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Fantasy The Mogul ( A Fantasy RP) ( CS )



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Here is the CS Thread for those who are ready to post their characters. There is a few pieces of criteria to your skeleton.

First; you must have these pieces of information in your sheet. If you wanna add to it, that's fine:

Partner (character AND writer):
Pairing(hot headed/cold headed?):
Which type are you? (Physical, Mental, Verbal):
Magic Type: (Leave blank till given the type by me)
Relationship(Friends, enemies, etc):

Second; Your sheet must be detailed with your personality and your bio because not only are you building a history with your partner but your personality must show the prominent trait while also explaining the less prominent ones. This will help the characters click and help others understand your dynamic some more for those outside the pairing.

Third; Your sheet will be accepted based on the rating given. Cookie will mean it needs some work, a Heart will mean it's accepted. You will be dmed on what must be fixed to fit into the criteria if you get that cookie.

Forth; Anime pictures or Art that isn't too realistic is perfectly fine for the FC
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Andrek Tenko




Cis Male


Mitra ( -ferret- -ferret- )


/ Clumsy


Parental Figure


Sazzora Dynasty





With the amount of love Andrek has lost in his lifetime, he fears that there is no room for anything else new to occupy the fragmented heart in his chest. Still, he
on in the memory of his loved ones. The last thing he wants to do is make a misstep and cause grief to someone who doesn't deserve it. He can be
, even if it looks like e's swallowing glass to do it. In the court of the Emperor, he had to mature rather quickly to get ahead. This led to a desensitized approach to "childish" things. A part of him wishes to be something more than just a well-learned
of the state, but he can't find that nudge he needs to completely move on. Maybe he's weak for being
. But, those memories are everything to him. What would he be if he freed himself from such silly chains?




Notes: Son of the sister to the Sazzoran Emperor, head of royal guard, quit when his (gay)lover was killed in an assassination attempt on the Emperor, Always felt a pull away from his duties and station. Mother's dying wish was that he find another thing to live for than being the perfect weapon.



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The Cynic
Ciaran Kilbane
The Cynic

"Authenticity is nothing more than a child's fantasy. Behind every word spoken, every action taken there is and always will be an ulterior motive"
Ciaran Kilbane, a man who tends to lean towards the darker side of life. A naturally distrustful man Ciaran will very rarely if ever lower his guard around people, even if that person is someone whom he has known for a very long time. He knows full well that people are motivated by their own desires, tempted by their own greed and their own selfishness; that beneath their actions lies a motivation... a need to benefit themselves. He can seldom look at a person without second guessing their intentions and motives. Calm and collected about his thoughts, he doesn't jump or act on emotion; rather he tries to decipher and grasp what is actually occurring; if only to question the authenticity and sincerity behind it.

Society has done very little to break down the walls that Ciaran has erected around himself. If anything, it is society that has nurtured the seed of cynicism that had rooted itself deeply within a young Ciaran; given the selfish interest of society is plain for everyone to see. The Rich thrive off the poor, the strong dominate the weak, the ruthless take from the helpless... this is simply fact present within society and even the natural world. It is simply survival of the fittest and it is only those that harbour the ruthless desire to dominate that ever stand at the top. Ciaran refuses to allow himself to suffer this oppression, to put himself in a position in which he can be taken advantage of, betrayed for the sake of someone else's selfish goal.

This is a dog eat dog world and the only person that Ciaran truly trust is himself. The lone wolf outcast, Ciaran is naturally drawn towards the comfort of solitude for it is only within that solitude can he protect himself from those that seek to take from him. Within that solitude, there is safety and comfort; knowing that he himself is not vulnerable to the influence of society's selfish desires.

While Ciaran has yet to reach the point of completely ostracizing himself from society as a whole, he tends to make it very difficult for people to actually like him or put up with him. He does his best to keep any if all relationships as a distance, and he is more likely to create boundaries and issues with anyone he has to meet; often talking in a very rude, sarcastical and sometimes blunt manner. Since he isn't looking to lower his guard and let you in to his circle, he see's no need to practice good etiquette in order to appease and fit in. If his actions and his manner of speaking offend, you can guarantee that Ciaran will not lose any sleep over your feelings.

Likewise, while he does not sugar coat his words for the sake of making a good impression, he finds it aggravating when someone speaks to him in a manner he feels is 'fake'. He cannot stand people that put on a façade in order to make a decent impression, hiding who they really are for the sake of fitting in and getting along with everyone. He finds this habit to be distasteful and fraudulent, seeing those that do as much as being someone he can never trust. If someone truly had no ulterior motive, then they would have no need to hide behind a mask.. to cast an illusion; hiding who they really are.

Truth be told, the one person that Ciaran trusts the least is himself. While he will question and criticise the authenticity of everyone around him, deep down it is the darkness within himself that he battles with daily that frightens him the most. He struggles to convince himself that he himself is someone worthy of being trusted; that he will not discard others for the sake of his own benefit. He consistently battles with the idea that he is no different, no better than those that he openly mocks and that if he were to ever 'accept' someone, he would be the one to betray them.

"Was it nature that made me this way? or was I nurtured to view the world with such condemnation?"

Was it by nature that Ciaran was born to be this way or was it by pure chance that he was nurtured to view the world with eyes full of doubt. For many years, psychologist have argued their points upon the age old debate of Nature vs Nurture, if it is predetermined at birth that a child will turn out a certain way or if the environment they grow up in is the leading influence towards their final outcome.

You could argue both cases over several nights and days and come no closer to finding the answer when Ciaran is involved. Unplanned, unprepared and unfit, Ciaran was born into a rather young family, a foolish unmarried couple that had no intention of harboring a child, yet faith had other plans for them. Born and raised against their better judgement, the early years were a time rife with stress, frequent arguments between both parents causing their home life to be far from pleasant; innocent golden eyes watching as both mother and father languished with the consequences of their decisions. Memories that would arguably lay the foundations of what he came to be.

Times were hard for Ciaran's family; his father struggling to keep hold of a long term job whilst his mother struggled at home, her health deteriorating due to the stress of having to take care of Ciaran as well as of her partners inability to gain any semblance of financial stability. This would of course put further strain on their relationship up until the breaking point where one night after a particularly long argument, his father would walk out that door never to be seen again.

Roughly 6 months would elapse before Ciaran was sent to an orphanage; his mother unable to take care of him any longer due to her ailing condition and his father's whereabouts a mystery despite how hard the local authorities had tried to find him. During this time, Ciaran would begin to show a more independant side to himself, choosing to be alone rather then mingle with the other children at the orphanage despite their caretakers efforts to have him 'open up'. This isolation would last awhile before Ciaran's first contact with Rinnosuke; the red haired youth a year older having an aura about himself that Ciaran couldn't simply ignore, couldn't pretend didnt exist. There was something that drew Ciaran to Rinnosuke, an influence that seemed to melt the barriers that Ciaran had erected upon himself, a fire that melted the icy distance that Ciaran had tried to keep from everyone else.

While Ciaran had kept that distance between himself and everyone else, he would become surprisingly close to Rinnosuke, the two quickly becoming close friends and nigh on inseperable as they lived their days out at the orphanage; getting into adventures and in some occassions trouble as they waited for the day they could properly leave this place. Rinnosuke was always the optimistic one, always believing that something good was going to come their way so long as they were patient and believed, Ciaran however always had his doubts, always chose to grasp his version of reality, even against Rin's encouragement which was slowly beginning to wear down Ciaran's walls.

Alas, any progress at breaking down his defences would be quashed as Ciaran was proven right on one certain occassion. Having gone on one of their adventures, a group of paranoid citizens had made the unfounded assumption to classify them as Moguls, an older man claiming to have never seen them without the other. It didn't take long for a group of people to chase them, fully believing that the two friends were the dreaded abominations that society detested.

