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Fantasy The Divide


The Shape-shifting Master of Goatees and Darkness
In the beginning there was God and his angels. God grew curious of the extent of his ability to create, and wondered if he made changes to how he created Heaven would it be any different than it was. So he created Spirit World first. Spirit World wasn't quite heaven, but they had the spiritual idea down. Then he created two more worlds, one was a much more beautiful place to the idea of human beauty but delicately built, and the other a darker but much more sturdier world.

The excess divine energy from his creation of the worlds, took the form of divine spirits of on each of the planets. One of those spirits was a wolf spirit named Okuri. Soon, God cast his angel of devotion from heaven and Okuri watched as the star fell out of the sky, and hit the Earth ground with a thud,"Lucifer." He said as he moved through the world, rushing to see what a star was like in person. Yet all he found was a body with golden hair, violet eyes, and white wings with nothing but a loin cloth on.

He was dying, but he looked to the wolf spirit and told his story. Told his story that he was cast from Heaven because God was the almighty who made every choice and decided what was good and evil, and Lucifer didn't agree. He said it wasn't freedom to have everything he wanted, if he couldn't make his own choices. He told God that an Angel should decide what's best for Angels, and though he appreciated everything he had done for him, he just didn't feel right. I want equality. No one should tell anyone what is wrong, and what is right. It should always be in your pursuit of happiness, as long as you don't interfere with anyone else's then even if you're defying God, everything should be ok.

Okuri wasn't sure if he agreed with him or not on defying God (he was a manifestation of his energy), but this angel's passion and conviction was enough for him to decide to heal him. Okuri had started to call him Lucifer, and at this time the Evil energy had started to taint everything around him taking the form of Satan.The manifestation then shot inside of Okuri and Lucifer, transformed them.

Lucifer's body became larger, extremely muscular and markings plagued his body. His hair turned from gold to black, and two black horns thrust from his head. His wings grew larger, but the feathers turned black. Okuri went through a similar change, he turning into a humanoid being, a wolf mask made of bone covering the top half of his face, snow white hair stopping a bit above his shoulders. Two white wolf ears perched on top of his head accompanied by a white tail and grey eyes. A toned body gave him his masculine shape, claws on his hand, canines protruding from his mouth. Out his back spread wings, with the same black feathers as Lucifer.

Lucifer now had the power to create his own heaven.....he named it Hell. By this time God had created Humans, and the idea of sin became true. Humans who lived pious lives were allowed to heaven, humans who didn't were stuck in purgatory. Lucifer started to grab those souls from Purgatory and drag them to hell. Lucifer and Okurigami (as his name was now since he had the immense powers of a God -only Lucifer and God being more powerful-) had then wanted to make their own humans, but with their energy and so they created demons.

Okurigami's first demon he made was a wolf demon he called Okuri Byakurou, virtually his avatar. Now that spirit world was inhabited by beings of high spiritual energy, God had entrusted them with the duty of judgment and the handling of souls. Time passed and Okuri's avatar had begun on a destructive path, leading demons into the destruction of the worlds, and the devouring of humans. The cause of all the bad things in the world was because of this avatar. The extinction of the dinosaur, the ice age, all because of this avatar. It had gotten so bad that God had created a barrier between what was now known as demon world, and what was now known as human world. It didn't let any demons in. The avatar had resolved to being stuck in the demon world, and destroyed countless demons.

Lucifer and God reached an agreement. The two would not directly influence any soul's choice, they could indirectly through signs or anythings, but they would not directly influence the choice. Then who the spirit world deemed should go to heaven or hell would do so. It was close to after this deal when Okurigami's avatar got bored, and used all of his power to put a hole in the barrier. Even with this power (because it wasn't Okurigami's power) it only was enough to put a hole so lower class demons could pass. The little bit energy had left took the form of a sword, and one of the descendants of Okuri had begun to rule demon world. Because of the agreement to not interfere with the choices of souls directly, Okurigami did not cast another avatar.

Over the years, this Byakurou clan was the strongest clan in the demon world. And now the King of Demon World was Chiba Byakurou. Sometimes he would seal his energy off and visit the human world, where he lay with a human, twice over the years. Baring a daughter and a son.

That is this World. You are one of the participants in this play of life. It's modern times.

Current Events

The Spirit World has devised a plan to unify the three worlds to ensure that there is no more senseless destruction. The worlds must be run under one central government, to prevent one world from trying to take the other over. With a King of Spirit World, and the King of Demon world, how would it be possible to do so?

They've recruited the heirs to each of those thrones, recruited them as protectors of the human world known as Guardians. These two heirs know nothing of their ancestry, they merely attend school and go about their daily lives. They were trained in their spirit energies, and used as tools. The spirit world intends to keep their ancestry a secret from them for as long as possible, though they know eventually the truth will come out?

What will happen to these Guardians as they go on their adventures to protect the human world?

AkuNoOkami and SaphireTsuki are the two guardians, but there are several roles of equal or more importance.

Please, don't be afraid to come up with a role and ask about it. If it makes sense, we will be sure to accept it.

