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Realistic or Modern ★ 𝒯𝒽𝑒 𝐸𝓂𝓅𝓇𝑒𝓈𝓈 𝐻𝑜𝓉𝑒𝓁 ─ a horror/survival RPG (Characters)



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The Guest List


hotel sider img.jpg

Characters that would fit into this story:

✦ A paranormal investigator
✦ Journalist writing a story
✦ Historian or student studying the area
✦ Psychic or clairvoyant,
✦ Writer, perhaps horror or true crime?
✦ Tourist that is into dark stuff
✦ Drug addict with a room
✦ Homeless person who sneaks in
✦ A skeptic that think's it's all fake
✦ A curious local
✦ New employee with a dark past
✦ The relative/friend of one of the people who has died there
✦ A social media influencer that's there for the views
✦ A clueless traveler

And whatever your devious mind can imagine!

Basic character skeleton, feel free to add info onto an existing CS you already have, or make a new one. Code and add on as you wish:

Full Name:
(Real photos and/or description)
(Everyone has one. Feel free to put it in a spoiler, or delete this and keep it to yourself or share with me privately.)
(Music, tidbits, what have you. Not mandatory, delete this section if you want.)

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That one onion that is rooting for you

The Hotel Staff


walter 1.jpg

Walter Bell - Empress Hotel Manager - 2000 - present

Walter Bell is the current manager for the Empress Hotel, and has been for over twenty years. He is a man that has been through many journeys, and always seems to have a tale to tell. Though most of the folk of L.A. have written the Empress off as a shoddy, washed up budget hotel that has more ghouls than guests, he remains a loyal lover of the ancient building and still regards her with a great deal of respect. He is a calm, intelligent man with a warm smile and a seamless grace in his work, nothing seems to rattle him. Over the years he has embraced business in any way that he can attract it, from courting would-be ghost hunters to hoodwinking clueless tourists from overseas. He is good to the staff, but some whisper that something is deeply wrong with him, something that won't let him leave.

Eva 1.jpg

Honoria Rosas - Housekeeping - ???? - present

If you keep an eye out, you may catch a glimpse of full time housekeeper and most senior member of staff, Honoria, or Mrs. Rosas, as Walter addresses her. She is a fiercely quiet, reserved woman with an intense look about her. She does her work dutifully and does not complain, indeed, she seems bereft of any emotions at all, save a distant look of sadness in her eyes. Honoria, though good at her job, has been accused of doing strange things in the guest rooms. Some of the hotel staff claim that Honoria has a "sight" that lets her see the spirits that remain in the hotel years after their deaths, and that the protective medallions that she wears around her neck keep her safe from harm. Honoria may offer guidance, but whether you take it or not is up to you.



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Full Name: Camila Torres-Serrano

Age: 29

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Quietly Bisexual

Race: Latina

Occupation: Administrative Assistant/Content Creator

Personality: Camila has developed an outward personality that got her through years of competitive academia as a short latina woman. No nonsense, assertive but not dominant or petty. Polite and cheerful, but not inviting or friendly. She tends to keep people at arms length until she's sure of what they're after.

Backstory: Camila graduated with honors with degrees in architecture and historic preservation. Since then, she's been working at her uncle's construction firm as a secretary. She's not pleased, but the job market for architects and historians is not exactly jumping.

Trying to make a little extra money and get her name out there, she started a vodcast: "Hollywood from the Ground Up," an attempt to chronicle traditional Californian architecture of the sort built by the underclass and the working class. Not the glitzy stuff you normally think of when you think Hollywood, but the way actual people lived in different periods. It went nowhere.

In a fit of punchy despair, she turned her last episode into a tongue-in-cheek "true crime" style video. It received more hits than the rest of the series combined. *lolsob* So now she's the co-host of "Beautiful Decay," a vodcast that features tropes from true crime, urban exploration and ghost hunting, and it's going great.

She's not really keen on it. She hates crawling around old buildings because she knows that she's unintentionally damaging historic architecture. And, yeah, it's kind of creepy. But nothing, absolutely nothing, is as frightening as her student debt.

Fears: After studying historic architecture and hearing all sorts of horror stories about crumbling buildings and shoddy construction, Camila is more than a little uneasy about getting trapped inside a collapsing building. The idea of getting pinned down by falling debris or stuck in a room with no exits and slowly asphyxiating is the stuff of her nightmares.

