little bit. She didn't necessarily want to provide answers that led to more questions about her younger years, it wasn't much of his business and she rarely enjoyed discussing it. Still, her journey thus-far had been a rather unconventional one, she was brought into the Order at an age that was older than most others. But apparently Anakin Skywalker had also been the same, so she hadn't thought about it too much. Then, to begin her Padawan training a little later than others too, it really was surprising that she was knighted so young.

She didn't know if she even deserved it, but Luke and the council seemed to have confidence in her. So who was she to question it?

Truth be told, she thought about it a lot. There was a lot about the Force that she didn't know, and she knew she was not the "perfect" Jedi by any means. Her master's father had always been slightly comforting about it, she knew he had gone through unimaginable things. Rey felt lucky to be surrounded by so many Jedi with different experiences and insights.

"Are you used to being on Coruscant all the time, or do you visit Naboo often? I've only been here once, when my master and your mother needed to meet with Padme over something. That was years ago though. I never got to see much."

Truly, she knew Naboo was a beautiful place. And despite everything, she'd be lying if she said she wasn't a little excited to get to see much more of it. When was the last time she'd been to a place this beautiful? It was the complete antithesis of the world she'd grown up in. She could only imagine what it was like to grow up on Naboo. Which prompted the question:

"Did you grow-up here? It seems like a very lovely place."
The senator looked to the girl as she seemed to be taken aback by the reveal of his age, seeing the way she seemed to look at his face in a studious manner. He arched a brow in amusement as he watched the girl, finding it entertaining as he thought that he looked his age well.

He let out an acknowledging hum as she spoke, listening with a slow nod as he walked with the Jedi at his side. He blinked as he gathered her age from the information she gave him. Nineteen. Ten years, he made the mental note with another nod as he continues to listen to the girl.

“I suppose that makes sense, then, you were training while I was at my busiest time as senator. Still, it’s odd we haven’t crossed paths at least once, I’ve seen my uncle a couple times in the past five years.” He mused before blinking back towards the girl as he took notice to the change in her pace. He slowed some, turning right and down a hallway that led directly to his room.

He looked back towards her as she questioned him again, listening to her words with a thoughtful expression, “I mostly live on Coruscant, yes. I take up residency in one of the senate building flats as well as a room here in the palace. I visit Naboo frequently for my family and senator duties. When more than a hologram is required, anyways.” He mused, pausing to look to her with a tilt of his head at the news that she had met both his mother and grandmother. “You met them?” He asked softly with a curious hum to his tone.

Ben slowed as he reached the door to his room, watching it hiss open once it was prompted to. He stood in the doorway and motioned for Rey to enter first. He was a gentleman, after all; even if he did it with little thought. He blinked at the next question. Another? He couldn’t help but feel slightly amused by the fact she had so many.

“I did, for the most part. I was born on Chandrila but my mother moved us here when I was a youngling to be closer to my grandmother. Seeing as my father was… off doing his job a lot.” He mumbled with a shrug, allowing the door to his shut behind him. He then stepped towards the walk in closet, opening the doors and starting to go through his clothes with a brooding look on his face as he still wasn’t excited about the little vacation.

“I know Jedi don’t typically know a lot about themselves, but anything about you? Where you’re from and the sorts?” He asked as he pulled out some clothes.
She tried not to smirk, a billion memories immediately coming to mind.

"You wouldn't believe some of the missions my master would send me on, he wasn't the only one to train me either." Rey explained, wondering if that was a reasonable answer as to why they might have not met each other. She had heard about him, of course. But she felt like she would remember meeting him.

Consistently living on Coruscant herself, she didn't envy him in that. The capital planet had its perks and views, but personally it wasn't comparable to planets such as Naboo, or even Alderaan which she'd also had the privilege of visiting once or twice. There were so many planets that filled their galaxy, it continued to astound her.

It confused her that he seemed surprised at her acquaintance with his mother and grandmother.

"I'm very often around your uncle and grandfather, Senator." She informed softly. "It's been pretty inevitable that I wouldn't have met Senator ."

As she crossed through the threshhold into his private rooms, she dodged to the side to let him through but found herself stopping. Rey's lips thinned into a line and she looked up at him, her brown eyes almost following him. Crossing her arms in thought, she then looked at the ground, contemplating their pasts.