Chased into the ports of Noniel, the two would find themselves separated; Rinn turning towards a large group of crates while Ciaran opted to head towards one of the storage warehouses, the dark haired youth drawing a group of their chasers with him as he entered the darkened warehouse. Lost, Scared confused and eventually cornered in the back of the warehouse; the youth would undergo a beating from several of the Noniel citizens; their judgement cast without a sliver of evidence. The beating would last several minutes with Ciaran fading into unconsciousness; his body left in the dark corner until it was eventually found by a dockworker that had treated his wounds.

Battered, beaten and abused. It would be a day before Ciaran returned to the orphanage; his arms laced with purple welts as he sullenly made his way towards his room with the dockworker explaining the situation to the caretakers. Hoping to see Rinnosuke there, Ciaran would eventually learn that his best friend had yet to return, not had he been seen since the pair of them had split up at the docks. An investigation was put in place, yet despite that it was never really a priority for the officers. A missing orphan accused of being a Mogul didn't really scream priority for them.

A couple Years would elapse with no news towards Rinnosukes disappearance until finally one day, mail had arrived to the orphanage addressed directly to Ciaran much to everyones surprise. For days, he would simply stare at the unopened letter; unwilling to open it yet never resolved enough to discard it away. Something about that first letter had drawn him in, yet his doubt would always prevent him from taking that step to open it. It wasn't until the 2nd letter arrived that he would finally give in to temptation. A mixture of emotions had welled up inside Ciaran, the news of Rinnosuke being alive and well causing him to undoubtedly feel a shred of joy and relief, yet the thought that he was living a better life while Ciaran remained at the orphanage had also caused him to feel a sense of jealousy as well as doubt. Ciaran despite wishing he didnt, cannot deny having thoughts towards Rin intentionally using Ciaran to draw the crowd away for his own benefit. That he had used Ciaran as a distraction whilst he fled the kingdom for a better life. It would be a constant internal struggle for Ciaran, on one hand being relieved that his closest friend was alive, yet also being envious towards their vastly different situations. While they would remain in contact, Ciaran as he got older would attempt to find ways of forgetting such thoughts; to try and distract himself from thinking the worst of Rinnosuke despite such thoughts being impossible to get rid of. A darkness lingered within him and it was unwilling to let go of such twisted assumptions.

Entering his late teens, Ciaran would frequently find himself out late at night; searching for any form of trouble that he could get himself into. Gangs were abundant and a useful tool for getting himself to release any pent up stress, regardless of if he came out the victor or the loser. Inevitably, he would begin to make a name for himself on the streets as someone you didn't really want to be involved with and someone that was better to avoid if at all possible.

Ciaran would eventually affiliate himself with a shady business. Largely dealing with underground gambling, Ciaran despite his age was offered a job as a bouncer. He had proven himself an avid street fighter and someone that didn't exactly mess about. So long as he was paid accordingly, he would cause no problems and if anything his cynical nature had proven useful in dealing with certain individuals that tended to frequent the establishment.

While life was not painted in glory, Ciaran had managed to etch out a niche for himself. He had some form of income and no longer needed to rely on the orphanage; especially since he was close to being over the age limit. Alas, just as he was getting comfortable; his past would come to haunt him with that same familiar sensation from all those years ago.
"You would be foolish to trust simply what your eyes can see, for hidden beneath the surface lies a darkness ready to consume"
Ciaran stands at about 5ft 11 inches in height and has a rather toned physique; though he does lean a bit more towards the skinnier side due to his circumstances. He has hazel coloured eyes accompanying a beauty mark under his right eye, as well as a scar above his left eye which is often obscured by his hair. Presently, Ciaran has a two-toned hair color, choosing a golden blonde dye to contrast the naturally dark hair color he was born with. While it was kept rather short during his youth, he has since left it to grow into a dishevelled state or what some would call a messy wolf cut style with blonde streaks throughout. When he does let it grow, he will either style it in a man bun or a pony tail.

To further accentuate this rebellious look, he has taken it upon himself to get a stylized tiger tattoo upon his neck; the choice influenced by his favourite animal. This tattoo extends down towards the right side of his chest.
Tools of the Trade
"Everything is a weapon... including deceit..."
~Fighting Style~
Ciaran is your generic everyday street fighter, someone cast into the wilderness and left to fend for themselves. It is true countless hardships living rough that Ciaran developed his own style of combat; a school of fighting that didn't rely on years upon years of honing and development. A street brawler that isn't afraid to fight dirty should he need to, he will use any and every advantage that he can get in order to win.

On the streets, a fight isn't just some disagreement between two parties... it is far more savage... far more primal. Quite often, these are fights for survival where it is winner takes all, survival of the fittest. There is no chivalry... no honour out here.

Ciaran will quite often utilize knuckle dusters to fight, though he isn't opposed to using metal bats or metal pipes... or even a discarded chain. Virtually anything he can get his hands on.

Sacred Wind Manipulation
"Realize the fragility of your deceit and kneel before the winds of Judgement."
The magic afforded to Ciaran has been classified as 'Sacred Wind Manipulation', a divine form of Aerokinesis that imbues the wind with the holy attribute. Ciaran effectively has access to abilities associated with Aerokinesis but expands upon its limitations with the addition of the divine / holy aspect, gaining access to additional abilitities such as power bestowal and purification. Sacred Wind is considered to be extremely effective against the supernatural, such as angels, deities, demons and other divine-type beings. This ability is considered to be the direct counterpart to its unholy counterpart.

Ability One: Sacred Aerokinesis - Similar to standard aerokinesis but with the addition of a holy attribute. He can create, shape and manipulate wind for a variety of effects. For example, he can generate blasts of winds to augment his attacks or weaponize wind in the form of 'Razor Wind' (creating blades of wind). He has the ability to manipulate the air currents around himself, allowing for feats such as flight or air walking as well as creating a strong localized barriers of wind to protect himself.

Ability Two: Holy Winds of Purification - (Purification) The ability to summon sacred heavenly winds that have the ability to purify any evil or negative affects cast upon the caster and his closest ally. In other words, debilitating side affects that would otherwise inflict effects such as poison, burn slows, stuns etc are all nullified. This has the added affect of causing damage over time towards entities of unholy origin. An AOE style of ability that generates a strong body of wind that encapsulates the immediate vicinity around Ciaran. It cannot be focused upon a target.

Ability 3: Sacred Blessing - (Power Bestowment) An ability that temporarily marks a designated target with a holy stigmata. Those bestowed with this mark are purified of any negative afflictions and are granted some passive benefits linked with the wind. Some examples are: Increased movement speed, Air toxin immunity (breath that fresh air). They also gain resistance to unholy magic.

Ultimate: Divine Punishment, Holy Judgement - Ciaran has the ability to create a barrier that covers a wide area. From within this barrier he creates a vacuum that begins to deplete the oxygen within the enclosed space. As the oxygen diminishes, those caught within and unmarked by the Stigmata will begin to suffocate, falling to their knees in prayer before receiving their divine punishment.

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"... Huh? You want a quote from me?"


  • Name: Florian “Flo” Reinham

    Age: 29

    Gender: male (he/him)

    Sexuality: Questioning, but not looking for answers

    The world could crack in half and Florian would find a way to cope with it. He has some of his own worries and cares, but he is confident that he can find orderly solutions when they arrive. He has been described as slow, or even lazy by his father during those typical family arguments, but praised on happier days as someone who can always find a way through adversity due to keeping pretty calm by default. He would more readily experience sorrow than anger, and in the face of negativity from others, he wouldn’t worry too much - if someone thinks badly of him, he might do nothing but chuckle.

    He finds street smarts more reliably useful than academic intelligence, and he doesn’t mind if he’s not the smartest person in the room. The only deep anxiety he does harbour is the fear of harming someone innocent with his actions. He isn't someone who usually has strong opinions, but he will stand up for what he believes in... most of the time, anyway.

    His carefree nature appears to be a mixture of optimistic confidence, a degree of hope, and a pinch of nihilism - after all, if things don't matter, why worry? Other traits he possesses include a strong sense of order and preference, and an underlying current of bad luck.