The Playable Races/Roles

  • Humans are your run of the mill race. They aren't particularly strong, they aren't particularly weak either, and they are more likely to have a change in their outlooks of life. Humans are particularly gifted in spiritual energy and are the most likely to survive in a situation of dire need because of their emotions fueling their spiritual energy.

    Usable Energies:Spirit and Sacred

Non-Playable (** Notes will become playable to a select few)

  • **Archangels are consisted of mostly Legacy Angels, but there are a few Neo-Angels. It is very hard for a Neo-Angel to become an Archangel unless they've been around for some millenia, or have some immense power. These Archangels rarely make an appearance, even in heaven and in times of war (which has only happened once) they are usually God's highest ranking officers.

    Energies Used: Divine

Types Of Energy

  • Spirits are different than souls, each being has a soul, but not all have spirits. A spirit is considered something that was created directly by God, meaning Demons don't have Spiritual Energy. Spirit energy doesn't show in every Human, considering that is usually relatively weak, though there are a few who are aware of it and can see things such as ghosts. Psychics are generally the strongest in spiritual combat, for they have trained its use.

    Spirit energy is deeply connected with emotion, providing for large strength gaps based off emotion. This type of energy is usually used for healing, but it can be used for combat by highly trained humans.

Culture of the Worlds

Because at a time both people existed together, and some demons were left on Earth even after The Divide was created, there is a lot of crossover. For instance, the Byakurou clan is the origin of the Japanese culture, both of the cultures being equivalent for a large part. A group of the people in the Spirit world are what Chinese culture originates, both being of equally importance (and also where the Byakurou clan got the beginning of its culture from ). Some demon cultures also borrow from human cultures, like there is an industrial-esque country in the demon world who speaks English, with a lot American influence.

As far as languages go in demon world, there is a common tongue that both people in Spirit World and Demon world speak with several dialects, but the three main languages in Spirit World are: Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, and English. In demon world, along side the common languages are several other languages depending on what region or clan you were from. As mentioned before, the Byakurou clan is virtually Japanese, so they speak a dialect of Japanese. There is also a demon clan who's leader years ago was impressed with Hitler's ability to convince a large group of people to do genocide, and thus his people adopted German as their language.


Everyone and everything has a rank based on the SS,S,A,B,C,D,E system with E being the lowest. Excluded from this ranking are Okurigami, Lucifer, and God. Chiba Byakurou is an SS demon. The Archangel Michael is an SS archangel. There are multiple levels of each class, you can think of it on a plus/minus system, though the rankings won't be distributed as such. AkuNoOkami or SaphireTsuki will inform you when we believe your character has gone through enough, to level up a rank. Most characters will start at D, I will allow for some to start higher,because we need anti-heroes and what not to chase.

The two guardians will start off as C class spirit energy users.

Any questions on rank, ask.


Not a rule but a fact. AkuNoOkami and SaphireTsuki are the gm's, you will listen accordingly.

1. Please, there are obvious roleplaying rules, abide by them.

2. I would like at least two lines per post, but I encourage fully fleshed out posts. If you're in combat, and it's only a few things you can do, don't worry. My POSTS will be roughly 2-3 well thought out paragraphs usually, but may get to much more. I encourage even the weakest of writers to try and flesh out some good posts, as it it will improve your writing.

3. The plot is for the Guardians to end up as the strongest characters, but for most of the roleplay they will be even or lesser than the rest of the characters.

4. You may have as many characters as are accepted by us, but it is your responsibility to keep up with it, or we will ask you to drop some.

5. Please be creative, but don't over do it. I love creativity, and though this universe doesn't have many limits, please make it make sense.

Rule Additions as made by the lovely SaphireTsuki

  1. No killing off of Player Characters unless both that character's user and AkuNoOkami or SaphireTsuki agree.
  2. Keep it civil in OOC
  3. Time is controlled by AkuNoOkami and Saphire Tsuki, not the other RPers.
  4. If you play an enemy do not totally crush the good guys. Beating them to a pummel, if you intend to eventually lose a fight, is okay.

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Intro Post

I will be posting an intro post for the beginning four who will participate in this roleplay. The location will be in Tokyo, as this will be the home of the Two Guardians, Johanna and Saphire. The intro post will be long, but don't let it scare you off. Remember, there is only a two sentence minimum, but brownie points to good fleshed out posts.
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Posts in this Color are narrator colors, meant to control the roleplay

Peace. A concept that humans knew all too well, and yet war seemed to rule them. How could a human world ravaged in such inward destruction be worth protecting? They scowled at demons for their destructive nature, but refused to look inwards at themselves. Demons have had access to technology as much as humans have, but somehow they always managed to look in themselves to improve. Humans seemed to hide behind their technology for destruction.

Angels and the like? They were no better than the demons, no matter what pedestal they put themselves on. They were servants of God? Yet there were so many fallen. God must not have too much power if he can't at least scare the Angels into staying. This is not a tale, a good vs bad, no. This is a tale of sides fighting for different reasons, whatever their personal truths are.

It's 16:38 in Tokyo, Japan, a place where extravagant things tend to happen often. Where there is a lack of taboo, and the metropolitan area seems to be larger than the country itself. The snowy days seemed to take hole of the city, and this winter seemed to be colder than usual. The mixture of culture in the large city provided for several ways to attack the winter, from traditional japanese wear, to western styled coats, to even the wear that was native to the japanese fashion scene.

