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    Basically a thread I'm making because me and a friend have a bunch of unused OC's which we want to match against each other, and went on to make this more of a testing battlegrounds for really any kind of OC. All fights are going to be pre-established by the players themselves, anyone can make a match up as they please but have to notify thread gm's about match up's so that judge/referee's can be decided upon.

    1. Follow the RPN rules & Guidelines

    2. No metagaming or bunnying

    3. This thread is intended to show off OC's, and their abilities. So please do not get 'salty' over matchups and auto-dodge everything, or simply completely ignore it all together.

    4. All fights are typically going to be 1v1, if you wish to set up a fight with someone - get in contact with anyone in the thread and ask them if they are interested in a match up where the two said persons will have to decide;
    - The location of said fight
    - Discuss and review the others OC being used - fights should be balanced so OC's should be used to suit the match up being made. This also means you will both have to come to a mutual agreement to what power scale you plan on fighting on.
    - Once you have finished with deciding the kind of location the fight will take place, and what kind of characters will be used contact either myself or @Solemn Jester about the fight so you can get started.

    5. The Judges/Referee's will decide when to stop the match (If it seems like there will be no decisive win or end) and may even give their own opinions on the OC's abilities and such.

    6. Being a 'testing' ground, critique will be a big part of this thread; it should go without saying that everyone should respect the opinion of others and while all critique should be kept to a constructive level it would be great if everyone could take others opinions and advice on board.
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  2. Donovan Roads
    Somewhere far off in Sodom, stood a large warehouse. Now abandoned, and left to rust. It was formerly used to move trade of all sorts among the gangs of Sodom. But the SPD had put a stop to that. Now it was used for nothing, well..Not exactly true. It was good for venting frustrations. Such as when some hunk of junk thought he was better than you. Which leads us to the current circumstances. Donovan stood in front of S.I.N. The latest, and greatest in robotic technology apparently. At least that's what the others had told him. But what did they know, they all had shit fer brains anyways. Donovan stood before the tin can, his Blade at his side. He slowly circled S.I.N. imagining the look on the faces of the others when he cut it to pieces."Alright ya shit, ready to get chopped to pieces hehehe." His laugh was low, and gruff, almost like what you'd expect a engine starting up to sound like."I won't be going easy on you, although you probably already know lots about me.So, get ready! Cuz I'mma wreck ya!"With that he ran toward S.I.N, his blade still sheathed. He used his sheathed sword like a blunt objects, swinging the sheath at S.I.N with all his might. A sinister smirk on him.

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  3. [​IMG]
    Dana Witzerkat ~ Mr.Wires
    An awful atmosphere darkened the skies of The Boreas, rain-drops patting the soft soil as they descend down from the heavens ending in a series of looming splashing sounds muffling a lone pair of blackened boots treading through the seemingly boundless underbrush of the jungle-esque timberland. Consistently speaking, Dana’s attitude towards being bombarded by down pouring droplets of water always seemed sort of blissful, except when it tended to wash away the some of the cosmetic blush he had faded away into his creamy cheeks yet stormy weather despite its foul appearing attitude it’d have on someone’s frame of mind, he always found something admirable about it but couldn’t place his slender finger on it! Perchance not so many could break away from the misconception to truly absorb mother-nature's beauty. Be that as it may, it was a bit dissident to catch a glimpse of him having a bland expression on his face, rarely speaking a sentence except for letting out a couple of deep breaths and stating how close they were to the Viceroy’s palace, nonetheless he didn’t exactly have dreadful disposition but due to the thick presence in the air catching him completely off-guard because of it’s threatening wind shifting its way down the alignment of his spine in the creepiest of ways, something wasn’t right either as Sod was being as silent as a mouse behind him, thankfully his altering breath patterns could still be made out even through the splashing of rain coming into contact with the muddy terrain. Usually he’d wait for him to say something awkwardly depressing so he’d add in his upbeat optimistic words or putt in a motivational quote somewhere only for him to brush it off, then the cycle repeats itself! Why did it feel like his heart was pounding, was fate trying to tell him of something about to happen? No matter how much he tried to ignore it he could hear the pulsating rhythm of his heart nearly vibrating the center of his smooth chest. All Sod had to do was say something no matter how dark and depressing it was just to do a big solid and break away this foul mood! Ugh, it’s probably nothing after all even they are somewhat human after-all it wouldn’t be surprising to be exhausted from the miles of journeying through these labyrinthine like woods.