Really, how was it that they'd never met? The more she spoke she realized that it was rather outlandish that she was acquainted -- if only barely -- with most of his family...yet not him? The confusion settled in her stomach, and she couldn't help but ponder on it.

It didn't necessarily matter. But the way she felt drawn to him, almost immediately more comfortable with him, it kept the question in her mind. She felt far more familiar with him than she even wanted to right now, it almost felt like she'd seen him before...but as a child.

It seemed that the Senator had had quite the journey as far as jumping between planets. It was curious that he was born on Chandrila, she had never been so she didn't have much to comment. With the mention of his father, she realized she had never met the man, only heard stories. He apparently had a fairly impressive list of talents, a legend in some's eyes. The way the Senator's words drifted off, she could sense the push in his emotions to battle against something sore, his body language seemed to portray it at least.

And anyways, she was far too focused on his mirrored question. Which was something she should've predicted yet she found herself automatically defensive until she reminded herself that his questions were to be expected, and meant to be harmless. If she wanted to know more about him, it only made sense that he would learn the same about her. But he was wrong, she knew more about herself and her life than the typical Jedi. But she was past all that, wasn't she? She considered lying, but what did it matter?

"A planet that you'll likely never find yourself on." She answered, her head tilting towards him. "I wouldn't say my story is anything interesting."

Clearing her throat though, she shifted on her feet and blinked as she realized the size of the closet he was in. Her lips parted and a wave of intrigue swept through her, imagining having a closet like that for herself. Rey had never really been interested in fashion, but she still appreciated it...and like imagining herself in things.

"Anyways," She moved to change topics. "I think we should discuss your...boundaries with all of this. I'm sure you don't want me breathing down your neck, and while I have a job to do I know you're not very happy with my need to be here. I only wish to keep you protected, Senator."
"Is that so?" The senator asked, glancing towards her with another raised brow, watching the way she seemed to almost light up at the thought of said missions and masters.

He was almost envious when she mentioned being around his grandfather "very often." Had he thought on the what if he had joined the order? Yes, quite a few times, but he chose to be a senator and stay with his mother and grandmother. He did wish he could see his grandfather more often, which was one of his only regrets in not following the other force sensitive men in his family. He pushed the thought aside and offered her a slight upturn of his lips, “I suppose you’re right.”

Ben continued to pull outfits from their places and began to place them neatly in one of his bags that he had set by his feet. He glanced back towards the Jedi now and then with a slight clench of his jaw as he mentally tried to piece together a question regarding their connection while waiting for her answer to his question.

Between that time, he grabbed another outfit, setting it with the others before looking to her and raised a brow with a tilt of his head. “Are you sure about that? I’m a senator, I have to be familiar with planets after all,” he mused. He wasn’t sure that she was as boring as she attempted to claim, there had to be something about her.

The senator blinked as she cleared her throat and seemed to truly take notice his closet. He follows her gaze, looking around himself and then to her with a tug at his lips, taking some pride in his outfits as he took inspiration from his grandmother. “Impressive, isn’t it?”

As she spoke again, Ben listened to her with a slight tilt of his head. His boundaries? He looked towards his hands as he placed another outfit into his bag before looking to her, “Well, obviously I expect you to stay out of my room or fresher when I’m indecent,” he joked with a straight face and mostly flat tone, watching for her reaction before adding more. “I don’t like people messing with my documents so I would ask that you refrain from messing with them unless I ask you to assist me in such.” He said, “I don’t mind how close or far you prefer to work but be reasonable and realistic to your abilities,” he said.

“Anything else can be figured out as the time comes. I don’t allow people to over step my boundaries, so don’t worry. I will speak up if something comes to my attention.”
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Rey let her eyes rest within the rhytym of watching the Senator go back and forth with his elaborate outfits, ones that she personally could never dream of imagining. They were regal, intricate, they suited him. She remained standing with crossed arms, a calm expression on her face.

Shrugging, she gave a quick glance around the room, internally debating whether it mattered that he had information about her or not. Normally, she would brush someone off -- why did they need to know classified information about her? She had no issues keeping secrets. But she felt compelled to talk to him, like words kept getting tugged from her mouth by a hook. She just couldn't stop, but the conversation felt...peaceful. Despite the Senator's annoyance towards his situation, he didn't seem annoyed with her. In fact he seemed more than happy to entertain conversation with her, and she wondered if he felt the same sort of feelings that she was.

