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Fantasy The Dark Forest [Characters]



Enby Sinto Tchavo
Character template:

Class/Job (optional)
Clothing (only if you are from a sapient species)
Skills/Abilities [please also specify proficiency, best use a 1 to 10 rank system. Example: Human language 1 or Pottery 9] (do not make your character overpowered. The greater the strengths, the greater the deficits.)
Equipment (if you have any)
Likes/Dislikes (optional)
Alignment (such as True Neutral or Chaotic Good)

Add any more information if you desire to.
1685512312913.pngName: Alexander Basileos
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Species: Leonin
Class/Job: Blademaster
Clothing: Leather cut to into a loincloth for purposes of modesty and protecting his nether regions.

Melee Weapons(Blades): 8
Melee Weapon(Blades) Creation: 6
Beast Language: 7
Human Language: 3
Athletics: 7
Agriculture: 7 (farmboy in life)
Cooking: 4 (adequate)

Stone knife, with a wooden handle attached by vines and sap.

Likes: Well-cooked meat, peace, adventure, discovery, conversation,
Dislikes: Unnecessary violence, injustice, his own mistakes, boredom, loneliness
Alignment: Neutral Good
Personality: Bold and determined, with a fierce will to defy the odds and protect others. Believes firmly in the value of hard work, and resists what he views as Unjust Authority with great vehemence. An outspoken man with a great deal of passion about whatever he loves and hates. He loves excitement and facing challenges, and is a diplomatic person at heart who tries to avoid conflict.

Background: A farmboy who spent most of his life helping out around the farm and heading to school. His friends were almost entirely online, a product of his remoteness from actual civilization. When he was younger, he used to get in trouble for getting in fights with older bullies, but as he got older he mellowed out. Physically, he was... frankly speaking, buff as hell. A mountain of a man, really. This seems to have transferred over to this new world, where he is reincarnated in the form of a giant fucking lion-man. Weird, huh?
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Name: Falin the Builder
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Species: Ogre
Class: Warrior
Job: Tribal Chief/Builder
Appearance: oniwoman.jpg Skin darker than in picture. She is a tall ogre woman (about 2,50m tall) with long curled black horns, brown hair, red-orange eye color and a voluptuous yet still muscular body. She also has short pointed ears and fangs.

Clothing: Originally, just shorts and a bikini like top. Plans to make a robe or a short dress in the future.

-Hand to Hand combat 5 (though not too experienced in fist fights, she can still hold her own in a fight)
-Human common language 2 (she knows enough human common language to do basic communication)
-Beast tribe language 9 (has the most language skill of her tribe and easily communicate with other beast tribes)
-Clubs 7 (traditional ogre tribe weapon)
-Swords 3 (practicing with wooden swords to eventually move the tribe to using swords instead of clubs)
-Building 6 (can build stable wooden and stone buildings)
-Cooking 4
-Leadership 9
-Research 7 (her specialty compared to other ogres)
-Engineering 9 (she studied engineering in her past life)

Equipment: A large stone club, a stone knife

-Meat (though it is ogre instinct to eat meat)
-Leading the tribe to prosperity
-Feeding her curiosity

-Being met with arrogance
-Lack of hygiene (before her rise as the leader, the ogres were pretty unhygienic)
-Green vegetables (natural ogre aversion)
-Alcohol, though she allows tribe members to consume it under the condition that they can behave while under the influence

Alignment: True Neutral

Personality: As a leader, Falin is intelligent, rational, and serious, however still fair. She keeps order in the tribe and educates the ogres. She is lenient towards the ogres as long as they don't cause trouble and remain respectful, especially to her. Otherwise, Falin is collegial and polite. But do not make an enemy of her as you might find her to be one of the most dangerous and bloodthirsty ogres if provoked enough. She will however give enemies a chance to cease hostilities, before setting out to end their life and eventually feed on them.

Background: Originally, Falin was born a regular female ogre who lived with her family and tribe in a cave. However one fateful day after nearly drowning, memories of a past life came back to her. She didn't remember a name, but she remembered that she was an engineer who was killed after being shoved off a train platform by a colleague who wanted revenge for being rejected by her romantically. She was terrified by the ogre lifestyle before completely giving into her ogre instincts. Nonetheless, she found she would need to improve the life quality of the tribe while retaining the culture. As a teenager, she built the first houses for the ogres to ease their cramped living situation in the cave. The houses were built in a way to feel somewhat similar to a cave. She then convinced the ogres to use pit toilets located outside of the homes, as they would become sick less often. Over the years, she made many improvements to the tribe including refining their language. Ultimately, she was made tribe leader, but not only due to her inventiveness, but also she was the strongest ogre in the tribe, beating any challenger not only with strength but with smarts. As leader, she was given a surname which was not customary to ogres up until then. Hence she became known as Falin the Builder. Currently, she is trying to advance the tribe into the bronze age. So far, the tribe has via a primitive viaduct clean water, agriculture (rice paddies, as ogres have found rice to be a decent thing to eat with meat), insulated homes, stone tools, a tiny brewery for rice based ale, a public bathhouse, a dedicated communal kitchen and a basic alphabet system. Falin has also taught the ogres basic maths.