A slate of missing children came with this cold air, an ominous tale with each child. It seemed they were being snatched up at an alarming rate, even in some of the more protected neighborhoods in the city. It was an odd tale indeed, the news channel tried the stretch their reports as best as they could, but running with so little information it wasn't anything they could even make up. There was detail about each of these cases though, the child was under the age of 8 and always a playground being the last place spotted.

What an odd way to go....A cold city, as the sun set in the east....

Haru Yukimura: The Ai Oni

It was a chilly afternoon, the people who were out and about even at this time were huddled in jackets and hats, trying to conserve heat as they walked across the snow coated ground. Up in the sky the sun was setting; making splashes of yellow and purple sneak up from behind the swollen gray clouds that sat upon the sky.

On a roof of a particularly tall building was a lone figure, a tall man wearing, despite the cold weather, a yukata with a short leaved haori. Clad over his feet were sleek black boots and in his hands, strangely, was a khakkhara, it's rings making a chiming sound every time a cold breeze would pass over them. The man also sported long black hair that was tied back in a ponytail, and to top it off was had a mask placed over his face. This mask could easily strike fear into people's hearts as it was shaped to look like a crows face, an animal of ill omen, and the eyes were emanating a faint red glow. To the spiritually aware the stranger also had another distinguishing feature, a pair of sleek black wings adorned his back, spreading out to about half of their capacity.

From the looks of it the stranger was watching the sunrise, with a cup of green tea in his other hands. Though his face covered one could say the man's aura as of right now was calm and giving off a nostalgic vibe, and perhaps a bit of sadness as well. Overall the stranger that looked like someone right out of old Japanese folklore, was watching the sunset with a cup of tea in his hands, however he never drank from the cup, instead he just held it, letting it go cold. After the sunrise he would go scouting, possibly for any late night lovers, and then once found he would strike, but for now, like every other sunset, he was at peace.
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There was an old-style mansion not far from a certain college and University. It was known, once, as the Youkai house, the owners obsessed with hunting the supernatural. The people who lived around the house often spoke of the strange loud noises coming from it, of the couple's various late-night escapades. Not many remembered the daughter the couple had, however. Oh yes, if they saw her they would shout hello, but in the end she never left an impression on them. Or, if she did, she was that nice young lady living in the old mansion, never the daughter of Exorcists. Even though she wore, whenever possible, the Miko's kimono and Haori, passed down in her family for ages, and the matching red Hakama. Even the blue hair and eyes brought no question from them. It was just a normal passion of the youth. None of them noticed that it had always, even before anime dye became available, been that color.

The mansion itself was unassuming, aside from being large and in the style of ancient Tokyo, though it dated back to before the Meiji era. The walls were the typical light brown, the roof made of the same material as every other old home. Inside the outer walls was a snow-covered garden, the Shoji and fusuma making up the interior made of traditional materials. Tatami formed the floors. The outer porch, what was not covered in snow, gleamed with polish, showing a level of care rare in such an old home. About half of the porch was covered in snow, while a young woman with long blue hair worked to clear it, a snow shovel in hand.

"I just got out of class and already I have to clean up the porch. I love snow, but really? I was going to..." The young woman sighs, going back to shoveling the snow off of the porch silently. She had been worried for the young children, and had planned on going to watch the park where most of them had disappeared, but doubted she would get the chance while she was working on the house. The pains she went through to provide for herself, and to open her doors to the supernatural.


An alarm clocked yelled excitedly, signaling the start of a new day, but much to its displeasure it was soon against a sturdy wall before falling into a million pieces. A young girl sat up from her bed, sable hair in a wild mess of random strands, caramel skinned hand rubbing her eyes. A yawn was the only thing to secede her previous motions has her sea green eyes stared out across her bed to wall where her clock just hit. Bags under her eyes had started their formation, giving way to the fact that she hadn't been getting much rest lately.

She had been out in forests last night, handling a mission given to her by the one of the authorities over the Guardians. She could remember stepping through the snow in inappropriate clothing, it giving way to the weight of her body, allowing for a series of crunching noises. She remembered the blood painting a an interesting portrait on the crystal of water, as she completely obliterated the demon she was tasked to incapacitate. She remember the scorn she got from turning the weak demon in a red mist, and she remembered the shrugged she offered in return. She hadn't gotten back in until early that morning, and only got a few hours of sleep before being disturbed by that clock.

She struggled to get out of bed, the lone t-shirt she was wearing dropping to her knees as she shuffled from her room towards the bathroom. Using her left hand, she pushed her brother out of the way, who was protesting her use of the bathroom. She showered, instead of taking her usual bath, handled everything like brushing her hair, make up, and brushing her teeth, before returning to her room in nothing but her towel. She quickly put on her school uniform, black stockings with the shiny black shoes with an ever subtle heel. The mostly black, with gold and white plaid skirt. The white shirt, with the black collar and black bow with a single golden ball in the middle. That was the Takashi high uniform, and after throwing an overcoat on she made her way to school.

