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The Detective Files


The Final Witness
This is the story of 2 detectives around 19th Century England.

Please note that the Prefix is Fantasy because i had no option to set it to Historical. :C

The characters are to be found in the Character tab and under this post the story will start.

Some additional information: This RP will be in first person.

Any thoughts my character has will be written in Italic. And things said by my character will be within these "...". If another character says something it will be clear.

Also. This is just here because i had to post something so yeah. :3

Please enjoy.

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Ms Dido Angelina Augusta;

I started work late that night as I was situated in the lower, poorer areas of London, in a district called Whitechapel, where there had been a vast number of murders of
women of the night. I knew the occupation well, being my mother was a street whore like these women who had been killed, that was apart of the reason why I was put on the job, though I had little knowledge of why they had me dress as one of them.

Slowly, I pulled the shall I wore over my shoulders across me chest, hiding the shocking image of the bodice corset gave to my breasts, making look plump, and me available for a quick fuck from a stranger. The thought made me want to throw up, as I looked to the dimming street lamps, dearly not sensing the presence of another following me. I was still stuck with the thoughts of what they called this beast who killed those women.

The Whitechapel Murderer, Leather Apron, Jack the Ripper.

As I thought about the last name I turned into a blackening alley, I didn't really noticed until I heard echoing footsteps that cut me from my thought. The footsteps were loud in the bitterly cold night. I picked up my pace walking through the alley hearing the person do the same.

I understood now the game the Yard were playing, they were setting me out as a victim so I wouldn't look into my husband's death anymore.

Come back little lady, I need a night woman's pleasure, and you're looking pretty fine tonight." I heard a voice, and the person began running after me, as I picked up pace holding my skirts as I began running in a frightened manner. I knew then who I was facing, the person I was sent out to catch or kill.

Jack the Ripper...

I had never run so fast in my life and I knew if I didn't keep running it would truly be the last time I ever saw those beautiful children that waited up for me to come home from work ever again. I felt a shiver hit me, the ground grabbed my foot and I fell, the brick road had caught my boot. I quickly turned feeling his rough hands on me, as I screamed in fright struggling in his hold, before he brought a blade into my shoulder, I cried in pain.

I felt something like fire run down my back, yet I was too frightened to figure out it was my own blood. Kicking free, I forced myself up off the ground, not letting Jack get me I ran out of the alleyway, right into a young gentlemen who seemed a few years older than I.

I felt tears roll down my cheeks as I looked to him. "
Please help me, he's in the alley. Jack's in the alley." I panted not noticing how much blood I was losing from the stab wound, though I began to sway feeling dizzy, knowing there was something on the blade to made me sleepy...


The Final Witness
It was just a regular night, nothing much had happened at the office and the ever so intriguing casefile of the killer of women had only been collecting dust. Already he has made quite a name for himself. "Jack the Ripper..Yet another story for in the history books.". It was late and i decided to go home, stepping out of the office i took my pipe and lit its contents. Blowing out a puff of smoke i began my long walk back home.

It wasn't long before the silence of the night was broken by a scream, a scream of pain. I held my hand on my gun in case i stumbled upon someone, out of the corner of my eye i spotted a lady a little younger than me and dressed provocatively. I didn't get much time to respond to her and she ran into me. I tried to asses what was going on but when i heard her call the name Jack, i knew enough. I drew my gun and pointed it in the direction the lady came from. "After all this time of silence and now you decide to go at it again!?". "Miss, stay close to me and don't wander off." I looked back briefly at the woman and i noticed that she was bleeding quite badly. I decided against chasing the figure and attend to the woman instead. I fired a warning shot in the air in the hopes that it would scare him off. Even though i knew it probably wouldn't. "Always one step ahead aren't you..". "Okay, miss, i need you to stay with me and trust me.".

My words were only a hope to keep her conscious for a little bit longer but it didn't work. "No no no no, you're not gonna die on me." i muttered. I took my jacket off and ripped its sleeve. I tied it tightly around the woman's wound and picked her up. I knew i wasn't far from the office so i carried her there. Luckily we are equipped with the adequate tools and staff to deal with this.

Only a few of the lights were still on in the building. I reached the door and opened it, with the woman still in my arms. I went downstairs and laid her on a bed and left the doctor's to do their thing. I sat down on the floor in the hallway and lit my pipe once again.

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I awoke in a bed looking around groaning in pain, I noticed I was somewhere new and frowned slightly sitting up. "The yard is going to hear about this tomorrow, even if I have to ring someone's fucking neck, they were going to leave my children orphans..." I clenched my fists tightly, leaning forward in the bed feeling the pain of my muscles tensing.