What had it been....about thirty minutes?

How very odd...

She didn't know what to make of him.

"If you've ever heard of Jakku," She offered up. "That's where."

Slowly moving towards him, she crossed her arms behind her back and leaned forward to get a better look at the closet. Maybe one day she'd get the chance to see Padme's, she knew that the former Senator was very beautiful and she didn't doubt that her outfits enhanced that.

"They're all very...nice." She could've described them using a billion words. But that's all that managed to come out, the awe in her voice was recognizable though.

When he began to speak of his boundaries, she froze, an immediate but brief redness showing on her face as she turned and tried to casually return to where she had been. Her brown eyes avoided him for a few moments, unable to look at him without picturing the things he was suggesting. Why would he even suggest that type of situation? A feathery feeling blossomed in her chest and she released a breath she didn't realize she'd been holding. As he continued on, she was able to meet his gaze again and nod in understanding.

"I'll keep all of that in mind."

Almost as soon as the words left her mouth, a chirp sounded at the door they had come through several minutes ago. She perked up, eyes shooting to the steel entryway immediately and her shoulders raised in subtle alarm. Her elbow bent beneath her robe to allow her hand to lightly grasp the saber at her belt.

When it turned out to be Royal Security personnel, she relaxed. She needed to snap back into her right mind, her senses should've immediately been able to tell her if there was an actual threat, right? Blinking, she remained where she was in case. A man dressed in a maroon tunic and a belt with weaponry tight around his waist stepped towards them. Giving a nod to each, he regarded the Senator directly.

"I have been instructed to inform you that the original plans for your departure have changed. The Queen is allowing you to return to Coruscant briefly to conduct your business. However, if the investigation against your attacker is not complete by then -- you are expected to return to Naboo." He explained, his stance and voice professional and respectful.

Rey's eyebrows lifted, a bit surprise at this development. Her head didn't turn but her eyes flickered from the Royal Guard to the Senator, gauging his reaction. She didn't necessarily mind, but hearing that she needed to go to Coruscant instead of remaining on beautiful Naboo -- it did make her feel a bit deflated. Nevertheless, her focus was on the mission and her required part in it. This wasn't some vacation.
Ben continued to watch the jedi with a curious raise of his brow, his arms folded after setting down one of his pieces of clothing into the bag and waits for the girl to respond. When she finally decides to answer the man's previous question, he gave a nod with a soft hum leaving him, "I have heard of it, yes. It's a scavenger's planet full of junk and sand." He said simply, watching her with some curiosity. There were children on that planet? He had previously been under the impression that it was mostly considered inhabitable, at least to the extent of people not wanting to raise their families on such a harsh planet. Maker, Tatooine was even better than Jakku at that. So it was merely odd to him to hear that the girl was found by the jedi there.

The senator blinked, watching the girl as she moved closer to him and entered the walk-in closet as to take a look inside. He couldn't hold back the rare, small grin that tugged on his lips as she took in his outfits and agreed that they were "nice," such a basic sounding word, but the awe in her voice told him that she thought they were more than a simple nice.

He was quick to drop the grin, just in time for the conversation regarding his boundaries, though it was certainly tempting to break into a wide smirk at the way he caught her cheeks to redden as she quickly turned away at the first example he gave her. He didn't like to admit it too much but he was a Solo, and like his father, he did have a... charming side to himself. He wouldn't use it often, no, but he found that it was easy with this girl. Easy to loosen up enough to tease her, at least. He assumed it had to do with whatever caused that intense spark between them upon meeting... which he began to guess was Force related, seeing as she was a jedi and he was force-sensitive.

Taking pity on the girl, he kept to a more serious tone in his listing of actual boundaries, hoping to ease her back to the normalcy that was between them. As she met his gaze again, he offered her a slight smile and nodded in response to her keeping such in mind before he turned back to add one last outfit to the bag. The man was unbothered as he moved to close the bag once the sound of the main door to his rooms chirped, able to sense that it was a few of the guards that he had some acquaintance with. The senator was amused, however, by the way the girl seemed to jump into a defensive stance and a soft breath of a chuckle left him in response.

Yes, she'll be a great bodyguard. Ben thought in amusement.

His gaze moved to meet the guard that stood front and center out of the small group, listening to him as he began to speak. His typical serious expression shifted as the words left the officer's mouth. The queen was allowing them to go to Coruscant... after he had just finished packing?