It was a rather simple day, she skipped classes she hated, fell asleep in others, and talked it up with her friends. She stayed after school for basketball practice, though she was the star on the soccer team, her athleticism had gotten her the attention of the other sports. She had just carried her school's soccer team to the All Japan High School Soccer Tournament, them falling in the finals just after a reason championship. She scored the bulk of all the goals for the team. and that is why the basketball coach came beckoning. Johanna only agreed to it as a way to escape the trouble she would often get in for skipping.

Practice had gotten canceled for one reason or another, but Johanna was the last to hear about this, so she didn't leave the school until 16:00, her brother, had been the star on his school's basketball team despite his young age. He had practice today, and it was her job to pick him up after, but she had time to kill. So plowing her way through the snow, her bag tugging tightly across her shoulder she walked through the city.

There was nothing unusual going on, she was going to inspect places for clues on the missing children. The demon from last night had no answers, but she was sure she'd run into someone soon. She stopped, when she sensed a familiar energy, but wasn't use to feeling it in the city at this time because she was usually at practice. She looked up, barely able to see Haru, especially with the sun in her eyes. Using her speed, and adding the spiritual energy behind it, scaling the tall building was easier than she even expected, and soon she was on the roof next to Haru poking the mask he wore,"Are you a tengu?" she asked, her native Japanese tongue mixing in with the German accent she had gotten from living in Germany in summers, and being around German family often.

Haru Yukimura: The Ai Oni

Haru didn't end up leaving the building actually, all through the night instead of hunting he stayed and mediated. For some reason a foreboding sense ushered for Haru to stay on the building. Perhaps it had to do with the number of children disappearing or maybe another reason. Whatever the reason was Haru stayed in a meditating state until morning. During that time he sensed a strange energy, a strong spiritual energy that was unlike anything he's ever sensed. Before he could react a tall girl wearing a school uniform with slightly tan skin, long brownish hair, and a lean but strong stature, had poked the mask he wore and asked if he was a tengu, her voice having a bit of a German undertone. Shocked by her sudden appearance as usually he would have had time to prepare Haru took a stance with his khakkhara in both hands and shadows slowly creeping from the ground, waiting for their chance to spring at the girl. However being a rational person Haru decided to at least talk to the girl before attacking, to see if she was a threat.

"I am a fallen angel, however people refer to me as an Oni, the Ai Oni. Now what are you and why are you here?" Haru questioned carefully. The girl was resonating a strange energy like said before, which made Haru wary of the girl, through all his time on Earth Haru never sense anything like it. Could she be behind the missing children? No I don't sense a malevolent force residing in her.
(Note** Interactions independent of the rest of the group do not have to wait for the rest of the group to post, though I will do my best to regulate and inform anyone who takes a while to respond as so they will not get lost)

Johanna had focused a bit of her spiritual energy in the hand she wasn't poking his mask with, that was behind her back on notice that he had taken a fighting stance. She didn't attack though, she merely waited to see what he was going to do. His energy was different, it wasn't spiritual or demon, it was something she hadn't experienced yet. It was something she really couldn't explain.

She had a smile on her face as he began to speak, the smile slowly fading as he explained who he was, and she let the energy return to her body before allowing a large sigh to escape her mouth. It was clear she was disappointed, she had no interest in a fallen angel. She was hoping to see a tengu one day so she could see what they really looked like, instead she was faced with a former angel. What good was he? He couldn't be an angel properly, and now he stood there before doing God knows what.

She stepped back away from him, turning her back on him stepping towards the edge of the building,"Mizoto, Mizoto Johanna." Her green eyes scanned the city, looking for something to pick up on to help figure out the case of the missing children,"I'm the Guardian of the Human world, I'm trying to figure out where all the children have gone. You were emanating an energy I've never felt, so I was wondering if you were the cause of the missing kids. That and I wanted to meet a tengu...how disappointing."
Haru Yukimura: The Ai Oni

It seemed the girl was disappointed with him not being a tengu, as her smile dissolved and she let out a rather large sigh. When she introduced herself as told him she was a guardian Haru was a bit astonished, he never seen a guardian until know, he's heard rumors of them from low class demons and other fallen angel, saying that they witnessed one take out a demon with terrifying power, but it was until now that he ever saw on. Mizoto although well-built and brimming with spiritual energy, looked a bit underwhelming for a Guardian, however Haru knew appearances weren’t everything and that a deeper power laid inside of her. Of course her being a guardian meant that she was an enemy, he could not go on his usual spree with her in the way. So Haru decided he would test her, gain as much information on her as possible, knowing that he would not defeat a guardian easily he would see if he could incapacitate her, and see if she would be a long term threat.

"Seeing as you're a Guardian, I have no choice but to eliminate you, I do not know anything about the missing children, but I do know you are a threat,"Haru stated, brandishing his khakkhara at her.

Flashing forward, he swung his khakkhara at her, using his momentum to make his swing faster and produce more damage.
Her eyes hadn't left the city when her ears twitched to the sound of the fallen's voice. Yet, that evasive smile returned to her face when she was referred to as a threat. She ran her tongue around her lips as she felt a change in his energy. He had charged her, but with the help of a bit of her spiritual energy she appeared on the other side of the building on the edge as calm as she could ever be, leaving an after image where she was standing for a short second.