Falin has also set up rules for the tribe.
1. Do not kill another tribe member. Members who committed crimes will be judged publicly and be given a fair trial.
2. Help tribe members in need. They may return the favor one day.
3. Do not attack outsiders unless they attack you first.
4. If you kill a beast, you should share the bounty of meat with the tribe. You will get to keep a larger portion as the one who supplied the meat.
5. Wash at least twice a week and if you get dirty even more frequently.
6. Only handle food with clean hands. Wash your hands after using the pit toilet.

Falin takes hygiene seriously and the ogres fear what she may do if they don't follow hygiene rules. There are talks with a nearby troll tribe and a nearby beastman tribe about establishment of trade and to create roads between the tribes. During her travels to other tribes, she came close to the border of the border and spotted the human lands. Not far from the forest, she saw fields that went to the horizon and a town in the distance. She decided that she would check it out some day.

Name: Alduin Kyros
Age: 30
Gender: Male [but being a haunted armor makes this info nearly useless]
Species: Haunted Armor
Class/Job: Shadow Knight
Appearance: With his face plate removed his face appears to look like one of a grizzled war veteran with a great bushy beard
Clothing: Being a haunted armor his "clothes" are a part of his body. What he wears can only be surmised as a rugged and worn-out set of light full body armor covered with dark blue tattered rags, although they don't deteriorate from their state.

  • Beast tribe language 3
  • Cooking 3
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat 4
  • Swords 5
  • Hidden weapons 5
  • Woodworking 5
  • Human Language 5
  • Mining 6
  • Athletics 7
  • Stealth 9

Equipment: Rusty arming sword, chipped wooden buckler, and several bone-throwing needles, Prospectors pickaxe [found among the bodies of foolish humans].

Likes: Peace & quiet, training, teaching others what he knows, carving in stone.

Dislikes: When his cave gets flooded, boredom, cowards, pacifists, slacking off, when he is offered food and drinks since he can't consume them.

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Alduin has a captivating blend of traits, to say the least. At his core he holds a few things dear to his nonexistent heart, it's his code of honour, professionalism and his undying dedication to keeping promises for when he makes a promise he will fulfil it unless he dies trying. Aside from that Alduin is rational, logical, calm, honourable and noble about his ways although that might not show in how he appears or acts sometimes. Now on the other side of the coin he is cunning for it is his metaphorical shiv, he is harsh as the world and yet he is fair and reasonable, but at the same time unforgiving and ruthless.

At first, Alduin was just a simple man who finished his mandatory years in the military and choose to live his life off the grid cut off from the rest of the world.
His life was simple sure but he was self-sufficient for the most part only having to go to a nearby town once every two months, since most of the things necessary for him to live with he found within the forest where he resided, he even repurposed an old mine and made it his home.
But sadly tragedy struck and his mine home collapsed on him, and yet he lived in a weird way.

For he woke up in a cave which resembled his old home albeit in a far more natural state.
Thinking that he just fell unconscious and it never caved in he tried standing up, but he couldn't something was pinning him to the wall.
Upon closer inspection, he saw a sword pierced through his chest and yet he did not feel any pain from it.
With all of his strength, he pulled the sword from within him and stood up, and walked out of the cave he awoke only to look into a puddle of water.
Now seeing his face or rather the face of the body he now inhabited, his mind was confused before a great amount of pain appeared almost as if someone put a spike through his head or rather I should say his mind.
For a flood of this body's former owners, memories came flooding in, albeit they were muddy and not all that helpful seeing that his host lived a few decades ago before becoming what the body is now didn't help him at all.

From this day forth Alduin took upon himself the name of the former owner of his body as his surname, now known as Alduin Kyros.
It took him some time to get used to his new body as what looked like his true body was immaterial, incapable of interacting with the world and only via his armor he was capable of that, although he did not need to eat, drink or even sleep so that left him with a lot of time at hand.