Clear annoyance shifted across Ben's face as he clenched his jaw and curled his fist. Yes, he was relieved that they were being allowed to return to Coruscant so that he could do his part in getting that bill moving. But all the time and energy wasted on arguing with his uncle and then packing for one of his grandmother's properties? Of course he was irritated and annoyed! He literally just finished packing! The bag was right at his feet! The hangers that held his clothing on the racks within the closet rattled slightly as his raw instinct was to have an outburst within the Force. There was a price to having to bury and smother the Force within him for so long and all the time— it had a need to explode out from him. There were moments when he would get upset and objects would shake or break... it really depended on the severity of his emotions. Luckily, Luke and even Anakin have taught him ways to keep a level head when upset. Taking notice of the sound of the metal within the closet, Ben tightened his fists and forced a tight smile on his lips and responded to the officer.

"Thank you, prepare my ship, please." He excused them curtly, wanting them gone so he could work on calming down effectively. The officers nodded in response before taking their leave to do just as the senator requested, the door hissing shut behind them. Once they were gone, Ben turned to face the back of the closet, glancing at the hangers that were still shifting slightly from where they hung. He breathed slowly through his nose, replaying what the two Jedi had taught him.

In— one... two... three. Out— one... two... three.

He repeated it until everything was still in the closet before looking towards the bag on the ground and grinding his teeth lightly as he thought on what to do with it. They did say that if it was unsafe, they would be going back to Naboo, which meant his grandmother's property. Now calmer and more logical, he nodded slowly to himself and moved to grab the bag, deciding that he would simply leave it on the ship. "Alright. Let's get going, I have a bill to get moving." He said, choosing to pretend that the slip in his control over his abilities didn't happen.
An uncomfortable frown formed across her face, though she tried to remain neutral looking. She was used to being caught in the middle of tension, but she felt somewhat awkward here. She figured that it was perhaps the fact that she was alone, and she had no right to interject in these matters. So, she simply remained quiet as the tension boiled in the room.

The Senator's irritation was understandable, he had better things to do than go back and forth on packing. But it wasn't his clearly annoyed reaction that struck her, it was the effects of it. Rey's lips parted, remaining focused and calculating as she noticed the disruptions occurring in the closet. To the Royal guards, especially at the angle they stood, could not have noticed it. But her peripheral vision caused her to turn her head calmly and watch.

However, it also wasn't the rattling that struck her, the feeling that began to consume the room involuntarily tightened her chest and suddenly his irritation became palpable. She had never felt this from another force user, she didn't really see other Jedi get mad...so her gaze shot to the Senator in discomfort. The Force didn't overwhelm her, it wasn't as though he was having an outburst, but she wondered just how much he could control his emotions...or couldn't. He moved slowly though, dismissing the guard quickly before returning to the inside of the closet with his back to her.

A thought came to mind and she considered using this as an excuse to bring his force sensitivity up.

I mean...if he's force sensitive, and he already knows I am...does he know I can sense it in him?

It felt like it wasn't her place to confront him, she didn't know him. But she realized she wanted to, if only to figure out why she felt like she really wanted to. Something else was at work here, but she didn't have any idea what it was. Was the Force simply trying to tell her something? Was this man, a descendant of the Chosen One, someone of importance to the Force and therefore the galaxy? It wasn't out of the realm of possibility, and deep down she knew that protecting him wasn't just a surface level mission...it meant something.

Swallowing, she stepped towards him and opened her mouth to speak, except he got to it first.

Clamping her mouth shut, it was obvious that he wished -- or hoped -- to ignore his reactions in the event that she noticed them. Respectfully, she decided to follow along. Rey gave him a nod and opted to try and offer some sort of aid anyways.

"Is there anything I can help you with? If you'd prefer, I can oversee preparations for your ship so that we can depart quickly, and hopefully without anymore issues." Rey offered lightly, gesturing her head towards the door.

She honestly had no idea when she'd get to talk to him in private confidence, she had to assume that he possibly wanted nothing to do with discussing his sensitivity. But her curiosity was eating at her. If there was any time that she wanted to confide in Luke or Anakin, it was now.
The senator had suspicions that the girl had caught on to the possibility of him being force sensitive... especially by his spurt of irritation. Between the coldness of his emotions that he knew were there, given Luke had explained such to him, and the force around him causing the hangers to rattlehe was more than positive that she had a theory at least. A part of him expected a string of questions, given she's been feeding him with a handful of others already.