She hated to admit it, but he would probably beat her at this stage and she couldn't afford to lose right now, not while she was gaining strength and was getting better. She was strong enough to take down almost all C class demons, and even some lower B class, but a skilled fighter was a skilled fighter, and she was sure he had more skills than herself.

Casting a glance over her shoulder, she eyed the fallen angel and offered a mischievous grin,"I have no quarrel with you Fallen, and though I would love to fight you, I have to go be a good big sister and make sure my brother gets home safely. I can't promise you that you will be so lucky next time so I suggest you do not cross my path again." She offered a smile before vanishing again.


Koharu was here for a visit to the human world, a place where he found himself oh too much. He needed to give instructions to his two Guardians, the string of missing children was a bit suspicious and he wanted to make sure that the two of them would take the chance and handle it, each independently of course. He didn't want the two to know much about each other, if they knew anything at all to this point.

So there he appeared, in front of the Grand Mansion for the super natural, or so he called it, where he would find the more pacified of the two guardians. Though he admitted it was rather difficult talking to Saphire at some times considering her nature, compared to the hot headed and insubordinate Johanna, it was a much easier process to get things accomplished. So there he stood, a pair of glasses on, ear muffs over his ears, and a big black overcoat. He didn't like the cold much, despite it seeming forever cold in Spirit World. His hands were gloved in leather, and his feet in black leather boots.

He stepped forward to Saphire's location on the porch, using his foot to move a bit a snow off that she had missed. He looked up to her with a smile,"I'm sorry to interrupt Saphire, but I'm going to need you to go do some investigating. As I'm sure you're aware of the children going missing, we at spirit world have decided that it may have something to do with a gang of demons trying to eat the soul's of humans."
Saphire stopped mid-stroke, looking up at him. "Umm... Good afternoon Koharu." She nodded a greeting to him, finishing the stroke and turning to face him. Upon coming to face him she smiled, always happy to have a guest, even if it was only for the amount of time. Of course, upon hearing why he was there she frowned. "Yes, I suppose it would be that sort of problem. Honestly I was planning on checking out, as it'd been a bit too regular for a normal human not to have been caught. And then it snowed, so I had to clear it off." Though, now that she had a mission she had an excuse to get someone, or something else to do it.

Still... she tended to be overlooked. Was he asking for her because she was the only one left to do it? If that was the case... well, it didn't much matter. She'd been given this duty, and she would do the best she could. "Do you think I'll need backup?" Her hands began to do their little dance, the same one that she always did when asked to do something important. "I mean, of course I'll be armed, but what if they are stronger than me?" Yes, by human standards she might be average, but when fighting a demon? She always had been more fond of being away from her enemies, so most of the time she relied on her bow. Would that even pierce the enemies she had to face? She shook her head, deciding that she'd just have to do her best and hope whomever was sent to help her, if anyone, would be able to clean up her mess.

"Where are my manners? Koharu, you must be freezing! Please, come inside. I can make you some tea if you've the time." She opened one of the Shoji doors to allow him inside. "I also have some lovely bread available, if you would like some." It was always nice to offer, even if he didn't want any.
Koharu raised his hand to signal that he did not wish to enter nor did he want any tea or anything, but instead offered a smile,"No thank you, and you will be fine, there will be no need of backup. We don't suspect this to be too difficult of something that you can handle. I assure you that you are capable of handling this, but I must be going. I have some more business to attend to." Koharu waved as he turned on his heel, leaving Saphire to tend to her business.

He was headed to find Johanna, and it would not be long when he did. He was sure she'd probably be picking her little brother up from basketball practice. Oh how Koharu wished that the young boy, Miroslav, was the heir to the throne, but he wasn't. Instead they got Johanna, a hot headed good for nothing. Just thinking about her infuriated him, though he had to admit, she was very skilled at getting the job done. She wouldn't be the first to send on a delicate mission, which is why he chose Saphire over her for this mission, but if something needed to be killed she'd be the first he called.

He wondered often was that a result of being the daughter of the most powerul demon in the demon world, a King who had been growing weaker over the last few years. He had gotten ill from some spell put on him by a witch, or so the story went, and he would be calling on his daughter to train her up to be the next heir. They could not allow that to happen, they could not have another king of the demon world.
Saphire nodded, watching him leave for a few seconds before quickly walking inside. Normally she wouldn't change, but as she was going to what would potentially be combat... she walked into her room, opening the chest she kept her weapons in. Permit, check, padded clothing, also check. Quickly changing, not giving herself time to worry about the fact that she was wearing what was essentially suspicious clothing into public, or the idea that she might be forced to fight these creatures into combat.

If given a choice she would have taken her haori off and went to battle in that, but she only had the one as her others had been sent to be repaired. Honestly, though, she felt more confident in them. It was the clothing she had first learnt to fight in, and had plenty of places to hide her weapons. She had decided to take her bow, as always, but stared at the two blades she had on hand. One was an old-world style katana, a weapon she had had forged by one of the few remaining human masters. The other was a bladed naginata, forged by the same master ten years earlier for her mother. Deciding that distance would probably be more useful against demons strengthened by human souls than damage dealt she grabbed the naginata.