Alduin mostly kept to himself while within the forest, he rarely interacted with its other residents, albeit he would often go towards the sounds of battle and watched it unfold.
Many times he saw humans die to what he now knew as weak monsters, feeling at least a bit of pity towards them he would often pick up their bodies, or rather what remained of them and take them to his cave.
Where he would store their items in one of the rooms he made before burying the body around his cave with a simple wooden cross stabbed into the ground above each grave.
Sometimes although very rarely Alduin would help some humans from the shadows so they could return back to where they came from, and yet he never left the forest's edge for he had no courage to do so.
Very rarely he trades what he mined out or scavenged from dead humans to other residents of the forest for things that he needs or is interested in.
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Name: Grimmjaw
Age: 35, probably
Gender: female
Species: mimic
Class: Rogue
Appearance: Grimmjaw is a mass of dark muscle with no eye and a set of large jaw. She's capable of changing her appearance and is mostly known to disguise herself as boulder or tree.
- Shapeshifting 8
- Cooking 9
- Regeneration 4
- Poison magic 5
- Poison resistance 7
- Beast language 7
- Telepathy 4
- Grappling 7

Alignment: lawful good
Personality: Grimmjaw is a patience and resourceful hunter who strikes when her prey is least expected, but when she's not hungry she's pretty chill and has been known to be very playful towards little critters and even occasionally takes care of stray pup or hatchling. She's not above cooperation and oftenly employs the helps of crows during her hunt. Recently she had been displaying a much higher level of curiosity, much less aggression and strangely complex way of processing her foods.

Grimmjaw is a mimic who used to be a human named Erika, or at least that's what she thought. The hazy memory rushed into her after she ate this random human who happens to be stepping into her trap. She wasn't sure if it's really hers or she simply absorbed the human's memory but one thing for sure, she wants better food. Thus the start of Grimmjaw's journey searching for the best food while recovering her past memories. Probably.

Mixalto Movano

A young adult male Arachnituar with pale carapace-like skin red eyes and silver hair.
Arachnituar silk upper body robe.
  • Magic Chemistry(7)
  • Silk Knitting(9)
  • Arachnituar Language(9)
  • Stealth(5)
  • Goblinoid Language(4)
  • Dancing(6)
  • Acrobatics(7)
  • Hand to Hand Combat(7)
  • Human Language(3),
  • Assassination(6)

  • Mortar and Pestle
  • Ingredient Bag,
  • Rucksack, Knife,
  • Hollowed Gourd(For Poison)
  • Strong Poison,
  • Sunsets,
  • Cooperative Food,
  • Sweets,
  • Mushroom Liquor,
  • New Knowledge,
  • Music,
  • Dancing
  • Sunny Days,
  • Uncooperative food,
  • Forest Fires,
  • Weak Poisons,
  • Elves,
  • Females that come on too strong
Lawful Good
Mixy is a lover of the macabre like many Archnituar men. Poisons, potions, and venoms are always fascinating subjects for discussion for him. This is because Arachnituar males are smaller and physically weaker than Arachnituar females. And poisons and sneak attacks are often used in self-defense. This also means that females are to ones who often initiate things when it comes to starting relationships. Mixy is considered strange and stand of ish as he's been propositioned by many females. And while "courts" one for a while they never become mates. Certain duties are expected of a husband (Child rearing, Cooking, Caring for a home web, etc) and he feels it would get in the way of his research on humans. Along with that of more powerful poison. But to his annoyance, his mother is always pestering him to accept one of his many suitors. He can be somewhat blunt in his speech and has a tendency to talk down to those he thinks are less intelligent than him
Mixy was the lone survivor of a clutch of eggs laid by the champion of a tribe of Archnituars living in the inner forest. Being of her first clutch he was somewhat dotted on by his mother, while also being pushed to succeed. Thinking he needed to live up to the potential of his dead brothers and sisters. But he did become a sort of celebrity in his tribe for his achievements. Developing ingenious traps. More powerful toxins. And improving the design of web homes. His mother proudly states he is so intelligent because he is of her brood. But Mixy knows better. He has a collection of vague memories about a human man in a white coat. Along with knowledge of strange things and idea's that took him years to even fully understand. His encounter with humans made things a bit clearer for him. These "memories" are nothing but visions given to him by Viraxin consort to the War goddess Kolth and learned god of wisdom himself. These humans may someday pose a threat to the forest. And Viraxin in his great wisdom has chosen him to help prepare his people. He must learn all he can about humans, before they burn his forest and kill his tribe.
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