Surely a "you're force sensitive?" was to come out of her lips at any second.

Ben lifted the bag by it's straps, pulling it over his shoulder, avoiding her eye contact as if that would help the man avoid the chance of her asking. Even though it realistically wouldn't do anything to shield him from her questions. She did ask him one, but to his relief it wasn't regarding his force abilities.

Letting out a breath that the senator didn't know he was holding, his gaze met hers for the first time since before the officers came in to inform them they were going to Coruscant instead of staying on Naboo. Her effort was sweet and it caused a soft tug at the corner of his lips. He gave a slow nod before exhaling, "Yes, that would be helpful. Thank you," he paused for a millisecond before adding, "Rey."

He gave a nod towards the jedi before moving to step around her, dropping the slight smile that he had given her, and moved to open the door. He listened to it chirp open, standing in the doorway as he had done for her when they entered, and motioned for her to exit ahead of him.

Once they were both out of his room, he looked down at the jedi and spoke softly as he led the way back to the throne room, "Do you remember the way to the hangar from the throne room?"

"If not, it wouldn't take too long since those officers are likely already preparing it." He said, still holding the bag over his shoulder as he looked to the girl. His eyes flickered to her face, almost cautiously as he was still listening for the spew of questions he just knew the girl was dying to ask him. Looking forward, he retraced the steps they took to reach his room to return to the throne room. From there, they will either break off or wait to go to the hangar together. Whichever the girl preferred, though a part of him expected that she would choose to go ahead of him since she originally offered it.
"I think I can find my way there." She assured, bidding him a brief and temporary farewell as she turned on her heel and headed down through the halls. She didn't even care to admire the artwork and the view out the large pane windows. Rey was too distracted by her thoughts, an internal debate occurring.

She immediately took the opportunity to create distance between them, because she wanted to know if she felt any differently with significant space. And the further she got towards the hangar, the more relaxed she felt. Rey didn't feel chained to a specific feeling, the warm blanket that his presence wrapped her in slide off her body. It conflicted her, because why did she enjoy his presence? Even in the brief conversation they'd had, she felt a lack of loneliness.

Throughout her life as a Jedi, Rey had found a semblance of a home within the Order. Sure, she was close to her master, and others in the Order. It could be debated that they were like family. But she didn't get the same feeling around them as the one she was getting around the Senator.

Ben...his name is Ben.

There was a wholeness that tempted her with his presence, and it bothered her. Did he feel it too?

Maybe if she ignored it it would go away.

You're about to be around him for who knows how long.


Why was the Force doing this.

Reaching the hangar, she breathed a sigh of relief and gave a respectful nod to those around who were preparing the ship. Climbing up the ramp of the sleek Royal starship, she entered and immediately went to disgard her robe. A small closet built into the side wall towards the back of the ship, and with a quick hiss the door open and she was relieved to be able to hang the robe up.

Her hands dusted off her attire, a darker tunic with stranded fabric crossing over her chest. A belt held it all together, her saber still clicking at her side. Rey's feet then carried her towards the open cockpit, and she sat on the left side, rolling the chair closer to the dashboard and beginning to click into the NaviComputer. But as her eyes read through all the coordinates that she had pretty much memorized for Coruscant at this point, she could tell her mind was drifting elsewhere again. With a sigh through her nose, she abandoned the navigational system and sat straight up in her chair.

I need to clear my head.

The silence in the ship was almost deafening, and she rested her hands on top of her knees while she closed her eyes. Rey exhaled, letting her thoughts and nerves melt into her surroundings. She needed to feel the Force, she needed it to assure her, clear her mind...do something. And she felt peace, her heart beat with a slow rhythm and she centered in on herself and the life that populated the planet. There was no violence here, no malice or --

A pain struck her stomach and her spine curved forward, her body lurching. Her eyes remained closed, like she was stuck within her mind and as she tried to understand she could only see red. Fear and anger ripped through her, threatening to consume her. She saw herself in the pouring rain, violence surrounding her but she couldn't recognize anybody. A fire crackled behind her and she turned her attention to it, she began to breathe heavily.

What is this? What's happening?

One hand went to reach for her saber but she found it was gone.


It was familiar.


It echoed.