    With a height of 6’3”, Florian might cut an imposing figure if he bothered to stand up straight. He tends to lean against things, perhaps providing some credence to claims made about him being lazy. He doesn’t mind what he wears as long as it’s black - it’s easier to ignore creases or stains that way. He shares the same blue eyes and dark hair as his brother, but Florian’s hair is just a bit longer and less tamed. He’s been wearing the same boots for years, paying no mind to the scuffs, nor the fact he’s had a whole lace missing for three years.
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Lilia Canteru | Passive


Name: Aurelia Canteru (Goes by Lilia)
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Partner: Lumian Isca / Key of Stars Key of Stars
Pairing: Aggressive & Passive
Bond Type
: Verbal
Magic Type: Hyalokinesis
Relationship: Lovers
  • Looks: Lilia is a somewhat ghostly-looking woman, with naturally pale skin and wispy silvery-blue hair, almost appearing as if she could float away or disappear with the wind at any moment, especially with her preference for simpler, light-coloured or floaty clothes as well. Her most eye-catching feature is her slightly sad-looking violet eyes, a startling contrast to the rest of her pale appearance. She stands roughly around 5'4 and rarely wears heels.

    Lilia is a dainty woman, seeming as if she couldn't harm a fly, and to an extent, that's true. Most days, she is a wallflower that only ever seems to sit quietly and watch the world around her. Reading books, listening to music, admiring art, she only ever seems to appreciate what the world leads her to rather than build anything of her own. Rarely, when she does actually play her hand, her works tend to be something special however, owing to her deep understanding of the arts she appreciates. Though friendly and willing to chat with strangers, she rarely approaches people out of her own will, preferring to enjoy her quiet time alone.

    A wanderer and free-spirit, nothing seems to ever shake or propel Lilia to action, disliking the inevitable unending conflict or arguments that follow. Even if her life has changed greatly, she still tries her best to appreciate her parents will, living happily and freely as well as she can. Like a river, she bends with the flow, rarely expressing her own opinion, and easily giving in to the wishes of those around her, especially if she cares for them. But even so, she is a person, and there is only so much she can bear before she breaks, unleashing a side deeply hidden and scathing.

    Though not the most powerful or agile person, Lilia is a perceptive watcher at heart and has read plenty of books. Biting into and hitting people where they hurt most with words, threats and bluffs is one of her talents, though one she is not exactly fond of.
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Name: Damien

Age: 19




Damien is a resilient, hardworking, and humble individual, with a strong sense of family and duty, coupled with a tendency towards idealism and deep reflection on his life and circumstances.

Partner (character AND writer): Lilith (Lily) | AriAriAbabwa AriAriAbabwa

Pairing(hot headed/cold headed?): Brash | Humble

Which type are you? (Physical, Mental, Verbal): Verbal (Soy Inculto)

Magic Type: Reflective Bastion (shielding):

Mirror Shield: A personal shield that protects Damien from all forms of attacks. Absorbs attacks and stores the energy that can be used for later on attacks. However, if he absorbs too much damage it can break and cause harm to Damien.

Echo Barrier: A long range shield that Damien can cast on anyone within sight. Absorbs attacks like Mirror Shield and stores energy.


Leaving Noniel

Born and raised in the Noniel Empire until his eighth birthday, Damien witnessed several families being taken away under suspicion of being Moguls. Alarmed by this, his parents decided to pack all their belongings and move to a safer place, fearing that their own house could be targeted next. They planned to travel to Yamore to distance themselves from Noniel, but they ran out of funds and ended up homeless in Habia. This situation was short-lived, as Damien’s father soon found a job, allowing the family to gradually establish a stable life, eventually securing decent housing.

With a stable income, Damien's parents enrolled him in school. The goal was to save enough money to continue their journey to Yamore, but they ended up settling happily in Habia.

Happy Home and School Life in Habia

Life in Habia became more manageable for Damien and his family. However, Damien initially struggled in school due to his period of homelessness. He devoted much of his time to studying at home, eventually not only catching up but surpassing his peers. By high school, he was recognized as one of the smartest kids, always humble and eager to help others.

At home, Damien understood the hardships his parents had faced and did not mind if they missed celebrations like birthdays or holidays. He even worked with his father during vacations to contribute financially, often being reminded by his parents to enjoy his youth rather than work.

High school was uneventful for Damien, marked by a balance of academic excellence, helping friends, and managing work and personal life. After graduating, he took a short break before applying to the Lorendale Institute of Technological Innovations and Historical Studies (L.I.T.I.H).

L.I.T.I.H and Being Taken Away

Damien was thrilled to receive his acceptance letter from L.I.T.I.H. The night before leaving for the institute, he was too excited to sleep, filled with thoughts of future possibilities. At L.I.T.I.H, he befriended Lilith, a troubled student prone to skipping classes. Despite her attitude, Damien felt a connection with her and tried to keep her on track academically.

However, their lives took a dramatic turn when they were suddenly apprehended by a group of individuals at the university. Damien and Lilith were swiftly restrained and escorted away. When they attempted to separate him from Lilith, Damien resisted, insisting they stay together. He was in denial about the possibility of them being Moguls.

The reality that he was a Mogul was difficult for Damien to accept. As the tests confirmed his identity, he realized his old life was over. He was placed in a specialized cell for Moguls, left alone with his memories of his family's struggles, his academic efforts, and the hard work that got him into L.I.T.I.H, all of which now seemed meaningless.

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Lumian Isca


Age: 23

Gender: Male

Partner: Aurelia Canteru | SilverFeathers SilverFeathers

Relationship: Lovers

Pairing: Aggressive/Passive

Type: Verbal

Trigger: Finestra dell'inferno

Magic Type: Hell-Fire Manipulation
Visual Change: Lumian's eyes blaze in Lilia's violet instead as violet flames tinge the tips of his hair


The Violet Flames (Ability 1): The most basic ability of Hell-Fire Manipulation allows Lumian to create flames on and near his body. Allowing him to do simple stuff like wrapping his fists or feet in fire as he punches or kicks. It also allows him to create fireballs he can throw at enemies from a distance.

Infernal Armor (Ability 2): A more advanced form of Hell-Fire Manipulation that allows Lumian to clad his entire body in blazing violet armor. The armor will stop even bullets from a revolver from piercing his skin. He usually only applies the armor to his upper body as while he himself is resistant to the flames, his clothing is not.

Devil's Medicine (Ability 3): Lumian uses Hell-Fire Manipulation to instantly cauterize small wounds. Because of his body's resistance to fire this doesn't leave the burn scars it normally would. He can use it on others in emergencies, though they will be scarred.

Incandescent Flames (Ultimate Ability): Lumian can compress his flames before releasing them, the longer the compression, the more flames gathered. Resulting in a more violent and potent strike. It's main use is creating fireballs that will explode more violently upon impact.

Tools of Burning Glass (Partner Ability): Delicately sculpted by Lilia's glass and brilliantly re-forged in Lumian's flames, the pair unitedly create deadly weapons of sharpened and hardened glass, the constant flames on their blades flaring bright once swung.

Lumian is someone who strongly believes that any problem can be solved through violence. He is fiercely loyal to those he cares about and will protect them using that very same philosophy of ‘punch first, ask questions later’, charging in and fighting those who wronged him or those he cares about with little regard for his own safety.

He is generally a kind and well-mannered person but when angered he is quick to abandon all caution and get both physical and rather foulmouthed, even if the anger sometimes originates from a simple misunderstanding.

His penchant for fighting has gotten him in trouble more times than he can count and the list of establishments he is allowed to visit is dwindling by the day.

Lilia is the only person who stands a chance in calming him down when he’s angry, though often only after a few punches have been exchanged and some blood has been shed.

An orphan from the kingdom of Floramante, he spent the first 13 years of his life in an orphanage in a city in the north of Floramante before he decided to run away. He lived on the road for a few months before he got taken in by a shepherd living in a small village close to the mountains bordering the Habia Kingdom.