Nodding to herself she walked to the kitchen, writing down on a paper all the necessary chores that needed to be done. Finish shovelling the snow off the porch, buy ingredients for and cook dinner, bring in the laundry... Am I forgetting anything else? She added 'stop fighting in my house' for good measure, signed the sheet, left it on the table, and walked out the door. She looked back at the house, memorizing everything so she could potentially tell them off if nothing got done, and turned for the direction of the park. Hopefully she would get there with enough time to stop whomever was taking the children, supernatural or not.
It wasn't long before Koharu found Johanna, stand outside of her brother's school. She was standing, sipping on a plastic coffee cup she had no doubt gotten from a corner cafe. She didn't wear ear muffs, nor any type of true coat, and the sight sent chills down the young boy's spine. He could not fathom how she could be outside like this, when the air was so frigid. It made him closed the jacket even tighter around himself, before nodding,"Geez."

He had approached her, trudging through the snow and stood before her,"Johanna." The girl did not look up, she just sipped the clearly warm beverage(it was steaming because of the cold air), before pulling it away from her mouth,
"Brat." She was so fond of insulting him, particularly with terms that were demeaning because of his age. His left eye sort of twitched at the comment, but he merely sighed,"One day you will not insult authority." The girl didn't respond, she just put the cup back to her mouth taking a sip.

This brought a sigh out of Koharu as he rubbed the back of his neck with his gloved hand,"I need you to stay away from the missing children case, we have our best people on it. There is no need for you to go snooping around on it." The truth was, he had no intentions for her to run into Saphire. They needed to keep the two separate, it was imperative.

The girl did not respond, she just took yet another sip. Koharu offered a sigh, she was such a stubborn, insubordinate child, and it was frustrating for him to deal with. He turned to walk away, heading towards the city in a slow walk.

Once Koharu had gotten out of sight, Johanna slipped her phone and texted one of the girls on the basketball team. She was requesting she walked her brother home, and because the girl wanted to win the championship this year, and Johanna had sort of threatened to quit if she didn't, she was willing to do it. Her brother wouldn't complain either, she had purposely chosen one of the prettier girls on the team and she knew Miroslav would enjoy a walk home escorted by a beautiful older woman.

She returned the phone to her pocket before she took a long sip of the hot chocolate that was in the coffee cup. It warmed her insides, a feeling she was not all too proud of, but a feeling that was necessary to regulate her body temperature with her lack of clothes. There was a bonus to it, it tasted good. After a moment or so passed, she nodded to herself vanishing as she did. The only that was left of the girl was the plastic cup that was falling through the air, and once it made impact with the ground, the lid shot off and what was left of the warm liquid splattered about, melting a bit of the snow and ice around as steam arose.

In truth, Johanna was gone to do exactly what Koharu had told her not to. She was actually a bit shocked he had not learn that if he wanted her to not do something, for him to not tell her about it. It was something curious as to why he would specifically ask her not to, even if he did have his best men on it.

The sun was setting on the urban city, it was now 17:50, and the city was starting to stir for the night life. The cold didn't really seem to put a damper on anything, the people went on about as usual. Visiting arcades, clubs, bars all the norm of the city once the sun went down.No one seemed to notice the child at the playground in the southern part of the city after dark, with no parents to be found.

There stood a large humanoid figure, pale green skin, yellow orbs for eyes. His body the size of five men, he stood there with his hand out as the child fell to the ground. The spiritually aware could see a white ball like figure swirling in his hand as he smirked, his ugly countenance giving way to the evil thoughts running through his mind,"Supper's up." Was the onyl thing he said as he raised his hand, lowering the soul into his mouth it going to his stomach.

He let out a belch that seemed to emulate a roar, before laughing gently,"Haha, children soul's always taste the best. But it's nothing like a baby soul to finish up with as dessert. There's are the sweetest." The demon was laughing, apparently amused by his own comments.
Haru Yukimura: The Ai Oni

Haru for a split second thought he had hit Koharu however it was just an after image from her spiritually charged dodge. She was fast; he’d give her that, as to be expected from a guardian. She even had the gall to give him a mischievous grin and a snarky little retort before vanishing again. Now by himself Haru assessed what he had learned, she was quick, but a bit arrogant, or maybe she wasn’t as arrogant as he thought, that could have been a tactical retreat, but then again maybe not, he still didn’t have enough information. Deciding to meditate on this Haru brought himself into a relaxed position and began to clear his thoughts, focusing only on the specific forms the girl used when she used that vanishing technique, studying them from memory.