Her brown eyes lifted and immediately widened as she felt the voice still her, it harshly demanded her attention and instructed her to snap out of it.


She gasped, feeling frightened yet relieved at the same time. And then her eyes shot open, revealing the vast view of the distant cliffs outside the hangar. Her breaths were deep and almost panicked, her hand reached to steady herself against the dashboard.

What is happening?
At her decision, the senator nodded and watched her head off to find the hangar on her own, sending his own swift and temporary goodbye after her. The man then looked ahead and continued making his way to the throne room to speak with the queen. He had noticed the change in the air around him as the girl left. He hadn't realized before just how... calm the senator felt with the girl beside him. He was immediately back to feeling his usual tense self, the stresses of the galaxy returning to his shoulders and the lightness in his chest leaving with the girl.

Curious. He had never experienced anything like this and had never felt so lonely upon being separated from anyone. The only closest time he could think of was when his father would leave as a child and when he he first took up senator duties away from home on Coruscant. He chose to ignore the thought for now, pushing it aside and focusing on his walk to the throne room.

He slowed as he entered the room, looking directly towards her and where she stood.

"You could've told me you were going to change your mind before I began packing, your majesty." Ben drawled out with a Solo-like tone, watching the queen as she looked to him. It wasn't too much of a deal now, he's cooled off a lot since then, but it was still surely a waste of time going back and forth like this.

"My apologies, Senator Solo, I took the time to convince Jedi Master Skywalker of the idea of you testing the waters with your new guard beside you on Coruscant. I meant no means to cause any inconveniences to you or your new guard." She informed, which he raised a hand with a nod, "I know, your majesty, I am grateful for the efforts you took in allowing me to return for the movement of the bill. Thank you for that."

"You're welcome, Senator Solo," she replied before adding, "At the first sign of danger, you both are to return to Naboo and take up hiding in the residence that your grandmother set up for this situation."

"Yes, your majesty."

He bid farewell to the queen before turning and heading down the steps from the throne room and made his way for the hangar. He glanced around, easily assuming that Luke had went ahead of them to begin his investigation before they arrived on Coruscant. Being as careful as usual.

Entering the hangar, Ben stepped up the ramp of his ship, gripping the bag and slowing upon entrance as he felt... off. What it was, he couldn't decide. It felt like there was a vacuum of air and a tension filled it. "Rey?" He called out, setting his bag down on a lounge table within the living area of his ship, just a room off from the cockpit. He remained quiet for a moment, listening before calling again, "Rey?"

The tension continued to grow, which made the senator tense and he made his way towards where he felt it the strongest on the ship. He frowned to find the girl in a meditative state, clearly a discomforting one at that. "Rey," he said in a tone that attempted to reach for the jedi, entering the cockpit more and stops beside her. He stopped as she gasped out his name, causing the man stop in his tracks. Was she... having a jedi vision thing with him in it? Or was she simply recognizing his voice as he spoke to her? He pursed his lips as he watched her lean against the dashboard, moving closer at a careful pace before speaking.

"Rey? Are you alright?" He asked her, studying the girl with a slight frown on his lips, offering a hand to her in case she needed it. He had absolutely no idea how to comfort her with something like this...
Her head tilted up and as she recognized Ben she immediately recoiled, thinking for a moment that she was still stuck in her vision. But his force signature calmed her and she glanced around which made her realize she was in his ship, not in some unknown terrain where there were definitely threats towards them both.

Her brown eyes met his, a bit weirdly frantic and she hesitantly took his hand. As she did, she felt another odd surge of emotion. Like she was awakening even more, brought back to reality more gently. It felt like a friend rescuing her from a dream.

She let out a deep breath, her heart rate returning to normal and she tried to shake her head and play things off.

“Yes, I’m so sorry.” She murmured, sitting a bit straighter. “Not sure what that was.”

Rey tried to laugh it off a bit, looking away from him in slight embarrassment.

What had she looked like? It was unfortunate he had caught her in the middle of that yet he had been the one to ease her. She swallowed, too many thoughts running through her mind to process. It was important though, she knew she needed to find an explanation in it.

She needed to confide in Luke, or someone.

At the very least she was now positive that the threat to the Senator’s life was real, and still in play.

“Excuse me, Senator.” She blinked, finally looking up at his towering figure. “If you want to take a seat, I’ve already entered our coordinates.”