There, he lived with his adoptive father for another 8 years. He was known as a mischievous prankster in his village, though for the most part, aside from a fair few fights with youngsters his age (some that ended with more than a little blood being spilled), he avoided getting in any trouble that would affect his future prospects. It wasn’t until his adoptive father fell ill, and the authorities came knocking for taxes there was no way Lumian and his father could pay that Lumian truly let himself go again, and after a particularly bloody fight, his face was plastered on wanted posters throughout the region.

He fled across the border to the Habia kingdom, where he became aware of his father’s death half a year later. Unfortunately for Lumian, it only takes one drunken misstep, one in his opinion completely justified scuffle with law enforcement that just so happened to have a fatal outcome, for one to become a wanted criminal. Having no reason to return to Floramante he decided to cross the border to Noniel instead, determined to make an honest living there.

The night he arrived in Noniel he decided to have a drink at one of the local bars, and at that somewhat crummy bar he met her. The moment she called out his order he knew what he was, what she was, and the power that came with it. Her voice being the only sound that mattered in the sea of other sounds at the busy bar.

He had wanted to live an honest life in Noniel. But after knowing he possessed power far beyond his imagination, why not aim higher? With power like this, he could fight back against the corrupt and give to those less fortunate. And if a few people had to sustain a permanent injury or die for him to achieve his goals, so be it.

Except, the girl, Lilia, much to his frustration, wasn’t willing to work with him. No matter how much he insisted and explained. Even after he used the pocket money he’d borrowed from the law enforcement officer he’d killed to buy his way into the merchant caravan she belonged to. Even after he got into the good graces of her family and friends.

That is, until the day he intervened when government officials tried to confiscate her parents' wares. For the first, and what for most would be the last time, he’d picked a fight he couldn’t win, staring down the barrel of a black brass revolver as a foot pressed him down on the pavement. But when you’re a mogul, a few words is all it takes to turn the tides, a few words is all it takes to turn part of the market district into a hellscape of fire and glass, and a few words is all it takes to become a wanted criminal for the third time in one’s life.

Though Lilia still heavily opposed his violence, she did finally agree to team up after the incident. Together they spend just over a year thieving from the corrupt and giving to those in need. Originally, Lilia’s passivity annoyed him to no end. Though over the course of the year, he steadily learned to tolerate it. Her way of life couldn’t be more different from his, but the more he found himself being dragged along in the mundane activities she enjoyed, the more he found himself appreciating the regular life he’d never had. Well, as regular a life as it could be, when you spend your nights robbing the rich.

He tried to hold back his anger, if even a little, whenever he was with Lilia. But he would still return from the tavern with a few new bruises more often than not, much to Lilia’s chagrin and worry. Overall though, life was pretty good. But comfort and hapiness make one dull, relaxed in a way that had never been allowed when he was barely getting by.

And when you're a wanted thief and mogul all it takes is one slip up for you to end up in jail. He'd lived a fairly satisfying life, and perhaps if it had been only him who would be executed, he might have accepted it. But with Lilia's life on the line, he was going to keep fighting back until the moment he would draw his last breath.


Standing at 6'0, Lumian has somewhat messy jet black hair and clear blue eyes. He has more than a few scars covering his body, but has so far avoided a permanent scar on his face. He is almost always covered in at least a few scrapes and bruises. He usually dresses casually, only opting for the most basic of disguises to avoid detection.​
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Clumsy Orphan




Mitra Abbasi




nonbinary (they/them)


Adrek ( orpheus. orpheus. )




Parental/Child figure


Sazzora -> The Broken Fields





Mitra is overall
. They're friendly and are always striking up conversation with anyone, no matter who they are. Mitra is also
, seeing the silver lining in every situation and always trying to bring the morale up. They hate a sour mood overall and have yet to face a situation so dire as to give up. Mitra is somewhat
. While they're friendly and kind, Mitra has trouble making long-lasting connections with others. People seem to only know the basics of the Sazzoran...or are they of the Broken? No one really knows. They seem to keep their cards close to their chest, only revealing important information about themself if there is no other option. Overall, Mitra is bubbly and optimistic, but guarded and a bit odd.



Mitra began life with one (1) father and no (0) mother. With a wife who died in childbirth and a rather fussy child, Mitra's father settled down with his kiddo and his dead wife's parents in their tea shop in Sazzora. Mitra grew up tough. They were a weird kid, always having trouble. Their odd habits and lack of mother made making friends hard and their home life was far from perfect. On the other hand, Mitra's father was also having a hard time. He worked a lot and couldn't understand his child. Until the age of five he was convinced they were sick since Mitra had yet to say their first word. The learning curve between Mitra and their father was steep, and not without its hardships. Mitra was a voracious reader though, and it wasn't too long before their father took note. That was how they bonded in the end. Around age thirteen, Mitra was finally becoming adjusted to life. They had a few friends in school and they and their father had an understanding. Everything was copacetic, thriving even. At fifteen, a fire had started in the teashop and Mitra's family members were at a net zero (0) after that. It was the worst. It was something that Mitra never really got to grieve for. Suddenly they were homeless with no support and nowhere to go. They ended up in the Broken Fields after not too long, traveling the continent. They weren't well received anywhere else. What with their inability to make friends and their inherent clumsiness. Every job they worked, they broke something and everyplace they looked for goodwill, they could find none. Not for an odd duck like them. It took them a year, but at sixteen years old, they were working for a gang of Broken. They were the perfect distraction and even though their fighting skills left a lot to be desired, they were worth just enough for a meal every night.



Mitra stands at five four with long legs and a shorter torso. They're pale with few blemishes aside from the occasional thin scar. Mitra sports, long, straight black hair the can either be seen worn loose or in a simple braid. Their eyes are almond shaped and so dark that you can only tell they're brown when the lights hits them and turns them a golden whiskey color. Their mouth seems so be set in a perpetual friendly grin, always lighthearted and never somber. Ears adorned with silver rings and dangles and beads send the message that Mitra is fanciful and likes to decorate themself. Thin shoulders and an overall slender physique betray none of their clumsy tendencies. Rather than a bull in a china shop, they are an unbalanced hare. Slight and lithe, they seem in control of their body until they are not. Mitra has overwhelmingly delicate features that contrast to their clumsy nature.



♡coded by uxie♡
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  • cdca6ade4d628bee861bdc3476e35349.jpg
    Name: Christoph Henkel

    Nickname: Chris

    Gender: Male

    Age: 22

    Partner: Carina Schreier ( Servant Servant )

    Pairing: Devious and Sincere

    Relationship: Inseparable Friends

    Type: Verbal

    False Hands- Christoph can create an illusion of his hands and arms. This ability doesn’t hide the presence of his real hands, having to use sly techniques to pull it off (like stuffing his real arm in his shirt so he can reach out and pickpocket while an illusion shows a false arm). Being just illusions, objects can pass through them and easily give away his trick.

    Mimicry- Christoph can cast an illusion over his face, taking on the appearance of somebody that he has seen recently. The ability only casts the illusion, it is up to him to do the rest. If he can’t envision the face, he can’t recreate it.

    Decoy- He can create a false version of himself, a mirror image. The mirror image can only walk, sit, and run. It can’t complete complicated tasks and is purely used for a diversion.

    Dual Realities- Christoph can create a small sphere that encompasses an area. This sphere doesn’t appear to exist, being able to see right through it but those inside are unseen. They can see everything with perfect clarity inside the sphere. It’s easy to pass in and out of the sphere, but shifts through it creates trembles in the images it creates. The sphere’s surface is almost fabric like, easy to destroy if discovered.

    Emergence of False Eyes: Decoys of Christoph and Carina are created, with Carina adding her attention catching magic onto the decoys. This creates the perfect distraction that would keep the eyes of any onlooker on the decoys and keep suspicion away from the real Christoph and Carina.

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Name: Lilith Svanenhielm

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Personality: Lilith inherits many traits from her Yamor ancestry: a confidence that enables her carefree life; an indifference to Moguls and non-Moguls; her brash attitude. Lilith rarely speaks with ill-intent, though you'd be forgiven for thinking otherwise. She speaks what's on her mind, whether the other perceives at as good or bad—she doesn't care what they believe, either. She would laugh at someone and say their outfit looks terrible, then be confused that they're upset. But sometimes she can't help but to tease people—in nearly the same way she always talks. Good luck discerning the intent behind her words...