Secret: When Camila was twelve, she spent eight months living with her grandmother. Her grandmother was a member of the Holy Church of Christ Triumphant, an offshoot Pentecostal church with heavy Mexican Catholic influence. Camila was overwhelmed by the visionary sermons and the graphic artwork describing the horrors of the end times. The church leaned heavily on depictions of Christ's bloody suffering and the gory, fiery fate that awaited all sinners. It left her horrified and haunted her for the rest of her childhood.

Camila is now agnostic and has long since left her childhood fears behind ... or so she thought. Recently she's begun having nightmares again. Flickering visions of Armageddon, awakening with the smell of ash and the taste of wormwood still lingering. Last month, after a bad party with some suspect edibles and tequila, she had a waking vision of the entire world catching fire. Lurking in the back of her mind, nibbling away at her materialist worldview, is the fear that something final is coming.

Likes: Mission Revival Architecture, Art Deco, Poke,

Dislikes: Brutalist Architecture, gingerbread, tequila (at least after that night),

Extra: A cross between "Historian or student" and "social media influencer".
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Lurker in Darkness
Full Name: Brent Hound
Age: 76
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Appearance: Slender and gangly, and suitably fit for a seventy-six year old. Silver-grey hair, cropped cleanly and curtly, but not to give an impression of baldness. A rather large nose, and wrinkles developing into jowls across his cheeks. His skin is old and weathered, marked with the countless scars and blemishes life gives any average person. Brown eyes and a full set of well-kept teeth, white from careful dental attention both by himself and his doctors. A slightly bent posture, due to an old and well-used back. His appearance is over-all of a man who is prepared for public appearances (perhaps only out of habit), but has suffered the inevitability of age.
Ethnicity: White
Occupation: Politician (formerly), Retired (presently) Rare Book Collector (current hobby)
Personality: He's old and rather typically British: reserved, deliberate in his oratory, eager to avoid offense. He has lived a long and lively life, and known many friends, enemies... lovers. Now, perhaps, he's a little tired of those connections, and all that their perpetuation entails. Thus the world passes him by and he settles comfortably within his own personal existence, tied only to the past, unburdened by the drama of the present.
Backstory: Brent was born in England to a family of some considerable wealth. He studied at Harvard, and pursued a political career largely out of an expectation that such would be his path. However, he quickly came to enjoy the political life, the formality and the ceremony of it all, the wielding of power, the ability to matter. After graduating from Harvard, he returned to England, where he served in politics for decades. Much of his work was done from ‘behind the curtains’, though he did hold notable cabinet positions from the nineties onwards until the end of his career. He was never a man of scandal, and he never made of his positions more of a fuss than they warranted; and thus few who hadn’t paid special attention to British politics during his tenure would recognize him now. He relishes that anonymity.
Brent’s political career culminated in 2005 when his party’s failings resulted in a mass electoral exodus, in which he was one of the many casualties. He returned in 2007 to serve as an advisor for a new prime minister, but only stayed for three years.
While studying at Harvard, Brent met Claire Allsbrook, on sabbatical with her family. After Claire moved back to England, Brent would make frequent transatlantic trips to continue their courtship, and by the next year they were married. Their marriage was happy for forty-three years, until Claire was suddenly diagnosed with cancer and died within weeks. Brent resigned from his advisor’s position after Claire’s diagnosis and retreated fully from political life in the aftermath of her death.
He became very secluded for several years. He visited with friends and family, including his four now-adult children, and also his sister. But, he missed his work, and he missed Claire, and there was little to incentivize action in his life. Since nothing is prone to stagnancy, he eventually wrestled himself out of inaction and invested in a new hobby: the collection of rare books. With wealth and a bank of viable connections and acquaintances, he began hunting down especially interesting copies, finding in the hunt a new sense of adventure he had never sought before.
The latest book for which he is searching is an old tome of which only a few copies were produced around the dawn of the 20th century. One of those copies, he has found reason to believe, was in the possession of a man who died at the Empress Hotel in the late thirties. He is here to learn whether or not this is true.
Fears: Death before his time. Powerlessness. Disease and decay.
Delivered via PM. Take your pick.
Likes: Knowledge. Classical music and literature. Conversation.
Dislikes: Ignorance and immaturity. Grandstanding, attention-seeking, purposelessness.
Extra: I have a very extensive backstory developed for this character, but much of it isn’t overtly relevant to what will happen in this RP and some of the more interesting parts are probably better served being delivered via the narrative than in this opening post. Everything important has been included above.
I’m excited to die horribly!