Perhaps she’d visit the Jedi Temple briefly once they returned…but she knew she had to deal with this on her own.
Ben watched with a soft blink as she seemed to come back but still in the frenzy from what he was pretty positive was a mediation. That only solidified his theory that she has one about him, seeing as the sight of him hadn’t helped at first as though seeing him was a sure sign that she was safe from whatever vision scared her so badly.

He tipped his head as he still awaited for her to answer whether or not she was okay. His eyes studied her as she took in their surroundings and it seems to actually click to her where she was at.


The senator watched the Jedi as she met his gaze, taking that time to attempt a read on her. He kept his hand reached out for her to take if she wished. As she did take his hand, a soft breath left him. The electric connection between them seemed to surge and give to the girl, causing her to seem more alive and less frightened. He watched as she seemed to relax and return to a normal breathing pace.

“It’s alright,” he practically whispered to her, doing his best to not make attention onto the fact their hands were still conjoined, just in case the connection was helping her the link the touch. It seemed to do that, so it made sense as to why Ben automatically assumed such.

“A meditative vision, I assume?” He asked as she stated she had no idea what it was. She looked away from him and attempted to laugh it off. He decided to allow her that much, offering her a soft smile before loosening his hold on her hand.

Ben rose a brow in a studious manner as she seemed to take a moment to try and catch her mind up on what happened, his eyes flickering down to their hands and then back to the girl.

He continued to be patient as she took the time to relax, his dark eyes watching over her until she finally raised her gaze to meet his. He offered her a small upturn of his lips before her words came. He nodded and gently slid his hand away from hers. “Alright… I could fly if you need me to. I quite enjoy piloting, actually.” He admitted lightly with a soft smile, tipping his head as he watched her.

“Of course, if you’d rather be the pilot, I won’t stop you. Simply thought I would offer,” he said softly.
Blinking a few times, Rey’s hands drifted to the controls of the ship.

“Yeah, something like that.”

It almost felt dishonest not to confide in him about what she’d just seen, given that he was at the center of it. But why? His voice had been the one to draw her back to reality inside and outside of the vision. She hadn’t had visions since she was a girl, with no real understanding of them.

Her lips thinned, and she gave him a small smile back.

“Yeah I can only imagine, with the father you have.” She laughed, thinking about all that she’d heard. If anything, the legends spoke mostly of his flying and the incredible feats he had pulled. She tilted her chin up at the Senator in wonderment.

“Did your father actually make the Kessel run in fourteen parsecs?”

She just had to know.

“You’re welcome to sit with me, but I think I’d feel more comfortable piloting. Seems to be my ‘job’ right now anyways.” A shrug of her shoulders followed her words, a bit more casual then they should probably be.

With all the Jedi that could’ve landed this mission, she still wondered why she was being trusted with it. And now that she thought about it, her master had to know that his nephew was force sensitive, so why wasn’t she filled in on that little detail?

“Have you ever visited the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, Senator?”
The senator watched her as she reached for the controls, listening as she confirmed that it was basically a vision. At least something like such. He chewed on his lip lightly as to refrain from speaking further on that topic, seeing as he didn’t want to bring up him being force sensitive due to expressing that he had force induced nightmares sometimes. Not often, but sometimes.

He continued to study the girl as he awaited for her answer despite assuming she was taking up the role of pilot with the fact that the Jedi grabbed the controls.

When she responded to him, she didn’t answer his initial question regarding the offer to pilot the ship instead of the girl. He listened to her words and then froze. His dad?

She knew of his father? He found himself growing cautious as the topic of his talented father already caused problems with him at work. Being a smuggler wasn’t exactly something to hit home about when he was trying to gain the approval of everyone in the senate.

He blinked again as she questioned the Kessel run, pulling a small huff of a laugh from him as he responded, “Twelve,” he corrected, “If you meet him ever, don’t say it was fourteen, he would give you an earful.” He stated.

Ben then nodded respectfully as she chose to pilot, stepping off to the side to take a seat in the copilot’s chair, leaning back in it and watching her as she spoke further before he took a turn in speaking.

“It doesn’t have to be your job, you know, I will never expect you to fly us everywhere so long as we are assigned together.” He informed her, tapping his fingertips against the arms of the seat before blinking at the question that left her lips.

