Story The Road Not Taken


Burning hearts and bleeding roses
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Dead at night, I tossed and turned pondering about what had happened in school.
The bell chimed at 2, allowing the students to finally go home. I picked my bag up and approached my friends who were sitting across the room. When I finally met up with them, I heard my friend Andrew talking about how he wanted to become a neurologist after the boards were over. My other friend, Candice, ever enthusiastically replied that she wanted to be a journalist. The conversation made me question what I wanted to be.

After waving goodbye to my friends, I spent the time questioning what I wanted to be. A teacher? Nah I don’t think so... A scientist? I’ve never really liked science; how could I ever think about being a scientist! That’s what I kept thinking about throughout the day.When it was time for dinner I tried to ask my mom and dad, but they weren’t that helpful. All they said is when the time comes, I’ll know what I want to be.

And so that night I went to bed restless with the thought about what I would become in life, getting a job had never really bothered me before, but now, as I’m slowly running out of time, I know I need to decide before it’s too late.

I woke up with a breeze caressing my cheek, looking up to what looked like huge trees. How did I end up here, and where’s my bed? I got up drowsily and since my vision was still hazy, I tripped over my steps. After taking my sweet time getting up, I shook off the leaves from my arms and knees and stood up after doing my best clearing the fog from my brain. Millions and millions of autumn leaves glazed the sight and above scraping the sky were big trees with yellow leaves. Realization dawned on me that I was in the yellow woods, just like the ones I would come to everyday, seeking tranquility and inspiration from colorful leaves and landscapes. I remembered having an obsession of capturing moments like these in my beloved camera, and that’s when something clicked in me.

You can call it instinct or curiosity. I walked ahead into the uncharted grounds, the path seemed endless until I came to a tricky sight of a fork in my path which led to a dilemma, two roads leading to two different ways, diverged to any endless possibility ahead.

One path was imprinted with footprints, while one was left forgotten. It reminded me of the choices I had to make, one path led to me forsaking my happiness and becoming something I didn’t want to be, and another led to what I had always dreamt of being...someone who captures moments in tiny images, taking hold of every color in the scene. That’s it… that was what I wanted to be… “A photographer,” I said out loud to nobody. I took the path that I knew was written in my destiny.

And so I decided what I truly wanted to be

By Kacey/XxrarewerewolfxX

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