It was now night and with the sun setting Haru was once again at peace with a cup of green tea in his hands. Of course after the sunset he would begin his hunt for any late night lovers stumbling from the sleazy bars that were scattered through the city, the people emerging from them to intoxicated to think. Haru hated those kind of people, they took their love for granted and decided to waste it at some bar, binge drinking until they couldn't tell the difference between love and lust. While seething over that topic Haru shifted a little on the bench he was sitting on that was located near the local park, he sensed a demon nearby. Sensing the energy Haru’s gaze was averted from the sun to the large demon. The demon was monstrous in size as he was grotesque. Currently he was devouring a child's soul, relishing in the act and making side comments to himself. As much as it disgusted Haru he did nothing, he was not a benevolent soul, he was not this demon’s judge or jury, besides this was just one of the many murders that occurred in this cruel world, it was the ugly truth of how this world operated.
Saphire had been sitting in the playground all day. Her weapons, specifically the naginata, were wrapped in cloth. It looked mostly like a practice weapon now. Looking around when she heard a loud noise she slowly stood, taking out her bow and untying the cloth around her Naginata. The rapidly darkening area didn't manage to hide the green-skinned creature. Slowly she looked from behind a tree not far away, pulling an arrow out of her quiver she strung it, arms ready to aim for the creature. Shaking. Shaking isn't good. Okay, I can call out to him, but I just saw him eat a kid's soul, no way not to call him responsible. So, I'll give him a chance to surrender, arrow ready to release the arrow. That'll go. "You, I am Tsuki Saphire, Guardian of the Human world. I give you one chance to surrender. Regurgitate that soul and be placed in Spirit World's Justice!" Her arrow was in place, her hands steady, and her eyes steel. Though she hoped that nothing would go wrong, she had no time to second guess herself. "Spirit Arrow." She muttered, coating the arrow in her energy, ready to strike. He was just a child... they were all children!
The demon didn't seem to be shocked that someone had addressed him, but he was a bit shocked that it was a Guardian. A little girl, which sent him to a fit of laughter. He took in a deep breath trying to stop himself, taking note Haru's energy and smiled,"Hey fallen, it's a Guardian, haven't you heard about them? It's just a little girl though." The demon seemed all too amused at this, even seeming to take to grabbing his side as the laughter continued.

With a deep breath, he let himself and his body get calm looking over to Saphire,"Well if you're a
Guardian, I'll make sure to kill you nice and good. Make sure you give no more trouble to my kind." He raised his hand at her, it glowing with a bright glow. He was an upper B demon, and had a good chance at killing Saphire, though nothing was impossible. With another laugh, he let the energy shoot from his hand.

Like a bolt out of the blue, Johanna appeared,"Howling fist!" she exclaimed, her hand glowing as she swung her fist at the energy the sound of a wolf's howl accompanying it. Her fist made contact with the blast of energy, deflecting it off into the sky. There Johanna stood, still in her school girl uniform, her long hair tied up neatly in a braided bun, green eyes glancing towards the demon,"My name is blah blah, who the hell cares, I'm going to kick your ass."

She waved her hand taking a fighting stance, though it was easy to tell that she wasn't formally trained at this point in any fighting style, but probably just picked up everything from street fighting. It would have probably benefited her if she had carried one of her swords with her today, considering she was actually pretty well trained in that, despite her refusal to join a dojo. A'las, she was unarmed, and she cracked her knuckles. She looked around trying to find Haru, she sensed his energy, but something was blocking him from her view,"And when I'm done with him I'm going to kick your ass next Haru the not Tengu."

She had completely ignored Saphire's presence, save the deflection of the energy. She had been itching to fight, and considering there was a demon before her, she wouldn't feel bad letting lose on his face. Arrogant.

The demon was not pleased by her deflection, given it was one of his weaker attacks, but he could sense the energy in her yet it wasn't her spirit energy he was concerned about. The girl clearly had demon's energy emitted from her though, he was sure only powerful demons, spirit energy users, and the like could sense it. Being a high class B, he barely fit in that category himself. This energy concerned him, but he shook it off,"Two brats, I'll kill the both of you!"
Saphire, for her part, was shocked so much by the sudden appearance of the younger woman that she did something she usually didn't do, let go of her arrow before she wanted to. Luckily it was aimed at the demon, and not the young woman in school clothing. Who's student is she? I can't remember. Regardless she put her bow away, grabbing her naginata and rushing towards the demon, blade held properly at rest, both arms equally away from the ends of the wood and at her side. She hoped that she wouldn't accidentally hurt the young, strong woman who had jumped in, but went on anyway. "Try to get his stomach, it might get the kid's soul out!" She had no clue it it would work, but she had to try.

Now that she was close enough she swung her naginata at him, a controlled upwards strike towards his arm. Now wasn't the time for letting her opponent get the first hit, now was time to ensure a non-cooperative suspect was either captured or eliminated. She preferred the former, but if it had to be the latter she would do it. And then promptly throw up. After the downward swing she twisted the thing so the blade was up, slicing up and forward with the blade before pulling back, pole raised diagonally up in a defensive posture.
The demon did not have time to react for a dodge, so he held his arms up to block the bladed weapon, it ripping through his flesh on his arms blue blood spraying in the cold air. It also knocked him off balance, because he had not expected it. When he caught his balance, he was going to eat her alive.