I noticed I was now in a night gown when I sat up once more, looking around what seemed to be a sick bay like the office's one, as I carefully got out of bed I didn't dare make a sound walking over to the window, looking out over London, touching the window, I loved the English view, and the thoughts losing that today scared me dearly. My eyes scanned the nice houses and I found mine in the long distance faintly I could make out the figures of my children happily sitting in bed waiting for my father to read them their favourite stories before they went to bed. I knew then that I must be heading home.

Looking over the room, I found a normal dress and dressed into it before putting on a coat and opened the door seeing the man from earlier. "I must thank you dearly for all the help you gave me earlier, I'll pay you back when I get paid... Though I do need to head out and report my findings to the Yard... They'll be hearing some other things about making their detectives dress up as whores and wandering the streets while a killer is on the loose." I commented looking to him, before straightening up slightly.

"Why don't you come with me and have some supper at my place, it might help a little, plus I'll need to write about your version of events, more the fact I need to record that Jack the Ripper has a
Polish accent." I commented before sighing, and turning down the hall, looking to the doctor. "I'll come see you tomorrow, when I come into work..."


The Final Witness
"Hold up miss.". "Dressing up as a lady of the night? She works for the yard? Here? I suppose she does since the doctor seemed to know her.". The atmosphere and the woman's tone of voice all but confirmed my suspicion. "What the hell? Why wasn't i informed when someone new joins the team.". "Chief!!" I screamed through out the building. Not a moment later the chief investigator was by my side. "How do i not know anything about this woman? Why did you withhold this vital information?". My tone of voice seemed to make quite an impression and it wasn't long before the chief stuttered out a reply. (Chief talking will be in green for ease of reading) "James, i didn't inform you about your new partner in this case because she was on a classified mission. To kill or capture your 'Jack the Ripper'." "That does not warrant withholding information from me and you know that damn well, chief!". My blood was boiling, this wasn't the first time something like this happened, and more often than not it results in the person i have to work with getting killed.

After that i didn't say a word anymore. My point had been made, and of the many times this happened before, this time really hit him hard.
"That corrupt son of a bitch" (excuse my language >.<) With my point made i turned back to the woman whom offered a very attractive meal. Naturally i agreed since there was a lot to discuss with my new partner in this case. "I'd gladly take you up on your offer madam.". Stepping out of the building i lit my pipe once again and blew out the smoke into the dark night-sky as we went on our way to the lady's home. I followed her closely and with a watch full eye, she was attacked earlier and it wasn't uncommon for Jack to come back and 'finish the job'. Thankfully we reached her home without much hold up.

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I began walking looking over my shoulder to the gentleman offering him a short smile, before looking forward once more. "I asked him not to say anything about who I was to anybody, I'm not new to the Yard either, I've just come back from leave, since my husband died about three years ago. I'm a day time detective, Mister James Dwight." I told him in a gentle tone of voice sighing softly. "In the whole truth of it, I didn't know what my investigation was until I was attacked by Jack the Ripper." My tone was gentle yet calm, as I walked up the stairs to my town house, ringing the bell outside, before kneeling down hearing four pairs of energetic feet bouncing on the old floor boards, and my father following shortly behind.

Once the door was open I opened my arms to my son and daughter who seemed to refuse to go to bed again with out me being home. I placed a soft kiss upon both of their heads and introduced them to my new partner at work. "Children this is Mister James Dwight he'll be someone I'll be working with from now on in the field, I've invited him over for supper, as a 'thank you', please treat him nicely." I spoke kindly to my children watching my daughter's wobble, since she was new to walking around. Carefully I got down at picked her up looking to her. "Aren't you a big girl, already chasing after your big brother." I found a giggle about it when she gave a nod and her beautiful raven ringlets bounced with her nodding.

Turning to James I offered him a polite smile, before letting him through as my son asked for his hat and coat politely, acting like the man of the house though he was only three. Upon walking in after him, I introduced my father, Investigator Ivan Smith, a half Russian, British blue-blood. Kissing my father's cheek as a welcome he offered me a smile, and kissed my cheek back calling me by his nick-name he gave me.

"Welcome home my little Didi, I hope that work was productive as ever, the children dearly did miss you, crying at the door after six o'clock as they believed you'd be home about that time." My father spoke in a loving tone of voice stroking my cheek, before he lead us to the dining room, after I helped Alexander hang up James's coat and hat.

Slowly she stepped foot in the dining room seeing it all nicely done up for a little party with a birthday cake on the table in the centre. Before she looked to her father with a surprised expression earning a chuckle from him.

"You've forgotten about your own birthday? Why must I be surprised, you never could remember it as a child, though that's hardly your fault, surviving and living on the streets were more the celebration, coming out alive at the end of the day that is..." I offered my father a sad smile before pulling my daughter Victoria-Elizabeth in her high chair, before pulling out a seat for the guest offering him a smile.

"I hope you don't mind cake for dessert." I spoke kindly waiting for him to sit then I sat on the right of him near the high chair to feed Victoria-Elizabeth.

