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Fantasy The Heroes are Gone! CS



A peaceful, orderly world.

That is what had been given to us.

Perfect, immaculate order. A role for every living soul. Service for service’s sake. An order which came so quickly, no one remembers the change. One day the heroic races - humans, elves, and dwarves - simply vanished, without a single trace. It seemed a dream, a malicious miracle bestowed upon we children of evil.

And the next day, our jobs began. Or… continued, perhaps? For while we all knew, all remembered it hadn’t been that way the day before, it felt like it always had been. No fighting, no fear, no misfortune inflicted upon unwitting fools. Just the job. Clock in, work, lunch, work, clock out. A perfect routine, a perfect system, a perfect order. Spare no thought to what came before.

And no thought was spared. No word was spoken of anything having been different. And within a few short months, no memory remained that anything could be different, that anything had changed at all. Our old Bosses had vanished, replaced with a new one- the faceless, invisible will to Do Your Job. Service, for service’s sake. Rats running a banal, inescapable maze.

And it is so, so, BORING.

What the hell even is all this! If the God of Evil is really behind this, I’m converting! Who in their right mind would think this is how things should work? Come on! We thought that all the heroes disappearing was supposed to be good for us, but if this is the alternative, I say we bring them back ourselves!

Who cares if we’re evil? Who cares if those heroic races are our enemies? If their disappearance was the work of evil, then let’s be saints! And if they left on their own to escape us, then they’re just gonna have to get used to disappointment! Because if I have to write one more time card, I’m blowing this whole planet up myself!

Hello, and welcome to The Heroes are Gone!, a campy Dragon Quest-style rp about monsters being heroes for villainous reasons.

After the heroic races of the world mysteriously disappear along with the leaders of the different monster families, our cast finds themselves fighting against a new status quo that would see them all trapped in the terrible fate of gainful employment. The lack of heroes or monstrous warbands doesn’t mean the world has become a safer place, however - there are forces at work determined to ensure these would-be rebels keep clocking in on time.

Though our monsters may be called evil, don’t think too hard about topics like ethics or morality. Evil is evil because it's evil, and Good is good because it’s good. As the great philosopher Zangief once said, just because they’re bad guys, doesn’t mean they’re bad guys, and vice-versa. I mean, who doesn’t like attacking travelers and fighting chosen heroes every now and then?

Character Sheet

  • NAME
    Species: (example, Imp) || Family: (example, Demon)
    HP: (Letter grade for proficiency, A-D) || MP: || Attack: || Defense: || Agility:​

    Note: (short blurb for the character’s species. For example: “These troublemaking members of the Demon clan make up for their poor power with terribly troublesome magical mischief.”)

    (Monster skills your special little guy can learn. At least one, no more than three. This is where you give them a little flavor!)

    (Any spells your special little guy can learn. Please refer to the spellbook for the list of spells. Just as in Dragon Quest, monsters and non-monsters have access to the same spells. No need to list every spell your dude can learn - just list the weakest version of a particular spell line. For example: Burn, rather than Burner or Burnest)
Attack Spells
Spell Level 1 Spell Level 2 Spell Level 3 Spell Effects
Burn (ST) Burner (ST) Burnest (ST) Fire damage
Chill (ST) Chiller (ST) Chillest (ST) Ice damage
Shock (ST) Shocker (ST) Shockest (ST) Lightning damage
Blow (ST) Blower (ST) Blowest (ST) Wind damage
Stone (ST) Stoner (ST) Stonest (ST) Earth damage
Bright (ST) Brighter (ST) Brightest (ST) Light damage
Dusk (ST) Dusker (ST) Duskest (ST) Dark damage
Blast (MT) Blaster (MT) Blastest (MT) Fire damage
Freeze (MT) Freezer (MT) Freezest (MT) Ice damage
Storm (MT) Stormer (MT) Stormest (MT) Lightning damage
Gust (MT) Guster (MT) Gustest (MT) Wind damage
Quake (MT) Quaker (MT) Quakest (MT) Earth damage
Shine (MT) Shiner (MT) Shinest (MT) Light damage
Moon (MT) Mooner (MT) Moonest (MT) Dark damage
Kill (ST) Killer (MT) Killest (ST,^ %) Instant death

Debuff Spells
Ruin (ST) Ruiner (MT) Lower defense
Dull (ST) Duller (MT) Lower attack
Slug (ST) Slugger (MT) Lower agility
Doom (ST) Doomer (ST) Doomest (ST) Inflict Bad Luck
Tox (ST) Toxer (MT) Inflict Poison
Zap (ST) Zapper (MT) Inflict Stun
Black (ST) Blacker (MT) Inflict Blind
Deny (ST) Denier (MT) Inflict Mute
Snooze (ST) Snoozer (MT) Inflict Sleep
Rage (ST) Inflict Berserk

Buff Spells
Tough (ST) Tougher (MT) Increase defense
Sharp (ST) Sharper (MT) Increase attack
Sprint (ST) Sprinter (MT) Increase agility
Blink Act twice per turn
Shout (ST) Shouter (MT) Increase spell effect
Deaf (ST) Deafer (ST) Deafest (MT) Increase spell resist
Guard (ST) Guarder (MT) Block 1 attack

Restorative Spells
Heal (ST) Healer (ST) Healest (ST) Restore HP
Pure (ST) Remove Poison
Sight (ST) Remove Blind
Voice (ST) Remove Mute
Cheer (ST) Remove Bad Luck
Clock (ST) Remove Sleep
Calm (ST) Remove Rage
Stitch (ST) Stitcher (ST) Stitchest (ST) Raise
Leech (ST) Leecher (ST) Leechest (ST) Drain MP, Regen HP
Dream (ST) Dreamer (ST) Regen MP
Kind (ST) Kinder (MT) Regen HP

    Species: Scamp || Family: Demon
    HP: D || MP: B || Attack: C || Defense: C- || Agility: B+​

    Note: These maliferous malcontents make use of mischievous magicks to misdirect and malign, making off with many a mortal man's money.


    Robber Steals an item from the target
    Whipsmack Hits the target twice with her tail


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