私を見て !
*Character has stepped away*

valeria yahontov

full name : valeria aimee yahontov.

age : twenty four.

gender : cis girl.

sexuality : pansexual.

ethnicity : russian.

occupation : tiktok star, cosplayer, and a manager at urban outfitters.
personality : valeria is the kind of person that many people gravitate towards. there's a mystery about her that many don't understand, though it's all just a fascination with magic, the paranormal, or terrible bloodshed that bleeds out into her personality. despite these interests of hers, valeria is a very gentle and kind girl with an excellent attitude towards life. it was this sort of "social media" personality that got her so famous, alongside her stunning looks and accurate cosplays or reenactments.

backstory : although she was born in the united states, valeria's parents immigrated to the states from russia before her birth. the rest of valeria's family is still back in russia, which she often travels back to for family reunions and holidays. she is very close to her cousin dinara in russia and they converse all the time about anything and everything, including valeria's darker interests. because of her close ties with her family, valeria is fluent in russian and holds a slight russian accent when she speaks in english.

valeria's interest in the darkness of paranormal activity started when she became enamored with dark folk stories from russia, passed down to her by her parents. from there, she began doing more research and learned more and more about spirits, hell, and the possibilities of the unknown. she always longed for her own spiritual experience, though no matter how many reportedly "haunted" buildings she wandered through or how many different ouija boards she used, nothing would ever happen.

having heard of the mysteries of the empress hotel, valeria has taken time off work (no college education we die like men) to travel to los angeles in order to get the paranormal activity she dreams of. however, she may just bite off more than she can chew.

fears : being left in the pitch dark when she's moving. it's quite irrational, but she's terrified to trip and seriously injure herself. similarly, valeria can listen or watch horrible gore scenes but putting herself in that place sends her into a panic. any sort of dismemberment or disfigurement of her own body is a thing from the darkest part of her mind.

likes : investigating, documentaries, talking about life after death, candles.

dislikes : early mornings, large birds, wearing tennis shoes, onions in her food.

extra : her faceclaim is vanja jagnic. scroll on the image to see demographics.

coded by weldherwings.
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Full Name: ayato (文人) hakuren (白連 )

Age: twenty-two years old

Gender: male

Sexuality: asexual

Appearance: hakuren has found that looking intimidating usually keeps people from bothering him on the streets. his hair, shaved along the sides and sporting its natural silvery-white hue (set aside the lengthier tufts of dyed black layered down the middle of his head), is one of the many ways he sets himself apart from a crowd. numerous silver piercings on either of his ears and even one on his tongue contribute to this image. his eyebrows are also dyed black with stolen dye, and above the right one sits another piercing. his hair is long enough to dangle in front of his eyes, and is sometimes pulled back into a small ponytail.

his height (177 cm) leaves him looking altogether less intimidating than he’d prefer, but he makes up for the fact with his (stolen) clothing collection - typically composed of an array of embroidered leather jackets, tattered jeans, and combat boots. the clothing tends to be rather worse for wear. more often than not, haku can be seen wearing a black bandana over the lower half of his face, particularly when participating in less-than-legal activities - fingerless gloves seem to be a favorite of his as well.

his features, in addition, are sharp and well-defined. his nose, at certain angles might appear crooked - likely from having it broken on more than one occasion. a number of scars, most of them the result of a blade getting too close, scatter his skin. the most noticeable passes over the corner of his lip, reaching from the edge of his jaw to the bridge of his nose, though in time it’s faded to little more than a crooked line only somewhat lighter than his already pale skin.

hakuren happens to be blind in his right eye - as a result, the usual pale blue (or red/pink, depending on lighting) iris has become clouded. he wears a pair of dark red tinted sunglasses both to keep his sensitive eyes safe from bright light, and also because, well, he thinks they’re cool.