Lilith lives according to her own values; what she believes is most important. Her parents might have sent her to class, but if she doesn't consider it valuable to her life, she's going to skip out and do something more beneficial. To her, she is the only person who can decide and influence what she does.

Partner: Damien - MangoGoGo MangoGoGo

Pairing: Brash / Humble

Which type are you?: Verbal (Soy Inculto)

Magic Type: Plant Manipulation

  • Black-Mondo-Grass.jpg
    A dense patch of black mondo grass grows at Lilith's feet, then spreading rapidly across all capable ground within 25 feet of her. It's difficult to walk through and can entangle people caught in the spell, but Lilith will know specific paths in the shrubbery that let her and allies walk through with ease should they follow her.

History/Bio: Lilith Svanenhielm comes from a lineage of proud Yamors. The Svanenhielms are what you'd expect from the kingdom: charismatic hosts with hearty attitudes to match. Their influence is evidence in their youngest daughter, Lilith. Her family is unbelievably to kind to all walks of life, but their tone between family members is one of harsh (yet friendly) banter. When it came to Lilith, she never picked up on the fact that people outside the Svanenhielms would find that cadence hurtful. It's a trait that stuck with her as she grew up. And having lived in Yamor and around her family for most of her childhood, her parents saw no need to correct this.

Upon moving to the Habia Kingdom to help out some relatives, Lilith was sent to the local school. She quickly became a "loner" student, as many others found her too brash and scary to befriend. Not that she minded. Lilith enjoyed her time alone, developing her own sense of fashion and expression. Those who braved talking to Lilith found every aspect of themselves being pointed out and mocked by her (which, in her eyes, was silly small talk). Nobody stuck around her for long, and she carried this aura throughout adolescence. In high school, she was attracted to others like herself and began skipping classes and doing typical teenage delinquent things.

When concerned school staff talked to her parents about it, they laughed it off and supported their daughter's independence and free will.

After graduating, Lilith's counselor (by now a frustrated worker trying his hardest to help) recommended she attend the Yamor Lorendale Institute of Technological Innovations and Historical Studies (L.I.T.I.H). One half-assed questionnaire and assessment listed the L.I.T.I.H. as the place where she'd benefit the most. To his relief, she agreed only because she learned from a friend about its lax attendance regulations.

And, like the school years before, Lilith quickly garnered a reputation as a trouble kid. She skipped classes whenever she felt like it, and the times she did attend, made no attempt to hide her boredom and lack of focus. Once again, her classmates learned to avoid her.

All but one.

To Lilith's surprise, a classmate named Damien found her skipping out in class. To her greater surprise, he wanted to bring her back on track! Even after many, many resolute "No's" and "Why should I's", he. Kept. Persisting. Thus, Lilith felt her very first connection to a total stranger: one of sheer annoyance.

Even more annoying was the band of goons that took her away.

Relationship: (Annoyed) Classmates

Looks: Lilith stands at 5'5 and has a distinct color scheme of mostly black and some purple. Her clothes are black. Her makeup is black. She dons a dozen piercings and accessories around her porcelain skin.
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basic info
    Schreier, Carina
    Inseparable friends
    "Not again, Chris..."
    5’7” | 173cm
    158lbs | 71kg
    Dark green
    Carina’s sense of fashion can be best characterised by how senseless it is. She really has no qualms with wearing just about anything, as long as it’s comfortable. Carina does have a tendency to be drawn towards more maritime-looking clothing, but then again she’s also drawn towards anything that is maritime soooo. The only consistent part about her attire is her ever-present eyepatch, you also tend to see Carina wearing a white navy cap she likes to take just about anywhere.
    One step at a time, we'll all make it!

    Taking a gander through Carina’s mental dictionary will initially reveal little of note. You’ll find stuff like “friends”, “hug” & “fish” with relative ease, however on closer inspection you’ll notice there’s a word missing: Lying. To put it bluntly, Carina is incapable of telling a lie, no matter the situation or whom she’s talking to, the raw truth always ends up coming out of her mouth. Despite knowing that her circumstances may worsen and bridges may be burnt if she chooses to tell the truth, she just can’t force herself to tell a lie. Socially speaking, this is a double edged sword, as on the one hand Carina may hurt someone’s feelings by abruptly stating what’s on her mind, but on the other you’ll always know that her compliments are 100% genuine.

    Carina is definitely someone who wears her heart on her sleeve at all times. She’s extremely open about her desire to make new friends wherever she goes, as she believes the best way to make people accept Moguls is by reaching their heart through words & loving actions. With this being the case, you can assume that her stance on violence tends to be a negative one. To her, while a necessary evil that must be committed at times, brute force should always be the last option, as long as it doesn’t entail murdering someone. Killing people only perpetuates the idea that Moguls are monsters that should be killed on sight, feeding into the cycle of death and violence. As a matter of fact, Carina feels great disdain when it comes to any and all criminal activities, especially stealing. She’ll gladly drag any and all culprits by the ear right back to the victim’s store, making them apologize for what they did.

    One thing that Carina struggles with is how unrefined her foresight is. While not one to simply rush boldly ahead without a plan in mind, she tends to have a hard time coming up with a well put together plan. This stems from her general unawareness of the smaller & finer details that go into an operation. She tends to shine best in more spontaneous situations, where fast reactions and a calm mind dictate how successful one would be.

    Still, despite Carina's best attempts at living a good & honest life, she always finds herself stopping herself and walking back for her other half: Christoph. Even if she knows exactly the way he is, even if she's aware that he is capable of lying to her face, even if she's reminded daily of what she has lost for him, she just can't leave him behind. Without Christoph, Carina might as well be a husk of her former self. If she must put herself in harm's way for him then so be it, she has done it once and she'll do it again, without hesitation. She's may be incapable of agreeing with his way of being and actively tries to change him, but Carina understands why he is the way he is, and so she wants to improve the world in order for him to finally tear down his walls to everyone else and live the peaceful life he has always deserved.
code by Nano
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Cool Text - Rinnosuke Nakamura 449353183520939.png

  • 63d835f447d7c301f5ddd843e4c3e49b.jpg
    Rinnosuke Nakamura

    The Optimist
    The Crimson Monk






    Sazzora Dynasty

    Monk-The Open Hand

    Text Color:



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  • __aia_amare_nijisanji_and_1_more_drawn_by_smile_wind__sample-938b85826bd199e12e02cf3485e55b62.jpg
    Name: Văn Liên Xuân
    Age: 29
    Gender: "Is... It that hard to tell...?"
    Height: 159cm || 5'2"
    Weight: Best not to ask.
    Sexuality: Demisexual
    Hex Code: #50C878
    Partner (character AND writer): Aveline played by Kyuubey Kyuubey
    Pairing: Passionate and Impassive
    Which type are you?: "Mental, we have our tells."
    Relationship: Noble and Bodyguard, very close almost like family
    At first glance, Liên Xuân appears to be a noble from the Sazzora Dynasty, which, when gazing upon her family crest worn as the white hairpin in her silvered hair, it'd be easy to tell that she in fact, is of noble blood. With a set of emerald-green eyes hidden behind the lenses of her glasses, which, she does need to see normally. It's not uncommon to see her in her normal white gown, accented with the same golden colours as her glasses, a brown corslet underscoring her large, red bow across her chest.

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  • 1702865500947.jpeg
    Cherie Del Sol (Sher-e)



    25th of December


    +The Sun
    +Cute things
    +Enjoying a walk

    -The Dark
    -The cold
    -Long travel times

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  • kTL0biI.jpg
    Name: Shoku Kaida Ainsley
    Nickname: Sho Sho, Shoka,
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Demisexual
    Age: 23
    Partner: Cherie/ Britt-21 Britt-21
    Pairing: Cheerful/Melancholic
    Kingdom: Sazzora Dynasty
    Occupation: Student of the arts [Music department] and part-time cook
    Which type are you: Physical
    Magic Type: Shadows of the Void
    Color: #8B60D4

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"Would you care for another song?"