He never got the chance to catch the balance, as Johanna appeared in front of the demon,"Howling fist!" she exclaimed again, taking the advice of the woman she just met, letting her fist collide with his gut, a few souls popping from his mouth, and sending him flying in the air. She used her hunting pack attack next, multiple images of her appearing and seeming to strike the demon from all sides, landing about 20 hits in one second before her real self was in the air floating above the woman,"Use your bow and finish him!" she exclaimed as loud as she could. She was stuck in the air at this point, and she could use a blast of spirit energy to control herself in the air, but that was such a waste of energy.
Saphire nodded, dropping the Naginata and drawing her bow and another arrow. At this distance from him she wouldn't miss, and it might even go all the way through him. She pulled back the string, cold hatred in her eyes. This time she didn't bother whispering, "SPIRIT ARROW!" As soon as she felt the energy cover the tip of the arrow she let go, aimed straight at his throat. That was for the children we couldn't save. As quickly as she had drawn the first she took another out, backing up from him even as she drew it. He said there was another, and... yes, I can feel it. Something... not entirely evil, but not benevolent either. She would figure out what the younger caramel-haired woman was doing here later. "Are you also part of the gang of demons who are eating human souls?" Was it even a gang? He had been strong. Strong enough for several demons.
The demon got walloped by Johanna's fist, and took a lot of damage, and as he was floating in the air he could hear everything that was going on around him. He figured this would be the end, and by two females, what a drag. The arrow made contact with his body, striking him, killing him on impact. As he flew through the air, he mumbled as his body fell and hit the ground lifeless. In the distance, the child whose life he had just recently eaten, and gained consciousness and was stirring a bit in the cold before running off into the distance crying for their mother.

It wasn't long before johanna's feet had made contact with the ground, she holding her skirt down as she was flying through the air. Before, she was sure Haru would beat her if they fought one on one, but if this girl was truly on her side, at least temporarily, it could be something that they could manage. As much as she didn't think, she actually showed some signs of brilliance at times, and her assessment of strength seemed to be one of those consistent factors.

She managed to find Haru, and once her green eyes landed on him she smirked,"Haru here has nothing to do with the kid's disappearance, he's just a want to be Tengu who has an issue with damned Guardians!" she waved her fist in the air, it glowing with a bit of the spiritual energy she was focusing there.
Haru Yukimura: The Ai Oni

He heard the demon address him but he did not answer, he wouldn't waste his breath talking to the monster and instead was content watching the battle go down. Haru watched the fight, his eyes widening behind his mask. Two guardians in one place was just asking for trouble, their power was immense. The blue haired one was an expert with the bow and naginata, her fast reflexes were up to par with many high class demons. Her blue eyes were also filled with determination and every move was made with god like precision. She was powerful alright, but he didn't know if she could hold her own against a powerful demon like that, but when Johanna arrived it was a given that they would win. Power practically radiated from them and when Johanna proclaimed she was going to 'kick Haru's ass,' Haru rolled his eyes, but also tightened his grip on his khakkhara. The two were like ying and yang, both balanced each other perfectly and managed to kill the demon without any causalities, even managing to bring the kid back.

When the blue haired guardian asked if he was part of the gang that ate human souls Haru shook his head. “I am not a demon who eats human souls, but I am not without sins either, just like you and other living creatures, I am sinful,” Haru admitted coldly.

It seemed Johanna found him and introduced him as a ‘tengu wannabe with guardian issues.’ As much as Haru wanted to test himself against Johanna he wouldn’t dare, going against two guardians was practically suicide, though he did acquire a good portion of information about the girls fighting styles, he’d have a chance but he wouldn’t risk it.

“I advise you both to stay out of my way, unless you want trouble,” Haru stated, standing up and brandishing his khakkhara. He wouldn’t make a move, unless those guardians made one.
"Ya foolish Fallen Angel, we Guardians have no gripe with your kind. Gods of misfortune, there are plenty of them and that is fine. I won't go hunting for you until you kill a human," she stopped and shot her glaze through the creature before her, cracking her knuckles,"So, I'll ask this. What is the nature of your sins?" She found that to be the most important question that she could ask.

She didn't believe in many of the religions that went about the region, let alone the world, though because of her ability to see more than the average humans, she has witnessed and seen spirits and fallen angels like Haru before her. She doesn't consider them Gods, but that is how the lore developed about them so it was easier to just communicate in that fashion.

The young girl had nothing against angels, fallen angels, or even demons for that matter. The issue more so stemmed from the fact that when demons were on Earth, they were usually causing destruction or killing humans, so she had become quick to kill them.
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Saphire smiled slightly, she had expected the younger woman to attack the Fallen angel on site. "So long as you have not taken part in murder I have no quarrel with you." She couldn't very well expect people to be perfect, but if there was no murder she didn't much care right now... unless she was on case to capture someone. "In fact, I do run an inn for the Supernatural creatures. If you are in need of a place to stay and have not ended human life, you are welcome to come and spend the night." It was true, she would love to have another tenant. She had no clue how the spiritual beings came across money, but it was always clean. "If you've no money you can just help around the mansion while you stay." Slowly she placed the Naginata in a rest position, propped against her shoulder with the blade up.
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"Its rare, to see two guardians in one place." Said a man who suddenly seemed to walk out of the woods. A member of the fallen and a decently powerful one at that. He looked at the two guardians closely as if examining them. "Are the guardians so weak it takes two of them to kill a single demon now." He said with a raised eyebrow and a slight taunt in his voice.

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