Race: japanese

Occupation: n/a (although hakuren likes to say he makes a living off of stealing).

Personality: hakuren may look intimidating, and he may...have a habit of stealing things, but he’s not that bad of a guy, he swears! he’s even-tempered and laid back enough that he usually appears lazy or uninterested in what's going on around him, but it's rather the opposite: haku is horribly perceptive and observant of both other people and the environment around him. he’s lived this long on the streets, for a reason, hasn’t he?

with all the aloofness and attitude of a stray cat, hakuren might seem hard to get close to. he doesn't care for the company of others in the slightest. to him, other people are a means to an end - if they cease to be useful in one way or another, they cease to matter, and he's under no illusions that the feeling isn't mutual. in a world where people are only interested in someone insofar as they can get something from them, he's learned to adapt in order to survive. he likes to keep himself at a comfortable distance and evaluates people by their usefulness, whether what they have to offer is a skill or simply a form of entertainment.

Backstory: hakuren moved to the usa when he was thirteen, but he’d been learning english for years before that because it was what his mother wanted. and what his mother wanted, hakuren would gladly give. she was a quiet woman, kind, but stressed, trying to raise her son by herself with little money and little help after her husband left. she worked too many jobs, too hard, for too long. it wasn’t enough. haku couldn't get job for himself, and his mother couldn't keep up on the rent for their tiny little apartment. school was too much, clothing was too much, food was too much. her health was deteriorating.

and hakuren? well, hakuren’s solution was to lighten the load a little bit.

he ran away from home when he was fifteen. it was a dumb decision made both selflessly, and selfishly. he’d planned ahead, gathered what little clothing he’d had, and took off when his mother was at work, leaving little more than a sloppily written note on the table.

homelessness, haku decided, was significantly worse than being poor, especially when in a shitty town. he took shelter in alleyways at first, digging through trash behind restaurants and bars before gaining more confidence and moving on to abandoned buildings or uninhabited apartments. he never stayed in one place for long.

hakuren started with pickpocketing first as a term to make money. he’d been caught swiping wallets more times than he could count in the beginning, and been beat up for it just as much. practice makes perfect, though. he got good at distractions, at using his hands, at lying.

shoplifting was easy enough for him when he tried that, too. no one paid much attention to a polite boy who probably looked no older than thirteen. he snatched snacks when he could, and then moved on to hair dye, sunglasses, and any other small objects he could fit into his oversized hoodie.

at twenty-two, the innocent little boy act doesn’t get hakuren anywhere, but intimidation and sneakiness goes miles.

o losing the vision in both of his eyes
o being arrested for something other than theft
o the thought that maybe his mother was worse off without him. that he'd made a mistake in leaving.

Secret: haku killed someone, just once. it was an accident and in self defense, but it happened nonetheless. he still thinks about it.

o cats
o rain
o people playing with his hair, although he won’t say it. his mother used to when he was young

o olives
o swimming
o overly loud or obnoxious people

Extra: oh man i read "homeless person who sneaks in" and ran with it LMFAO. here are some mostly useless facts:
o oculocutaneous albinism type 4
o gets headaches easily
o he does his hair and his piercings himself - why spend money he doesn’t have if he’s perfectly capable!
o had a cat named akio when he was very young
o he’s got terrible vision
o can speak japanese, english, and a little bit of german
o as previously stated, he is blind in his right eye due to an injury he sustained years ago. the injury caused him to suffer a case of retinal detachment and eventual blindness.
o he is very good at picking locks


mavis clare
  • The Basics:

    Full Name : mavis marie clare

    Nickname : open to anything~

    Gender : female, she/her

    Sexuality : pan sexual

    Date-of-birth : april 13, 2003 {18}

    Role : the clairvoyant

    Ethnicity : curaçao/indonesian

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Full Name: Akosua "Sia" Osei (pronounced Ah-ko-SEE-ah)

Age: 63, looks deceptively younger.