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The Final Witness
I took a seat after shaking investigator Ivan Smith's hand. I looked over the birthday cake and the children's laughter and smiles. They reminded me of my own daughter who went missing some 7 years ago after my wife died. I stopped thinking about it before i let it get to me. "Well Miss Augusta, i wish you a happy birthday." I commented as the children bounced with joy.

The evening went by rather fast. I had a couple talks and drinks with Miss Augusta's father and Augusta herself. I didn't mention my own daughter since i didn't want to spoil a birthday. Eventually i announced my leave and shook hands once more. "Miss Augusta, we'll discuss the matters of tonight at the office tomorrow, for now enjoy the rest of your night and take care. I'll be sure to accompany you as a precaution." I whispered so none but Miss Augusta could hear. With that i waved goodbye to the children and paced myself home.

I arrived home and turned on a few lights, took off my jacket and shoes and went straight to the bedroom. I was exhausted and didn't want to deal with much more. I tried falling asleep but the events that happened that very night kept me awake for most of the night. The following morning i got up earlier than usual and got dressed for work once more. "Smile, today is friday." Even though i thought that, for a detective in the middle of a case, the end of the week does not mean much. I blocked the thought of not getting any time off any time soon and lit my pipe before heading outside. Back to Miss Augusta's home.

The morning sun beautifully rose over the buildings as i awaited my new colleague.

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I awoke looking to my side seeing my dear children had moved into her bed during the night, offering a soft giggle about it she looked around the room, hearing a knock on the door. "Good morning my Didi, it's time to get up, I believe the children slipped into your room last night after we both fell asleep." I offered a smile pulling myself out of bed, and putting on a robe, wrapping it around myself as I picked up Victoria-Elizabeth, gently shaking Alexander awake to go get cleaned up for the morning and take his sister with him. He took his sleepy sister's hand and wandered off to get ready for the day.

Upon my children leaving my room I began to get ready for work, washing my face, brushing my long hair into a long set of ringlets that I tackled into a bun. I dressed in a nice long skirt and a blouse that was pure white at the collar of the blouse I placed a pin. Slowly I stood looking in the mirror trying to find some self approval of what I wore as I offered a sigh. It was good enough, gently I slid my hand over my stomach, it once again was flat after the birth of Victoria-Elizabeth, yet I still felt alone not being able to feel a baby's kicks from within me. Slowly, I shook my head moving downstairs once I put on my shoes.

Going into the dining room she saw her children and relaxed looking at how sweet they both looked, as I gently kissed their cheeks moving to my father kissing his cheek softly. I sat at the table drinking tea as I would sigh looking down at my hands for a moment. Before I got up hearing the door walking over to the door opening it looking towards the boy who delivered the paper, a poor boy, I offered him a smile, and paid him for the paper before giving him some extra money on the side. "Take this to your family it should help you all somewhat." I spoke in a kind manner touching the boy's cheek, before sending him on his way.



The Final Witness
I sat down on the steps near the building. I felt my jacket pocket for my watch but i couldn't find it. I checked all my other pockets but i couldn't find the thing. "That was a present from my wife and i freaking lost it...great start of the day i see..." I walked back the way i came, searching for the watch but unable to find it. My thoughts wandered and i figured i just left it in my apartment.

As i went to open the door of my home i noticed the door was open. Not wide open, but just a little bit. I knew for certain i had closed it so i took no chance and pulled my gun out of its holster as quietly as i could. I pushed the door open quietly and started searching my own home. The thought of ever needing to use my gun in my own home was something that i didn't often think about. Searching my home room to room, as i entered the bedroom that's when i saw him. A tall figure wearing a black leather coat staring me right in the eyes. Everything from then went so fast. I remember locking eyes and raising the gun at him, he obviously saw he was messing with the wrong guy. I pulled the trigger and the bullet carved it's path right through his chest but didn't stop him, to follow up i fired 3 more bullets at him. The first hit him in the abdomen, the second in his arm and the last shot only grazed him. He fell to the floor with his eyes wide open. That when i realized the gun in his hands. I looked down and i saw that he had hit me twice, twice in my stomach. I held my hand on the wounds and pressed down firmly while searching the guy for anything he had on him, but apart from the gun i found nothing.

The gunshots obviously attracted some attention and it was pretty fast and about 15 officers with guns drawn were standing in front of my door. I explained the situation and all was good, the body was brought in for identification and research. I had to go to the infirmary to get the bullet fragments removed and the bleeding stopped. I knew i'd be sore for quite a while. Of course i received a letter from my mother expressing her worry for me ever so clearly, i wrote her back not to worry an that i was gonna be fine.

In the end i got to work a little late but i managed to get my watch at least.

The body never could be identified by any big police or detectives offices in the country.