The Jedi Temple? He frowned lightly and shrugged in an unsure manner of how to answer. “The main entrance at most. Not many that aren’t Jedi can get inside. I had to wait in a room for my grandfather and uncle back when they—“ He cut himself off as he caught himself from spewing out his force abilities to her.

“They helped me with something important.” He finished before leaning back against the seat and watched her as she took up flying them to Coruscant.
She tried to hide a smile as he corrected her, wondering what it would actually be like to speak about it to Han Solo in person. Twelve parsecs was genuinely incredible. It was hard not to wonder how differently the father and son compared to each other. Rey obviously knew what the rest of his family was like, and honestly Ben was already a bit different from them from what she could tell. But it wasn't a bad thing. In reflection, she quickly realized that she was almost...envious of him. He had so much to his family, he had royalty running through his veins as well as the Force, and many remarkable people to support him.

I hope he appreciates them.

Rey knew that she, like many other Jedi, didn't know much about her family. But the difference was that she had been abandoned by her family, not only that but forced to simply figure out how to survive on a backwater planet like Jakku. And Jakku was rather unforgiving and scarce. The ones who 'helped' her could barely be called family, in fact she could think of a good few things they could be called...

"I'm sure I'll say it just to get that conversation started." She joked, trying not to let her mind stay stuck on the topic. "Alright then, not a 'job'. But still, it would seem rather odd, right?"

She paused, pursing her lips in thought.

"I've never been a bodyguard before. And you're also a Senator, not some normal person."

Far from normal...

As she finished her sentence, she felt the ignition vibrate the starship, and it wasn't long before they were cleared and smoothly riding towards the atmosphere.

As he answered her, ideas swirled around in her mind and only one conclusion could be made. His uncle and grandfather had to be doing something related to his sensitivty. At this point, with everything, Rey felt like there was an elephant in the room. Or well, ship room.

"....Ben," She murmured hesitantly, slowly looking at him. "You...you're Force sensitive, aren't you."

It was spoken as more of a statement than a question. And immediately she felt something glimmer within the Force, like she had awakened some unknown entity. He had to know, at this point she'd followed the context clues. And again, not that it was her business but...she was more than curious.
As she mentioned that it might be a good conversation starter with his father, he raised a brow in a curious manner. "You want to listen to my father rave on about how it was twelve and not fourteen for hours?" He asked her. Surely no one would want to hear Han Solo go on and on about how people have got to stop saying fourteen as it wasn't nearly as impressive as what actually happened. Ben, for the most part, didn't believe that happened. Nor did he see the big deal about it, seeing it was a length in measurement and there were faster ships than his piece of junk over thirty years later.

He scrunched his face up at her comment on piloting, looking at her with a slight tilt of his head. "No, not really... but alright, I will humor you." He mused lightly and looked out the window.

Ben blinked and looked to her again as she spoke, tearing his attention from their outside surroundings and onto the girl piloting the ship. "So you're saying a senator can't fly a ship?" He asked with a slight tug of his lips in amusement. "There is a lot of things I can do, senator or not," he added in a soft humorous tone.

Turning his attention back to the window as she took time to seemingly think over the answer he gave from her Temple question, he watched as they moved into the atmosphere of Naboo and the way the light blue darkened the closer they entered space. His brows furrowed, however, as a tension seemed to radiate from Rey in the silence afterwards.

What was she thinking about?

The senator blinked as caught his attention with his name, looking at her from where he remained seated in the copilot side. He watched her quizzically, listening for her to continue whatever it was she was going to say. As she met his gaze, he felt his pulse quicken as he immediately had a feeling he wouldn't appreciate the oncoming conversation.

You're force sensitive.

Air escaped Ben's lungs as he heard the words leave her lips, his muscles tensing up slightly. He felt like a cornered loth-cat as he felt the weight of the words on his chest. Kriff. He was clearly a terrible excuse for keeping secrets. It had to be the closet thing. It was a childish thing to get that upset over, he knew that... and now he was suffering the consequences for not being more careful about controlling his temper. The girl knew. Knowing that lying will not work with someone like himself, Ben took back the air that had left him before meeting her gaze again with a slow nod, "I am."

"What gave it away? The incident in the closet?" He drawled with a weak laugh in a self-depreciative manner before pausing shortly as another thought came to mind, which caused the man to peek with curiosity.

"Or did you feel it, too?" He knew she had felt it, every reaction to their hands touching and the moment their eyes met— he could tell she felt it, too.
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