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Help small edit needed


bad kind of butterflies
Hey BBCode people!

I need a small adjustment on a current IC rp post I am using.

Could I get someone to put in an invisible scroll on this post so it's not so long?


i wonder if i'm a tad late but here you go !

• Damien Leroux •

He was standing in the middle of Central Park, dead branches stretching above him like pale skeletal hands. Still texting as he walked, he finally settled on a bench and enjoyed the snowfall.

People were bustling at this time of year, not that it mattered much to him. Fresh blood stirred his senses. What was going on? In a blur, he rushed to the scene where two school kids -- punks! -- were duking it out. He waited and watched silently from the shadows like a true predator. They were really mad, yelling in the winter chill, cheeks ruddy from the cold. Amusement lit his golden eyes making them appear like molten metal.

The buzz of his phone in his pocket alerted him of another text. "Now now..." he muttered under his breath. It was probably just Giselle again. She'd been pestering him to turn her for the past few years. Ever since he met her he knew that she was something he wanted. That's right, something. He hardly considered the imbecile creatures to be persons worth reckoning with. They were property to him. Chattel. Something he owned. Still, to take that step to turn her into something more like his equal was far from his mind. He didn't want a fledgling vampire to babysit. The last time he'd tried to turn someone he'd end up splattered in gore, one of his favorite suits ruined. That hadn't ended well. There was no way he was taking chances with this flaming hot redhead.

Ring - a - ling! Irritated that she was distracting him from such good entertainment as two adolescents beating each other bloody for no apparent reason -- he'd wanted to drink a little of the loser just for fun -- he turned away from the brawl and flipped open his phone.

"What is it?" he hissed into the speaker.
"I just wanted to --" Giselle's sweet voice came across the airwaves.
"You're distracting me," he stated.
"From what?" she asked. "What could be diverting your attention away from your favorite?"
He knew she was pouting just from the tone of her voice. Chuckling lightly to himself, he answered, "Nothing, just a silly human brawl. Still, it was entertaining." He moved silently away from the scene, now remembering with no small amount of nostalgia the last time he'd fed off of her. Judging by the sound of her moans it had been just as pleasant to her. "What did you call me for?"
"Nothing, just missed hearing your voice, love."
Laughing louder this time, a deeper sound, he replied, "And now you've heard it." He wouldn't have allowed for it if she had been anyone else, but like she'd said, she was his favorite and never failed to remind him of it. It was honestly starting to get a bit annoying. The last time she'd used the favorite card he'd given her a brand new silver Camaro.
"I'll see you tomorrow?" she simpered in an overly sweet way.
"Of course, my dear. I look forward to dinner with you." A smile caressed his features at the thought. "Good-bye, for now."
"Bye, love." The line went silent.

i took the liberty to remove some bits at the bottom i believed to be a result of divs left open, but feel free to add them back in if it was intended to be so !!!

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