  • Name Xun Yue

    Nickname Yue

    Age 23

    Gender Female

    Sexuality Heteroflexible

    Height 5'6'' | 167cm

    Weight 119lbs | 53,9kg

    Nationality Sazzora Dynasty

    Occupation Singer in the Pub
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━ zenrias
  • 𓇢𓆸
    is the fragrance
    That the violet sheds
    On the heel that
    Has crushed it.

code by valen t. Art by gpddassb on devianart
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━ emilia
  • ☠︎︎
    if you prick us,
    do we not bleed?
    If you poison us,
    do we not die?
    And if you wrong us,
    Shall we not revenge?

code by valen t. Art by gpddassb on devianart
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Leopold Schönauer
Age: 33

Gender: Male

Bright eyes boring into whatever or whoever has caught his attention, twitching, unstable digits responding to stimuli that only he can perceive, and a voice that fluctuates in intensity almost on a whim. Leo is a stark reminder of just how bad things can get. A wake-up call that once you go over the cliff, there really is no bottom in the abyss that is the destruction of the human psyche.

He is socially inept in all the ways one would expect, yet speaks with such surprising conviction that listeners are frequently caught off-guard. Though he takes great pleasure in the simple joys of life, he is not a simple man, much to the detriment of the people around him. There is a fractured but present intellect hiding behind his horrible exterior, and he is always eager to engage in meaningful discussion…regardless of the desires of the other party. If you wish to take a gamble with your life, debate philosophy with him. If you wish to lose it, tell him to be quiet.

Despite these behaviors, once his mind is set on a course of action, he will pursue it with obsessive, Irrational fervor. This has allowed him to effectively function amongst others and made him invaluable as an ally, but it just as often had made him overcommit, refusing to back down even when it would be sensible.

Partner (character AND writer): Human Instrumentality Human Instrumentality /Edmund Adler
Pairing(hot headed/cold headed?): Irrational/ Rational
Which type are you? (Physical, Mental, Verbal): Verbal

Magic Type: Demented Phoenix

An agent of change: Remorseless, horrifying change, leaving behind screaming victims and charred ruins. Leopold claims this is necessary-and who dares to disagree?

Blackfire Purge: Inhaling deeply, Leo unleashes a sustained torrent of black fire, all too similar to the stream of a particularly potent flamethrower. Frequently, this is accompanied by the sound of laughter booming from his wide-open mouth. Blackfire is more than just simple heat-It damages the very soul of those afflicted, burning well past the point where a normal fire would be smothered, and leaving behind injuries that seem to resist any attempts at healing, whether magical or mundane. Worse yet, those that completely succumb to it and perish feed the flames with the last scraps of their energy, siphoning a small portion of stamina back to Leo.

Immortal Ideal: Upon focusing this power, Leo can transmute incoming damage into Heat, remaining unharmed even in the face of crippling injury. This ability has limitations, of course, and suffering too much damage in too short a period of time will overwhelm his concentration, sapping all Heat and briefly nullifying this ability.

Vile Rebirth: Leo can focus his power inwards, causing a sizeable explosion, with his body as ground zero. The size and strength of this blast is increased proportional to how much Heat he currently has. In a few seconds after the fact, Leopold reforms, alongside with any pieces of equipment he was wearing or carrying. After performing this ability, he cannot channel more magic or do much more than shuffle about in agony for a time-reforming your entire body is painful!

Ultimate: Eternal Revolution: The full might of revolutionary fervor, made manifest. Leo concentrates for a few moments before unleashing a large cloud of toxic smoke. In addition to limiting visibility, it is tainted by the black fire, and incredibly toxic to enemies(allies and Leo himself are unaffected by both the visual and damaging components, although what Leo considers an 'ally' will be a debatable matter). Enemies affected by the gas will begin to hallucinate 'demonic' figures amongst the smoke. Those who stay too long or who suffer grave damage will become 'possessed' by the 'figures'(in reality, neither is real-the smoke just gives incredibly potent psychosomatic effects) and will fly into a rage, mindlessly charging at each other or other enemies, resistant to damage as their bodies are sustained by the magic. When the effect ends, all the damage they suffered affects them as normal, which usually results in death.

Partner Ultimate: TBC


The story of Leopold has long been quite the point of interest. What manner of history could such a creature carry? What horrible things must he have witnessed and committed to have become so wholly monstrous? Theories are plentiful, and they grow more and more extravagant as time passes. Perhaps this is what the end-state of all Moguls is, some extrapolate. Perhaps he was never a man at all, but some manner of evil spirit, conjured by Moguls to bring about harm to good people, posit others. An experiment gone wrong, say the more scientifically-minded. An attempt to create a killing machine without fear or remorse, gone awry…

The truth is, much as it often has been, disappointing. Leo was, much as anyone else, born to a human mother, in a large family of shepherds. His early life was largely unremarkable. There were no catastrophes, no horrible traumatic experiences, and for a time, he was happy. They did not have much, but they had enough, and that would do.

Until civilization came, remorseless as it was. The land they used to graze the animals was seized, the wealthy landowner that took it claiming that there were no official records or deeds of ownership-technically correct, as the family had never needed to ratify such over generations. They attempted to move, but bad luck followed. Unable to support his family himself, Leo’s father made a difficult decision, and asked his oldest children to seek work. Leo’s world was shattered overnight. Moving into the city and joining the myriad others who sought a better future, he found backbreaking labor in the factories, earning barely enough to stay fed. Month after month, Leopold became ever-more bitter and angry. At the rich bureaucrats that had taken his life from him, at the factory owner who paid them pennies, at the government for allowing this injustice to continue. So bad was his situation that when the letter of conscription came, it was met with relief.

During that time, he met Edmund Adler. Despite their many differences, both in demeanor and upbringing, the two quickly became friends due to shared beliefs and opinions, covering for each other’s shortcomings as an idea took form. They recognized the flaws of the current system, the overwhelming influence of Noniel in Burgian politics, the corruption inherent in every facet of the government.
What truly cemented their respect for each other, though, was a fateful patrol, whereupon their platoon stumbled upon gun smugglers from the Broken Lands. The smugglers met their demands for surrender with a hail of automatic fire from their own armaments. Pinned down and with no hope for support, the two men prepared to make a desperate stand.
That was when their powers activated. The shock on the smuggler’s face as Leopold shrugged off round after round had to be seen to be believed. Sadly, their platoon soon had to follow them to the grave. Leopold did not with to betray their trust like this, but Edmund had insisted, knowing execution awaited them if their nature became known. That event marked Leopold, destabilizing him even further.

The more they worked together, the more these observations began to morph from useless bickering to a serious motivator, a call to action that could not be ignored.

Upon their discharge from the military, the two set out to plant the seeds of change. Together, they founded the Visenburgian Brotherhood, a political organization that championed their ideals. Using his connections amongst the police force, Edmund secured his friend a position in the postal service, allowing him to move about the countryside freely, building up fervor for their beliefs, while establishing caches of armaments, and training their supporters in ‘self-defense’. In this role, he quickly discovered he was naturally gifted-his pure, undisputed conviction, paired with his down-to-earth attitude and knowledge of the countryside had an evident effect on the results. The Brotherhood prospered under these two patriots, and for a time, their dreams seemed to be well within reach.

As years passed, however, a worrying prospect reared it’s ugly head. Edmund had spent so long infiltrating the political elite that he had started showing signs of being corrupted by them. He championed for…nonviolent approaches no matter the cost, allowed their opponents to drag him into endless debates rather than dealing with them, and secured connections with enemies of the Burgian state in the interest of ‘long-term benefit’. Leopold’s attempts to appeal to him were in vain, and a schism started to form between them, and, by extension, the Brotherhood. The rural supporters remained adherent to the original doctrine that Leopold had outlined-a preparation of an armed resistance in anticipation of asymmetrical warfare. The supporters found within urban environments, however, were similarly swayed by Edmund’s compromised vision, seeking only to engage in lobbying and political gerrymandering. Leo’s attempts to bridge that divide were in vain.

