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Fantasy The Packs of Moonlight Lore



Stalking my prey silently in the night.
Eclipsa, Colorado, a place full of all the myths and legends. A place that was usually pretty peaceful to live in. However, those myths and legends are more true than humans could ever know. Most never paying attention to the wolves that roamed around and were often seen. But most of those wolves were actually werewolves, all from the different packs that lived in the area. And that peace was about to be destroyed by a pack's wishes to take over the others. A huge war is coming and no one is ready for it, not even the werewolves who started it.

Werewolf Ranks & Information

- The highest ranking in the pack, listen well to their orders.
Omega - Second in command, Have a calming aura about them that can seem to soothe even the most angered wolf.
Guards - They work their tails off to protect and fight for their pack. Most are very loyal and never stray from that loyalty.
Medic - Healer of the pack, they aren't often listened to unless it's something medical wise though.
Beta - The lowest rank in the pack, usually a weak wolf or someone who is easy to use. They could also have been injured stopping them from being able to be a guard or something else.

These werewolves are a bit different from your normal, instead of you simply changing into a wolf, your wolf is actually a separate persona. So some of you may argue with your inner wolf, or maybe you are both so in sync that you almost can't tell the difference. But be warned those who fight with their wolf and don't accept their wolf half may drive themselves insane.

Heat Cycle
The heat that falls upon werewolves can be very overpowering at points. It can be strong enough to make a wolf sick or weak if they ignore that heat.

Spring: SoulMoon
Summer: moonlight festival
Fall: BloodMoon
Winter: GhostMoon

The Packs

BloodMoon Pack
: The BloodMoon Pack is either feared, hated, or ignored until they are at the front door. They are a bloodthirsty bunch, who's Alpha feels that she should reign over all the other packs. They went as far as setting fire to a section of the forest killing several wolves in the process. But they have their troubles too as they have found out about someone betraying the pack. Now tensions within the pack are higher than ever, but their plans to overtake the surrounding packs aren't stopping anytime soon.

GhostMoon Pack: The GhostMoon Pack has had a long and tiresome journey and even now things are still difficult. A strange plague swept through their pack leaving them ill and unable to fight until finally, death claimed them, and the BloodMoon Pack set their eyes on them. Not caring about the strange illness that ran through the GhostMoon Pack Lilith set her wolves upon the defenseless pack. They fought and fought until the last of the GhostMoon Pack fell, leaving only the Alpha's daughter and a Guard who got away. The guard remained by the child's side protecting her at all costs and making sure that the last of the GhostMoon Pack survived. They would not fade away as the BloodShadow Pack had!

SoulMoon Pack: SoulMoon's Alpha demanded that his pack stay out of the chaos between the other packs. They swore that they wouldn't bother to help any of the packs and simply stay neutral for as long as they could. However, the Alpha's will broke when the only remaining few of the GhostMoon Pack came to them and asked for help. The Alpha could not find it in them to turn them away and helped with what they could. Now SoulMoon and GhostMoon are working together to try and keep their packs safe from the evil clutches of BloodMoon.

BloodShadow Pack(Gone): Nothing but history is what this pack is. They were hit first by the BloodMoon Pack and their Alpha was one of the first ones to fall. Or so that was how it seemed as no one from his pack were ever able to find him or his body. So they fell quick and hard, some fleeing, some dying instead of betraying their pack, and others deciding any life was better than being killed.

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Stalking my prey silently in the night.
Eclipsa, Colorado.png

So the Dinner & Library are in one building, the Dinner is on the bottom floor and the Library is on the top floor, there is even a patio on both stories of the building for people to enjoy dining or reading outside!

The Hotel is somewhat small, but still has a pool and 40 rooms.

The housing section holds houses and Apartments.

The Park has 2 slides(a small and a large), 2 swing sets, a titer-toter, a bathroom, 1 canopied table, and benches.

Super Market has all the basic needs of the small town.

The Brown Star is the Den, the Red Star is the Packhouse. GhostMoon's red star is see through because it needs to be torn down and rebuilt.

The lake in Neutral Territory is called Fang Lake due to its shape and the fact that many wolves have been spotted in the area.

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