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Akosua stands at 5' 6", but she often wears heels that make her appear taller. She changes her hairstyle often, but presently wears a thick, wavy ebony lace front that falls just below her shoulder blades. She has aged very gracefully, due mostly to genetics with a bit of cosmetic aid and a generally healthy lifestyle. Her eyes are dark brown, nearly black and she is never caught without a bit of makeup on. She is purposeful in stride, and carries an air of effortless confidence about her. Fashion is clearly important to her, she wears expensive garments, many of them designer label, and has a very stylish tailored business casual wardrobe when she is on the job. Gold jewelry is worn sparingly and is minimal, she may sport a delicate chain or a bracelet if the mood suits her, but likely will not be flashing anything too valuable in such a sketchy hotel.

Race: Ghanaian

Occupation: Private Investigator

Personality: As smooth as silk with a deep voice and a light Ghanaian accent, Akosua can talk herself out of nearly any situation, and into plenty more. She is very charismatic and charming, an excellent conversationalist with an effortless grace and style that draws people in, if it does not intimidate them. Her aura is that of a woman who is very well put together and knows it, owns it, and isn't here to play games with anyone and have her time wasted. Recently retired but still working part time, she tries to go with the flow and relax- but her heart is still that of a detective, and even on vacation she is always overly observant and careful, prone to overthinking small details and making notes of seemingly mundane, irrelevant things. Control and organization is important to her, whether it's of her own emotions or the situation at hand, she is definitely the type to lead instead of follow and put everything into order. Akosua can also be very conservative and old fashioned, as she freely identifies as an old goose who takes joy in honking at kids that she thinks aren't behaving appropriately. Despite her suave sweetness, Akosua is very assertive when she needs to be and is very vocal when she thinks something is unjust.

Backstory: When Akosua was a little girl in Ghana sewing up holes in her school uniform, she wouldn't have guessed where life would lead her. The oldest of four, Akosua was given the blessing of a wealthy family with notable influence, she was well educated and married her first husband, Kofi, at only nineteen. He was a successful businessman with a similarly wealthy family, and her parents were so set on their union that she could hardly protest. She wanted to continue her studies, but Kofi admonished her motivations and demanded children that simply wouldn't come. Akosua lived unhappily with her husband, a turbulent and violent relationship that lasted four years before they divorced- but he did introduce her to her next love, America.

And if America was a person, California would be the loving arms that pulled her in and never let go. She met her second husband, Tony, while working on her BA in criminology in Irvine, it was a sordid affair- he was a professor, though she was not his direct student. Her second marriage was happier, he supported her academic efforts and though nervous he continued to support her career as a police officer. Akosua at the time had a dogged ambition, after being belittled in her first marriage she wanted to feel power, recognition and righteousness through her own enterprise. She had grown to resent the men around her that seemed to hold the keys to every door she wanted to smash through, and worked ever harder to excel above them.

Eventually, Akosua made detective in Irvine, and her job became her life as time marched on and she still bore no children. It became clear that she was unable to, and though they both poured time and money into different methods and trials, fatigue and irritability set in slowly like a poison as they both mourned a family they couldn't have. It was a slow deterioration, the age gap became more evident and they began to stray from one another. Akosua would divorce Tony after eight years of marriage, and she took off to New York City to start fresh. The pulse of crime in the big city was at first difficult for her to adjust to, but soon the vibrancy, endless movement and rich culture made a home in her heart. She eventually became a senior detective, never wanting to leave the field for upper management she passed on promotions and thrived working on the endless flow of cases that never stopped coming in. While living in New York, another man entered her life, Victor Janeski, and he would be her third husband, an attorney that would eventually become the D.A. for New York County. Though it was her longest marriage, Victor would pass away suddenly and violently, a heartbreak that nearly destroyed her.

When her husband passed, Akosua retired from the police force after nearly thirty years of devoted service and tried her best to cope, but has never spoken on the matter since his passing. She traveled back home to Ghana numerous times, vacationed in Europe and even took a trip to Cuba to dip her toes in the sand. No sight seemed to cure her, time would not heal, and soon she began to feel numb and her days passed in a blur. She ached to feel something, anything, and finally made the decision to do what she did best. Akosua, in her sixties, returned to work and became a private detective, taking on clientele looking for missing people. It was in this fashion, upon receiving a strange case, that she was reminded of the existence of the Empress Hotel. It was a seedy place, she could only barely remember crossing paths with it while on a trip to L.A. for sightseeing and shopping- but she hadn't forgot it, the sinister building of infamy.