A sudden panic gripped Leo’s heart as he saw the revolutionary fervor of the Brotherhood diminish because of Edmund’s overly cautious approach. With his back against the wall and limited options, he decided to risk it all, using all his influence to rally every resource at their disposal towards a march on the capital-nothing less than an attempt at a coup d’etat. To say that he was adamant in this would be an understatement-armed to the teeth, Leopold made a declaration, an ultimatum to the Brotherhood. Those who refused would be labeled traitors. Both to the Fatherland, and to the party.
What Leopold could not account for was that someone from within was compromised. He never learned who it was or why. All he knew was that instead of an ambush, as they had planned and prepared for throughout agonizing months of drills, the police and army were waiting for them , dug in and prepared to defend. Outnumbered and thoroughly outgunned, the revolutionaries were outmatched. Still, they refused to back down, fighting tooth and nail even as they were pushed back, to the bellowing commands of Leopold.

Nothing was yet lost. If he could just hold out long enough for Edmund to reconvene with his forces, then victory was assured. His own supporters, and the power they held as Moguls, would win the day.

Hours passed, casualties mounted. And as the night fell, the Brotherhood was completely ousted from the city, and Edmund was still nowhere to be seen. Leo's gambit had narrowly failed, through no fault of his own, but due to the greed of some traitor, and the hesitation of his dearest friend.

Any sane man would've accepted his fate, and surrendered, or gone into exile. But Leopold, a man of questionable sanity even before this horrible event, would not tolerate it. For years to come, he gathered what forces remained loyal to him, fighting a hopeless, brutal asymmetrical war against Visenburg's corrupt elite. With Edmund's influence no longer holding him back, his methods became truly abhorrent, paying no heed to any moral compunction. It was the failed coup that cemented his reputation as a traitor, but it is during these years that he became feared as a monster. Particularly infamous was his attack on the Nonielan embassy, resulting in over a hundred casualties, the great riots of '21, resulting from the mass liberation of prisoners while in search of Edmund Adler, and 'Site-94', a safe house where those whom Leopold suspected of having anything to do with the treason were taken. The remains found account for at least seventy-eight people. When the building was torn down, over ninety more bodies were found, covered in cement.

It took years, but order returned to the country, slowly but surely. The last safe house was discovered and overrun. Yet again, however, Leopold evaded capture, fighting his way through with a small cadre of followers to the Broken Lands.
The nation breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that they were finally free of this monster.

In four months time, an alarming amount of border patrols went missing into the Broken Lands. A terrified survivor spoke of their attackers using small-unit tactics, far above the paygrade of any of the normal riff-raff.

Schönauer's obsession would not be quelled while he still drew breath.

Even as years dragged on, he continued fighting his revolution, funding it with the criminal elements of the Broken Lands. Occasionally, cells of this new Brotherhood would manage to break through to Visenburg, to little avail. They were always forced back, never staying away for long, but similarly, never managing to reach even a fraction of the power they once possessed.
In an ironic twist of fate, it was not his countrymen that brought him low, albeit not for lack of trying. An envoy from Noniel examined the issue and came to a very simple conclusion-a military solution to Leopold Schönauer was untenable. In no world did that also mean he was invincible.

His loyalists were all dead, replaced by locals from the Broken Lands, mostly. They were men for whom his cause held little sway. And so, when the envoy's agents offered a hefty sum in exchange for their cooperation, they didn't think twice. A potent sedative trivialized any risk. By the time Leo knew what was happening, he was in chains, under heavy guard, headed for Noniel.
The Prime Minister gave a lengthy speech, thanking their allies in Noniel for that feat, symbolically decrying Leopold as "The Shame of Visenburg". There was a great celebration in the streets, with thousands going to the site of his failed coup, aiming to somehow spite even his memory.

Justice had been served. In no world would fate allow this Horror to cheat the hangman thrice.


Relationship(Friends, enemies, etc): Embittered former friends

Looks: Standing at a little over 6"8 and built, as his fellow soldiers liked to jest, 'with a back strong enough to lift a building', Leopold seems to stifle the air from any room that he enters. His most notable feature, by far, is his eyes, inhuman in their coloration and burning, quite literally, with the full force of his madness. His hair is completely shaven, and parts of his beard and mustache are grayed out from the stress. He wears practical, if slightly oversized clothing, such as trench coats and combat boots, and, when amongst civilians, tries to conceal his eyes behind aviators. Before combat, he will frequently wrap bandages around his palms and knuckles, to ensure a proper grip, and avoid accidental cuts across the skin.​
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(A wip, but time's running out so it's out here now)

  • a9376368cc7e2c95712eaf6ec39b1dd1.jpg

    LEGAL NAME : Burned with the records.

    STAGE NAME: Benito Marques Amorim

    AGE: 24

    GENDER: Male

    SEXUALITY: Pansexual

    HEIGHT: 5'6' | 168cm

    WEIGHT: 125lbs | 56.7kg

    NATIONALITY: Hillcanaanite

    OCCUPATION: Movie Star/Stuntman

“I didn't choose the thug life. The thug life chose me."
basic information
Aveline - Ava
Liên Xuân - Mineczka Mineczka
Passionate | Impassionate
close friends - bodyguard
eye color
array of purples
hair color

Aveline is what one would consider morally gray. Despite being seen as something that resembles a shade or wrath in regards to her job, Ava actually eludes a quite warm aura when around others in a non 'work' setting. Whilst she has a love for the grander things in life she also has a bigger adoration for the smaller things. The things people tend to look past or turn their nose to. It is easier to appreciate life around you as a whole when you've realized what it means to lose a huge chunk of it. When it is incomplete and may perpetually be even while trying to fill it. Some scars and wounds are meant to be seen and never fade. Perhaps as a reminder or maybe as a warning to others. She wears her scars proudly, not caring what meaning people take from them.

Ava's laugh can echo throughout a room to spread happiness yet her silence can easily have the opposite effect. She is a walking contradiction and for that it is hard to truly get to know her or what her true intentions may be. Years of training gave her the ability to flow freely from situation to situation without raising any brows. She simply fits in where she needs to and is forgotten, usually, shortly after. Her intention is to never leave a lasting mark, to not stand out enough to garner unwelcome attention. The mystery that she encases herself in is probably her most honed weapon.

With the mask on, when it comes to work, Ava is a different person. Always watching and always reminding the people around her why she holds the status that she does with looks that have averted even the most steely of gazes. She trusts her instincts always and uses them as a compass to guide her in situations of combat and other tasks. They've rarely steered her wrong.

The assassin/hired hand is adaptable in every situation. There is little one can do to do intimidate or scare her and she would sooner laugh than tremble at such antics. Pain of both the mind or body is something she's skilled at becoming numb to and learned to disregard. If one could break Ava, then Ava herself would be pleasantly surprised. To put it simply, Ava is passionate about life and all it has to offer while refusing to yield to the horrors it is known to bring.

Aveline was born to two mogul parents whom loved their daughter dearly.

For a majority of her childhood and younger years things were good. More than good.

Aveline was full of laughter and living a quite fulfilling life.

Until the day everything went wrong.

A building collapsed out of nowhere while Aveline was chasing after a small cat. She’d sprung forward and clutched the cat to her chest amidst her panic in her desire to protect it but as the rubble began to fall it was clear that she’d soon be buried beneath it.

Watching with dread clearly written on their faces her parents made the split decision to unleash their power which formed in the way of a clear sparkling barrier around her. In the end it protected her from harm as the pieces of the building scattered about her like corpses.

Aveline was fine, though confused. The cat was okay, although clearly shaken and ran off the moment it was released.

The family went home that day, rushing immediately there after the incident. They knew others had seen them, had watched the spectacle happen.. but they knew these people. They’d helped them over the years. Her mother nursed many of them back to health when they’d been severely ill. But that didn’t matter. Their fear of what would happen for not turning them in and the couple themselves now that they’d revealed their status as moguls was too strong.