    On the upside of things though, they were no less than one hundred yards from reaching the outskirts of the city district, then both of them would be able to enjoy themselves to some mouth-watering food, yum! Already his stomach was rumbling from the idea of stuffing some bread sticks or succulent pasta in his mouth from that one italian cuisine restaurant. Just as he was about to enter a dreamy state of him consuming his food, Dana’s body instinctively made him sweep his hand down to the spindle of metal wire, spinning it out just enough to have him to manipulate the ends, wrapping around a piercing force inches away from his neck, stopping it dead in its tracks with the wire holding it firmly in place although struggling a bit from the strength attempting to move it forward, his lack of attention shocked him but what surprised him even more was the one who decided to attack him. Dana swiftly spun around, yanking the blade forward as he shifted himself to the side, catapulting the edged-weapon into a tree-trunk at terminal velocity, causing it to perforate through as if it were butter, both the hilt sticking out one side and the keen pinnacle revealing its shiny luminescence as it appeared out the other side. He never thought he’d sum up the courage to do it, his everlasting smirk managed to frown as he stared at Sod, no way.. It-it was him. To think that they were cousins and he’d have the audacity to actually kill him? For always protecting him from his selfish ways of killing himself, out of nowhere Dana gripped his chest with his hand tightly. “Sod..” Looking away, he felt absolutely betrayed as if everything had been turned upside down on him, out of all days why did it have to be this one? Why now?! For once he could feel the emotion of sorrow building up through his body, was this what it was like to actually feel sad? Damn him, damn him to Hell! If he was that damn miserable then why did he even get discovered by Dana in the first place? He couldn’t help but grit his teeth at the heartbreaking discovery.

    “You’d go that far, just to experience death.. Fine.. you want to be hurt so damn bad! Fine Sod!” As much as he wanted to break down in tears he adjusted his posture, letting out a stress-filled exhale out from his lungs as he turned to him clenching his hand into a balled up fist with his fingernails digging into his skin, drops of blood began trailing down his fingers as he looks at him with eyes full of rage. “I’m going to hurt you so bad that you’re going to want to live, then i’ll show you what it truly means to be alive Sod! Why couldn't you just be happy?! I never wanted to hurt you.. But now? Now you leave me no choice.” His voice stuttered in a shaky sense as did his body motion as he brought out a small cloth, retrieving it from his pocket with it now soon being wrapped around both of his eyes to avoid making eye contact with Sod, a disadvantage but he had a plan to compensate for his loss of vision. As a flash of lightning brightens up the surroundings a bunch of wire can be seen trailed throughout the place, acting as pulleys, almost like a modified motion-sensor of sorts as vibrations send signals through his hands letting him know of a potential attack. “C’mon Sod, you want to kill me in order to die right? Come at me and don’t hold back.” Even if Dana didn’t want this to happen, it was inevitable from the very beginning. Readying himself, he awaited for Sod’s response, each wire dangling in mid-air as the rain thickens the dreadful mood.
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  4. Sod
    The bleak surroundings of the forest filled Sod with his normal sorrow. A feeling he had grown so tired of. His arms were heavy, and the sounds of the thick droplets of rain pouring down upon the wide lush tree tops of the jungle. He had been lagging behind as always, contemplating his decision. Dana walked ahead of him. Even he seemed less cheerful than normal. But still, seeing him filled Sod with a feeling unlike the usual. He felt rage, but not the kind he normally got when he became frustrated with others. No this was a rage that caused his arm to twitch. It filled him with dark thoughts, darker than his normal ones. After moments of walking he found himself reaching for one of his many weapons. A blade, one that had as always failed to hit it's mark. Leaving Sod to wallow in more agony.

