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the digital forge...

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    hello all, and welcome to the digital forge! i'm honored that you've chosen my little corner of the internet to peruse for codes, and i hope you like what you see!

    i started coding about two years ago now, with a couple of hiatuses, but now i finally feel comfortable in sharing the codes i've made. it's been a big learning curve, and i'm still learning, so i'm excited to share this journey with you!

    before you use or request a code, please read my rules and request info! those can be located by clicking the fire icons to the right.

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character sheet
not mobile friendly

click the fire icon to get the code!

to get the best effect with the main image, use a site like remove.bg to remove the background of your main image, then upload to an image hosting site or private discord server and copy the url to get the background-less image!

to change the color of the grid or word pattern, press β€˜ctrl + f’, type in β€˜fill=’, and change the six numbers after the %23. do the same thing to change the word, but instead replace ’gridlock.’

thank u so much for checking out my work! please pm me if you need any help with customization :D

coded by phnx.


alec benjamin

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code type: character showcase code???
extras: if possible, i would really like it to be the size of the intro you have here, or maybe a little bit bigger than that! i just don't want the code to be the size
of my entire screen, if that makes sense. also, feel free to get a little creative with some elements if you feel like there's too much empty space.

request reply...

your request is accepted!!

it looks VERY NICE and i am VERY EXCITED to make it <<3 thank u pretty person mina

code type: character showcase
extra: def don't want this to be a MASSIVE code, like i don't want it to take up the entire screen. the colors in the picture don't have to be what you code, i would just like the ability to change colors of different elements! also, i know it looks BORING in the pics, so i'm trusting you with some creative freedoms to sprinkle in little bits to make it look nicer if you want !!
ALSO i really really like serif fonts, i'm not a fan of san serif, if that helps anything at all
the page one and two can either be a scroll down or it can be a button/tab to click to reveal the second page, whatever is easiest for you!
i def understand if you aren't able to accept this request, but i figured i would ask!

Screenshot 2023-11-28 at 2.43.57 PM.png

Screenshot 2023-11-28 at 2.44.08 PM.png


character showcase
not mobile friendly

click the fire icon to get the code!

code request for minajesty minajesty !

sorry for dying for like four months </3 i am trying to get back into the vibe now so !! y'know !!

this one was surprisingly quick, like 3 hours so hopefully it's a good way to dip my toes back in :)

thank u so much for checking out my work! please pm me if you need any help with customization :D

* name here!

" this is a quote. try to keep it short so it fits! "

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coded by phnx.

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