That night they came for them. Aveline sensed it first.. awake in her bed. She’d been staring absently at the candle carefully placed atop her nightstand. The flames dancing about typically lulled her to sleep but tonight was different. She just felt it. She just knew. The flicker of the candle became erratic and Aveline saw the shadow of someone outside darken her window with a silhouette before it disappeared.

It all happened so fast. All Aveline remembers was clutching a blood soaked dagger as three bodies lay at her feet. Her breathing was erratic, face twisted into an unrelenting fury. She looked animalistic. Untamed. Unhinged. And she’d never felt this sort of emotion before but she let it take over because it was the one thing keeping her alive.

Easing herself against the wall she prayed the shadows would conceal her as she silently made her way to the commotion coming from outside their home. What she found though… caused a scream to erupt from her throat. They had been executed. She barely heard the words from the man’s mouth as he exclaimed how she’d just missed the show.

She felt like she was swimming underwater. All the noise, everything was blurry, muffled, and not making sense. And then the world went dark.

That night would forever be imprinted on her soul. It was enough. Enough heartbreak, enough betrayal, enough pain that it would drive her actions for the rest of her life. Actions that would ensure her survival. Actions that would give her a life she deserved. A seed had been planted and not even Ava knew what would arise later on. If she would simply die… or bloom.

After being watched and heavily questioned for weeks the girl had been dumped into an orphanage full of kids who had clearly been there longer than she had. They were street smart and they were ruthless. It didn’t take long for Aveline to learn the ways of surviving the harsh world and become someone they no longer wished to trifle with.

Thievery usually went unnoticed since she wasn’t caught but it hadn’t escaped the eye of one of the founder’s to a group of assassins who were well established in the region. He was the lucky target of her skillset one day, which unbeknownst to her was a test. But she’d passed with flying colors, which surprised even him, so he extended an offer to pluck her off the streets. To actually professionally train her. Clothe her in fine attire that rivaled the richest materials. Feed her actual hot meals that had been whipped up by a kitchen full of chefs. He promised her a more lavish life and in return… well, in return they’d own her. Though it wasn’t spoken in that manner, it was subtly implied.

She accepted. Her desire and will to survive and live a more comfortable life like the one she had before it was all ripped from her being too alluring. Everything had a price and Aveline didn’t yet know the one she would be forced to inevitably pay.

Torture, experience, academics, and long days were all that awaited Aveline over the next handful of years. Eventually things got easier. Eventually she didn’t collapse in bed, unable to undress because she was so sore and exhausted. Eventually the days didn’t feel so long. Eventually she’d become a full fledged member at the age of 12, the youngest they’d seen or accepted. But she was ruthless and cutthroat, so passionate about what she was doing that she’d taken the world, her world, and shaped it into something bearable.

With that kind of success riding on her shoulders they treated her like a prized horse which meant all the riches that came with that.

Her first true assignment would be her only since it was a long servitude as a hired hand for a noble family far off. There were many things required of her. Assassinations, keeping their enemies at bay, gathering information. But the most important task of hers was being a bodyguard to a girl only a few years older than her. A girl who would be her other half.

Fourteen years of a flourishing friendship and living an extremely satiated life. A life she’d worked really hard for. Fourteen years of being under the radar, their mogul status unknown to anyone. If anyone suspected, they disappeared. It was as simple as that. There was no length that Ava wouldn’t go to keep Liên Xuân safe.

Liên Xuân - The woman under her care, or rather gaze. Ava went from being assigned to watching over and protecting her to willingly and quite passionately ensuring her safety at all times. Ava cares for Liên Xuân more than she's willing to speak into existence but it is visible through their exchanged looks or smiles... or the times they spend behind closed doors reading together, learning of one another through lengthy chats that last hours and hours, and practicing their magic. Liên Xuân is the closest thing to a genuine relationship that she's ever allowed herself to form with a person.

Magic; Umbrakinesis:

This is pretty simple but Ava is capable of camouflaging herself within the shadows or darkness to become one with it. This also stifles and covers anyone from sensing her through normal means. This can be extended to cover others within eyesight, like throwing a cloak of darkness over them from afar.

Shadow Walk; Ava can traverse freely along shadows and also move through them. When teleporting, the space must account for whom or what is being brought through. She can bring one person through with her though that widens the shadow space needed to come out of to double the size. Her destination must also be within a certain proximity, typically about a mile through much practice, is her current limit.

Dark Orchestra; Aveline has the ability to create, manipulate, and shape both shadows and darkness itself. With it she can envelop a place in darkness, pull darkness from an area to give more light, create shields of different forms, puppeteer shadowy manifestations, and simply strike or grab others using the shadows or darkness around her.

Ult; The Healing Aspects of the Dark; Aveline can use the powers of the darkness to heal others. This is a versatile type heal, meant to pull insanity or mental inflicting issues, toxins and poisons, pain, and negative emotions from the host. This heal is not capable of mending physical wounds.

Hand to Hand combat; Unarming Ava isn't a drawback for the woman. She is extremely proficient in disabling and even killing someone with her bare hands. She would argue that being seen as defenseless and not taken as seriously when unarmed has been the very reason she's come out of certain situations alive. Her body moves effortlessly in a fight, her body's instincts and the years of training its endured take charge immediately to override everything else. So even if she is blinded by emotion, it doesn't cause her much misstep or error in the way of catching her off guard or making her fumble. If anything it makes her deadlier.

Weapon Skills; Ava is highly skilled in wielding weapons of all sorts. The ones that are hidden upon her body are the ones she's mastered, along with swords, but heavier weaponry like axes or hammers are not entirely her forte. She's not against using them but they don't flow as smoothly within her hands in a combat setting. Anything that can be thrown is done so with scary precision. If she misses you.... you can bet it was a purposeful maneuver.

Poison/Antidote Knowledge; While most of her training she underwent was geared towards the violent aspects of her job there were other areas that she was expected to dabble in as well. Ava took a particular liking to learning the craft of creating poisons and going so far as to be able to smell, taste, and detect most of them. As soon as she's able to identify a poison, given the right ingredients she can create an antidote for it.

Stealth Arts; Ava gave this particular skill its fancy sounding name because she believes moving around soundlessly without being detected is an art within itself. It's frightening how she can meld into the shadows and seemingly become one with them, undetectable to the naked eye.


- lots of hidden weapons typically on person


+ has an immense love for theatre, astrology, reading, music, and the opera.

+ devours any combination of spicy and sweet foods.

+ adores cats.


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Edmund Adler | Rational


Name: Edmund Viktor Adler
Age: 36
Gender: Male
Partner: Leopold Schönauer / Benadryl Plankton Benadryl Plankton
Pairing: Rational & Irrational
Bond Type: Verbal
Magic Type: -
Relationship: Enemies
  • Looks: Most would agree that Edmund is an average looking person, standing 5' 10", with a face that's starting to show his age, his most distinguishing feature being the severe case of pox marks on his face. While fond of wearing suits and ties that would normally be associated with a professional setting, there is a certain and constant unkempt look to his appearance.

    While certainly not lacking in manners unlike certain people, Edmund is and has always been a rather private person that would rather keep to himself and avoid the spotlight yet he isn't shy of voicing his opinions, especially against people who displease him.

    He was known as a man with a steely resolve that could not be shaken by even the worst circumstances, always keeping calm and doing his best to steer a course of action to come up on top of any situation on top of that he had a known stubborn-spirit and a temper, however long fused to go along with it, once set in his ways it would take a man of considerable skill to disuade him from pursuing his exact course of action.

    Yet his sudden downfall and years in exile has taken it's toll, It seems like his little has been left of the man of conviction that once existed, an overbearing sense of dread has taken hold, overall he seems sad and tired..

⁠⎯ Roxanne Durnam
  • i didn't
    choose this town
    i dream of getting out
    there's just one who
    could make me stay

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⁠⎯ Mrs. Durnam
  • 𐃢
    In the halls
    Of any mother's heart,
    Warnings paint the walls:
    Either listen today,
    Thank tomorrow,
    Or forever hear 'I told you so'!

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