    Without a moment's notice he sent the tip of his blade towards the nap of Dana's neck. Of course he figured it wouldn't be so easy. Of course those annoying wires of his stopped the blade. Forcing it away, where it impaled itself in a random tree. Sod said nothing as Dana began to react to the situation. Simply staring at him apathetically. He drew out two small blades, with no handles.

    "Do you feel it? That horrible feeling spreading across your body? Filling your soul with despair? Imagine feeling it everyday, having to live with it. Not being able to die. Imagine your only hope for peace being for someone to crush your skull. But everytime you came close, someone was standing in your way. Always stopping you from receiving that blissful end you crave so much. That's the weight I bare everyday. Now I'll end you, even if it means tearing myself apart in the process."

    With that he aimed carefully, searching for any gap between the wires set up by Dana. They were only barely visible to him, but he could see them. Then once he found a opening he sent one of his throwing knives with all his might. If it hit it would easily pierce through Dana.

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  5. "S.I.N"[​IMG]

    There within what seemed like an abandoned warehouse on the verge of wasting away completely stood S.I.N, and despite what some would expect from a piece of machinery; fully operational. There with a relaxed pose S.I.N appeared quite confident with the facial expressions he generated, nothing but slight smirks and a hollow gaze he kept focused on Donovan's position. Which once he loudly announced the challenge all of S.I.N's combat systems kicked into gear, and he was ready to fight - keeping focused on Donovan's position the moment the wild swordsman made his move S.I.N was already calculating his own response; his eyes analysing everything in front of him - right down to the very materials of all his surroundings and the sheathe covering Donovan's sword, as well as his movements, recording every step and motion of his opponents body and adapting his own stance to meet Donovan's. His response would be a counter-attack. So once Donovan came rushing towards him with relatively impressive speed and swinging the sheathe of his blade in S.I.N's direction his first reaction came almost instantly, making a slashing backhand motion with his right hand his forearm went from being like a normal robotic arm to a fully developed blade in a moments passing - just enough to use it against the sheathe of Donovan's blade and ricocheting it away before using the jet boosters integrated in his boots/feet to five himself enough momentum to launch his body upwards, and on the way up attempting to reach out his right knee to collide with Donovan's chin, accompanied by a sarcastic snarl.

    "Hah! You're gonna' have to work for this piece of metal, and my systems tell me you don't have what it takes."

    Whether or not his 'booster knee' attack worked with the help of the multiple jet boosters located on his body S.I.N proceeds to launch up into the air before stopping them all together and allowing himself to free fall down. His body facing down on Donovan's position S.I.N next drops a smoke pellet below on the swordsman location - honing in on his position S.I.N had been in the midst of setting up his next attack. However his two hand-canon's stayed at either side of his waist; and his sword arm still being in use.
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  6. [​IMG]
    Dana Witzerkat ~ Mr.Wires
    Everything felt so ‘unorthodox.’ This odd sensation of emotions boiling up inside of him like a brewing storm spiraling out of control! Sod’s voice felt like sharpened daggers, sinking in and out of his body as his tongue lingered off every word, was this what it truly felt like to be enraged? Filled with so much anger that everything around you feels as if it were on fire?! No, Sod was trying to manipulate his mindset, make him straw away from the path of true happiness! Maybe this was some sort of test or experiment of some kind in order to see if Dana was worthy of being able to change him, even if that maybe the case, compassion aside from letting him survive to see another day was out of the question, he was going to have him feel each stinging touch of wire scorching through that pale skin of his. Gleaming reflections beamed off the in motion wires, shifting back and forth in a mysterious way, sending vibrations through Dana’s fingertips and up his arms. One of the common practices shown through his few fights in the dark, like that of a common bat applying echo-location to the terrain, fluctuation of various types of metals as long as they’re connected to his body are able to give him a strong sense of where everything is at or if an opponent so much as moves, nevertheless this practice has it’s downside as moving erratically tends to disorient his perception of things but unfortunately for Sod, he was going to have to figure that one out. “Tsk, you’re delusional Sod! If only you’d open your eyes for once, then you’d actually recognize that i’m trying to save you! Save you from doing something stupid that’ll only set you farther back.”

