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The Falling Of Stars is a 1x1 between me and wolf_river365 wolf_river365 Please don't respond here unless you are one of us but feel free to read ^^
An elderly white and grey tom slowly lead a rather small silver with black ticking she cat along the path to find every herb or supply an Oakclan medicine cat could need. Beside them a cream with chocolate stripes she cat kept guard. "Ahead, there is where you will find a small garden made long ago with most herbs to treat the most common illnesses and injuries." Sagewhisker told his new Apprentice, Minnowpaw. After cresting a slight slope and rounding a corner, the group, one by one, pushed through a barrier of thorns and ferns. Minnowpaw stood in awe of the hidden garden before her. "Rabbitstripe, will you keep guard while I show her the plants?" Sagewhisker asked. Rabbitstipe nodded turned around to go back the way they had come.
Around sunhigh, the group made their way back to camp. Sagewhisker sent Minnowpaw with a few needed herbs to the herb store while he went to check on the Queens in the nursery.
Reed'whisper sighed as he sat on the adder tree,looking down at the other warriors as he saw them pick up on patrols or take a piece of prey. he nodded towards the leader before jumping down. the tom talked to a few of the warriors who were going on patrol to watch over things before he saw his sibling,Fleet'kit run out to tackle him.

The tom purred with amusement before he looked at Sage'whisker,getting up as he shook his pelt. 'Sorry if she tripped over you Sage'whisker.. did she make you drop any herbs?..' Fleet'kit frowned as her ears lowered. 'Sorry Sage'whisker..'
"No worries, Reedwhisker. I'm just on my morning rounds." Sagewhisker raped, his gentle eyes blinked at Fleetkit. "I assume we have had no new injuries or sickness so far this morning?" He mewed with a gentle purr.
Reedโ€™whisper nodded as he smiled. Fleetโ€™kit purred as she waved her tail,nodding. โ€˜Nope! Pythonโ€™kit did have a thorn but Minnowโ€™paw got it out for him!โ€™ She grinned,her eyes big with excitement.
"Well, it seems I made a good choice in my apprentice then, Fleetkit?" Sagewhisker asked, knowledge gleaming in his eyes. The breeze danced through his long thick fur.
Fleetโ€™kit smiled,nodding as she watched him before Reedโ€™whisper signed. โ€˜You did make a great choice,Minnowโ€™paw will become a great medicine cat under your mentorship..โ€™
'I believe Starclan has given us a cat that will be the greatest medicine cat the clan has ever seen." Sagewhisker said.
Fleetโ€™kit ourred as Reedโ€™whisper smiled. โ€˜They have and with you as a mentor,I know you wonโ€™t fail them..โ€™
A dark grey tom who's pelt was marked with black on his muzzle, chest, belly, and socks on all four paws padded out of the Elders den carrying dirty bedding. "Don't forget my down featers!" A voice raped from inside the den. Sootpaw hurried out of camp to bury the dirty bedding.

"Well, let me get back to my work." Sagewhisker said, standing to stretch.
Reedโ€™whisper laughed as he nodded,wishing him farewell before he began to send out more patrols. Fleetโ€™โ€™kit watched him leave before she padded towards the other kits.
Sagewhisker turned toward the fresh kill pile to grab the Queens some breakfast.
As he picked up a plump squirrel, his fur stood on end, eyes locked on a rotten fresh caught piece of prey and his body got ridged. โ€œA group of shadows will come,spreading a disease that kills many and the one to cure it is a minnows finโ€ the voices of his ancestors chanted inside of his mind.
Reedโ€™Whisper looked over at him,passing towards him. โ€˜Are you alright?.. you look like you have seen a ghost..โ€™ the deputy placed his tail on his shoulder as he soon heard paw steps,looking towards the entrance as Snakeโ€™Spirit and Jackdawโ€™Paw following behind him. The warrior hissed a bit. โ€˜We found rouges in our territory.. Carrionโ€™Call and Duskโ€™Streak are talking to them..โ€™

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