First it was a phone call, in which a woman explained that her sister who worked at the hotel had been missing for years and was last seen in the basement area. Police had never closed the case, but they had never found her either. The only clue had been the housekeepers uniform, shoes and all, laid out perfectly flat in the middle of a dusty floor. Akosua, comfortable in New York, wasn't keen on uprooting herself back to California for what seemed like a hopeless case, but then an odd postcard arrived just a few days ago, from The Empress Hotel:

Akosua Postcard.png

She took a flight out that very same day.

Fears: There isn't much that rattles her cage, Akosua has seen terrible things in her line of work. On that note, she does suffer post traumatic stress disorder related to past cases as well as the passing of her husband, and though therapy has been helping she has developed a fear of the dark, and does not sleep with the lights off. Other than this, she is afraid of dying alone, and has had a dark thought at the back of her mind that has been growing over the years, telling her that she should have never left Ghana, and that her self forged path leads to isolation and misery.

Secret: Everyone loves a good mystery, don't they?

Likes: The finer things in life, designer brands, expensive wine, gourmet food, manicures and pedicures- she doesn't deny herself. She also loves reading, watching documentaries and indulging in the occasional steamy romantic reality tv show every now and again. She takes good care of her herself and enjoys running and cooking, but nothing too serious. Above all, Akosua loves spending time with her family and friends, she is most at home when she is socializing.

Dislikes: Gentrification, brutality, and the erasure of culture. Akosua can't stand the levelling of people's homes and lives to make way for expensive new high rise condominiums. She despises tacky, gaudy things and also has a general distaste for youthful fashion and trends- it's the old lady in her. Further, she detests pompous, prideful people and absolutely hates being interrupted and marginalized as she's had to deal with it for her entire life. Lastly, don't touch her hair, she'll likely slap you.

Extra: u/c
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bad ending

𝐫𝐚𝐠𝐞 𝐢𝐬 𝐚 𝐪𝐮𝐢𝐞𝐭 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐠.

Hair: light brown hair, incredibly messy--never styled.

Eyes: hazel orbs, scleras slightly red given his constant high state.

Skin: light, thin skin with the slight appearance of veins. dark circles, no acne, random scars he'd accumulated from his time in prison.

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 175 lbs.

Physical Build: lean, slightly athletic, thin.

Blood Type: AB-

Physical Conditions: Isn't sure, however given his drug abuse, it wouldn't be a surprise if he had any medical issues.

Mental Conditions: depression, drug addiction

Vice(s): cocaine, any other drugs he can get his hands on, alcohol.


full name
Theo Devereaux




drug dealer

april 1st
new notification

Voicemail From mommy

new notification

Missed Call From mommy

new notification

mommy: Are you hungry

new notification

love of my life: let's go out to eat

A sarcastic, laid back and self serving man with the mouth of a sailor; Theo is blunt, incredibly honest, and can't help but make sardonic remarks. Distrustful of others, Theo's concerns go beyond one's sincerities. Unfortunately troubled due to his family life, Theo isn't one that expresses his emotions well, a man who refuses to be open with such topics. While in prison, the man had become more mellowed out; with an understanding that he'd taken his normal life for granted, Theo has become more humbled than his former self. He's opportunistic and will take any chance he can get in order to use others to his benefit. An individualist and notable misfit, Theo isn’t one that others may like right off the bat; actions questionable, capabilities doubted, morals shaky. Beneath the surface is a man in pain, emotionally and existentially, almost enough to be physical. While he may lead on to be unbothered, he is nothing of the sort; with his perception of others severely ailed. An insatiable drug addict (as much as he hates to admit it), Theo is an avid user of drugs and hates having to confront his issues.

Positive Traits: calm, straight forward, easygoing, independent, humbled.

Negative Traits: judgmental, cynical, blunt, apathetic, dismissive, lazy.

Skills: sometimes good at deescalation, problem solving, active listener

Likes: alcohol (specifically whiskey), gummy bears, dogs, instagram fashion pages, WIP

Dislikes: birds named fred, champagne gummy bears, raw tomato, bullet journaling, gluten free diets.

Fears: waking up to someone staring at him, drowning, animatronics, the dark, large open spaces.