    A whispering resonance shot through the atmosphere, a set of objects being propelled through the air at a decent velocity, its trajectory only became known when the shifting winds rattled the wires, like nerve-endings being teased with electric pulses. “Got you.” Cranking both of his hands downward, streams of wires whiplashed against the blades, ultimately directing their path to the wet ground beneath them, at this time Dana figured that unpredictability would be beneficial considering the confusing motions of the wires traveling in all sorts of directions, there’d be a chance that Sod may mess this one albeit a marginal one if he’s been paying attention to his fighting-style in the past. Keeping his guard up would only allow him to figure out a route past his lines of defense, taking that as a big factor it’d only be tactical to play out on the offensive. “You’re definitely hiding something from me Sod, you’re going to use something against me when I least expect it, but will it really be enough? Only fate will answer.” Following through with the momentum, Dana twisted his body erratically to the left causing the slim death-traps to flow with his physique, sending wires in a wall-esque shape to where Sod’s feet were, hoping to knock him off-balance or to slice a section of his legs completely off.​

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    Donovan Roads
    Donovan smirked a fierce hunger in his eyes. He craved battle, and this cyberpunk was gonna help pass the time a bit. Even if it ended up ripped to pieces in the process. He heard the bot mouth off in response, bringing it's blade against his sheath to block it. He was suprised it was so strong, but more than that it was good. But that wasn't suprising, it was meant to be the best in fighting technology. But that didn't mean shit to Donovan. Because in the end everything layed at his feet, one way or the other, although usually because he made them.

    When the bot suddenly rocketed up kneeing Donovan in the chin. He was hit so hard he was lifted up in the air. He almost bit his tongue. After skidding back he rubbed the bottom of his chin,"That was sly ya stupid shitstain! Keep doing shit like that and you might survive to see tomorrow. But don't go getting your hopes up hehehe."
    His expression hardened, like stone as smoke surrounded him. He sighed, and closed his eyes,"Damn pesky bot, can't fight like a man."Suddenly the world was dark, and everything around him was silent. A ping of light formed in his mind, as he silently listened to his surroundings. The smell or metal was heavy in the air, and he could feel the air moving around him. As if it was warning of a approaching danger. Suddenly he smiled a confident, wild, and sinister smile. He darted forward, running out of the smoke, and next to a large piece of metal. Apparently this place had lots of scrap in it, well besides S.I.N that is. He lifted the piece of metal, which was almost twice his size. Then with a loud furious grunt, he tossed it at S.I.N."Take this ya stupid Terminator!"

    Sad Sod
    Sod frowned, and watched carefully as Dana reacted to his attack. Even when blind he was a forbiddable foe. But unlike Dana, Sod had never shown his true fighting capabilities. But he had studied Dana's religiously. Always trying to figure a way around them, so that he could make it to blissful death. When the wall of wires came at his side he looked at them unimpressed. He leapt into the air, much higher than any normal person could. He went flying above the trees, he could feel the air in his messy black hair. The feeling of falling so nostalgic, and as he fell he sent more of his throwing knives at Dana from above. Of course they would be better hidden by the leaves, but so would Dana. Luckily Sod knew exactly where Dana was. So with all his might he pulled his arm back, and thrusted it in the area where Dana was supposed to be. Even if he didn't hit Dana, anything his fist made contact with would most likely be destroyed. Even the ground would seemingly tear itself apart in an attempt to escape the destruction. But it wouldn't be a very large tear, he was strong but not cataclysmically strong.

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  8. X
    X Teleported into an old primitive Building, His sensors had picked up an odd energy fluxuation coming from what humans called a Warehouse. The human who he had picked up on his sensors was a serious Threat to his Homeworld, And being the most advanced Android in existence he was sent to Terminate this threat. "I KNOW THAT YOU ARE HIDING HUMAN!! DONT TRY TO HIDE!! I KNOW WHERE YOU ARE!!!"

    (Posts will get longer after this one)

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  9. (that's fine, but what character are you challenging?)

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  10. (He's kind of busy ATM, any other ocs you'd be interested in battling?)

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  11. (I don't know maybe S.I.N. ?)

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