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welcome to my own personal art hell.

i post digital/traditional/pixel art once in a blue moon and am trying to get a more active when it comes to creating stuff and i'm just hoping to improve my art skills in general.

so thanks for taking a look at my stuff! i really appreciate it.
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just a little pixel art attempt! going to be trying animals for awhile before i move onto people since i personally find them easier to simplify.
there is a pixel that disappears on the neck, so i might try to fix that later.

this is kinda old - started this months ago and only got halfway through coloring it, and just finished it up today, so it looks kinda eh..

colors are a bit more saturated than what i normally like doing too ++ i gave up on shading tbh.
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need to clean it up a bit + possibly will be adding color/attempting to transfer it to digital art?? not too sure yet.

not super proud of this one because i was just experimenting, but anyways, here's a pokemon;

i love mimikyu a bunch even though i've never caught one
ah that's hot, that's hot.

forgot to upload this guy; was sort of a test with my new markers;

in hindsight, i would've skipped adding the white dots + using the black outline.
still figuring out how to make cleaner lines/coloring since i tend to suck at that on trad. art.

aa thank you!! i honestly wasn't expecting it at all, but it was a great surprise; honestly it made my entire week.

also did a little pixel art thing for valentine's day;;


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