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Digital Shaw’s digital art dump

Your illustrations are amazingly done. I especially love the works where you try new perspectives, and the expressions within the animatic looks great. Never stop creating 🤍
aww thank you!
Trying new perspectives is something I adore doing, along with limited color pallets.
Do feel free to check out my Chanel, ive got a lot more shorts and a few videos. I've also got a thread with all my traditional art!
Some more sketches for short:

And a bonus sketch of Flame that wouldn’t work in the short due to lore
(He’s glaring at Priest who is posed the same as the previous)
Doodles of a Minecraft oc!
The face turned out extremely cute for some reason.
Them being drenched after a lifesaving fall in a river
Nothing on this has lineart :] tis all sketch with color and shading

Meet The Miner (Aka The Creator), they are based off of a
I have for bedrock.

p.s. Color theory is fucking wild man. that red is actually a pinkish purple and their skin is an olive if I swatch it over on the Deep Dark sketch.
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After realizing I’ve never drawn Spice in anything but his button up and vest, I asked a group chat to give me outfits from Pinterest.

Then I drew him in them.
(The hands are wrong, they are supposed to look more like actual hands rather than paws, ;-; )
sketched Oak after realizing I hadn't in a long long while. (over a year)
this is also the first time he's ever been in color as well!

his hair would have used to be a darker green than his skin, but he's gone white
drawing suits.png
Spent the past five days on this, and I experimented a bit with line weight and its relationship with light
I also experimented with warm and cold color palettes and color in general while keeping true to the characters' colors
Here’s Ritz! Drawn digitally in color for once!
Messed around with trippy color pallettes for the first time.

been a while since ive drawn digitally but here!

what cartoon's style do you think i was taking inspo from?
didn’t do lineart, just cleaned up sketch a bit and did some flat color with flat shading to get used to drawing in the style needed for him!

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