Secret: He's responsible for the death of his father; shooting him in the defense of his mother and younger brother. With the help of his mother's brother, they were able to cover up the murder, but the overwhelming guilt continues to haunt him to this day.

heo hadn't always had his problems, born into a loving household that, unfortunately, went downhill quite quickly. While his mother and father were loving, it hadn't lasted long--the two becoming insatiable drug addicts whose habits had eventually leeched their way onto their children. The habits started when Theo was 10, quickly latching itself onto him and his siblings (mainly he and his brother), Louis, by the time Theo had hit 16. He couldn't focus on school, the urge to find his next high completely clouding his thoughts. The following years, Theo found himself stealing from others in order to feed his addictions; even stealing from family. His mother and father weren't the most forgiving of people, even fighting with their son about his issues, only to take his drugs for their own personal use. With little disregard for his wellbeing, as well as his brother's, it wasn't a surprise that Theo's familial relationship had been rocky, if one could even call that.

An insatiable drug addict for most of his life, it was all that he knew; unfortunately for him, it caught up -- a man, landing himself in prison on drug charges, Theo thought he could get himself on the path to wellness, but it proved otherwise. Instead, it heavily engulfed him, with the man even becoming the primary distributor around the prison.

Eight years. He'd been there for eight years, much more fortunate than his counterparts; most of it was due to good behavior, but he was sly -- they knew drugs were coming in and out, but they never figured out why. And that there fueled Theo's mind with the onslaught of ideas; if he could pull that off, imagine what else he could do. He fully realized his potential, eventually dealing on the streets again right under his parole officer's nose. Of course, having a few samples of his own product.

Had he heard of the Empress? Surely. It was within close vicinity of his dealings and definitely a place he could take advantage of. Sketchy beyond belief with horror stories he didn't exactly believe, it was safe to say that he was curious about it. Sell dope, have a nice stay, maybe see a few ghosts in the mix? Theo might've been foolish to even entertain the thought, be he did it nonetheless.

© pasta
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Full Name: Rosanne Elevine (prefers to be called Rose)
Age: Twenty-Four
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Appearance: Rosanne stands with a gentle nature that marry her soft features. She wears rabbit-like features decorated in two small scratches on by her left eyes and another across her bottom lip. That specific scratch resembles more of a gash, this scar is still fresh and raw. Rosanne’s eyes are hazel (the colors being blue, green, and a little bronze) but they shine only in curiosity but are dull the majority of the time. Almost worn even as if they’ve seen death and lost their life along with it. Her hair is quite curly that most of her hair come into the for, of a coil. That compliments her olive-brown skin. She rises at the height of 5’1, a height that comes in handy when her curiosity gets the better of her. Makes her investigating and exploring easier to crawl in spaces never met.
Race: Cuban & British
Occupation: Housekeeper (fairly new job has been working at the hotel for about a month.)
Personality: Rose’s personality is rarely seen, she tries her best to appear as mute to her everyone in her life. But, the personality that is seen comes in layers, the first is her defensive part. Rose can be shy, skittish, and apprehensive about her surrounding. She is only truly calm by being alone and looking around small empty places. Rose could be scene glaring and becoming vicious in defense of herself if she felt threatened. She is simply a scared, young girl running away from her demons (some literal). When she is calm and at ease, when spoken to Rose has an aura that some would describe that would small like roses. Which how she got her name.
Backstory: Before moving into the hotel, Rose was living in an orphanage tucked away in the woods. Fittingly called The Orphanage for Deranged Women and orphanage making of mostly yo g women cast away by their families. Rose had been sent their with her sister, fending for themselves in a new home. There Rose discovered the true intention for her admission into this facility. To this day she fears of ever speaking of it but all that one can know is that Rose illegally ran away and found herself at this very hotel. Then her life took off from there with her sister, father, or mother...
Fears: Complete Darkness, Silence, Her Name, Children (will be explained), and Honoria.
Likes: Old Journals, Stuffed Animals, Stealing Blankets From Guests To Make Forts, Spiders, and Pudding.
Dislikes: Cleaning, Talking, Guests, Being Alone, and Shoes (You will find her in the appraise attire for being a housekeeper but will be seen without shoes most of the time.)
Extras: She has a small ring that belonged to her mother shaped like a bird.
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