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The morning breeze smelt of salt, as if new ships were coming into harbour a few streets from my lovely home, where I had only just kissed my darling children goodbye, and kissed my father goodbye along with it. Upon my movement I heard the heel of my boots 'click' against the ground, as I offered a 'good morning' to passer byers. I walked into the office earlier than normal since I had to begin writing my report, few offices had just been sent out to an apparent hearing of a 'shooting' somewhere in a set of units on the other side of town from where I live. I silence I prayed hoping no one was killed by those bullets that had been fired, though I knew the harms of bullets very well.

My attention snapped to the clock it was nine o'clock, and I decided to go down and take my tea break, which was when I got my wounds from the night before re-dressed and cleaned out once more, which was a painful process which had to be done since, I didn't want to leave my children mother-less too.

Once I walked back to my office I noticed my new partner was finally in for the day though he didn't look to flash, he looked horrible a bloodied mess, as I moved over to him, I grabbed out a chair making him sit down. "What happened?" I commented with an clearing expression of shock trying to understand why he was hurt, as I touched his hand gently, before flinching away when the door opened. The police chief was there with a file in his hand.

A new case.

The thought ran through my mind as I greeted the head commissioner, and moved over to read about the case, it was about missing children and finding them, straightening up she flinched on the detail of this man who was seen taking the children, as she sunk into her seat, she looked to the commissioner whom gave a sad nod in understanding.

"It can't be... That's impossible, the report you gave me said he was dead, you made me come in and identfy his body, and now you're saying that there's a possiblity that my husband whom is deceased, actually isn't has been out of my children's lives for three years, and kidnapping other children, street children, and you're wishing us to find them?" My tone seemed to be riddled with anger and agony, the mental strain of past hurt, and lose, that now seemed for nothing. "His body was burnt to pieces when he came in, I had given birth to our daughter days earlier and you brought me in to see that, don't you think you'll done enough..." I commented leaving the room,feeling the beginning sting of tears.



The Final Witness
I sat down on the hospital bed while the nurse treated my wounds from this morning. I motioned to the commissioner to hand me the new case. He came to me and gave me the file. "A new case in the middle of an already ongoing investigation?" I asked while flipping through the pages. "Your 'ongoing investigation' has been cold for the past coupe months so i think this isn't too much to ask." The commissioner replied. Just so i could avoid a discussion on how the investigation has not gone cold i simply nodded and thumbed through the details some more.

"So..just so i can wrap my head around this... You wan't me and Miss Augusta to find her dead husband who is supposedly kidnapping street kids?" The commissioner just nodded. I guess i struck a nerve.

The nurse was done bandaging me up and said i shouldn't move too much since i could rip my stitches and bleed again. But i ignored that. Finding my coworker's dead husband piqued my interests and thus i couldn't resist. I got up from the bed and made my way to the front door of the office and found Miss Augusta. I limped towards her and sat down on the steps. "I got shot..twice. A burglar in my home. He didn't make it. A lot has happened this past week, but this case has to be the most intriguing case I've seen. I'm certain it's a touchy subject and i understand how you feel. I would feel the same if my wife suddenly wasn't deceased anymore." I turned to face my coworker. "We solve these things. No matter how messed up they may be. We will solve this." I said confidently but i knew the feelings that rushed through Miss Augusta couldn't be good and any attempt to console her would likely end up failing. Never the less, i did what i thought was best. I was there next to her, plotting the course of our new found case together.

"Things are getting really interesting."

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Ms. Dido

I felt the presence of tears upon my waterline, and stubbornly blinked them away as she would look down into her hand for a moment. Slowly, I looked to my partner for a moment sighing softly, looking down once more feeling tears rolling down my cheeks, I shivered as my sorrow over came me. "Mister Dwight, what do you think we should do? I agree we should investigate this, it's just so hard coming to terms that it's possibly my husband whom I've believed has been deceased for the last couple of years." I told him in a sorrow manner, before getting up to put the kettle on to brew so tea to calm my spirit.

((Sorry it's so short I have really really bad writer's block at the moment.))



The Final Witness
"Miss Augusta if you feel that you can't take this case then you shouldn't push yourself. It's hard to hear that a loved one you thought was dead is possibly not. But that's just what it is. A possibility. But if it turns out to actually be him, wouldn't it be an amazing moment to get all your questions answered." I knew i was rambling at this point but i couldn't stop myself. Part of me wanted to that same chance with my wife, which is why i probably sounded too ecstatic.

I looked at my coworker and saw her pain. I searched my pockets for a handkerchief and handed it to Miss Augusta. "Maybe you should ponder over this in peace for a couple hours. Calm your spirit and collect your thoughts before diving head first into the deep end."

"I'm not that much of a romantic and i suck at these things but if you need someone, i'll be here. I am your newly appointed coworker after all." I gave a faint smile knowing it sounded cliche and cheesy.

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