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Shatter Shard

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Heyo folks, I am Baptosay but here in RPN I go by the name of Shatter. I'm a dude who draws just anything that I want (and struggling the process). I am not a professional, but I am pretty proud of what I can do. I like drawing characters, since thinking about characters is just not enough anymore.

Here's some of my works!

Some General Stuff
Abbey.png Hod.png

Some Commission Stuff
S_Arden1.png S_Myura.png S_Hein 2.png

If you looked at these and feel like commissioning me, do slap a DM my way and I'll be happy to provide you further information! Just for prior basic information -
- No Ships or anything romantic
- No highly technical stuff (robots and the like)
- Only humanoids. Can't do furries.
- Fantasy stuff is A-OK
- PayPal Invoice

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Full Body
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